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Idea for Stern

By scooter

12 years ago

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    #51 11 years ago

    Tron 2 is what I am hoping they are able to complete, and bring to market
    I have what I think is a brilliant idea for it. The MCP unit should rise from the center like the Iron Monger, and be spinning like it is in the movie, and it would then reflect the ball the way that orbiter one does. And for the face (Because it doesn't spin, it appears stationary in the movie), a projector in the apron to project the face onto the spinning shape. The projector would just be several high-intensity LED's, behind a transparent film that the MCP face is printed onto. This makes the cost low, but the feature still very unique.

    Oh, and when the MPC unit is down below the playfield it could still spin, kind of like fireball.

    1 week later
    #52 11 years ago

    I've always wanted to see any Zombie related game...I thought especially too since these movies are increasing in popularity it could be possible. The problem is, there isn't ONE game or ONE movie that would necessarly be the best license, if you are like me you are just more into the genre as a hole. Anyway, I think there would be some really interested things you could do wilh barracades, weapons, count down modes with zombies attacking, and so fourth.

    #53 11 years ago

    "Zombieland" the pinball game. I like the sound of that.

    #54 11 years ago

    I'd like to see something off-beat but HOT,
    perhaps take a break from the the Sci -fi comic book stuff
    and get something real like a LADY GA GA pin?
    hold production down to say 3000 - 4000 units?
    make it stupid simple -so easy a cave man can play it

    Lady+GaGa+gdfgdfee5.jpg lady-gagablog1.jpg

    2 months later
    #55 11 years ago

    if licence is a must for stern, which seems to be a pattern. than try to grab one that may cost less that way the machine designer (wink wink george gomez!!!!!!!) has more $ to work with to make a gem. i think kill bill pinball would be excellent. being an older license may cost less upfront. while lacking the uber "freshness" of a license in theatres it still packs a pretty good following. two movies to work with for plot characters etc. excellent music and voice clips could be ripped right out of the films.by using some of sterns same tricks as far a stuff on the playfield money is saved in design, a (hanzo) sword locking ramp perhaps like lotr? one of those red DMD filters would be a nice touch. having to kill each of the 4 members of the squad then bill would be the main objective of the game though. a reveal chamber like batman with different sections/figures revealed for each member you have to kill might be cool. spelling "kill" "bill" drop targets lights side modes like training with pai mei and getting the hatori hanzo sword or other movie moments, this would add depth as well maybe a complete training mini wizard mode. then maybe one creative piece of tech or bigger toy to really end with a bang like an iron monger"ish" Bill that rises from the playfield to do battle. the obvious killing of bill wizard mode could only be completed after your training (mini-wizard) was competed. even with "recylcled" toys i feel kill bill is a worthy theme for stern to consider, its all about presentation, good music is present througout the movie and would pump you up to do battle and many great quotes as well. the films ooze style and tarintino is a sucker for noir and retro making pinball a cool deal for all parties involved. this machine, with a guy like gomez behind the helm i would have immense faith in his design. theres my two cents (more like .50 but w/e) let me know what you guys think! would you buy one?

    #56 11 years ago

    I'd buy a Kill Bill pin in a heartbeat, but I happen to love those movies.

    #57 11 years ago

    I wasn't a fan of the movies but it does sound like it could be a cool pin.

    2 weeks later
    #58 11 years ago

    The Guitar Hero idea is not bad, music seems to be a good idea, and you want to not focus too much on one band because then you will instantly split the audience. Though I would love to see a Metallica machine following in the great footsteps of the DE Guns N Roses, Stern could make the most revenue with a more broad musical theme like American Idol or something (God help me if they do that...) Guitar Hero could have the same effect and capture a wide audience without being so shallow and stupid as a reality show like idol, and the license is one most everyone knows by now. If they include many different rock bands and the goal is to play towards some kind of evolution course through rock (Starting with Chuck Berry, Elvis times and moving on...) and get good songs in it, I think it could be successful. Sadly, the reality behind getting all those songs and permissions is probably staggering and a licensing nightmare. As far as movies go, forget Avatar, stop trying to ride the trends. Do a classic movie, (like anything from Tarantino) and make an eternal pinball. Avatar will die in a few years, whereas pinballs based on classics, such as Indiana Jones, are still going strong.

