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Best companion to The Hobbit: WoZ, GNR, or Dialed In?

By clearstar

61 days ago

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“Best companion to The Hobbit: WoZ, GNR, or Dialed In?”

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#1 61 days ago

I currently have a Hobbit, and I love it, it will never leave, but I'm torn on my next JJP. I've played them all and the only one I don't care for is Wonka (not enough real theme integration for me and the table gets a bit boring). I'm also not including POTC in this, because you can't purchase one for a reasonable price.

So that leaves me with WOZ, GNR, or Dialed In.

GNR: I owned a GNR SE for a while, awesome immersion, but that playfield was too basic, so if I get GNR one again, I'm definitely getting the LE.
Dialed In: Love the way it shoots, not licensed theme, but perhaps the most contrast to my Hobbit?
WOZ: Shoots well enough for a widebody and awesome theme (for me), but is it too close to my Hobbit experience?

Just curious others thoughts on is WOZ too similar? or different enough? Is Dialed In one of those "You must have at home to truly experience it". GNR...well it's GNR...your buying it for the light show and just a generic fun experience.

#6 61 days ago

Thanks everyone. OK, you have convinced me to put Wonka back on the table. I may enjoy it more in a home setting. I've added it to the poll options. Seeming like it's Wonka vs Dialed In to accompany my Hobbit.

#15 60 days ago
Quoted from konghusker:

I own hobbit, woz, and gnr. None will ever leave. If you like hobbit and wide body games with amazing theme immersion, get a woz. The game is amazing. It’s a bit clunky but the toys and play field immersion is second to none. Gnr is my new go to since it’s new, and is definitely a faster playing game, but woz is seriously an experience you need to play and see for yourself once you get further into the game.
Also, woz is deeper, and more difficult than hobbit. So many ways to play the game.

This is what I love about Hobbit "So many ways to play the game." Man i'm really thinking hard about WoZ now. To be honest this feels like a DI vs WoZ decision for me.

Quoted from Fizz:

I agree with all the WOZ praise here. I, too, thought it was an odd theme for pinball before it came out. But, I was wrong. It was genius.
I only have 2 pins, but WOZ is one of them and it will never leave. There's just something about it... Can't even explain.
That being said, I've not played Hobbit enough to comment on how it would pair up with that game.
My other game is AFMR, in many ways the opposite of WOZ, and I think it's one of the best 2 pin collections I could possibly have.

Yea, I was wondering about the "IT" factor with WOZ. See the thing for me is JJP pins (except maybe GnR and Dialed In) really need a Home environment to truly experience. I can't get enough time on a WoZ and all the external noise on location...the one I played for a few days also felt off. Needed the legs adjusted and maybe flipper strength.

#16 60 days ago

Appreciate everyone's input. The one thing that really irritates me is Wonka is getting no love. Pretty much what I expected, but it's sad such a great theme seems to be wasted? When compared to how they did other JJPs.

#18 60 days ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

Do you want something similar to Hobbit or different? Overall, WoZ and PotC feel the most similar to me -- widebodies but also with a lot of necessary sharp angle shots and upper playfields, plus fantasy movie themes. DI and Wonka are also rather similar -- a scoop that starts modes, upper flipper(s) that shoot to ramps or orbits, a lot of motion. Hobbit is really its own thing, it's hard to find comparables. I don't have enough time on my GnR yet to really give a great assessment other than on a simple level it feels like Eric's previous PotC in that there's always a lot going on.

This is a tough question. My gut tells me I should go with something different as I have limited space (6 pin limit), diversity is key, but also The Hobbit is so amazing theme integration, I certainly wouldn't mind another pin that's "similar" if WoZ is it.

2 weeks later
#37 43 days ago

Thank you all for the input. Just figured I'd report back in. I ended up picking up two JJPs lol... Wonka & Woz ECLE. Wonderful pins so far!

If I'm being completely honest though, I'm still a little 50/50 on Wonka vs DI. Maybe Wonka is a 6 month play - then a swap to DI. Time will tell.

WoZ is special, I see what everyone is talking about. Leading my line up along with The Hobbit. These widebodies are special.

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