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If Florida Were a Pinball Machine… (Spring Break Restore)

By bigguybbr

14 days ago

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#51 5 days ago

And you guessed it, another coat of clear.

C0A549E1-CA70-4030-9085-4310C9EDCDD4 (resized).jpegE9AD61D4-D6E0-4776-8CD3-D0CDED9C4B8D (resized).jpeg
#52 4 days ago

Last coat of clear is on. Tomorrow I will sand it down and let it sit to harden up for polishing.

I had a good old central Florida love bug land in the clear while spraying. I got it mostly out of the clear, but there is a leg that will forever be under the side rail.

I’m also happy with how the area around the pops turned out.

01C90E35-5C4A-410E-877B-CCA2E78EE29B (resized).jpeg31F73411-BC47-4BC3-9834-D0B1CA3DF43C (resized).jpeg3C40D931-B1ED-499B-8B00-7DBECA3D0EFE (resized).jpegEB1051A4-5702-4755-838B-56016408C110 (resized).jpeg
#53 4 days ago

That last coat turned out really well. Nice work What did you do. Light medium heavy? 6 inches ? Curious your technique

#54 4 days ago

That’s amazing!

#55 4 days ago

I'm digging the zebra pattern, reminds me of Zubaz.

#56 4 days ago
Quoted from topkat:

That last coat turned out really well. Nice work What did you do. Light medium heavy? 6 inches ? Curious your technique

I pick and choose advice from the Spray2k thread (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/the-spraymax-2k-auto-clear-in-a-can-club). Being in Florida where it's always hot and humid my dry times and re-coat times are very different from some of the folks who post a lot on there from dessert climates with low humidity or from far northern climates with much lower temperatures. You'll find a lot of deeply held opinions on process there, but you can take some best practices and not be afraid break with others to go with what works for you.

The heat (always in the 80's and 90's) here doesn't allow for the Spray2k to flow as nicely as it would in the 70's and you get some orange peel texture in your coats. I end up putting on an extra coat or two and do more final sanding than most to get a good finish. That's okay though because I refuse to waste my time block sanding by hand, and use a random orbital sander with wet/dry paper to wet sand between coats and for the final sanding stages from 600-10000 grit before buffing.

The good part about Florida is that the heat helps reduce cure times quite a bit. My last playfield passed the hardness test (finger nail, ball drop, etc. I wish I had access to my old school engineering lab to use a Rockwell indenter and get a real hardness test number) in 6 weeks, where I see others waiting a full 10 weeks.

#57 4 days ago
Quoted from roffels:

I'm digging the zebra pattern, reminds me of Zubaz.

That's what I was going for! I'm glad someone else likes it. I thought it fit in with the theme.

I guess I'm lucky that there aren't too many Spring Break purists or they would be lining up outside with their torches and pitch forks to take me to task for changing the art in any way.

#58 3 days ago

Flattening my plastics. I gave them a wash in warm water and dish soap to remove dirt and crud from them. To flatten them I use 2 old sheets of playfield glass and let it sit in the bed of my truck for a day. I learned my lesson and use a sheet of wax paper on the back. The coating on the back of the plastic can stick to the glass and will rip off the art if you aren’t careful.
2CC2BD9A-6566-40C0-9EFF-A8F2038D2A57 (resized).jpeg9846DE3D-1817-42F6-B890-905C25818225 (resized).jpegEC84F8E6-0135-46D8-BF69-976B12380CA8 (resized).jpeg

#59 3 days ago

Sanded down the final coat of clear. You can see the shine really start to develop as you move to finer and finer grits.

Now it is ready to sit and harden up.

600 gritIMG_2652 (resized).JPG
800 gritIMG_2653 (resized).JPG
1000 gritIMG_2654 (resized).JPG
1500 gritIMG_2655 (resized).JPG
2000 gritIMG_2656 (resized).JPG
3000 gritIMG_2657 (resized).JPG
4000 gritIMG_2658 (resized).JPG
5000 gritIMG_2659 (resized).JPG
7000 gritIMG_2660 (resized).JPG
10000 gritIMG_2661 (resized).JPG
All done: 6E7756E5-B9EE-4E9B-9088-27C00847AC8A (resized).jpeg49C43E16-415C-46FE-80E8-5680D2FD85ED (resized).jpeg

#60 3 days ago

I’m excited to try evaporust for the first time. I tossed the legs, lock down bar and receiver into a wallpaper tray and am letting it sit over night

00090F5B-D441-4BBA-9463-291D38885F59 (resized).jpeg192E5820-B6A4-4961-BE17-980F788C48A2 (resized).jpeg65833039-53D5-436F-BFC9-933AA8278841 (resized).jpeg6C8ED7AA-BBDE-4DD4-BCA0-72D95892DC3A (resized).jpeg6CCA6B0B-E1E7-4B59-9878-AE0BBBD88309 (resized).jpeg9BD2F142-9C57-4452-97B7-A27009DE2BE4 (resized).jpeg
#61 3 days ago

The sun did the trick and my plastics are perfectly flat again. When you do this, you need to be sure to bring the glass and plastics inside into the shade to cool down before removing the top glass. Otherwise they can curl a bit as they cool. You can also see that it got hot enough to melt the wax in the wax paper. That could have been the backing to the plastics. Always best to be careful with unobtainable plastics.
70660EDA-8E97-49B8-87DF-3DB42B6B6AC4 (resized).jpeg897631A9-EDB4-4F98-A33E-A50F5EF6440E (resized).jpeg

#62 2 days ago

The hype turns out to be true. Evaporust is amazing stuff.

88EDF132-B918-43E5-B163-8A9192875107 (resized).jpeg
#63 9 hours ago

Trying an experiment. I treated the swelled MDF edges with wood hardener and clamped them.

90F477DF-6C08-4F00-AAF2-E149DC373C44 (resized).jpegD2F22DB1-11CB-4B44-96D4-85CCDB55EA4C (resized).jpeg
#64 9 hours ago

Trying to flatten out the coin door that has taken a few knees over the years and give it a new coat of paint. Tried to take a picture to show how dented in it was.

2168DF3F-9B64-4F77-B6E9-3068E939BC1E (resized).jpegECFCB2E6-DF48-4F55-B519-D31B504CD24E (resized).jpeg
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