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#4228 7 months ago

Joined the club today. I think this one will do it. Needs a lot of work, but got it for IJ dirt cheap, which is still expensive

Either way, finally have it and pretty stoked

70655BCA-BE9E-4B3B-BBE7-657726246FD3 (resized).jpeg
#4238 7 months ago

To confirm, the stock legs are chrome right? I see that in the original flyer. Mine has black and want to get whatever is stock

#4246 7 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

wolfemaaan I guess it depends who you talk to I have a rare 100% original (goodie bag still stapled inside) and mine came with brass, they have patina’d a bit with age but definitely mine didn’t come with chrome.

Can you post a pic? I’m guessing they’re not for sale right

#4254 7 months ago

So pretty sure the answer is no, but is anybody selling the original Yellow Ball Lock & Gate anywhere? I did see some 3D printed ones here, but curious if these are being sold anywhere.

Same thing with the Ruins. Seems like you can order from Marcos, but they are back ordered

4A8151C5-E904-4D00-A838-60C93D51146D (resized).jpegD3341A67-EED6-4877-A82D-3A82405A010E (resized).jpeg
#4260 7 months ago

Put in an order. Anybody know where to get The Ruins plastic and The Gun?

#4262 7 months ago

Also, there appears to be a Path Of Adventure Ruins mod. Do you guys know where that mod is available? I’m watching it on a stream right now and looks awesome

#4265 7 months ago

Is the original rubber set on this machine white or black? It appears to be white but black seems to pop better on this pin. Also what is the original flipper color? Mine had yellow with red rubber and actually looked pretty good

Curious on good colors people are using

#4266 7 months ago

It’s interesting, the original flyer shows both colors

65C5369C-3B7E-458C-AB7C-257C92D5787C (resized).jpeg
#4269 7 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

When I put mine back together I'm sticking with black. I've gone up, down and around on this decision... I can't seem to find a color that I like, black just works with all of the outlining of the artwork. I generally don't prefer to create a mix bag of ring colors for different parts of the playfield either.

That’s what I thought. I looked at the stock white and something doesn’t look right about it. Yeah definitely post some pics of the black when you get a chance. I ordered both kits regardless but pretty sure I’m going with the black

#4270 7 months ago

Looking for the apron decals. Anybody know a place with them in stock?

Seems like everyone is out of stock

#4273 7 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

The only color I added was with the posts... I may end up reverting that to black too. For all posts that are normally black, I'm going with green with the exception of red on each side of the center target that sits behind the drop targets. I made the kit on Titan's pinball kits database.

Post some pics when you get er dun

#4276 7 months ago

What’s wrong with your PF?

#4288 7 months ago

Man this pin is a beast. So many lamps

Can’t wait to get it rockin. Watching all 3 IJ films while I polish inserts and parts

118F4439-8349-4D48-9AD0-D8FBB21A0DAF (resized).jpeg9C77E58A-FBF4-45BE-924A-128BCCFAD740 (resized).jpegA50BA66A-41C7-4BB8-98A5-ECB4E3D69F09 (resized).jpeg589BCBD6-14C9-4C6E-A0CD-970D6B70371F (resized).jpeg
#4290 7 months ago
Quoted from Davi:

Your idol lock set is ready [quoted image][quoted image]

Woooohooo! Perfect. My playfield is stripped and ready for it! Thanks Davi!

#4291 7 months ago

So ive never been one to change the stock flipper colors but this machine seems to be asking for it. Ive seen anywhere from green, black, and red bats to green, yellow, red rubbers. What combos are you guys using? Im leaning towards black bats with yellow rubbers or red bats with black rubbers.

Both look pretty good. This video has the red/black combo - looks pretty good

#4293 7 months ago
Quoted from Crispin:

Here's what mine look like; a little uneven as well.

[quoted image]

Damn! See those look good, that’s the combo right there

#4306 7 months ago
Quoted from Pahuffman:

Lol we do not speak of Crystal Skull...

Quoted from Pahuffman:

Lol we do not speak of Crystal Skull...

You got that huh, which is also the reason there’s only 1 IJ pin that was ever released

#4309 7 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

Alas, it’s time for me to sell my IJ. This one plays better than any I’ve ever tried. HUO for the last 20 years. I’ll miss it for sure.

Ah man, who is going to be the new IJ club owner then? You’ll be back

#4312 7 months ago
Quoted from RDReynolds:

It's a great game, and mine plays way better than most I've played. It's so funny, for years I didn't like this game at all...because I never played one that was working PROPERLY! Once I did, I was totally hooked!

Yeah, this is the most neglected pin I’ve ever seen. There’s one down the street which you can’t even make it up the ramp. I’m pretty sure mine will be the first I’ll play which is working. Same with my GNR, didn’t like it so much as all the ones I played didn’t work. One I got mine 100%, best Pin I’ve ever played

#4315 7 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

What kind of anti glare hd glass are you all using?

