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Idea for Stern

By scooter

12 years ago

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    #1 12 years ago

    Would like to see Stern make a UFC themed pinball machine.

    1 week later
    #2 12 years ago

    I would love to see an Evil dead or Army of Darkness machine if they dont make one maybe I will.

    #3 12 years ago

    Ya, how about something totally original and not a remake of any machine in the past like IJ.
    With these times, they definately need some ingenuity and something off the wall, if they are ever going to make another machine after 24.
    Might as well just look in the TV guide, from 4pm-midnight, there is all the stern line of machines from the past 3 years.
    Oh, the show on at 1 am will be the next stern game.

    #4 12 years ago

    Funhouse, Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness, Junk Yard, Cactus Canyon... Need I say more? Some of the best games ever had no license - I would love to see some creative attempts at that sort of games.

    #5 12 years ago

    Would be kind of neat, some kind of super heros like from the old comic books.
    Iron Man, Capt America, Green Lanturn or Green Arrow etc, 4 super heros in one game.
    every player would get the voice and sayings of that hero and the foes to counter of that hero. the 4th player would have to get a lesser hero like I dont know....?
    Perhaps Wonder Woman? Just like in the movie 'Reservoir Dogs'-
    "why do I have to be Mr Pink?" it would be the same on this Pin
    "why do I have to be Wonder Woman?" = "Because your the 4th player that why"
    I'd throw in some great background music to go along with it all and in Multi ball mode all the Heros and Villians would talk trash at each other, at the end of game if you won your Hero(1st -4th player) would get the final say. I think all the verbal abuse going on with 4 players and 4 heros & villians would make this game a blast to play or watch you could even have a setting behind the coin door for verbal abuse adj. like G, PG, R, and X .

    #6 12 years ago

    Autumnfade, that's a great idea. I have always wondered why there wasn't more interaction (characters) between of the different players in a game. All we get now is "Player two is unstoppable" and quotes like that. But your idea would be absolutely hilarious.

    And it would be great to get some of that late 90-ties Bally/Williams humour in the games. Stern games have always lacked quite a bit in the humour department, I think.

    #7 12 years ago

    They so gotta make a TRANSFORMERS pinball machine!!

    3 months later
    #8 12 years ago

    A UFC machine would be pretty neat. With Brock Lesner being so hated these days, he could be the main villian. The machine would likely sell pretty well .

    On a similar note, how about a WWE themed pinball machine? Vince McMahhon could be calling you names as you try to win his various titles and specialty maches - like a crazy multi ball royal rumble.

    #9 12 years ago

    I agree with the people who say that Stern needs a totally new, brilliant idea. One that they themselves made up. I know that they have the people, and those people have brains. Surely, they can think of something original and brilliant - the potential is definitely there, but it seems like they're just cashing in.

    If Stern sticks to what they're doing, though, it would be cool to see a machine based off The Prestige, but then we'd be entering into comparisons to Theatre of Magic and Pinball Magic...hmm.

    How 'bout Angels and Demons? I could see some decent suspense there.

    #10 12 years ago

    Stern firmly believes that you have to have a good license to sell pinballs today, so he's going to keep going after licenses.

    Big Buck Hunter is coming, and I don't think that's a good license. I know John Borg was working on a license based on a rock and roll band, but I don't know who. Steve Ritchie designed Avatar, based on the upcoming sci-fi film, but I don't know that Stern is going to use that now that Steve has left the company. The Munsters is rumored to be coming after Big Buck Hunter, and I don't see that as having a very big draw. To me it seems like they're trying to duplicate the success of The Addams Family, but TAF came out alongside a movie so it had strong buzz.

    If Gary Stern is hell-bent on using licenses, here are some I think that could be good.