    #59 11 years ago

    I would be down with a zombie theme pin. It could have some cool stuff like, brain eating multiball, zombie bite countdown, collect zombie killing weapon modes, and zombie carnage wizard mode.

    The artwork would have to be a little toned down though, it would be really easy to go too far with zombie hoards.

    #60 11 years ago

    Do Zombies belch when they eat? "Ahhh, Chilled human brains. Buuuurrrrp!"

    #61 11 years ago

    Here's an idea for Stern. Not sure what the technical term is for this but.
    They could provide their manufacturing facilities to developers for a cost.
    For instance, Lawlor designs wants to build Pin X. They have the whiteboard done, part or all of the artwork, sounds, ruleset, DMD animations etc... All they need is the manufacturing aspect and maybe artwork, programming support. Stern says, "It will cost you X dollars per machine for us to build 1000 pins, Y dollars to build 2000 and Z dollars for 3000 etc... To use our art department would cost x dollars and DMD programmer x dollars," so forth and so on. Stern would only be partly competing with themselves.

    #62 11 years ago

    You think we could get them on board for the zombie pin? I would be willing to buy one NIB. I'm pretty sure we could sell a few to the local arcades too. Should we start with 1000? Let's get Stern on the phone.

    "I'm so pleased your not dead!"

    #63 11 years ago

    good idea sealclubber, i feel like there are plenty of developers out there with great ideas that just need to be manufactured. i'm sure someone could continue the popular pin2k line and make a few bucks as well. wizard blocks made it to whitewood stage, and playboy was on its way too, just needs the $ and manufacturing to put into it. devolopers would need WAY too much starting capital to make their own though. Stern would be wise to consider your plan clubber. let some other dude/company make 1 of the 3 pins made yearly to mix things up.

    #64 11 years ago

    The developers would still need to come up with the capitol to pay Stern to manufacture the pins. If they did it on a 1000 pin production run, and say for instance the cost would be $3000 just to produce a pin with no other development costs, $3 mil is a hefty sum to come up with. Would have to do like the new Williams guys did with MM and take preorders, business loans and possibly sell stock to investors. Then hope it sells well enough to produce a second batch.
    Difficult yes but it is a way for Stern to make money and developers to produce a pin. Could also bring back some older titles. Can you imagine the Australian guys having Stern produce MM and CC. <ducks and dodges the flying tomatoes>

    1 month later
    #65 11 years ago

    Matrix theme would be a killer....incorporating a"flying" sentinel would be awesome.

    #66 11 years ago

    If there were a lot of JMs, that would be fairly easy to convert. Change the glove to a Hovership. Yakuza ramp would change to Agents. Crazy Bobs could be a phone booth.

    6 months later
    #67 10 years ago

    I love the idea of a Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail machine. Some of the toys could be the bridge of death and the cave with the rabbit. The different modes could be the individual knights adventures. A castle is a must and although it already resembles MM, I dont feel there is anything wrong with that. The quotes from the movie would keep me laughing all day. I would put all the virgins from castle Anthrax on the cabinet sides and top it off with...A lighted Holy Grail of course. Are you reading me Jersey Jack?

    #68 10 years ago

    I'm with Erak on the Evil Dead / Army of Darkness themes. Every time I see the MM back glass I think of Army of Darkness.

    #69 10 years ago

    Great idea. There could be a trilogy. Love to have all three but you have to shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

    #70 10 years ago

    lots of great ideas i wish we could just make some of those.im thinkin the jimi hendrix experience that could be one crazy light show and great songs and im sure you could get real creative with the toys!

    2 weeks later
    #71 10 years ago

    I watched Thor tonight, I think they could make a pretty cool pin from it. A swinging hammer like junkyard that needs to be hit to swing into other items.