All of them are decent. I hear Invisiglass is good, but I use PDI. My opinion is that it’s just a tad bit clearer like the glass wasn’t even there

#4317 7 months ago

If you’re in So Cal and need a good plating guy who does small runs for a good price, this is your man. Got my IJ & TOTAN done in the same batch. These are brass and he does gold as well.

00D3F086-7B4D-4100-8EF9-F3CEC9594E6E (resized).jpeg5D2370E9-A455-4620-9AF6-D869AF8BD730 (resized).jpeg978AF281-51C7-4838-967F-6D27C84C43F4 (resized).jpegA734E1F0-3C51-4E6A-96DC-EAB53B2F7187 (resized).jpegD8F12BB7-AE81-464B-A817-E74CAA362222 (resized).jpeg
#4331 7 months ago
Quoted from NYG:

I saw over the weekend a clear single drop target on an IJ in front of the captive ball. It looked great. Is that available someplace to purchase?
[quoted image]

Anybody able to track Indypinhead down for these drop targets? I hit him up and didn’t hear anything

#4339 6 months ago

Anybody know where to get the IJ Speaker Grills?

1C4C6DE4-9C61-4554-94FB-4FEB46CA3375 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#4346 6 months ago

Heads up if you are planning on buying the Marcos planes, the green one is total garbage. The white plane isn’t bad but your better off buying the modded ones. Fan of Marcos generally but this looks like a kindergartener painted it while playing with a kitten.

I put the originals for comparison
1A063862-F48D-41A5-AB31-8C06339EE721 (resized).jpeg52FDFE4D-A43D-44BB-BDA7-323B74B8F84E (resized).jpegD23BBEA4-CF28-4FA5-B7FF-E68F4D68F494 (resized).jpeg

#4348 6 months ago
Quoted from pingod:

That looks like shit.
Send it back, or have it custom painted.[quoted image]

Damn - is that the custom Marcos painted? Looks awesome!. The original actually has grooves in the body and cockpit is defined, the mold of Marcos really took shortcuts so curious if that's a Marcos painted.

Ive seen another thread where people have been buying 1/48 scale ww2 model planes and throwing those in. Curious if anybody has had any luck with that

#4352 6 months ago

Yeah I’m trying to convince myself that I have the skills to paint this and that I have the patience.

There’s a very good possibility I could actually make it look worse and lose time I won’t get back

#4356 6 months ago
Quoted from pingod:

They are originals.
Custom painted by SPINNY-VINNY on here.
Look close and you can see Sean Connery in the cockpit with a machine gun.

Ok, now you’re just rubbin it in. Hey look, can you see Harrison Ford in my plane? That tan looking thing is the top of his middle finger to your Spinny Vinny fancy planes

Why Marcos gotta do me wrong like this?
0717518A-5B80-486D-93D9-53417DEAD706 (resized).png

#4357 6 months ago

BTW, is Sallah stoned on everyone else’s machine, or did somebody get creative with this playfield?

0C1A345D-2676-4BC7-BA90-B49796B672E5 (resized).jpeg
#4370 6 months ago
Quoted from Extraballz:

Haha. It’s not set in stone yet but he said he’s had them a long time. His kids are grown. Hopefully he is ready to sell.

It’s under $2K until he looks on Pinside or EBay, then add $8K. Otherwise be careful, sounds like a scam (unless you know the dude). Bottom line, no HUO IJ is selling for less than $6K so do your homework & legwork before paying penny

#4376 6 months ago
FF556665-139B-4479-A6A8-6136D947C9FB (resized).jpeg
#4391 6 months ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

There's no way that he is not going to be curious of the value and look it up, either before you go to buy it or after he has sold it. You know what the right thing to do is. Make the guy's day and be honest and fair.

Be honest and fair and bring him a six-pack of beer with the $2K

#4407 6 months ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

Just got my cpr backglass wow! The mirroring is really awesome, adds some
nice depth. The color saturation is definitely different. It’s a cooler tone and slightly desaturated compared to the original. There is also some subtle differences in the font. But over all I really like it![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Can you show what it looks like installed with lights on & lights off? Curious to see how it compares to the original lighting

#4419 6 months ago

Is there a lamp on the very right upper playfield inlane?

It appears a red lane cover goes there but I don’t seem to have a lamp socket

644F6866-DB12-4F5C-8168-458FE1BC4D8A (resized).jpegE6F6E5CD-32C4-4A6B-BD27-38A6720CCC3A (resized).jpeg
#4428 6 months ago

Yeah that’s the answer I was looking for. Looks like just a daisy chain off the last one


#4429 6 months ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Yeah that’s the answer I was looking for. Looks like just a daisy chain off the last one

Will this socket work?


Ordering from the other site seems a little complicated

#4434 6 months ago
Quoted from liorillusion:

i finally made it!!!!!
for more info and photos check my thread
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Looks great, we’re gonna all be broke!

