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I Need A Wedgee! - Poll Added


5 years ago

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“I Need A Wedgee! - Poll Added”

  • Hit The Deck 16 votes
  • Centigrade 37 25 votes
  • Big Hit 6 votes
  • I really can't say because I have not played all of them 8 votes
  • I really can't make up my mind as I like them all 1 vote
  • I don't know what I am doing but I am trying really hard! 5 votes
  • I don't want to make up my mind because I hate all the choices! 7 votes

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#1 5 years ago

Looking at 3 candidates for a Gottlieb Wedgehead, so please do not suggest anything outside of these 3 choices.I need to narrow down my choices to one and one only.

Never Mind the Artwork/Backglass Animation/Rarity as I like them all equally! I need to know which machine has the best Gameplay/Ruleset along with longevity of Fun according to you by making your choice on the poll and posting your comments.

Let's just say one of these three are your only desert island pin choices, so chose wisely...............

So which one would it be

Thanks in advance,


#2 5 years ago

"Hit the Deck" if I had to choose between these three.

#3 5 years ago

Have only played Big Hit of those three (own), but the 4 flippers give the game a difference in play that would compliment your collection, imho. 4 ways to win! Score, runs, special and match.

#4 5 years ago

Hit the Deck
Big Hit

All good games though.....

#5 5 years ago

I've owned/played all three, and from a rule set standpoint, Hit the Deck is the one I'd have to go with.

Big differences in how available these titles are though (and cost).

#6 5 years ago

HtD all the way from this list.

#7 5 years ago

I have only played HTD out of those and I really found it fun.

#8 5 years ago

I can't really comment on Hit the Deck, have not played it. From a value perspective, I think Big Hit is seriously under valued. Since it is a center shooter, many will avoid it. Case in point, a decent one just posted on CL in Woster, Ma (see Chris' post on the CL thread) for $600 which is a very good price for a late run wedgehead that is loaded with features (just look under the play field!). I owned one and was surprised at how fun it was.(sold to make room for other projects). Big 5" bell announces runs, and the on play field special shot is rewarding when executed properly. Easy to cradle the ball, and straight forward rules, make it great for casual players. It may be too easy for a die hard player. That being said, I would also put C-37 in that category, just not challenging enough. Great art package, but over valued price-wise IMO. If money is no concern, perhaps HtD, is a winner? Personally, I really don't care for rollover lane games, but seems like lots of folks are fond of this one.

#9 5 years ago

It may come down to price Ken in which case HTD will be difficult. C37 would take a nice place in your gameroom.

#10 5 years ago

I sold two nice restored (not to the hilt) Big Hits - one for $750 with a yellow playfield and one for $800 with the wood grain. I think $800 is about right price wise - jmo. I had one of them on Pinside and I got a little interest in it but not a lot - too much to spend for most here.

#11 5 years ago

While I haven't owned one, I have played a Hit the Deck a bit. And, there is something about it that doesn't sit right with me. I think it is a couple of things.

First, I don't like the sloped right roll over lanes. The Ball just seems to cascade down them missing all three of them unless it drops directly into one. I don't like a Tease!

Second, many of the shots rely on luck (at least in my opinion). Sure, its up to you to shoot the ball up to the area but then you are just waiting or fighting with nudge to see which RO you will get. Not exactly my favorite type of play. And, there is something about the bottom target area that also bothers me since some of the things you shoot for result in drains immediately following.

And I agree that C-37 is probably a very over rated game.

Therefore, my vote goes to Big Hit. Which I thoroughly enjoy.

#12 5 years ago

When I played Big Hit it seemed I wanted to stay away from the vari-target as it was a sucker shot and you would lose your ball a lot - so I tended to shoot for the drops all the time to get a higher score and reach the alternating special. If tuned right you can beat this game often once you figure it out.

#13 5 years ago

Op, the 'desert island' pin suggests you'd have just 1, vs which one might compliment your collection more. I'd like to have spinners, drop downs, vari targets, roll overs, roto's etc between all my games, if I could. Variety of play can be good imho.

#14 5 years ago

Thanks for your votes and comments so far, keep them coming.

Quoted from wayner:

It may come down to price Ken in which case HTD will be difficult. C37 would take a nice place in your gameroom.

It seems that these 2 titles are running around the same price these days, so that has already been taken into consideration. Availability for a nice HTD would be more of an issue compared to C-37 for sure.


#15 5 years ago

Hit the Deck is a bit too posty ,
most shots from the flipper end up hitting a post as opposed to desired target or KOHole
(i.e. refer to Cactus Jack's comments). Also a bit pricey.
C37 shots a bit more satisfying, but again game probably priced out of range for most.
Big Hit is most affordable and has lots of drops. So Big Hit is my choice for you.

