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#1112 2 years ago

Hi Everyone. after many years of saving and several months of looking, i finally purchased my first pin ever, beloved Indiana Jones! i have really been working on it the last few weeks and am ready to purchase a color display. My question to yall:
- Color DMD offers an LCD and LED display. I really do not know which one to order. Can anyone give me some insight? Thank you so much!

#1115 2 years ago
Quoted from Astropin:

Can't go wrong with either in my opinion. The LCD gives you more options but the LED is brighter and a little cheaper. I think both look great but with the animated graphics on IJ the LCD will probably look a little cooler.

great thank you. options are always fun.

2 weeks later
#1143 2 years ago

Hello everyone. I have a technical problem and need some advice. The gate at the top of the right ramp that opens to allow ball to go to Upper Playfield is not working properly. When i light ADVENTURE or do a mode start that is supposed to open the gate (Steal the Stones or 3 Challenges), the gate will open for a few seconds and then will close prematurely. The more games i play, the quicker the gate seems to close prematurely. Has anyone had this problem and have any advice on where to start? Thank you!

#1151 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Test it in test mode and see if it works. Report back

Thank you for response. The diverter hold and power solenoids are #33 and 34. To be honest i have been confused by the solenoid test. When i run the solenoid test, i run a repeat and run mode. I never hear any of the solenoids buzzing or doing anything but it does cycle through all of them without stopping. Not sure if i am supposed to watch the coils when i run test to look for something...

A few days ago, i tried to thoroughly check and clean each connection associated with those two solenoids, both around the coil and their connectors in the backbox. Since then the gate has worked much better but it will still close prematurely every few games. It is strange, when it does close prematurely, it does so a little at a time over a few seconds. I guess overall it does not affect the game too much, but still bugs me. Probably best to pay some money and have someone look at it for me.

#1163 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

You need to close the interlock switch on the coin door in order to activate the solenoids. You can push it in (close it) with your fingers while you run the tests. Put it in repeat on the solenoid you want to test. Report back

well dont i feel a little silly. So, nothing seems to happen when i repeat the diverter hold, solenoid #34. Diverter power #33 seems to work fine. does that mean that i need to consider that the coil is bad? according to the manual #33 and #34 are coil #FL-11753-1, does that mean that both the diverter power and hold run off the same coil?

#1167 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Diverter hold should not move. That is the coil holding the diverter closed. Is that is what you have then your coil is good.

yes that is what i have on the screen. with #33 diverter power set to repeat, the gate will open and close. with #34 diverter hold set on repeat, nothing happens, the gate just stays closed. is that what it is supposed to do during that test?

#1169 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Yes your tests are good.
So what is your issue again?

well, the gate will occassionally close prematurely, sometimes when path of adventure is lit and sometimes during one of the two challenges that open the gate. it is strange, it will not close quickly but slowly over a few seconds and a little at a time. it seems to happen at random times though i feel like it happens when the game is working on something else at same time (like multiball or dogfight, etc). It did get better after i thoroughly cleaned the connections and optos associted with the gate and flippers. oh well, i imagine i have done what i can and will get someone to look at it eventually. Thank you again for all the help in ruling alot of things out.

1 month later
#1332 2 years ago

Hi all. I have a new problem and wanted to see if any brave soul had any thoughts. For the past week, i have an entire column out (column 4). As i am a new first time pin owner, i am trying to learn as much as i can about electronics and such. i do have a guy coming to look at it in a week or so but had hoped to figure this out myself. I have been trying to check continuity (this is the first time i have even done this so my technique may not be the best). I pulled the J207 plug and have been testing continuity from the exposed metal on the outside of the connector for plug 4 to the various switches. 6 of the 8 switches in column 4 are optos and the other two are regular switches (top post and right slingshot). strangely, i am getting continuity to the 2 regular switches but not to any of the optos. Also, when the game is turned on and the coin door is closed, the solenoid #28 (subway release) will fire every few seconds. this solenoid seems to be in between two of the optos in this column (center enter and right popper).
that is the best i can explain it. any thoughts? do i need to check each opto in that column? thank you!

#1342 2 years ago

I need to get a test jumper wire to check whether my switch problem is on the mpu or in the wiring.
Can anyone suggest one they have used that is easy and safe, since you have to be so careful when connecting these things to the header pins? Thinking maybe radio shack?
Thank you!