#4435 6 months ago

Sorry Marcos, gonna have to use these $4 planes instead.

A8791A98-E9CF-4E2C-98E8-880C93FF75F2 (resized).jpeg
#4439 6 months ago
Quoted from Davi:

Mr. Ebay, I guess.[quoted image]

That’s them. They are dirt cheap and 1/48 scale, but they come from China so order a couple as one has Chinese quality and was missing part of the mold. I have a third grey one that looks great, I’m going mess with the lighting to see how that will work, but for $10.77 including shipping for 3, kinda have nothing to lose. 1000% better that the Marcos sponge

#4446 6 months ago

I think they all look great, but would like to see what Liors new mini playfield/POA mod looks like on its own without the Ruins mod on around it

#4448 6 months ago
Quoted from liorillusion:

you can see it here or send me a pm i will send you more photos. https://www.flickr.com/photos/156867125@N07/albums/72157709005827593

thats ok. anyone have his own opinion. i also dont like few movies thats others really like. thats pinball

Thanks! Yeah that looks great on it’s own. I wasn’t sure I was a full Ruins guy, even though they look great. But the POA on its own, got that on my list right after A. Finish putting the machine back together, B. ColorDMD, C. Pinsound. So D? on my list?

Anyway, great mod Lior! Thanks for keeping our machines ever evolving!

1 week later
#4454 5 months ago

It has arrived - Thanks davi

51015082-F583-4078-BA87-81FDBC6B2367 (resized).jpeg
#4462 5 months ago
Quoted from Davi:

Guys, price check:
What is the reasonable price of a set if IJ wire ramps? Very nice repro, brass plated, perfect copy.[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

A guy out here did all my IJ + TOTAN for $250 for just the plating. So I think anywhere around $200 USD is reasonable for the plating. The problem you’ll find is low piece runs, most places don’t want to setup for that.

With that said, the price of all the wireforms plated, well. I’ve seen single pieces for a couple hundred so a complete set you could get quite a bit.

Feel free to sell them all to me tho for $25

#4468 5 months ago

Can somebody take a closeup pic of the diverted shaft clip & washer? That didn’t seem to be on mine and want to see what it looks like correct. Thx!

5CD3661D-EB99-49E9-A8C8-A1433CC2262B (resized).jpeg
#4472 5 months ago
Quoted from gac:

Here are a couple pics of medisinyl's Light Jackpot Temple mod installed on my machine next to his rails. Great work.[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great, on my list of mods to get after DMD, glass, Pinsound

#4473 5 months ago

Well, put in my last screw. Wooohooo! Well worth it. Some before dirt dog pics and after. Y’all been there, what a lot of parts this game has. Worth it tho

1CB3697F-34A8-4A7C-91A7-41602BB0604B (resized).jpeg478F9E67-0381-4A3E-95F7-2B5F8AE622FE (resized).jpeg94F3DC0E-F6ED-4C9D-B2D0-6635AFE3365D (resized).jpegEDF1B5A0-FD7A-4936-88DE-E4B46DC1B09B (resized).jpeg
#4474 5 months ago

Ok, so now that ive got some games in, my left flipper is a little weak and seems to be hot. The coils and flipper assembly for both left and right are new from Marcos (Pincoils). It was working when I first played it (maybe when it was cool) - I could hit the path of adventure ramp. Now its too weak to make it up. Any ideas where to look? Everything else checks out, but not sure what makes coils hot. The right one seems to not be as hot and is working fine

Also noticed a couple times the game resets. Happened when I hit the mode shot and another time on a slingshot. Not sure if this is overall a sign of a bad power board or combo of flipper optos and power.

#4475 5 months ago

Ok, appears the power resets are flipper related. I notice if I start whacking them esp at the same time it resets. Didn’t realized the flipper optos handled power as well and noticed when I swapped them I had improved left performance now so going to order 2x new ones.

Looks like I also have the Subway lock issue I’ve read about. I notice when I locks I tip the machine the ball gets freed up when the ball check rolls. So appears something is blocking the roll (a divot?) Gonna take it off and inspect it

#4476 5 months ago

Hmm, maybe this divot is the issue? How in the Hell would that possibly get there?

Not sure if I knock it out or fill it. I also see somebody 3D printed a ramp wedge that fits inside which may solve this issue permanently


IMG_8513 (resized).JPGSubway Ramp Divot (resized).JPG
#4482 5 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

It’s so far out of the roll path of the ball I seriously doubt it’s having any effect.
I’d make sure that the mechanism there is moving freely.

Yeah, once I put a ball in it that divot has no effect. The main issue appears to be the rod. After many plunges hitting balls it flattened the end a little creating a little edge at the tip which was throwing the ball back up the tray. I’m sure leaning the machine more would probably help as well but I grinded the rod smooth removing that edge and viola, works fine now. I got locked up once since I fixed it after 40 games so good enough. Seems like the more I play it hasn’t returned

Regarding the power resets, just unplugged/ re plugged all the back box connectors and haven’t had any issues since. Still going to replace the flipper optos tho as they seem to spring on the hold. Hopefully that’s it then I’m gonna play the shit outta it just in time for the 4th

America, Fuck Yeah!

