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If you could aquire 5 new pins and they were ......

By twizz63

10 years ago

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    #1 10 years ago

    If you could add 5 pins to your gameroom at no cost, which would they be? Mine would be 1 - MB, 2-MM, 3-CC, 4-SM, 5-CV.

    #2 10 years ago

    1-Bugs Bunny Birthday for my wife
    2-Waterworld for my wife .

    After , I could acquire 50 pins more without questions...

    #3 10 years ago

    I would get 1. BBB 2. BBB 3. BBB 4. BBB 5. BBB and then sell them all and pickup the remaining games out of my top 5 that i don't already own. - TZ and CV

    1. LOTR -already have
    2. STTNG - already have
    3. TZ -
    4. TSPP - already have
    5. CV

    I'd save the rest of the money and put it towards a down payment on a new/bigger house so that i could fit more pins I'm already maxed out at 10 in my current house.

    #4 10 years ago

    Adding to my existing lineup I would go MM, TOM, MB, SS, and IJ. Like treveism I need a bigger place - I plan to move in the next year. I am currently maxed with 5 machines... But I do NEED more machines!!

    #5 10 years ago

    I am working on four as that is all I have room for. Having trouble picking the 4th.
    I have MB,SM & CV. Thinking of getting TOM, SS,TAF or Wh20. TOM is in the lead though.

    #6 10 years ago

    I would add - SM, MM, CV, AFM,TSPP

    they would be getting put with - STTNG, TOM, TOMMY, LOTR, BSD, JD

    #7 10 years ago

    Originally posted by treveism:

    "I would get 1. BBB 2. BBB 3. BBB 4. BBB 5. BBB and then sell them all and pickup the remaining games out of my top 5 that I don't already own ..."

    The crazy thing is that MM has probably become even more collectible than BBB. Let's look at the numbers. A BBB recently sold for $12,101 on eBay. Three more of them were listed in the last five months on Mr. Pinball for $12,500, $11,750 and $16,000. The average price is roughly $13,000. Of course, we don't know how much the last three actually sold for, so let's knock down the average price to $12,000.

    Pretty much every BBB out there is in like new condition, so in order to compare apples to apples, you have to look at how much a fully restored or NIB MM would go for in today's marketplace. I haven't shopped around, but I'm guessing there is no way you can buy one for less than $12,000.

    Getting back to the original topic ... assuming that the pins were in mint condition and that I wasn't allowed to flip them, I would take:

    1) Tommy
    2) TOTAN
    3) MM
    4) AFM
    5) Embryon

    #8 10 years ago

    MM, CFTBL, TOTAN, TZ, LOTR for me.

    #9 10 years ago

    And in the chapter EM ?

    #10 10 years ago

    Yeah it does seem as if MM is passing BBB in collectibility. One of my good friends sold a super nice MM a couple years ago for $6800. If he would have kept it, he could probably get around 9K for it now. Lucky for me, I got to play it a bunch when he had it, and grew a bit tired of it to the point that I don't think I'd ever want to own one.

    #11 10 years ago

    I was recently quoted $16k for a restored MM. If Mr pinball Australia comes thru ill buy a new one from them for $10-$12k.

    #12 10 years ago

    I have LOTR, IJ, Corvette and BF.
    I would add a SM, MM, MB, TZ, STTNG in no particular order since I would be adding all 5 at once.

    #13 10 years ago

    And what machines for the mistress/girlfriend over in Bourges lb45 ? You know we won't tell

    #15 10 years ago

    St tng

    #16 10 years ago

    I'd get five MM machines. Then, back in reality, I would sell them all for $5k to $8 a pop and buy 25 to 50 older pinball machines. The first five of those would be aquatic themed EMs.

    Bally Surfers
    Stern Stingray
    Gottlieb Atlantis
    Williams Gulfstream
    Williams Pot O Gold

    the sixth would be Gottlieb Scuba.

    Then I'd get bored of that theme and go for a new theme...like early SS fantasy themes...oh wait, that's what I already did. Ha!

    #17 10 years ago

    Even though I am not a die hard LOTR movie fan I am starting to wonder if I should get a LOTR pin just from all of the talk of it. Is it really that awesome?

    #18 10 years ago

    TZ, TOTAN, CV, MM, BBB. And I would have all I would ever need... until the next one, and the next, then the next.

    #19 10 years ago

    Cactus Canyon
    Adams Family Gold
    Scared Stiff
    White Water
    Twilight Zone
    I have a LOTR I could let go if someone is close to Va.

    #20 10 years ago
    #21 10 years ago

    love my LOTR and Family Guy but would add TZ, Attack from Mars, and Indy (williams)

    #22 10 years ago

    guns 'n' roses
    simpsons (stern)
    harem cat
    banzaï run

    #23 10 years ago

    MM & AFM to keep my TZ company, plus FGy and LOTR to join my TSPP.
    For an older SS machine to go alongside my Silverball Mania, I'd go for it's wide body twin - Space Invaders or maybe a Medusa.
    Then a bigger house to put them all in...

    #25 10 years ago

    Originally posted by LorenZ:

    guns 'n' roses
    simpsons (stern)
    harem cat
    banzaï run

    Harem Cat? This must be a pretty obscure game. Not only have I never heard of it, but there isn't a single review of it on Pinside or IPDB.

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