1 month later
#1432 2 years ago

howdy yall. need some advice. In order to make the mode saucer shot stick better, i removed the back strike plate. The problem is, the diode on the switch for that mini right hole gets bent every so often and has to adjusted or replaced. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to protect that diode?

#1438 2 years ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

The diode for the saucer hole? Mini right hole?

yes, the switch diode from the right lower mini. it hangs just over the entrance to mode saucer ally and occassionally will get struck and bent like this...

pin (resized).jpg

3 weeks later
#1485 2 years ago

ouch. there may have been some tears after that 1B tease.

32835789660_23a81468d2_k (resized).jpg

#1489 2 years ago

i wanted to see if anyone can give me some advice on a new problem. with the power off, i removed a #47 bulb from under the plastic ruins and plugged a small LED strip in the socket. When i restarted the machine, none of the optical switches are working on the pin. I took quick looks at several of the easily visible optical switches and did not notice any wires that had come unsoldered. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you

#1491 2 years ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

did you see what happens if you remove the LED strip and reinstall the #47?

yes i did. light still works, but otherwise no change. error report as follows:
- error mini playfield bad
- error idol bad
- error drop bank bad
- check switch 94
- check switch 95
in switch edge test, every regular switch works fine but not a single opto switch works. strange. maybe something with the opto board in the back box?

#1493 2 years ago
Quoted from cybermarco:

Is there 12Volts to the opto's?
(fuse f115 /f116)

thank you both for your replies. I reseated J5 on the optical board and J118 on the driver board (these were where the optical switches from column 9 originated) and that solved the problem. Very strange considering that to change the bulb i only lifted the cabinet and didnt even touch the backbox. These machines are fidgety.
rule learned for a newby like me: Always look at the simplest solution first.

3 weeks later
#1558 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

Got it it's in the handle itself. Thanks
I realized that the entire column of success might be out so starting to think it's not a gun issue. Apparently might be CPU related but still researching/investigating. I changed LEDs with the game on/coin door open and it likely caused a short somewhere. Doh. Once it's back up I'll take pics ad it looks sick.

i made the rookie mistake of changing some lights with power on which resulted in an entire column out. ended up that i blew the U20 chip on the CPU and had to have it replaced. just a thought...

1 week later
#1578 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

anyone know where to buy that sticker that is horizontal and goes on the coin door? It's looks like indy on the horse with the background of the side art?

i believe it is here.
scroll down a little bit and one says custom indiana jones coin door decal for $12.99. i had been considering this as well then kinda forgot about it. If you decide to give it a try, let me know what you think, since they dont really have a picture of any potential decals

#1582 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

I can confirm the sticker being sold there is the one with text (see the picture next to it - it's on that custom coin door). FYI

ok thanx. i agree with you, i do not want that one. i was hoping to find something similar to this sticker on the coin door....

pasted_image (resized).png

3 weeks later
#1665 2 years ago
Quoted from Cserold:

Hi guys. Just got an IJ and the game frequently goes silent for a few seconds then the volume goes to max and doesn't quiet unless you open door and adjust volume. I've heard this is a bug in IJ software but know that I also saw this behavior in a Cactus Canyon I owned recently and was able to fix it by reseating some cables. Are there any known fixes to this issue on IJ?

It may be that you need to update the sound software from L-2 to L-3
see here for the game revisions:

2 weeks later
#1704 2 years ago

Hi there. i was hoping to get some suggestions. I have had my IJ for 8 months now. it is very difficult to make the upper playfield/hit jackpot via the right ramp. I may make it up there once every 10-20 games, despite some good straight shots up that ramp. here are a few things i have tried:
- playfield is level and set 6 to 6.5 degrees
- i waxed the playfield and it seemed to help slightly for a few games then back to pre-wax

1. should you be able to make the POA with the left flipper with ball coming down the left inlane? dont think i ever have
2. suggestions on what to try next? new rubber on flippers? change EOS?

Thank you!

1 week later
#1735 2 years ago
Quoted from Damien:

Does anyone know where I can get some nice cards for my IJ? The ones I have now are cheap inkjet printed ones.

there are several great cards at pinball rebels sight that i printed out.
here ya go, scroll down a bit: http://www.pinballrebel.com/game/pins/card/cardg.htm

#1737 2 years ago

I know several people were discussing this recently and wanted to further on this. I just rebuilt my flippers and i swear i put the coils back on the exact same direction as they were when i took them apart. But from earlier discussion several posters said this was backwards and the diode side should be on the plunger side and not coil stop side . Here is a picture of mine. Also I was following instructions from home pinball repair website and if you scroll down to their instructions they have several different pictures with coils facing both ways. http://homepinballrepair.com/pinballflipperrepair.html
Do you think it matters which way they face?