#4484 5 months ago

ROM Questions: It appears the latest CPU ROM is L7 which should be located in U6. The latest sound ROM appears to be L3 which is located in U2. I did notice a boat load of other Sound ROM slots (U2-U7) which all currently have L2 ROMs. So the questions is, if I upgrade the sound ROM to L3, do I just need to upgrade the U2 chip or all 6 Sound ROMs to L3? IPDB.org only has the U2 listed

#4489 5 months ago

Can somebody confirm this EOS diagram is correct(or incorrect) for IJPBA? Mine is just the opposite and the EOS switches are flipped so when you activate the flipper, the EOS is closed.

Flipper_EOS (resized).JPG
#4492 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

WPC fliptronic games the EOS should be normally open.
Its probably installed wrong on both sides, or backwards.
Did someone downgrade the game to non-fliptronics?
It happens.

Actualy the fuses were wrong and I think the optos are bad. Fliptronic 2 looks legit, but won't know for sure until I get the optos changed out. If that doesn't work, im gonna take the board to a local pro and have him bless it

#4493 5 months ago

And with that, too all my fellow IJ'ers. Here is some deep thoughts while you are playing pinball over the 4th to think about if you are contemplating putting brand new decals on your IJPBA

IJPBA1 (resized).jpgfile-7 (resized).jpeg
#4495 5 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

[quoted image]

Fade Haters gonna Hate


#4505 5 months ago
Quoted from DexterH:

That's some BS. The seller knows what he's doing and clearly avoided the damage in his pictures with no regard for people that will travel far to buy the machine. He's probably hoping for someone to just buy it after travelling so far. What a chump. I flagged his ad on Craigslist. Everybody, feel free to flag it.
sfbay.craigslist.org link

I think that same dude has this ad here on Pinside. Let the fire begin


#4507 5 months ago

Ok, question about the Rotor Lock Door/Gate Assembly coil that keeps blowing out F116 Fuse.

The original coil I had in the machine is attached here as “AE-26-1500-01” and it didn’t have a diode nor polarity listing which is 50v primary vs low power.

The manual says it should be “AE-26-1500” (attached pic) and so I picked up the Marcos Pincoil (attached pic) located here https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/AE-26-1500

I disconnected the 50v Connector from the coil (left twisted for the next coil in line) and haven’t had a blow out, so could it just be a bad coil or the wrong coil? Or something else.

Can you guys confirm which coil you have installed?

09769193-65AB-449D-BF48-D27310C63219 (resized).jpeg0C57A8B7-7C12-4CD6-BECD-23470DFF9B1F (resized).jpeg4714E5FF-143D-4217-A6FE-15FA2997C198 (resized).jpeg
#4508 5 months ago

Also, do you guys have a nylon ring to keep the shaft aligned inside this bracket hole? I don’t see it listed in the manual but seems like maybe that can short if not? I’m just guessing

D951CC92-D401-422C-AFE4-13EC27E43E65 (resized).jpeg
#4511 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Are you talking about the coil sleeve? I'm at a loss...
The coil sleeve should be flanged and go thru the bracket hole.
The sleeve that came with the coil is probably the wrong sleeve for this application.

I was just wondering if it had a nylon sleeve like the diverter shaft does. It looks like this https://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/20-8790

Either way, that's least important issue. Can you confirm you have the same Coil number? (AE-26-1500). I assume its the same but just wanted to be sure

Nylon (resized).jpg
#4513 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Those are called nyliners.
It's not used there.
Looks like the correct coil.

Ok, thanks. Yeah I’m starting to think it’s the knocker. Since I’ve disconnected it on had 1 outage. Seems like this Gate was also causing it but after I disconnected/reconnect the 50v wires, haven’t had an issue correlated with the gate going down. I might have to re-solder all the Purple yellow 50v connectors as I believe one of them might also be causing the short

#4515 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Cover your connections with shrink tube if in doubt.
That's what I do.
You might have a short down stream from the coil.
You have to go through the harness and everything in that circuit.

Yeah I traced it and nothing stands out. I’m going to replace the knocker coil as it looks toasted, might just be shorted. Consistently when I was cracking games it would blow the fuse. I played for 5 hours last night with it disconnected and it stayed on fine

#4516 5 months ago

Anybody here had to resolve flopping flipper issues? I started another thread but curious if anybody had this issue and resolved it. As you know, weak & flopping flippers are not gonna get you up any ramps in this game.

Also, what is your experience using a Rottendog Fliptronic replacement board? I’m leaning on my issue is my original board just isn’t cutting it anymore and I’m gonna need a replacement

#4517 5 months ago

BTW, here is my original board in case somebody with a hawk eye can spot any issues

03BB722F-6332-46F3-83AB-F7A73A2F0405 (resized).jpeg24B7A826-C5EF-4AF3-884F-9823FBA3A52F (resized).jpeg
#4520 5 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

That board looks pretty good to me.
But, isnt it 25 years old?
I have a new one and it works great.

