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Ignore user feature (finished)

By robin

8 years ago

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    “Should the Pinside have an "ignore user" feature?”

    • Yes 129 votes
    • No 60 votes

    (189 votes)

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    #102 8 years ago

    I like all of what you said, except your first sentence. When you start a position with that introduction, it nearly negates everything that is said next.

    Why start with an attack on Robin or whoever else has tried to come up with an improvement?

    All else that you said proves your point fairly well...

    #103 8 years ago

    No offense intended to anyone, I guess it would have been more appropriate at the end there…LOL. I kinda type right off the top of my head, just like I would say it face to face…but if you knew my personality that statement would have not been taken as an attack, more like a “think about it logically from the users stand point”, rather it would have brought a smile…unless your all PC…then you may not be face to face anyway!

    #104 8 years ago

    Honestly I think the "auto-collapse all posts by ______ user" mentioned earlier would be a much better solution, because sometimes there may be a shred of useful information spewed out by a user who normally isn't the greatest contributor, and it's that shred of information that i want to read. The "auto collapse all posts by ______ user" feature would permit this and I feel would be much more useful.

    #105 8 years ago

    I find trolls to be similar to a sore tooth. When the pain actually goes away, your tongue for some unknown reason will move over and seek it out, renewing the pain. I am the same way with trolls; if the post is there (because of no "ignore user" function), I might just go ahead and read it against my better judgement and get pissed off! In the absence of draconian rules which ban users really fast for bad behavior, I'd rather at least have "ignore user".

    As more and more people come over to Pinside from RGP, the bad apples who only thrive on unmoderated forums are not going to want to be left behind. Unfortunately that means Pinside might have to be a little more vigilant in getting rid of users or maybe temporary bans like a "time out" for a little kid.


    #106 8 years ago
    Quoted from robbiev:

    No offense intended to anyone,

    That was what I kind of guessed...that was why I TRIED to gently make MY point. Regardless, I apologize for indicating an attack. My recollection is that you have been a good poster and I should have taken that in to account.

    My bad.

    #107 8 years ago

    I'd like to be able to ignore that old "Bowel [V] Movement."

    Well, yes the two Pinsiders above perfectly illustrate why this system would be a good idea
    -- Jayhawkai and BVM you guys can stop now, the point is made.

    Jayhawkai is a Cool Guy , I've Never heard him give ANYONE Here no Beef till Now ,, That BVM guy was an AZZ !! Jay steered me to my IJ near DC and saved me $ 1K.. Yr Cool w/ me bro !!

    Thanxx for Ending BVM Robin .... Who's Next ?


    #108 8 years ago

    Just a FANTASTIC picture, B R!!!

    #110 8 years ago

    BR should be made the official enforcer on the site. When you do wrong you get BR warnings and if you go too far you get the black rose boot, right where the sun don’t shine.

    3 weeks later
    #111 8 years ago

    bumpage. Just wondering if this feature will come to fruition. I realize robin is "on leave" so i don't know why i'm bumping it now...

    #112 8 years ago

    I Personally Don't have Anyone that I Want to Ignore ,, It's All Cool !!

    #113 8 years ago
    Quoted from davewtf:

    Just wondering if this feature will come to fruition.

    I sure hope so. I need to block a few people before I go over the edge .


    #114 8 years ago
    Quoted from BLACK_ROSE:

    I Personally Don't have Anyone that I Want to Ignore ,, It's All Cool !!

    #115 8 years ago

    Based on comments and poll results, seems like it gets back to the point about how much time is required for Robin to implement the ignore-user feature. If it would require a lot of time, then just put this idea on the back burner for now. If it doesn't take much time to implement, then go for it Robin.
    Generally for us users, more choices = more control = good.
    However, I wonder if the more complex the site becomes also eventually equates to the more things that can go wrong. Often times, keeping things simple is good design.

    I understand this thread is to help Robin to decide if it is worth it or not to implement this feature, and all the very good comments definitely will help Robin decide. It sounds like if the feature is implemented, that most will not use it, eventhough more than half vote that they would like to have this ignore-user feature.

    #116 8 years ago

    The ignore user feature works fine on RGPArchive. Yes, you can see the person's posts if they're quoted by others. This is not really a zOMG deal breaker like some are describing. The signal-to-noise ratio still improves greatly because a lot of the time people don't bother to respond to or quote the troll directly anyway. Instead of seeing every post by that person, you might see one in five.