20170612_210257 (resized).jpg

2 weeks later
#1859 2 years ago
Quoted from Psw757:

Joined the club today, finally!
Anyone able to suggest or provide a link to some nice apron rule cards?

here you go, scroll down to a few...

#1886 2 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

the one with different colors in the hat - that's sounds like it to me. He pointed to mine and said look - repro.
What's great is that he's on these boards everyday and see my message. I'll give him until Friday and then it's all out there. And I plan on bumping the topic throughout the year so others know who he is. Unbeliv.

and for.... $450.

1 month later
#2076 2 years ago
Quoted from Djshakes:

Well, I made them and they are available to you. NO MORE AIRBALLS. These are laser cut to perfection and predrilled. Simply bolt on and you will NEVER have an air ball again.
$25 shipped for both pieces.
To order send regular paypal payment to mr_brandt@hotmail.com (underscore between "r" and "b" "mr_b...."). The link underline hides the underscore. Include your address and a reference ij airballs mod.

Howdy all. i purchased this airball mod from DJ about a month ago and it TOTALLY changed my game. i had rebuilt my flippers and could finally hit the right ramp but all of a sudden the violent airballs off the 3 bank and single target were there. It took me about 10 minutes to put in the 2 pieces and you really do not even notice they are there. I have easily played 100 games in the past month without a single airball.

1 week later
#2098 2 years ago
Quoted from Averell:

The mod is a good idea, but faulty in the area of the hidden ramp thru the lost treasure lane.
If a ball gets airborne it has so much energy that the plastic on the left and right will be damaged very soon.
You should modify the clear plastic on both sides, so the the ball couldn't reach the plastic!

I disagree. i have played at least 150 games now with this mod and it is legit. I can honestly say that i do not think it will ever break. The plastic piece sits just above the drop targets so the ball really does not travel far before being knocked back down. it happens so fast that you really do not even notice that the ball even tried to get airborne.

2 months later
#2534 1 year ago

can i get some opinions on the mode hole. when the ball is ejected from there, it is sent a different place every time, sometimes even right down the drain. I imagine i need to get under the playfield and adjust the ejector. Can i get some feedback on where the ball should be sent each time it is released from the mode start hole...

1 month later
#2593 1 year ago

I am going to replace all the white rubbers in my game and wanted any advice about whether to purchase a game specific kit or purchase them individually based on the manuals list of rings. I believe i read somewhere that the kits sometimes do not contain all the correct sizes.
- also any feedback on whose rings you recommend? Thank you!

#2604 1 year ago

A follow up on my previous question about replacing the rubber rings on my machine. Has anyone tried out the translucent rings from Titan?

#2606 1 year ago
Quoted from Soulrider911:

freeman titan os the only way to go I have them on all my machines they’re awesome. A buddy has the translucent ones they look great... as long as u keep them clean. Some games like POTC would. It be a good candidate as they get notoriously dirty because of the spinning disk

Thank you Soulrider. Do you know if your buddy has incandescent or LED lights in the machine with the translucent rings? i have mostly incandescent and wonder if it makes much difference with the translucents.

3 weeks later
#2758 1 year ago

can anyone confirm that when you have both the jackpot and loop jackpot lit, and you hit it, that you are awarded both?

2 weeks later
#2825 1 year ago

For anyone that is looking to replace their rubber rings at some point. i changed all mine to translucent rings from Titan and it looks amazing. I highly recommend these. i use mostly incandescent lights in my game as well.

2 months later
#2999 1 year ago

Can anyone tell me what hitting the 'Special' in the outlanes awards you? I understand that it is lit after 6 hits on the captive ball during the Quick 2 Ball Multiball.

#3004 1 year ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

You have to have the game on quarters. I just open coin door and have game set to 25 credits. Now you have to have knocker turned on. You get animation Special and knocker goes off.
You just Won a Free Game!

thats underwhelming

1 month later
#3090 1 year ago

For anyone who has the Pinsound board and has hooked up the headphones to it ........ can you tell me where you ran your headphones cord out of the machine?