    - Tron - Tron 2 is in the works, and they have a good history with Disney
    - The Hobbit - LoTR was huge, and I'm sure The Hobbit will be a big movie
    - Iron Man - Iron Man 2 is coming, and both The Dark Knight and Spider-Man were good
    - Toy Story - Toy Story 3 is coming out next year, could make for a fun game
    - Harry Potter - Won't happen because J.K. Rowling thinks pinball is "seedy" according to Steve Ritchie
    - Halo or Super Mario Bros. - They would get TONS of free press because it would be a big deal in the gamer community. Probably would sell well too.
    - Alice in Wonderland - Kid and adult friendly. Movie coming next year.

    There are plenty more, but I might as well leave it at that.

    #11 12 years ago

    Your ideas are pretty awesome.

    Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite movies; I don't know how the live-action one will be but an Alice machine would definitely get a ton of play from me.

    I was going to mention Harry Potter as well...but I wonder why Rowling sees pinball as seedy? Perhaps its early misrepresentation as a form of gambling? I don't know, but that belief seems a little ill-founded. And I would be happy to argue with her!

    Another game that would be awesome to turn into a pinball machine would be the Nintendo DS game The World Ends With You, though I don't know how many people would have heard of it compared to Mario or Halo, which seem a little more universal. TWEWY has a great urban setting which could be made into an expansive playfield.

    #12 12 years ago

    No ones ever mentioned a Grand Theft Auto themed pinball? Massive videogame, huge profile amongst gamers. Loads of action, music, "missions" to complete. Seeing as GTA's been around for almost ten years already and it's still a hot license, it should be good for a few years to come yet.

    Plus, I could see it doing well on location - I could see alot of hoody wearing chavs hanging around their local bowling alley / arcade playing this pinball - "get a job, you lazy chav bastards!"

    #13 12 years ago

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ LOL at post above!

    Hit the hooker target and a combo of a rob bank shot and steal a car targets!! AWESOME! But that would only advance the get a life targets.
    Maybe a game, but not for me.

    You know what I wanna see? A SHAMWOW machine. "this machine will soak up EVERYTHING, put a quarter in, and you wouldn't even know you did. Lost a quarter under your carpet? See that...there's your meldew."

    Sorry, I'm just feeling HaPpY today.

    #14 12 years ago

    ^ Haha, a Shamwow machine would be awesome.

    As would a Kaboom machine whose playfield starts off "dirty" but becomes "cleaner" with constant play.

    GTA pinball would be sweet, and it's actually a tangible idea.

    #15 12 years ago

    JOHN CARPENTER'S THE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #16 12 years ago

    GUITAR HERO?!?!?!

    #17 12 years ago

    I still love "The Thing" movie. It still looks great by todays movie standards, and the effects are top notch.

    If we're talking movie themes, how about "Apocalypse Now"? "Never get off the boat!!"

    2 months later
    #18 12 years ago

    Without some fresh competition from a company with some imagination pinball is going to die!Are favorite machines are just going to get older and their wont be anything to replace them with.Stern makes great pins at times but we need something original,not a movie or T.V. theme.I own a POTC and I must say its a great game but the best games were made purely from imagination.I have no desire for CSI,24 or NBA,there entire lineup sucks!How much does a pinball factory cost?

    #19 12 years ago

    #20 12 years ago

    a refresh of the mythic "haunted house" ! ! !

    3 levels, multi balls, a real backglass( no translite), scary video modes, a shaker. No photoshop works but cool painting artworks.

    #21 12 years ago

    How about a FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS pinball machine. Psychedelic backglass with Depp (in green visor) and Del Torro on it, the cabinet the crazy lizards and of course the pink Cadillac convertible. Shots to include the race in the dessert, drinks at the bar, tripping in the room (with Del Torro's crazy laugh maybe a "clean your shorts!" from Depp), the road to Vegas, Doctor Gonzo multi-ball, and some good music. I wish I had the skill to make a machine I would have at it.

    If this ever were to become a pinball I would need to own it no matter what it took!

    #22 12 years ago

    I love the Futurama cartoons and think it would be a great licence and possibly a great idea for Stern. As it's already on TV a lot I'm surprised they havn't already made it.
    I found a site where somebody had converted an old Superman pin into his own version of Futurama Space 3000, I thinks it looks pretty cool. I'd love to make my own pin too, just need the knowledge, time, cash and a great idea.