    3 weeks later
    #117 8 years ago

    Any new info on the Ignore User Feature? Sure would have been handy for a couple of guys today.

    #118 8 years ago

    Yes please.

    Moderators can't be everywhere, and they certainly can't anticipate which posts will annoy people. This very thread is proof of that fact.

    #119 8 years ago

    I already ignore users.

    #120 8 years ago

    2 or 3000 members Here on Pinside now ,, The Ignore Will be a useless Feature for me ..

    Maybe 8 mths ago I would've Used it ,, but The Terds have backed OFF !!!!!!!!


    #121 8 years ago

    I'll vote yes. If you dont want to use it then cool but I probably wouldn't mind ignoring the few who pop up and bring the tone right down, disagreeing just to get attention.
    And to the developers - thanks for asking!

    #122 8 years ago

    Today I have launched the Ignore User feature on the Pinside. Reading over all your input on this I knew I wanted it to be low-key, subtle and effective.

    The ignore link is a very subtle link in the post meta bar:


    Click the ignore link if you want to start ignoring a certain user, in this case that nasty bully Robin who never has anything useful to say and only gets on my nerves:


    Confirm the ignore dialog:


    All posts by Robin are now ignored:


    At the top of every topic page you can manage the users you are ignoring (and stop ignoring someone if you changed your mind):


    If someone quotes a user that you have ignored, the quote will also show "ignored":


    Some things to note
    - This is really a personal preference, use it as you wish or don't use it at all!
    - If you ignore a user, nothing actually happens or changes on the site
    - Ignoring a user simply mutes that ignored user's posts on your display
    - No one will know if and who you are ignoring
    - Ignores are stored in your Pinside account preferences, logging in to another computer will apply the same ignores

    #123 8 years ago

    I don't know how i missed this thread.

    Quoted from davewtf:

    Great, now nobody will be reading my posts!

    Quoted from NimblePin:

    Well if that's true Dave, then I'm pretty much guaranteed an audience with the crickets! (Or, have possibly moved in with the Bottom Boys...)
    Nice knowing you guys!

    Welcome! Welcome!

    Been contemplating changing my username to FLOUNDER, not as a reference to animal house, but as an admission of bottom dwelling! Maybe, one of you could join me as HALIBUT.

    Quoted from johnwartjr:

    I would suggest removing the tilt warning, and not adding an 'ignore' feature.
    I can manually ignore whomever I like. If I don't like a particular users posts, I'm a grown up, I ignore them.
    The tilt warnings are often abused. I unhide the posts, and see that there was no real reason to hide most of them. How about offering something where I can tell it that I don't want to hide any posts, if other users find the 'hide posts' to be useful?

    Got to agree with John and the others like-minded. It is about maturity and personal responsibility, two personal characteristics that seem to be in ever decreasing supply.

    Robin, I think you have shown sound judgment in the past and may be more in touch with what is effective in today's workings. Much of the nonsense that motivated the tilt warning seems to have minimized itself. Is it a spurious correlation, I do not know. So, history has shown that you have a good sense of what works here, and if it makes your life easier, than it is a good thing.

    It would be interesting to know the age breakdown of those who voted.

    I do not think that it will be used by people who enjoy going at each other, for the battle is their payoff.

    I have to admit that there was a recent post humorizing the physical abuse of women that made me so angry that I will probably use the feature to spare myself the frustration of needing to recognize in the future the existence of the particular offensive miscreant who posted it.


    #124 8 years ago

    Well done. Nice to have the option. Thank you.

    #126 8 years ago

    Did somebody say something?


    Nice job Robin--best implementation of this feature I've seen yet (confirmation box is spot-on to avoid accidental ignores).

    #127 8 years ago

    Great, thanks!

    #128 8 years ago

    Thanks! Some of the people i wanted to ignore have "retired" but I'm not complaining!

    #129 8 years ago

    good work Robin!

    #130 8 years ago

    Thanks robin. Having the quoted text from an ignored user not show is a great addition to the basic type of ignore seen in other forums.

    #131 8 years ago

    I think this is a useful feature but I don't think it is a substitute for moderation. Some people engage in personal attacks when confronted with others' opinions they don't agree with. I think that should be unacceptable. Everybody should be entitled to express themselves without fearing that some kind of cyber lynch mob is going to attack them if they say something unpopular. I see this feature being mostly used by those who would do the personal attacking, and it might reduce the signal-to-noise ratio online, but I still think it's important to impose some base levels of mutual respect for fellow users.