    #72 10 years ago
    Quoted from absocountry2:

    I watched Thor tonight ...

    So how was it? Worth plunking down 10 bucks to go see it in the theater?

    #73 10 years ago

    How about a Glee pin? I actually think it would do quite well on location.

    #74 10 years ago

    I'd love to see a Nightmare Before Christmas. The toys alone would make it worth it. Then add in the music and potential features like Oogie Boogie multiball and it could be one fantastic game.

    #75 10 years ago

    Yeah I agree with Thor
    watched it late Sunday night
    -good movie Capt America is next then Green Lantern after

    #76 10 years ago

    A classic movie pin, preferrably a comedy. The Blues Brothers, Caddyshack, Animal House, etc. Also, a Black Knight toy for the Holy Grail pin would be a must. Every time you hit it you lop off a limb and get the appropriate audio. I would also incorporate the "Brave Sir Robin" song into a mode where you have to make multiple loop shots to nearly fight the Dragon of Angnor, nearly stand up to the vicious Chicken of Bristol, etc.

    #77 10 years ago

    Good topic, how about a Deliverance pin, imagine duelling banjoes, ripping out of the sound system.
    The theme could be endless, plenty happened in that movie and most of the actors went on to be stars.

    #78 10 years ago
    Quoted from Leigh:

    ... how about a Deliverance pin

    Just replace Sasquatch with a hillbilly, and WH2O would make a mighty fine Deliverance pin. Oh, and you should probably add some extra sound quotes such as "Squeal like a pig, boy!"

    #79 10 years ago

    Love the suggestion from The Dude Abides of a fear and loathing game. But what about a Big Lebowski theme?

    #80 10 years ago

    the exorcist could be good. Linda Blairs spinning head would make cool toy.

    #81 10 years ago

    Can't see Thor, Captain America, or Green Lantern being made into a Pinball Machine. None of those Movies will be as successful as SM, IM or Batman were in the theatre. Not mainstream enough. Just saw Thor, it was good but not as good as any of the other major Super Hero movies.

    2 weeks later
    #82 10 years ago

    How about a Twilight pin? That could give Stern a lot of revenue...

    #83 10 years ago

    Green Lantern might be a cool pin!

    #84 10 years ago

    I say if any pin maker wants to get the kids involved again they should try to make some mainstream pins.
    Ga Ga
    Harry Potter
    are all No-brainers on location. Make them so they can Facebook their scores and share experience with friends and the movie theaters just may have some pins again someday.

    #85 10 years ago

    Man every time I turn on my tv or pc I see Lady Ga Ga
    Madonna,Deb H from Blondie,Pat B,never had as much media attention as she has right now.
    If I was a rude crude business man I'd capitalize on her fame and sell some pinball machines

    #86 10 years ago
    Quoted from donjagra:

    I would be down with a zombie theme pin. It could have some cool stuff like, brain eating multiball, zombie bite countdown, collect zombie killing weapon modes, and zombie carnage wizard mode.

    The artwork would have to be a little toned down though, it would be really easy to go too far with zombie hoards.

    Actually the guys at PAPA are building a custom game called "Graveyard" (or something close to that) Out of old Gottlieb Volley machines. The start of the project is in part 5 of the Game Room Classic's 8 part vid on Pinburgh 2011.

    The artist mentions how there aren't really any zombie themed games. (spoiler alert) And when PAPA flooded several years ago the machines that could not be played any more have been stored in the warehouse for possible parts, in a place they call "The Graveyard". (covered in "Special When Lit")

    Pretty cool.

    #87 10 years ago

    Ghostbusters anybody? even Gremlins would be rad! don't feed the Magwui after midnight multi ball!

    #88 10 years ago

    oh gosh ghost busters was playing on ION ch 3 and they kept running it over and over,
    now it's caddy Shack over and............

    #89 10 years ago

    Or why don't they make an updated version of a classic EM machine like Centigrade 37? Add some toys, animated backglass...price point around $2,500...I'm there.

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