Yup, 25. I’m going to get it checks out by some local pros regardless.

So I’m assuming you mean you got a Rottendog and it works great? Did you get it because you had poor flipping hold and it fixed it?

#4523 5 months ago

Where is the best place to buy a Rottendog flliper board for IJ?

#4525 5 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

I don't think it's your board, it looks fine.

Yeah, I think I need to re-visit the flipper assembly. I noticed there was a lot of play in the left flipper which may be the culprit. If I Road & Track everything to spec then I might just get the Rottendog. It’s only $60 so worth having it regardless. If I don’t figure it out after than, I’m calling in the pros

#4529 5 months ago

Ok, I think my weak flipper issue is resolved. It was a combo of adjusting the EOS and mostly not gauging the flipper bat to the bushing. There was a LOT of play and who knew tightening that to the gauge tool made the world of difference. Gonna have to go back and check all my machines now

#4530 5 months ago

And my contribution to Wikipedia was finally accepted

80239BC1-BD15-43EE-B188-34F44F3B880A (resized).png
#4534 5 months ago
Quoted from griffo84:

Where can i buy the air-ball guard for the drop targets. My game needs one big time.

DM davi

#4537 5 months ago

It goes I believe to the lower right side lane of the single drop target under the path of adventure ramp

#4545 4 months ago
Quoted from BeeGeeMtl:

Here's a slow motion video of 3 balls coming down the chute and ALL 3 draining! So frustrating.
Let me know if anyone catches the issue, because I can't see it other than the fact that (perhaps) the balls are coming down too fast? (or the hinge needs to be tighter so that it falls behind the ball, once it crosses into the playfield) Any advice welcomed!

Can you put a straight edge from the right lane guide into the idol ramp to see what is misaligned and take a picture? I’m curious if it’s the lane guide or ramp. Something is off for sure. Also is there anything warped on the playfield path that would cause it to veer into that post?

1 week later
#4563 4 months ago

I reached out to Indy and he was dealing with a lot of personal stuff, so he might not respond for a bit. I want his drop targets as well but told him my machine isn’t going anywhere so get back to me when he’s ready

#4565 4 months ago

Dirt off challenge accepted

#4568 4 months ago

That will clean up fine. I used some Novus 2 to get off the tough stuff. Make sure to put some cliffys on

#4572 4 months ago
Quoted from Energyspike:

Yes, he finally did put up the pics of the play-field crack / damage. He said he would drop the price 100.00 per week until it's sold...

Pics are still poor. I still can’t see the cracks either

#4579 4 months ago

ROM upgrade questions for those that have burned their own. I currently have CPU L5 and Sound L2 and noticed the chips sets are different. CPU Rom is an ST Micro M27C4001-10FI and Sound Rom TMS 27C040-10 EAP9310325. When you burn the new chips, do you match the existing chips or just go with a single/same model for both CPU & sound?

#4580 4 months ago

NM, looks like it doesn’t matter. I got Malaysia chips (not what I ordered, I order TMS). But they worked

Curious if the subway ramp issue will be fixed now as it appears they included longer firing times in L7

#4588 4 months ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Ok, I'll do some digging and figure out where to measure the 12v.

Hey Chris, sounds like you blew out fuse F116 on the power driver board

I would check that first. If its blown out, put back the original display first then replace the fuse.

Then go back and see what you may have done wrong with the ColorDMD

#4606 4 months ago

Does anybody know where to get this magnet decal in the U.S.?

I see they sell it across the pond, but cant seem to locate it here in the states


Decal2 (resized).JPG
#4609 4 months ago

Hey does anybody know when the outlane specials light up/flash and rules around them? I ready something about drop targets gets you a ball save, but didn’t see them light up

F5CC956C-C2EF-40BE-83E4-6B44B380FA69 (resized).jpeg243AA42A-16D6-4160-9986-7B0F24CEF31E (resized).jpeg
#4612 4 months ago
Quoted from Fremen:

Outlane special lights up after you get all 5 of the Lost Treasures AND THEN hit the captive ball one more time. You can set the reward for hitting the Special. I have mine set to an extra ball. Other options include points, free game, and ticket. To change this it is under Adjustments, A 1 #15

Awesome, Thanks! It’s not written anywhere I could find

#4615 4 months ago
Quoted from chrisnack:

Replacing B5 and C30 fixed my issues.
Another question, is there supposed to be a bumper pad on the back stop for the mode hole? Noticed there are a lot of kick outs.

