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I sure do miss the 600 play Baywatch thread

By BowlingJim

1 year ago

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#25 1 year ago
B3FE4366-13CC-4C6A-9D8C-4C42D1B2CD3F (resized).jpeg
#86 1 year ago
75FB7AFD-F561-4EBF-AA15-7098741EFF89 (resized).jpeg
#88 1 year ago
ECC7D9D2-848F-4234-B8F0-28C62FF7B2E6 (resized).jpeg
#95 1 year ago
6E53E5EC-3AE9-420C-987E-F55DE471F4FD (resized).jpeg
#101 1 year ago
4EA3D141-2922-46CE-A212-65ECBA07314F (resized).jpeg
#106 1 year ago
E3CDC060-D972-482E-8A4D-AF6E1339D21B (resized).jpeg
#118 1 year ago

Did your postcard look like this??

A68B815D-99C5-45DE-BDAD-FC4F46406CEA (resized).jpeg
#142 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

Here is the front of the postcard, can someone put hoffs head on the alien with several legless baywatch games in the backround ...and maybe luitenent Dam swimming around...


D24ED8E2-7A42-4E84-871D-EA5111359ADB (resized).jpeg
#156 1 year ago

Anyone interested in the imamaculate tote bag? For sale only today, on amazon prime day, they have a special price for all pinside members for the low price of $32.99

35F0D513-C5BD-49AD-85FD-2DE32BEEA1D2 (resized).jpeg

#183 1 year ago
594658B8-ADD8-4A41-92E8-BB4966928B70 (resized).jpeg
#213 1 year ago

Has anyone else been contacted by this lawyer???

F1665110-8967-405E-9059-236596EE241F (resized).jpeg

#254 1 year ago
ACEF7492-46B3-4657-81CF-019A45F6DE6E (resized).jpeg
#260 1 year ago
D2B5DCE4-8035-4B42-8B87-A95503321E08 (resized).jpeg
#267 1 year ago

An imamaculate gift that can unite the world

01CA13CC-9F48-4DBC-9ED4-AD3E11F44321 (resized).jpeg

#270 1 year ago

An imamaculate handshake.

3ED8577C-0E3B-429B-9AF3-10E72EE7F32D (resized).jpegE588DF3C-2109-45E7-96D8-12F07CEC8477 (resized).jpeg
#290 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I will post it on my Instagram along with 100's of others @puffdannys

Wow! Just checked out your Instagram page, I haven’t seen so many male anatomy jokes since middle school.

#295 1 year ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

Yes I'm known for my glassblowing

Can you make something this imamaculate??

E1E7B3D5-794F-4AD7-BE64-1599ACD85CA7 (resized).jpeg

FEFCE5C6-0E48-4B26-8D7B-EA1C52887406 (resized).jpeg
#306 1 year ago

B2D3AD75-7878-4C2B-83AF-6C5650303CEA (resized).jpeg

99776E47-7AE5-47E7-9721-0FE146D9580F (resized).jpeg
#327 1 year ago

Let the custody battle begin...

4DCD697B-F7EF-42D4-8CB9-FE0ED96786FE (resized).jpeg
#384 1 year ago
Quoted from wantdataeast:

Better proposal…I will challenge Pinside to the following:
A Kickstarter project to place a Project Pinball machine at the Shriners Children's Hospital in Lexington KY.
The Kickstarter would have a goal of $3299.
donation of:
$10 gets a postcard
$15 gets a postcard with Roswell soil attached
$35 gets a Signed & Numbered Lithograph
Maybe someone can donate some custom translites or something of that nature.
AND IF the $3299 goal it met… at that point I will do stretch goal of putting the now infamous Baywatch machine up at my original asking price of $3299.
And give ALL proceeds to Project Pinball. So basically donating the Baywatch machine (and my entire investment in it), all Lithographs and postcards to the Project Pinball charity.
I can NOT set this up. Someone would need to coordinate with the Project Pinball folks to make it happen. And if the $3299 is not met... no stretch goal Baywatch machine. (Of course any funds raised via any Kickstarter would be Project Pinballs.)
If it can not be set up I will still do the donations of the Lithographs.

