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IAAPA 2017 Stern Guardians of the Galaxy & JJP Pirates

By mnpinball

2 years ago

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#202 2 years ago

PRO & PREMIUM are great looking games. Still early code on these games sure it plays and lots of good integration however they should be working nonstop if shipping in a few weeks. Game plays well very cool shots. This game plays and feels like...... GOTG. It in no way is a Metallica pin. Did not feel like that to me at all.
Fun / Fast and tons of Flow. Premium had the advantage in my opinion. Hands did not get in the way at least to me. Rocket kick back is fun and quick. Groot Ball lock is fun and rewarding. This is a Big Win for STERN. Feel confident when placing your order. JJPOTC was on the floor as well another good game. I would have liked to see first hand some of the LE features but it was not on the floor for review. Game shoots good and looks like it will be a very solid game. JJPOTC will be the best in there current line up. Shipping Now in March or April reiterates that JJP wants very deep immersive games leaving there factory. Also very excited for the JJP line up to come. Toy Story up next with a follow up by Willy Wanka. JJP is getting monster licenses and they are putting tons of themed fun under the glass. Yes Willy Wonka time to put your order in now. This is a Holy Grail Title. I predict lots of happy people will be taking a trip through the chocolate factory.

IAAPA 2017

20171115_150843 (resized).jpg

#204 2 years ago

There is only one Willy Wonka in my book.

#212 2 years ago

GOTG PRO is a very good value. If they were not side by side you would not think there is anything missing. This may be the best Pro stern has offered to date.

Potential Pro buyers can move forward with confidence.

Stern thank you for helping our wallets.

#224 2 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

I think Groot + Rocket would be a fantastic narrative for Pinball:
Groot: ‘I am Groot!’
Rocket: ‘yea, I’m pretty sure he knows to shoot the balls in your mouth’
Groot: ‘we are groot’
Rocket: ‘multiball is ready, you don’t say?’
Groot: ‘I AM GROOT!’
Rocket: ‘I agree, now that is a jackpot!’

*****Listen to this guy!!! *****
He hit the nail on the head.

#283 2 years ago

JJPOTC Has had some issues during the show. Not working properly. This is to be expected on a very early stage game. Let's not light the torches yet. Game still looks good and it will not ship for another 4 months so there is plenty of time to design deep code and work out the kinks. Very excited about this great new addition in the JJP family. When you are in Orlando you see alot of these signs.

small_world_sign1-goldhaber (resized).jpg

#293 2 years ago

Alot of the playfields on Dialed In are dimpled FYI.

#311 2 years ago

Listen build quality is very good with JJP games but we should all agree that they are not immune to playfield dimpiling. If you see a JJPOTC on test with a dimpled playfield it is what it is. Dialed in has the same issue not a huge problem but let's not say it does not exist. Build is usually better with JJP then other manufactures however JJP is far from perfect and We should not keep giving select manufactures a pass when there is an issue that should be addressed. Avoiding an issue because you love a particular company is not helpful to the company or the pinball community. If GOTG was not working at IAAPA there would have been so much negativity on Pinside toward stern. They would have been bullied to know end. I do not like this selective prosecution style of pinball bashing. Fair across the board where all companies are held to the same standard. This is the only way for all companies to maintain there quality and improve there products when needed.

Voice your concerns so when the game goes into final production they can implement the changes to satisfy there customers.

Be nice because it is still in early design phase. We all bitch and push manufactures to show us the very first rendering of the next new title but then 2 days later we bash it because the ink was not dry on the blueprints. Express your concerns but in a professional manner. Otherwise if it was my company I would just wait until I had a finished product before showing anybody anything. Trust me we are all very impatient people none of us want to wait for new pinball information. So be nice!

Thank you

#316 2 years ago

When you see it on a production game bitch all you want. But when it's a game out for demo purposes only please refrain. This machine is not for sale yet. That said if someone gave you the game for free in this condition the last thing you would say is Hey! What's that little mark on the playfield?

Lots of money is being spent to make these games for our enjoyment. Let's all try to be a little nicer here on Pinside. I know I'm still relatively new here on Pinside but come on people. If you like pinball look around alot of good things are happening right now. Smile..God Dammit!

#360 2 years ago

Neal W... WTF?
None of this was true. I do not want to talk bad about a particular game but I can tell you there were no problems with GOTG.

JJP was having problems not a big deal because they are far away from going into production.

Need to be honest and unbiased in your opinions.

#372 2 years ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Enjoyed playing GOTG at FPF, but if you already have a Metallica, steer clear. Interesting that the premium model did not make it over. I assume it broke down. Reminds me of when GB premium was missing from the show floor for a day at SFGE at its introduction.
JPOTC was set loud on Saturday, but fine on Friday. Tons of callouts by Gibbs that helped sell the theme. The spinning wheel in the center is fun and does not cause drains since the rings are moving in opposite directions, it makes the ball zig-zag and continue in the same direction. The one SDTM I had was headed that way before it rolled over the spinning map. The ball went down the right inlanes frequently and I got in the groove of hitting it up the left ramp which feeds the left flipper and combo up the right ramp to the mini PF, rinse, repeat. The ramp shots were pretty wide. The screen in the apron was nice, but barely had time to look at it, since the game played fast with the steep ramps.
Also - Jpotc was set up in a sort of demo mode from IAAPA for non pinheads. You could not select a character, as soon as you touched a flipper, the ball auto launched with the character shown.