I don’t think so stock, but that is the solution to stop the kickouts. You’ll want to experiment with the placement, thickness, size as everyone’s hole is different

#4616 4 months ago

Gonna make an attempt to screen these grills

F6CC0DE3-5803-49CF-8084-E6B964EA3339 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#4633 4 months ago
Quoted from adamross:

I'm considering buying Indiana Jones Light The Jackpot MOD but would love thoughts from anyone who has installed it. Worth it? Does it interact with any particular mode?

Quoted from adamross:

I'm considering buying Indiana Jones Light The Jackpot MOD but would love thoughts from anyone who has installed it. Worth it? Does it interact with any particular mode?

Working on it now, will let you know after. Others here have it tho

#4634 4 months ago
Quoted from biglaw:

Question got a IJ Williams noticed the backboard on playfield is like a thick piece clear plastic not wood. Has lost plastic decal on it. Is this something someone made or did any come like that. Looks like laser cut

They sell decals of this but the plastic one is preferred

#4640 4 months ago

I’m actually going to the effort to build out a completely separate Jackpot board mod without messing with the original. That means new speaker panel with jackpot mod, speaker panel printed plexiglass, ColorDMD, speaker grills, speakers, wires, brackets, screws. Not the cheapest way but guarantees the original will be intact

8F163FB0-6805-45B0-8411-5E94AB971D0B (resized).jpeg
#4644 4 months ago

Well it’s not perfect, but good enough

7CF9A04E-4E92-4F3F-A0D8-E5CC0418D772 (resized).jpeg
#4651 4 months ago

Just need the ColorDmd, Speakers & Wiring and this puppy is good to go

F7D3BF5B-BBC8-4350-B998-2755C88BFB8D (resized).jpegB5C3A094-4679-4B02-B285-4D79FACD22BB (resized).jpeg1E11BACC-5061-4CA7-8F74-4A09A5477293 (resized).jpeg3259F6B1-40D9-44D2-B57B-E8A9B54ED05B (resized).jpeg
#4665 3 months ago

Good luck guys. I’ve only thought about swapping out a restored playfield and especially with this game it’s gonna take a bit of time. But will be worth it in the end when that ball rolls flawlessly over the inserts without hopping

#4669 3 months ago
Quoted from gliebig:

My POA post isn't dropping when the ball is up there. What should i look for?

Also make sure you can manually sink it. If the bridge ramp isn't installed correctly or you installed the hidden back plastic, the shaft can get lodged and not move. It should move cleanly down and up

1 week later
#4688 3 months ago

IJ is an investment. Don’t worry about how much it costs, this machine is one of the highest valued machines and you will get it all back when it comes time to sell. I’m never selling mine (unless a perfect one falls in my lap), so I’m doing everything eventually Until it’s brand new. For now tho, I’m down with the #FadeGang as my playfield is all that matters at the moment

#4691 3 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

I've seen this pin in person, and it does really look great. I've thought about doing this myself, but I'm holding out in hopes that radcals come out for this title.

Are radcals better? If so why?

#4693 3 months ago
Quoted from DeeGor:

They look like the decals have been clear coated and they're pretty simple to install.

Ok, well one day I’ll probably end up doing that. But I’m fine for a couple years

#4695 3 months ago

In case somebody doesn’t want to go through the efforts of pulling your PF, etc to put the decals on, I saw this IJ cab in what appears to be decent condition (I see minor issues through the plastic)

ebay.com link

#4701 3 months ago
Quoted from underlord:

IJ was my first pin purchase. Been loving it ever since 2005. My kids have grown up with it in the house since they were little.
Just finished installing the Pinwoofer sound system. Dan was great to work with and it sounds better than ever.
Color dmd, Lior mods going in this week.
Hoping for new pf and radcals soon.

I just discovered PinWoofer. Do tell. I have Pinsound and it works great. Does PinWoofer work in conjunction with Pinsound? Also, does PinWoofer come with the midrange backbox speakers? Or is it just the Sub Woofer in the Cabinet?

Post a video?

#4703 3 months ago
Quoted from PinWoofer:

Greetings. Recommend going with the dual amp super kit that includes the 8" dual-voice coil subwoofer driver and turnkey backbox solution for 5-1/4" backbox speakers. All hardware and connectors included. Our WPC setup is amazing.
https://pinwoofer.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fpinwoofer-powered-super-kit -> select "Bally Williams WPC" under "PLATFORM AND DUAL AMP POWER HARNESS"[quoted image][quoted image]

Awesome! Thanks for the info. pinwoofer Does it work with PinSound?

#4725 3 months ago
Quoted from stricht:

Before and after[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great, but now you need to turn in your membership to the #FadeClub

#4734 3 months ago

Ok, finally got my IJ speaker panel replicated (keeping the original fully intact). Includes Rockford Fosgate speakers, ColorDMD, and Jackpot lightboard. It’s Purdy

CE8B145A-C5EB-4397-A5C1-8DEA6405F157 (resized).jpeg
#4735 3 months ago
Quoted from Beaumistim:

im an entrenched member of the fade club (for now) im also a member of the my indy keeps shooting balls into play, continuously over and over. and the my mini playfield isnt working. any known common issues for these problems?[quoted image]


EE78B141-FB4E-4348-8C86-06F8B3C7BD2D (resized).jpeg
#4737 3 months ago
Quoted from gunstarhero:

Looks good dude. Where did you score the speaker panel?