#3095 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Unless you’re going the pinnovators type route and doing an extensive (destructive) install, id recommend the bottom of the cab-run-a-wire-through-the-vent method, which is reversible

And now i see they have the headphone station. A little pricey i would say, especially for the original Pinsound version 1 boards. Still looks pretty cool. anyone tried this?

#3102 1 year ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

It’s expensive because it’s a big add-on board that they are basically just reselling - it’s an ingenious solution with an off-the-shelf product, IMO, but that’s the reason it’s a big pricey. Works real well though, and sounds GREAT (provided you have an upgraded mix or are playing a DCS-or-later game)

I wasnt talking about the new version Pinsound board. Just the Headphone Station. https://www.pinsound.org/headphones-station/
It will work with either version of Pinsound board, but it you have version 1 then its a bit more ($69 vs $49 for version 2 board) because you need an extra adapter.

1 week later
#3133 1 year ago

I have to brag. According to my archives, this is my 2138th game. and i scored 5,468,705,150.

1 month later
#3228 1 year ago

Wondering if anyone has any opinions:
I need to reduce the load from the GI backboard lighting to plug J120, so i am changing the backbox lights to LED. I really like the incandescent look better than LEDs to this point. I guess i would like to find an LED that is closest to the incandescent look. I have tried warm white (not good), and retro top warm white (better but ...). Any suggestions for me to try? thanx

1 week later
#3238 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

guys - I'm looking to brighten the path of adventure. I see some guys did LEDs over there - can someone explain how or where I can buy a kit? Thanks

I have been working with and trying LED lights around the game for the last few months. For me personally i felt like even warm white LEDs were still too bright for most inserts on playfield. In areas that i wanted to brighten up, especially in the backboard GI and in the perimeter playfield lighting, the Retro LED lights from comet were the best. They are the closest to keeping the incandescent feel while still brightening areas up. Here are the retro LED bulbs i like:

#3242 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Thanks. Specific to putting lights around the perimeter of the POA how do you install them? I've seen people do this..

you may want to get some more advice on this, but what i believe you can do is replace one of the bulbs on the outside of the playfield under the POA. when you take the POA off you will notice a bulb on the playfield outside the left loop that is a general illumination bulb (i believe its a #44). you can replace that with a LED strip light, that will plug into the #44, such as this: http://www.cometpinball.com/MATRIX-50-SMD-5050-6-3V-LIGHTED-STRIPS-p/50smd6.3vstrip.htm
please double check on this, as i am not sure if this puts much extra strain on the plug this light comes out of.

1 week later
#3312 1 year ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

At this point, I’ll just wait for verbal commitment from the the pinsiders who PMed me and I’ll start working on them in order. Please post your verbal commitment here on this thread. Enjoy your Sunday!

yes please count me in for both planes. I am not sure the best socket to solder, or soldering differences between flashers and bulbs. but hopefully with the group that purchases these, someone will have the knowledge to pass along.

#3362 1 year ago
Quoted from Davi:

Without wire and plug!
Price is ~$36 at Pinball Center.
[quoted image]

Here is the link to this board: http://www.pinball.center/en/shop/pinball-parts-by-game/indiana-jones-i/8326/2-led-flasher-board-for-indiana-jones?c=2204
Does not include wires. KornFreak, is it an option for folks to have this new board sent to you instead?

3 weeks later
#3507 1 year ago

I need to replace some #89 flasher bulbs which are on wedge base. I am having difficulty finding them. Is the replacement #906 bulbs, like listed here: https://www.pinballlife.com/index.php?p=product&id=32 Thank you!

#3512 1 year ago

A few of the flashers i am looking at are the dogfight hurry up, and the left and right ramp bulbs under the green plastic. In my manual they are all listed as #89. And they are definitely all wedge bases. look about the same as the eternal life. Maybe i looked at my manual wrong and they are #906

1 month later
#3705 1 year ago
Quoted from Djshakes:

Hey All,
I'm going to be making the airball mod protectors very soon. I need to acquire a set as I sold all my old stock. I know of a set locally that I will be acquiring. I'll post them in the market section when ready.

Honestly, this is the best 'mod' i ever installed in my IJ. It completely changed the game, especially after i rebuilt my flippers. I will be in for an extra set, just in case the first one you made ever gives way.