Yes wrong on assuming Premium GOTG was broken. Then made the comment if you have Metallica don't buy GOTG. ALL OF THAT IS WRONG.

Then you were praising JJPOTC for the rest of the post. JJPOTC had tons of problems. Cosmetically and Mechanicaly. I like JJP I'm in for alot of the LE's and the collectors but they had a ok Tuesday and then went way down hill from there. Today at Free play the game had to be fixed 5 times alone before they turned it off for good.

GOTG is light on code but other then that it is ready to ship. Customers will start getting there games next week. Your post was not a good depiction of the performance from both games. Seemed very one sided. Again I love JJP products and I'm sure the game will be kicking ass when it is time to ship. Great concept awesome innovation and beautiful cabinet. I'm not getting cold feet on my purchases. But we need to speak the truth to all others who were not there. Perhaps you had a different experience then alot of others did. I was not there when you were playing so not saying you are a liar. I guess the accusation of GOTG Premium was broken bothered me.

#376 2 years ago
Quoted from Neal_W:

Understood. Seemed like the flipper auto launch was just a setting that was turned on. Sounds like jjp will get some good info on weak points.



Come on man...That's not even remotely believable.

#381 2 years ago

You are right. Who cares. Glad you could play the games. I'm sure everything will work by the time it is ready for delivery.

#384 2 years ago
Quoted from jar155:

Flipper launch is not a new thing in pinball. Many games have that feature, including Sterns, JJPs, and B/Ws. I'm baffled that someone with as much pinball exposure as ASOA would be so confused by that option. Also, there's a basic misunderstanding about the history of prototype vs. production machines with that guy. I guess if you shout loud enough people might think you know what you're talking about though, right? A distributor really should know better.
Did IAAPA or Free Play Florida release awards yet? Any awards raked in by Guardians, TNA, or Pirates?

Tried to be nice but I'm not going to sit back and not defend myself.
JJPOTC was not good at all Game was going haywire all the time not registering any shots getting stuck everywhere. Game had to be shut down for good because techs did not want to keep trying to fix it. It was deemed not fixable. It is still in a engineers state should not even had been on the floor due to this many problems. I know what auto plunge is. But it would auto plunge continusily until you turned off the game. What feature is that? Haywire mode? come on guys the game had tons of problems even in test the whole row of switches would show active for no reason. Balls got stuck everywhere. Optodes and switches not working. I was there so were many others we did not want to say this on Pinside but come on man. Defend them is fine I like JJP products but discredit me and my company. I will not sit back and do nothing. I was trying not to bash. But here you go the truth about JJPOTC @ IAAPA and FPF. Get your facts straight.

Played fine Tuesday at IAAPA
Wednesday intermittent problems
Thursday lots of problems
Friday lots of problems
Saturday Lots of problems
Sunday lots of problems and the game was turned off for good as of 3:30pm

ALL FACTS!!!!!!!

What else would you want pictures, videos, testimonials? I have them all. Listen it is what it is the game went to the shows and did not perform. I appreciate JJP sending us a work in progress title so we can see the game in real time. I'm sure all will be fixed before it is time to ship. But putting down people who are only telling the truth. Not Cool! I do admit I'm not the most knowledgeable person in pinball but I do know what I saw on countless occasions. and I do know what I was told by people that were in charge of working on the game. (Attempting fixes in front of me and everyone else) This is not the land of make believe this is real events. Actual fact. I'm still in on ALL of my orders of JJPOTC and even my own personal Collectors edition. No one should think any different of the game. Lots can change in the 5 or 6 months until it ships.

#386 2 years ago

Trust me we all said the exact same thing they were working flawlessly at the reveal. and now this. Must have been a big mess up somewhere. Also we had no idea why only one standard was sent? This was very strange as well. Again not just me hundreds can say the exact same thing that I'm saying right now. Do not take my word for it. I think JJP is kicking themselves for not sending more then 1 standard. Perhaps it was only this one that had the issue. If there was another maybe things would have went differently.

#389 2 years ago

99% of my business is Amusement Operations I do not sell Stern or JJP products I'm a consumers of their products. I have all 3 JJP games in my personal collection. I'm currently in on 10 JJPOTC LE and 1 Collectors edition for myself. I have no hidden agenda here. I love stern and JJP and lets not forget about CGC. They are all fantastic companies and I proudly own and operate each of those Manufactures products. I have no bad feelings toward any of these companies. I love pinball and I'm fortunate enough to be in this hobby on both sides personal use and operations.

JJPOTC is a great game hit it out of the park. Proud to buy them and operate them. It just had a bad week. No big deal. I'm not a liar and I do not pick sides. Seems like the JJP cheerleaders are a little defensive about these real facts though. Please do not attempt to bad mouth me or my knowledge in this industry. I will defend my reputation and my business even if it sheds some light on some unpopular topics. I apologize if my comments has offended anyone and I do not want to discredit all of the hard work the good people at JJP are doing. I appreciate the great contribution they have done to the pinball industry.

#394 2 years ago
Quoted from Panic_flip:

Didn't read the whole thread but wanted to comment on game issues.

Read the whole thread.

I guess we were in some alternate universe where only me and 100 of my closest friends had the same experience. That's strange.

#402 2 years ago

So whos in on Toy Story?

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