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If you could only have one LOTR or MM. Which game and why?

By Golgotha

8 months ago

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“If you could only have one LOTR or MM?”

  • LOTR 97 votes
  • MM 104 votes

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#1 8 months ago

If you could only have one LOTR or MM. Which game and why?

#2 8 months ago


My customers have loved it since it came in so many years ago.

LTG : )

#3 8 months ago

I previously sold everything except a LOTR. I never played it because it was really boring playing the same pin -- on top of that, knowing that I had to play 45 mins to get to a high score was even more of annoyance; for that reason, I would vote MM.

#4 8 months ago

I think LOTR for me just because of the deeper rules.

#5 8 months ago

I would like to see this have a poll! Following....

#6 8 months ago
Quoted from LukyDuck:

I would like to see this have a poll! Following....

I added a poll

#7 8 months ago


I could probably flip it for more $ than a LOTR.

#8 8 months ago

Same lay out, pick which theme you enjoy more

#9 8 months ago

LOTR by a large margin. The modes and multiballs are all different and interesting. MM gets old fast

#10 8 months ago

So do 30 minute ball times.

#11 8 months ago

MM if forced to own one

#12 8 months ago

Destroy The Ring!

#13 8 months ago

I vote LOTR.
If you don’t like the long ball times just make it harder. No ball saves, no extra balls, wide outlanes.
You can make LOTR have short ball times, you can not make MM have deeper rules....

#14 8 months ago

MM. I dislike super long playing games. If you make LOTR hard to the point of having ball times equivalent to regular games, you'll never get anywhere in the game. LOTR is designed to be a journey, and a long one at that. It's a journey I really don't want to make time for.

#15 8 months ago

LOTR. And I barely play that one.
I’ve played MM a bunch and I must be a black sheep because I rarely enjoy that game. A lot of the “staple” WMS games have never really interested me.
If it was remake or original it would be original. It plays 100% different.

Fun factor between MM and LOTR, MM might win, but if I want to have fun playing pins I can go out. Every location seems to have an old Williams. When I’m home I want a brutal challenge that LOTR provides.

#16 8 months ago

Lotr is better in a home environment.... mm didn't do much for me after a few months.

#17 8 months ago

Many places I visit have MMr, so no reason to ever own one, and I find the callouts annoying.

The way the inner and outer orbit cross around with the diverter and up post on LotR are brilliant. The rules, theme, callouts from the movie, and theme integration are all top notch, making it a true great pin for all time.

Also this...

#18 8 months ago

I would go with the deeper game with more variety of shots, which to me is LOTR. This is really like asking a single man if he'd like a date with one super model or another.

With either choice, you cannot lose.

#19 8 months ago

I've owned both. In a single machine collection they both will get stale eventually. In my case LOTR lasted about 3x longer. Both are great games and worth owning at some point.

#20 8 months ago

LOTR. Both are great games, but like others said LOTR is a deeper game.

#21 8 months ago

I've had both since 2003 and MM even longer.
Both are awesome machines but your answer depends on what you want to do with it and who's going to be playing it.
LOTR is a players game, difficulty level is much higher, game times are longer, satisfaction level for an accomplishment is much higher also.
After all these years, I still havent gotten to Valinore yet. I have over 80 machines and always say, if I was stranded on an island (with power), I want my LOTR.
Now MM, fantastic game, easier to complete, King of the realm is hard, but I've been there many times. If you have kids and guests to please, MM is a better pin, if you want a tough challenge, LOTR.
And either one you choose, a color display really is awesome!!
Just my opinion.
25542339_10210522094426315_7319740907048282735_o (resized).jpg

#22 8 months ago

This is a hard one..
LOTR for the epicness and super deep rules, if set up to not have way too long ball times: wide outlanes, nice and steep, etc.
MM is a lot more shallow but it's just a lot of fun no matter how good of a player you are.
I personally vote LOTR, but only if set up mean and very fast

#23 8 months ago

LOTR due to much more variety and depth with rules.