    #132 8 years ago

    Awesome! Thanks!

    #133 8 years ago

    Sweet! Now I can ignore that train guy

    #134 8 years ago

    Sweet freedom from bluevegas FINALLY!

    #135 8 years ago

    Thanks robin. Having the quoted text from an ignored user not show is a great addition to the basic type of ignore seen in other forums.

    Well if it Isn't abcdelmrs (Aka-- Scrambled from the Bash ) Play-n MB

    Didn't know you Were Here..


    #136 8 years ago
    Quoted from TheLaw:

    Sweet freedom from bluevegas FINALLY!

    I know, that guy is a dick

    #137 8 years ago
    Quoted from PinballHelp:

    I think this is a useful feature but I don't think it is a substitute for moderation.

    Darn, and I was hoping I could take a nice long vacation ...

    #138 8 years ago
    Quoted from PinballHelp:

    ... but I still think it's important to impose some base levels of mutual respect for fellow users.

    I couldn't agree more.

    #139 8 years ago

    I noticed one bug, I can't put myself on ignore.

    This feature really doesn't work, on RGPArchive it is pretty useless.
    I like the B_R Blue Boot, just get rid of the trolls as they pop up and there is nobody to ignore ergo no quotes etc.
    RGP basically has 3, I noticed FF had carpet bombed every thread last night AGAIN so I just closed the page AGAIN.

    #140 8 years ago

    Thanks for your continued efforts to improve what I believe to be the best site on the web Robin!

    #141 8 years ago

    Not bashing any particular Pinsider, just making a comment that some may appreciate going fwd w/ this new "ignore user" feature.
    Although one big reason for this feature is to be able to ignore the jerks that like to "stir the pot" and get people fired up, another possible good use is to be able to filter out much of the non-technical posts in some of the more technical type threads.
    Some people who post are funny and/or enthusiastic about pinball, but are not very technical in nature. Since there is so much activity on this forum (which is a good thing), some Pinsiders may want to ignore certain users simply in order to cut down on the number of posts to read through. In this case the users being ignored are probably very nice people, but often do not add to the problem solving or other technical explanations.
    And per Robin, you can manage who you are ignoring and later stop ignoring someone if you decide to change that at some point.
    Thanks Robin for making this site so user friendly!

    #142 8 years ago

    I think it's going to be horrible, and is going to drag down pinside...BUT it's everyone's right.

    The ACDC 10 raters are going to get blocked by people that take ratings seriously.
    JJP Cheerleaders are going to get ignored by Stern blowers who will also get ignored by JJP.
    The price police will ignore and be ignored by price cheerleaders.
    The A listers & "my data east is the best game ever" crowd will do away with each other.
    Game "X" owners will block "Game X sucks! I have to post this every time I see a thread aboot game X."

    And on & on & on until we whittle everyone out of our lives and we only see the 3 dipsh@*s who think just like we do. How boring.

    Just should be fine but I was just thinking worst case scenario.

    #143 8 years ago

    Thanks Robin! Shields deployed...

    7 months later
    #144 7 years ago

    I wanted to bump this for any new pinsiders. I have been blocking alot of people recently and find my enjoyment factor of this site has gone up.

    2 months later
    #145 7 years ago
    Quoted from davewtf:

    I wanted to bump this for any new pinsiders. I have been blocking alot of people recently and find my enjoyment factor of this site has gone up.

    I'm hoping this works for me too.

    7 years later
    #146 4 months ago

    Sorry if it's obvious, or if this has already been discussed elsewhere, but is there a way to view a single "ignored user comment"? It seems a blocked user has said something that actually adds to the conversation. I'd like to view that single comment as there's no context in the conversation to what the person said. Or, at the very least, can I see which user made the comment so I may temporarily unblock them?

    Thanks in advance!

    #147 4 months ago

    Just log out temporarily.

    #148 4 months ago
    Quoted from ghetoprobe:

    but is there a way to view a single "ignored user comment"

    Copy the link directly to a post number. Open a private browser window and paste it in. Post appears, with ignored user quoted. If you’re on iOS you can long press on the link and “open in new private window” in Firefox.

    #149 4 months ago

    Perfect, appreciate the help! Thank you both.

    #150 4 months ago

    Yup, or you could even right click the #postnumber link above the ignored post and select "open link in Incognito window" (Chrome) or "open link in new private window" (Firefox).
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