    Here is the link http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/futurama-space-3000-pinball-machine

    1 week later
    #23 12 years ago

    Wow, that Futurama machine is sick! I wonder if that person has "modded" any other machines...

    I know we're trying to get Stern to steer away from TV/Movies, but I would buy a LOST one if they came out with it

    Also, I agree with the Halo/Mario/GTA, etc idea. That would reach gaming news sites and instantly be known by millions (literally) of people who wouldn't otherwise know about the pinball machine. Surely out of a million, a few would fork out the money and buy it

    #24 12 years ago

    I think we should start our own pinball/dev company - Im a designer - any engineers out there, also need some aminators and software development team - I'll quit my day job....now what do we call this new company?

    2 weeks later
    #25 12 years ago

    Just saw the first episode of the new "V" series. I was sceptical but impressed! If it goes over maybe would be a good theme for a pin.

    #26 12 years ago

    I'd love to see a Left 4 Dead pin.

    pill bottle drop targets, boss zombies, etc etc. =)

    1 month later
    #27 12 years ago

    That is a plan fushion301! With our combined knowledge we shall create some of the greatest pins in the world. There will be commercials during the Super Bowl for our pins, speeches will be given around the country to drum up support, and a law shall be past to put one of our pins in every school (Part of the Hand and Eye Coordination Act for Public Schools).

    #28 12 years ago

    Halo pinball is a great idea.

    I would appreciate a Gears of War machine too...

    I don't care about CSI, 24, NBA, Elvis, NFL, Sopranos, Austin power...ect...

    #29 12 years ago

    Im with you a Gears of War or Halo would be awesome, replace the DMD with LCD, then play thru short missions of the real game. pinball 2010'ish - first pinball with xbox controller LOL. so you could play the pinball part to advance your men, get new weapons, gear & vehicles - then those changes would be represented when you go to video mode battles. The better you do on the pinball side the better you will survive in the video mode with your men and gear. Ok anyone have the number for Bungie or Epic games. Hrmmm the flood in halo would be interesting - 20 ball multiball anyone?

    #30 12 years ago

    My God, the flood idea is good! It could drop 10-20 balls at the same time from the upper playfield when you start the ''flood mode''. WOW!

    #31 12 years ago

    As Loonie told before, it could reach many millions gamers around the world. I'm a hardcore video gamer since the last 30 years, I was not aware Pinball still alive until one of my friends bought two pinball machine. I went to my friend's house to play pinball machine and i have been totally shocked how pinball is fun. I forgot how fun was pinball!!!!!

    I began to look at pinball website and the pinball disease growing up on me.....now, i'm sick and i bought my first pinball machine...LOTR

    Don't know if you understand me STERN! FORGET ABOUT THINGS LIKE CSI AND 24!!

    GO WITH SOMETHING ORIGINAL! I'm a videogamer, i'm ready to buy a brand new Halo or GOW pinball machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #32 12 years ago

    I think to survive - there has to be this interaction, beyond what pinball 2000 did - what if you could buy GOW pinball machine with ethernet port or wifi/hardrive etc - just like xbox live they would put out updates and new weapons, character modes etc that you download new levels etc. Think RPG with pinball as the controller - this is not something that would work in an arcade - but where the hell are the arcades? Strictly home use games. That one ramp shot that got boring after awhile, is now used for something else.
    home ROMS....LOL who needs ROMS when the machine is run on intel xeon 8 core processors with DVD drive, ethernet blah blah blah and everything else..wooohooo

    What if you could save a game? Bet nobody ever saved a game on pinball. Hold the flipper, would you like to save game here, press start. Saved. shows player stats, armor weapons etc. Pinball now takes weeks to complete one game. The pinball World of Warcraft......Oh did I mention you can play online, interactive with other people - two people playing on separate continents working to achieve one goal in a game of pinball...defeat the FLOOD

    Thank me and the other guys on here later STERN - if we owned that company and had some financial backing - guys that grew up playing video games, writing software and designing - now in there 30's like me could really rethink the new pinball era.