#24 8 months ago

MM never did it for me. It’s an OK game, but it just never clicked. Maybe it was built up on too high a pedestal before I played it for the first time. But it just isn’t fun to me. People say it’s just like AFM (one of my favorite games), but it is nothing like it.

I’ve owned LOTR twice so far for years at a time. And that game is spectacular. I only wish I had never owned it... so I could get another one and learn the game like it was new to me. I honestly think everyone should own one at some point. The only way to appreciate that game is in your house. It helped that I loved the theme, but the gameplay is really the big thing here. So much to do. Is it a longer playing game, yes, but it has to be to make it the quest it is.

#25 8 months ago

For me these are 2 completely different genres. MM is whimsical, funny and entertaining. Were as LOTR is much more of an intense and adventurous type of pin with a lot more defined goals and deeper game play.

LOTR for me is a more enjoyable pin, MM is a fun time every time I play it

#26 8 months ago

Well, I had the choice a few years ago.
Both are grail pins for me. I bought the LOTR. Just think it has a little more to it then MM. finally getting a MM this year though.

#27 8 months ago

I own both. Keeping one would be a opinion on preference of the style of gameplay desired.

Lotr is a great story based game. I don’t always have long ball times but when I do, it feels good to get deep into the rules. The music, call outs, modes etc make me love this game.

Mm - great game, but kind of shallow rules. Call outs are great, trying to get all shots in a multiballs can be challenging. Not super long ball times. Fun to bang around on.

If you want a casual game, mm. If you want a story/rule game lotr.

#28 8 months ago


MM didn't last long for me. Code got stale rather quickly.

#29 8 months ago

Lotr is gone in my house and mm is still here. The reason for that is medieval is just such a fun game. Judge for yourself on the rules, I think they are the perfect example of what most people need in a pinball. By that I mean everyone from the novice to the pro can enjoy and understand it and it's difficult to actually beat.

I will own an lotr again someday. For the money I'd pick lotr, but if money were no object mm is my highest rated pin (and pinsides too)

#30 8 months ago

I’ve got LOTR le and prefer it, I was playing MM on location yesterday and don’t see what the fuss is about and prefer AFM.
Really wanted MM but not so sure now, maybe it would be better at home for me rather than location.
Multiball on LOTR is a blast!

#31 8 months ago

LOTR for sure. It only has long ball times...if you're good at pinball. And if you're good at pinball, then you probably prefer more things to complete/do with that skillset. And frankly, if time is a REAL factor when you're trying to play a game of pinball, then I would suggest doing something else with that time anyway. . I've had my LE for many years now, along with quite a few other games at this point, and always make time to play it. Additionally there are some really cool mods that can make the game appear fresh and even more immersive with the fantastic theme. Like eye of sauron upgrades and path of the dead mods etc.

#32 8 months ago

I used to hate MM, but I can see why it's ok now. The thing I just despise is the trolls..... don't like them.

LOTR for the unintentional humor in all the callouts, and the game is pretty good too. Neither is a bad choice though. If I owned one I'd probably disable the trolls.

It's kind of like on STTNG where I'll play any mission that's lit but I avoid Battle Simulation like the plague.... just don't care for it. Don't mind shooting the gun for the multiball start, but the BS mode doesn't thrill me.

#33 8 months ago
Quoted from slochar:

The thing I just despise is the trolls..... don't like them.

Can’t disagree on the Trolls...they are annoying. I guess they do their job well.

I find bash the Ballrog to be a little annoying as well. But that is only 3 hits. But it’s great during Multiball.

MM is a beautiful game with great flow and humor. But I find AFM to be more of a challenge/fun. Ok I am subjective here.

But I think great points on home use vs arcade/barcade and casual players. MM is more approachable/playable in that sense.

LOTR you are pulled into of the game, the progression, the challenge and the need to keep pursuing the ultimate goal.

MM is a bit different. You enjoy the modes, the flow, the callouts, bashing/destroying the Castle, stacking the MBs. But I think the challenge/pursuit isn’t the same as LOTR.