There is a guy selling just the internal board with jackpot. It doesn’t include front cover, speaker grills, hardware, etc. But that’s a good start.


You’ll find all the parts fairly easily except the speaker grills

#4741 3 months ago
Quoted from Ricochet:

Playfield back from captainneo ... and it’s SPECTACULAR !!!!
[quoted image]

Nice! Did you do level 1,2, or 3?

#4745 3 months ago

Decided to take Dr. Jones to 11 with a Rockford Fosgate upgrade

ACAB8780-B3F9-4710-AAE5-3C11FCC2537B (resized).jpeg89A81BD3-40D6-493F-80BB-EB62277F4153 (resized).jpeg
#4755 3 months ago
Quoted from PinWoofer:

I think you guys would like our Pyle sub driver. It has superior construction (rubber surround, poly coated cone, dual voice coil, lower impedance / higher power rating) and can accommodate the PinWoofer dual-channel sub amp.
Our sub ring (WPC or universal) raises the driver off the deck and allows for free movement of the cone beyond the plane of the basket, unimpeded. We have amps, powered sub and backbox kits or go over the top with the 5-1/4" WPC super kit:
We design and cut our own cabinet and backbox rings. Pictured are the sub kit, WPC backbox adapters and some proto runs on the development router. (Get rid of that 3-1/2" speaker for good!) We have many more designs depending on the target (WPC/WPC95/Sega/DE/Stern/CGC, etc.). You guys should give PinWoofer a try. We have scores of kits in WPC and they really do take your pin to the next level.
If we don't already have it, we will make it! Just ask.
https://PinWoofer.com[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Nice. Do you sell the sub rings separate?

#4758 3 months ago

For those that are using Pinsound, which Endprodukt mix is the best



Indiana Jones - Reorchestrated

(Or some other unposted mix)

It appears Remastered is Movie/Sountrack Files vs Reorchestrated which appears to be a original WPC stereo redo with orchestration by Endprodukt himself.

What say you?

#4760 3 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

Endprodukt by a mile !

They are both Endprodukt - but I think I figured out the Reorchestrated is the best one. I have to say though, there is some stuff about it I really don’t like. I’m gonna dump the file and fix that

#4764 3 months ago
Quoted from Davi:

Clearcoat is done on digital print. Exchange is possible (swap your old pf to this new one)...[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Are you selling these or is this for us to drool

#4771 83 days ago
Quoted from Pinkitten:

I'm thrilled to be joining the club in about a week! Shipping my Indy from west to Midwest, but Indy can handle the adventure. Ordered new blades, target decals and a few mods. Color DMD soon. I sold my Stern Indy to step up to this game...is it as good as people say? Can't wait to find out!

It is. I’ve still yet to get the Wizard Mode. It’s a thick as it gets for 90s pins and tops most new pins out

It’s a difficult pin to get 100% working order but spend the time and get it there if it’s not when it arrives. It makes a world of a difference, especially have the flippers in perfect order cuz these ramps are do or die on this one

Welcome, good luck, and enjoy!

#4772 83 days ago

BTW, add a Pinsound to your list

#4777 78 days ago
Quoted from Energyspike:

Gents...just replaced driver board with new Rottendog, also 8 driver board. The 4 flashers on the backbox finally work but are constantly on as well as the POA ramp. I'm stumped so far. Left control gate is not working, need to check that also. But, now the knocker gets constant power and stays on, had to disconnect. Any thoughts would be helpful.
Thanks,[quoted image]

Better verify your connectors, sounds like something is not plugged in right. Also, if the Rottendog has a specific dip switch setting for this pin, better verify that too

Safer to start with minimal connectors and readd them 1 at a time

1 week later
#4786 69 days ago

What is frog mode?

#4793 69 days ago

That’s awesome. So it sounds like you can get it without hacking the rom tho if I understand correctly with the flipper trick right?

#4795 69 days ago

Ok, yeah I would rather keep it hidden, they way it was it was intended. Very cool find though

2 weeks later
#4842 51 days ago

Anybody know anything about this neon clock? Not sure if it’s a bootleg or rare clock. It has a 3/6 on the back, but that’s about it

4ADEDD84-240B-4EBE-A9E4-966DDD0E65AE (resized).pngA0D2BB26-A1D6-4C65-A705-A835CD5C2A88 (resized).png
1 week later
#4858 38 days ago
Quoted from Jireteg:

Need some advice.
Single drop target is malfunctioning on start up test IF the drop target is down when I power up the game (tries three fast attempts to raise, then stops and generates an error report)
Works fine in test both up and down.
IF single drop target is up when I power up the game it drops and gets up in the start up test without problem and is working in play without a problem.
Any ideas what can caus this and what to look for / adjust.