3 weeks later
#3787 11 months ago

Question: In my machine, when the Dogfight challenge is running and i hit it, approximately 1 in 10 times it does not award you and continues to count down. it has always been this way but i had never looked into it. Is this just my machine or a known bug? thanx

5 months later
#4213 6 months ago

Had to brag about my epic game this morning. Sadly it involved use of the superball so is not an official score. Got the 1 billion eternal life bonus twice and missed it on a third chance.

IMG_0245 (resized).jpg
#4217 6 months ago

thanx! Games like that seem to happen out of nowhere. When you are like, well, just one more quick game... my hands have been in poor shape for the rest of the day.
I guess what i meant as far as official game, is the high scores on this site. Thought you should only record game scores without use of superball.
As far as number of modes, i think about 37 or 38, as i played the eternal life challenge 3 times. i would guess about 12-13 EB's. Was my 2832 game played on this machine, so.....

#4220 6 months ago
Quoted from KornFreak28:

Congrats!!! Not that it matters but did you get to Eternal life before you used the superball?

I believe i had around 4 billion when i started superball and had completed the eternal life at least once and was very close to second one.
I think i owe my score to two recently installed incredible mods. Your (Kornfreak) spinning propeller planes and Lior’s ramp cover

Quoted from trumpy:

what stop do you have behind mode hole . I have 5out of 6 rejects

Oh thats no good! Remove the metal plate behind the mode hole and line the area back there with drop dead foam. That pretty much does it. Believe that was consensus of most IJ users here.

#4226 6 months ago
Quoted from trumpy:

PMed him . is it on this thread?.

Haha, yes Beelzeboob would normally be lecturing you about taking that stop out within 5 minutes of you posting! It has certainly been discussed several times in this thread. Make sure and line area behind mode start hole with the foam as well. I would say i only have 1 in 25 bounce out now

1 month later
#4375 4 months ago
Quoted from KidSmitty:

New owner of IJ here...can anyone tell me which shots are possible to back-hand from right flipper? The machine I bought has different coils installed for the two flippers (blue FL-11629 on left, red FL-11630on right, so I am likely going to replace the right coil with the correct factory coil since it seems underpowered.

I fully replaced both my flippers a year ago so they are in top shape. I am able to right flipper backhand almost every shot except for the full right ramp to the upper playfield. (I can backhand the right ramp, but not all the up the Path of Adventure)

1 month later
#4558 3 months ago
Quoted from goggleloy:

Just finishing the restore on mine. What do you guys think? Still waiting on some parts to finish it[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

wow that looks incredible! I have got to find someone to help me put on my new decals. I have had them for 2 years but do not have the balls to put them on myself.

1 week later
#4611 84 days ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Hey does anybody know when the outlane specials light up/flash and rules around them? I ready something about drop targets gets you a ball save, but didn’t see them light up[quoted image][quoted image]

Outlane special lights up after you get all 5 of the Lost Treasures AND THEN hit the captive ball one more time. You can set the reward for hitting the Special. I have mine set to an extra ball. Other options include points, free game, and ticket. To change this it is under Adjustments, A 1 #15

#4619 83 days ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Awesome, Thanks! It’s not written anywhere I could find

According to the manual, the point award for getting the Special is 1 million. 1 million! WTF, thats it?!
So i highly recommend everyone set yours to extra ball. You will not get that lit very often at all, so when you do make it exciting and worth it.

2 months later
#4784 19 days ago

Interesting yet disappointing IJ game factoid: When you play with the "frog bonus" option and you get to play the Minecart Mode twice in a game (i.e. you get all 12 modes and play wizard mode, then restart the modes), the bonus the first time is 20 million and the bonus the second time around........ 20 million. i dunno, guess i was just hoping for 40 mil or something.

#4790 19 days ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

What is frog mode?

In order to start the Frog Mode, you have to hold down both flippers while pressing start game. Then in Mine Cart hit the 4th barrier on the right

#4791 19 days ago
Quoted from Averell:

Only 20 Million, every time.
It's possible to switch the Frog Mode On or Off into the game rom!
If switched On and you enter the mine the frog appears at the end, even if you failed.
If swithed Off the frog only appears if you ride the mine successful to the end.
Anyway you get 20 Millionen only, there's no count for double, tripple, etc.

That is very interesting, was not aware of that! Thanx for sharing, gonna give it a try

#4796 18 days ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Ok, yeah I would rather keep it hidden, they way it was it was intended. Very cool find though

also, it is even more awesome with a color DMD!

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