One is like watching a single/couple comedy/enjoyable shows the other is like binge watching a series, taking a break and then coming back for more.

#34 8 months ago

Hands down MM. way more fun and less repetitive than LOTR.

#35 8 months ago

I owned both.

MM for me. I like the shots, flow, call outs and toys a lot better on MM. Lotr was a little clucky for me. Slow flow and call outs wore on me after a bit, but I enjoyed it while I had it.

You should really try to own both for a period of time in the future.

#36 8 months ago

Playing by yourself? LotR

Playing 2 player? MM

Playing 3 or 4 player? Definitely MM

Playing a 4 person game on Lord would be torture. "Oh, you started 2 towers again ... great."

#37 8 months ago

I bought a nib LOTR LE in 2009. enjoyed it , but the continuous modes and forever games made me sell it. I have an MMRRE coming cuz I played the worn out MM at Joe's Playland in Salisbury Mass, and never got sick of it, even after 15 years of playing it. So MM for me all day.

#38 8 months ago
Quoted from Krupps4:

LOTR. Both are great games, but like others said LOTR is a deeper game.

Deeper does not equal better. It never has. Pins like Iron Man and Taxi are way more replayable.

#39 8 months ago

Both great games but MM just has that gotta play one more game for me.

#40 8 months ago

Because, my name.....

#41 8 months ago

MM is the perfect pinball machine out there, the merlin hole could could be better but for the rest is flawless. LOTR is the deeper game, but it is not that well designed in my opinion.

#42 8 months ago

Buy whichever you enjoy playing more, but LOTR would be my suggestion. It has 3 multiballs and Destroy the Ring mode that are each fun to play. Have beaten the MM king a few times, but never started Valinor and it is there.

#43 8 months ago

This is a question only you will be able to answer op. We can all give our perspective but your the one spending the cash. For me, LOTR became a chore and I found myself not wanting to hit that start button again. I knew I would never get to Valinor with the glass on. MM has lasted much longer and is more popular with guests as well.

#44 8 months ago

Oooph, don’t make me choose.

Depth isn’t the be-all-end-all...but LOTR is the best deep game...cinematic, fun, and satisfying.

MM is pure pinball fun, and is the exact perfect combo of amazing toys, good flow & rules that gel with design perfectly.

I tend to play MM more, but I’ve only had it since 2015...I’ve had LOTR since 2008.

I dunno, flip a coin.

#45 8 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I dunno, flip a coin.

The poll agrees with you, right now it's 50/50, 84 votes each.

#46 8 months ago

Jeez talk about a question with no right or wrong answers. I love playing my LOTR for all the reasons mentioned ad nauseam already but it really does blow if you’re playing multi-player. MM lags a touch in the rules and code but I’m gonna say it’s a draw.

#47 8 months ago
Quoted from Chisox:

MM lags a touch in the rules and code but I’m gonna say it’s a draw.

We’re officially in a bizarre state of the hobby when someone says a Lyman Sheats masterpiece that was so sought after that it started the remake trend “lags in rules and code”. MM lags in nothing. Its exactly what it is meant to be, and is a prime example of what everyone making pinball should shoot for:

1. A great mechanical feature any player can enjoy.
2. Rules anyone can pick up quickly.
3. Nuance that seasoned players can discover & be challenged by.
4. Excellent choreography of lights, sound and gameplay that makes every shot & accomplishment satisfying.

#48 8 months ago
Quoted from DanQverymuch:

The poll agrees with you, right now it's 50/50, 84 votes each.

It should really kinda be a tie or a toss up though. Lotr or MM is likely the toughest or most even “which game” topic you could have if you can choose any two pins to compare.

#49 8 months ago

LOTR. WPC-95's never really did it for me.

#50 8 months ago

Ugh if those are my two choices then I'd have to go with LOTR since at least my wife would play it for the first week and not just sit there the entire time like a MM would.


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