Very cool!!! I’d like to help out! I’d love a post card

#404 1 year ago
68FC4655-8D81-4F4F-92C5-78695F11B9FE (resized).jpeg
#420 1 year ago

Looks like Walmart wants in on the Suvivor craze! Seems like they’ll sell anything

890C8101-56FB-4531-98B1-A07CA91F3963 (resized).jpeg
#423 1 year ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

I like it but shoulda made the other price 2.77

96CBDB6E-08C7-43F4-8ADF-A2432179F093 (resized).jpegimamaculate Sale!

#442 1 year ago
945CBDB5-7C8C-4EB7-AF80-9FD83215DFF0 (resized).jpeg
#465 1 year ago
86C2ADB2-EC8D-4AD2-8DE1-42E7A8FD36D9 (resized).jpeg
#471 1 year ago

Buy one now, these shirts are the next big thing!!

95003751-5FE6-4F00-9E04-A583F92A77D5 (resized).jpeg
#478 1 year ago
B30C67D6-091E-48D2-90C9-7739E8BF7271 (resized).jpegCD64C205-4F82-4C0D-A285-1506AFE0392E (resized).jpeg
#493 1 year ago
Quoted from snakesnsparklers:

Clearly this game has no legs. If anybody tries to convince you otherwise, including the current owner, be wary.

Don’t worry! It’s legs day at the gym!!!

40A83EE5-5549-4709-997C-5B997F6F0B38 (resized).jpeg
#510 1 year ago

Great job swillie!
8B8A21BB-CDEE-47CE-9F94-31A945F75747 (resized).jpeg

#525 1 year ago
Quoted from wantdataeast:

Shipping Survivor prints now. I had to order these square mailers special for any Pinside donation orders, and they just arrived today. Honestly I do not like them but they result in much cheaper shipping than my regular round capped tubes. Packed with a lithograph, postcard and Roswell soil sample, they still only weight 11 oz, so they will ship first class. I guessed I was going to lose on the shipping cost but it looks like the cost of the mailer and shipping it works out right at $5.
So they are ready to go and will be shipping out ASAP from now on after donation is made to the Project Pinball folks and $5 sent to me for shipping.
I will do my best to put a unique comment on each postcard and hopefully they will be shared here.

D6E4F323-123E-4C95-B375-E40F7604F5C8 (resized).jpeg
#529 1 year ago

This is also a great read.

3AFEBC7F-DF7A-4DA8-B124-8A3E3717AA2B (resized).jpeg
#537 1 year ago

Thank you TheHueManatee, I’m honored to be in one of your imamaculate GIFs! I definitely had a blast at the last pinball festival-

195313E8-4B7F-412A-9A01-A05D90FFE0FA (resized).jpeg
#543 1 year ago
Quoted from lowbeau67:

A man of his word. Nice litho too.and postcard and soil from Roswell. Awesome!

Nice!! Certificate of authenticity signed by “pinside user Wantdataeast”. Ok!!! Now its official! You can go sell that dirt on pawn stars

#555 1 year ago

It was fun while it lasted. Imamaculate pin, you will be missed....4B52604D-0154-41B7-84E2-FA8E20129021 (resized).jpeg

#566 1 year ago
52355CBC-1007-47B4-BFDC-9048F3AE702A (resized).jpeg7A10CE62-33F2-47B5-BD28-D7ECDCB13D2B (resized).jpeg
#573 1 year ago

Got my postcard! Thanks wantdataeast , I really appreciate the imamaculate gift! I’ll hang it up in my game room! Thank you sir

8EDAB034-B733-40B3-B767-02ED01F3B94F (resized).jpegE42A6787-0589-49B5-866A-AA770EED4E69 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#603 1 year ago

thehuemanatee did you ever get your imamaculate chia pet?

02C33A69-5FA4-4ABC-A315-4F99BAF96695 (resized).jpeg
#616 1 year ago
F0076F29-2018-43FB-B377-E19B7D4079D1 (resized).jpeg
3 months later
#641 9 months ago

I loved that thread, so much fun

7F948540-FEB4-4C4B-B930-0F92EDFCFA0C (resized).jpegDD314871-17D1-4893-8EAC-A24DEE17772D (resized).jpeg
#644 9 months ago

The funniest thing was my pinside secret Santa sent me imamaculate gifts for Christmas. Makes me want to own a Baywatch!

3387CAD7-AF74-4E05-8058-8B37D6112F56 (resized).jpeg9685913B-2075-4773-87E2-CD4A2C37053A (resized).jpegEFF002E7-FD8F-44CF-8AFF-7755D5B7F8A8 (resized).jpeg
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