#16 5 years ago

Nearly all the shots on HtD can be made from the flippers, including sending the ball back up through the rollovers from below (which does require some precision, and is very satisfying when done). It's a very fast playing game too. The pace of the game, and being able to place the shots directly from below doesn't make it feel like a typically rollover game (at least not the ones I've played).

But value-wise, HtD runs ~$1K more than C37. It's hard to find a decent HtD for under $2K. I wouldn't place them on par price-wise, based on what's been available the past couple years. (I've seen more Neptunes available though, go figure). A decent C37 will run $1500 (+/-). (Caveats abound; condition, location, etc. - the usual fine print.)

#17 5 years ago

OK Ken here is an answer.

Big Hit: Looks like a mash up of 1970 Baseball and Abra Ca Dabra. 10 drops-Great. Vari-Targets another Great. Unique ball launch for a pinball (not a Pitch & Bat). Bell and Chimes, with 2 ways to score. High Score and Home Runs.

Centigrade: Sci-fi Theme. Back Box Animation-Great. That tricky right side set of rollovers.

Hit The Deck: Only 375 made, is interesting. Seriously retro faux digital score reels.

Now according to your info, you already have an Atlantis, which has that similar right side roll overs like Centigrade. So the Hit the Deck would be my choice. How ever the one in the best condition would be the decision maker for myself.

#18 5 years ago


I think you should buy my North Star instead...


#19 5 years ago

Seems to me asymmetrical playfields have really gained in popularity, which I think is why there's a lot of love for Hit the Deck, even though it's a "Vicinity" Game, (rollover game, per JG). Getting the ball in the vicinity of the rollover you need is the best you can do since although goosing a rollover does happen, targeting them is not the intention.

C37 has the same rollover config used on several games prior. Same with the return lane and entrance lane configs, almost like the design team pieced this one together on the fly to meet some deadline. It's a great looking game but doesn't offer enough to sustain my interest.

I like how Big Hit moves the base runners along with the drop targets, but seems to me the entire bottom half of the playfield is kind of a dud with vari-targets, (appearing for the 3rd time on a baseball concept), usually a sucker shot, and dead sling shot kickers. The pop bumper placement is actually pretty cool, getting a rise out of you while you're there, but not really as side-drain-intrusive as they appear. I think it'd be much more of a game with live kickers as its too easy to send the ball back up top. Still the best bling for the buck of the 3, IMO.

#20 5 years ago

I have only one EM, a nice C 37. I love it!

#21 5 years ago

c37 WAY to easy
HtD hands down

#22 5 years ago

Agree Big Hit is great bang for buck and a lot of fun. And with the big bell near front pf cabinet it is the loudest em I have played. Agree also that vari-targets don't really add to the game. Under-rated though.

C37 is fun also but not quite enough to sustain interest but love the art package.

Hit the Deck is very different due to DC pops and flippers and when everything is lit up and joker is hit to lit all the 5000 inserts, things get pretty crazy. Shame only 375 made. If it had come out in 74 it probably would have done very well.

#23 5 years ago

You just bought a Sky Jump...you want another ?

#24 5 years ago
Quoted from pinhead52:

You just bought a Sky Jump...you want another ?

Call me greedy!


1 week later
#25 5 years ago

Well Thanks to all who participated in the Poll. Looks like C-37 is the leader with Hit The Deck as a super close contender.

Looks like Big Hit wasn't such a big hit, at least in this poll.

I think Hit The Deck could have at least matched C-37 but because it is a hard to find pinball to play anywhere for folks to make a good judgement call skews the rating a bit.

Bottom line for me is I will keep an eye out for either if a good example comes along at the right price, but honestly I voted in the poll for Hit The Deck so I am still leaning that way more.


5 months later
#26 4 years ago

just paid the equivalent of $850 for a really nice HtD my first EM. only one of 3 in the U.K

#27 4 years ago

have a neptune (aab of hit the deck) and a c37 and you can't compare the 2 games..c37 wins all the way..it has more direct shots, backglass animation and will be easier to find..hit the deck, well there just aren't any direct shots..just my opinion..

#28 4 years ago

I don't care for C-37, the color scheme is too PINK. Played one in Allentown, did not make me come back for another game. Neptune, I'll put a dozen plays on it Saturday Morning in the man cave easily.

#29 4 years ago

Centigrade 37
Big Hit
Hit the deck

I prefer drop targets !


Wanted : Dead or Alive - In any condition
You find, you win : REWARD USD 500


#30 4 years ago

C37 is just WAY to Easy.....

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