    Heres and xbox - heres a pinball machine - put them together I want to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - silver ball edition.

    #33 12 years ago

    Just to make it clear - I would still like it 100% pinball but with some additional integrated technology.

    #34 12 years ago

    HA!HA!HA! ''Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - silver ball edition'' silver bullet maybe?

    #35 12 years ago

    I'd like to see a 'Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders ' pin
    not any of the football players , no just the cheerleaders only.
    then again I have no idea what you would shoot for?

    #36 12 years ago

    A cheerleaders pin would be good. Would definitely need two knockers.

    #37 12 years ago

    Iwould know what to shoot for Autumnfade!whether I could get it is another story just like now!LOL

    #38 12 years ago

    I'm not a deer hunter.
    Steveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come back, with your avatar project ! ! !

    #39 12 years ago

    I guess being creative and coming up with original ideas is a thing of the past - makes no sense you would think you could save money, no licenses to buy etc. but i guess then you have to rely on pure creative talent. But out of all the things to use I wonder who picked deer hunting? Does that really appeal to the majority of the players or would be players out there? Be better off making a rudolph the red nose reindeer pin - with misfit island multiball, where Yukon Cornelius trys to kill the abominable snowman - shit even do a grinch that stole christmas pin - I just dont see much logic with this license choices...Please I hope Im wrong..and I hope its a great game, but I'll take a grinch that stole christmas over a big buck hunter.LOL

    #40 12 years ago

    At least it's different. It would probably do well here in Alaska. Just not on the UofA campus in Fairbanks. Someone might throw red paint on it.

    #41 12 years ago

    Big Buck Hunter! Oh, never mind.

    3 months later
    #42 11 years ago

    How about a Seinfeld pinball[giddy-up], or a National Treasure[you know Cage will make another one now, since he's broke!]. Wild Wild West would be great, only if based on the TV show! Will Smith screwed up the WWW franchise!!!

    #43 11 years ago

    Nah seinfield would be boring hit the ramp to drive kramer to the movies lol. And as for national treasure that is a pretty good idea. The whole game would be based off of finding artifacts not a bad idea kind of reminds me of indiana jones tho. I think they should make a mission to mars pinball machine with shaker motors and meteor multiball and a cool little rover that spits balls out and even has a claw mechanism that grabs the balls.

    #44 11 years ago

    Mission to Mars? Call it Earth Attacks, with little hopping army men.

    #45 11 years ago

    Lmao ya bad idea i guess haha they already have a kick ass mars pinball game hmmmm.............

    1 month later
    #46 11 years ago

    Futurama !! New episodes will begin airing June 24 after a lengthy hiatus. It's possible that the popularity of the series could persuade Stern to plug in a great theme. I'd buy one for $5000 no question!

    A few years ago, some clever bastard modified an old Superman to take the 'Futurama Space 3000' theme.


    #47 11 years ago

    I have never seen Futurama, but when I think about the greatness of games such as Simpsons Pinball Party (which was perhaps a bit too depp for many people?) and the fabulous Family Guy I would have to back your idea!

    I really, really would like to see more humour in pinball games. Williams was sto strong in this aspect (Monster Bash, Scared Stiff, Medieval Madness and Attack from Mars to name but a few of those very funny games). I really miss this with Sterns games. They're all too serious! Granted, Spider-Man was a step in the right direction with the dry, funny remarks of the newspaper boss (forgot his name). And that's why Family Guy was such a pleasant surprise for me: finally a pinball game that really got me (and my friends) laughing our asses off!!

    1 week later
    #48 11 years ago

    I would love to see a pin based off the new "Doctor Who" series. The original DW machine has always been one of my favorites.

    #49 11 years ago

    A new Dr Who pin would be outstanding
    -Having the two side by side old & new

    #50 11 years ago

    Watched the new Who today for the first time. Didn't even know there was one. I like it. That license would be cool. Hopefully the pin would be cool too.

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