Clean the target and/or replace it including the coil. You’ll most like need to remove it first. I find tho if you exercise it (lift it manually and hit the drop level) over & over several times it will work. But that lasts only a short while.

#4873 36 days ago

So I contacted CPR the other day about releasing an Indiana Jones Williams playfield and the response was interesting.

"Sorry, we currently do not have digitized artwork available for this playfield."

I was expecting the response to be licensing issues. So I made me start thinking, well - somebody might have the digitized artwork for this playfield or how do we get this? I for sure would buy an Indy PF as this machine is bolted to the floor.

So anybody interested in pursuing this?

#4875 36 days ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Mirco Playfields has stated in a few threads that they are making them. Its been at least a year since announcement, and there was a working on it still few months back.

Ah, nice. Ok - guess ill check in with them

#4877 36 days ago
Quoted from okgrak:

Let us know the results. I’ve been painting every couple months as well.

Ha! Yeah im tempted, but the best advice is preventing me. "Better is the enemy of good"

I sent them a DM, so ill hopefully get an ETA

2 weeks later
#4907 21 days ago

Ordered some Voodoo glass from Nitro, looks pretty good. Will need to set it side by side with the PDI but definitely 100% better than the standard Widebody glass I had in there

#4917 20 days ago

Ok, I’m calling it. Williams IJ greatest pinball machine ever made

I’m about to callout & compare the others faking to compete

#4920 20 days ago

Yeah I have some of the best machines but this one is the king

#4923 19 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

You should play an ALIEN.

I’m just sitting here hoping you get abducted for saying that

#4925 19 days ago

...but I just can’t

1 week later
#4936 12 days ago

Curious how many people here still haven’t got Wizard mode on this game. I haven’t. I think I’ve got 8 modes max in one game

#4940 11 days ago
Quoted from paynemic:

I can usually get to the wizard mode if I time out the modes and just hit the mode start. I think I’ve made it twice the real way. Gotta capitalize on all the extra balls (like path of adventure, etc)

That was my gonna be my next question. How many people got the Wizard mode without draining modes. I might have been able to get there by now if i did but it seems kinda cheating. Also most of the modes are progressive so completing each of those is a challenge in itself. I barely won the tank race the other day and have only done it once.

It’s crazy they went this far in building out this game. Pretty sure very few saw Wizard mode in the 90’s

Seems like the most difficult to get vs any other pin

#4947 11 days ago
Quoted from PeterG:

I have been to wizard mode twice. Own the game about 4 years. I only once waited to time-out the mode, the last one before wizerd mode. I wanted to get there so badly. I did not make the billion shot I was one shot away....Same on POTC and Spider-man....just one shot.....

Yeah I probably would have done the same. Would have been torture to lose it one mode short

I finally got the mine cart yesterday. I’m sure there’s a pattern listed on the internet but I wanted to do it by reflex. Was pretty awesome. Now I might look it up so I can do the dancing monkeys

#4954 5 days ago
Quoted from Digduglus:

Just joined the club! Made a good trade for an Indy. Needs cleaned and shopped and a new set of side art, but playfield is nice, everything is there and everything works![quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Best pin ever made. Enjoy

#4957 5 days ago
Quoted from kidchrisso:

Rejoined for the second time...I will just set this right here...[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Wow, that’s in great shape. So how does one leave the club in the first place? I’d probably sell my house before releasing this pin

#4975 3 days ago

Man you guys are finding some good Indys. Are they decaled/restored or are those original condition?

#4987 2 days ago
Quoted from PBFan:

I picked up mine just over 3 weeks ago. It has a re-decalled cabinet and has a clear-coated playfield. It is in really nice shape and just needed some minor cleaning and a few minor adjustments (replaced a few sticky micro-switches, a few burnt bulbs and a flaky idol opto). Took me a while to troubleshoot the intermittent idol issue. It turned out to be a worn/broken wire which was intermittently acting up.
While troubleshooting the issue I put together a quick troubleshooting guide for anyone having issues with the subway & idol shot. It is located at the link below.
Great game, especially with the PinSound board! My wife loves the theme and it is now her favourite next to Tron - she is not a regular player but told me that I am not allowed to sell it.

Never argue with the wife, especially when it makes 100% sense in your favor

#4990 2 days ago
Quoted from JB30:

I finally convinced my mom she should let me take the IJ out of her basement and bring it to my house so somebody can actually get some enjoyment out of it. My kids are excited to play! They've never seen pinball before, and what a beautiful game they will have to learn on.
I've just been cleaning (a lot), some of the flipper wiring was bad, the flippers need to be rebuilt, lots of blown bulbs, most of the rubber is dried out, needs a couple drop targets, needs some trim, and the balls keep auto-firing after the first trigger pull, but other than that, it's in good shape![quoted image]

Wow, that one looks great. Was your mom original owner?

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