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If you could only have one, what would it be and why?

By jgentry

8 years ago

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#1 8 years ago

The title says it all. All games can and will get a little stale over time but what game keeps you coming back. If you could only own one machine for the rest of your life what would it be and why. Mine would be CFTBL. It's the full package with great art, hard shots, fun but challenging modes, great mods to add, and an extremely hard multiball. For whatever reason I can always go play it and have fun. AC/DC would be a close second but I thing CFTBL is a better overall package and the short ball times of it help it not get stale.

#2 8 years ago

Simpson's pinball party.

Because it's perfect.

#3 8 years ago

not sure I could ever get bored with, or defeat LOTR or WPT or ACDC. Each has a wizard mode I will likely never see. So I would go with WPT. It is really challenging to have to pay attention to the upper PF and the lower PF at the same time in WPT. it is a simple game, ah, but not so simple....

#4 8 years ago

MMR is pretty deep and balanced; good all around game I'd love to own someday. Maybe LOTR if I wanted a deeper game? Those two are contenders.

#5 8 years ago

I couldn't see going with LOTR or TSPP as an only game. Both are great but you would never be able to play multiplayer on them and you'd have to set aside at least 30 minutes every time you play a game. Maybe if you were allowed to keep 2-3 pins.

I'd have to go with something with medium range depth. Probably STTNG or TZ? ACDC would also foot the bill. Out of those 3 I'd probably go with STTNG. The game has great flow, is always challenging, and is just a complete package. It's the longest lasting pin in my collection for good reason!

#6 8 years ago

Taxi, first pin i bought and is still the first one i go for to play

#7 8 years ago


There are harder pins, there are rarer pins, there are pins with 3 levels - but none more fun than AFM.

#8 8 years ago

TSPP. There are games I like better, but none that are better complete packages.

#9 8 years ago

Really hard to say. I might say Taxi. That pin is brutally hard and so much fun when you get the jackpot.

I might say MM.

#10 8 years ago

I can't ....was sure TAF would satisfy me....that was 8 pins ago.......I'm afraid if I go down it will be to zero, because I'm just done w it......too many things I like about ALL of them....

#11 8 years ago

Dozens of titles have come and gone. AFM and capt fantastic have remained. Edge to AFM.

#12 8 years ago

Totally agree with Vid...

#13 8 years ago

Good question probably Tspp or AcDc premium because they're both so deep/complex and let's not forget fun, but I think I'll lean towards AcDc premium by a nose.

#14 8 years ago

AFM here as well...I am currently in love with Metallica but have only had it about 2 months

#16 8 years ago

BSD..because i just got it and cant stop playing it...or Doctor who for the same reason

#17 8 years ago

AFM and pinball would not be my hobby. I like the variety of new games etc.

#18 8 years ago

ACDC by a country mile.
Anyone who states any other pin (ESPECIALLY WPT) is just wrong and deserves an eternity of SDTM.
Drops mic.

#19 8 years ago

Getaway or The Shadow. Two of the best layouts ever created. Good balance of ball time, difficulty and rules. One more game!

#20 8 years ago


"where'd you learn to aim?"

#21 8 years ago

Lots of AFM love so far. Glad I have one shipping any day now.

#22 8 years ago

Funhouse and it's not even a tiny bit close. Still, to this day, the greatest game I've ever played. I will play it on location with broken flippers and no lights, I love it that much.

#23 8 years ago

Tough question because variety is what really makes pinball great and probably the reason we all started with one and now have multiple titles. Sorry can't play.

#24 8 years ago

Damn you all, I want AFM Now

#25 8 years ago

From my little collection, I'd choose NGG.

#26 8 years ago



#27 8 years ago

TAF for me. No ball save,the power.excellent layout.Great all round game.8 years of ownership.

#28 8 years ago

TSPP was my first pin, and it will never leave....Just got AFM last year, and love it.......But it seems like I walk past them to play my AMH on a daily basis!

#29 8 years ago

Certainly not BSD. That's about all I have been playing lately, but as my only pin...F that game. It's like an abusive relationship and I'm on the receiving end.

If I had to choose one, MET or LOTR would be the last pin standing in my collection. Probably MET

#30 8 years ago

I wouldn't own just one pin. It gets old too fast. I love lotr, but its a 45 minute commitment even if you are having a crap game.

#31 8 years ago

TRON because I love it more than Lamp!

#32 8 years ago

I can't friggin do it! I thought about it for an hour and I'll give it to Paragon only because of our history.

#33 8 years ago

Whatever machine I just tuned up last in my collection is the best-designed pin of all time... Depends on the month...


#34 8 years ago

A brunette. I just dig brunettes.

#35 8 years ago

My current favorite (of the month) is:



#36 8 years ago

ACDC Premium will be the last to leave.

MMR/AFM would be 2nd to last.

#37 8 years ago

not my first choice .....but i would have to choose my Black Rose.....because it is my grandsons favorite

#38 8 years ago

TSPP for me.

Always a Smile!

#39 8 years ago

Man, ask me next week and I might give you another answer.

I'm going to go with IM. Brutally intense, great multiplayer game, great music and call-outs and even though Jericho is relatively easy to get to it's very difficult to complete and super intense. Plus there's always the unicorn of DoD multi-ball to try and reach.

#40 8 years ago

I am down to one at the moment with that one being a CFTBL

though really wanted AMH but now itching for Ghostbusters

#41 8 years ago

MET premium followed closely by ACDC premium. Both are just such a blast to play with deep code.

#42 8 years ago

If you allow a modular pin with swappable games, that would be my choice.
P3 or Heighway platform then, assuming they have at least 2-3 complete games available.

#43 8 years ago

Cirqus Voltaire~

It's just my fave all around. Awesome aesthetics and full art translite. Amazing sound package. Great original theme and characters. And last and not least its a blast to play.

#44 8 years ago

I'd have to go with Pinbot, which is odd because up until a couple of years ago I hated Pinbot. Go figure.

#45 8 years ago

Xmen is my choice, I always used to say lord of the rings but finding it a bit intense at the moment an really getting in to xmen for a while now, when shooting correctly it's fast and furious an has a heap of depth, definatly no slouch!!!

#46 8 years ago

For me it would be "The Shadow". It has some of the best sound, dots, design, rules & game play in pinball. The challenge of trying to get to and beat the final battle never gets old.

#47 8 years ago

My choice would be AC/DC Premium, because of the overall package. Tough eliminations would be TOTAN, WOZ, AFM, TZ and MMR.

#48 8 years ago

AFM - its got the total package: simplicity, humor, challenge, originality, unique features, and good artwork.

#50 8 years ago

I would keep The Shadow. Most complete, fun and challenging game I've ever owned. I've played a lot of good games, but none i'd rather own.

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