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I Judged A Man (and his backglass) ... why oh why?


13 days ago

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#1 13 days ago

I once went to look at buying an EM from a guy. When I got there I noticed the backglass was very bad with sections of paint cracking and pulling apart. When I commented on it he seemed surprised. He owns many machines and clearly hadn't look at this one in a while. He said he didn't know what happened because he triple thicked it.

I judged him because I assumed he did a sloppy job coating it. Perhaps he didn't get it even in spots and it pulled apart. I make sure I tape off my backglasses and give multiple even coats. I apply fairly thick.

However, my Pat Hand backglass just started cracking apart. It wasn't a perfect glass but was holding together ok. I did triple thick to keep it in that condition. And now I just noticed (1 year later) that the center figure is coming apart in huge chunks splitting. It is upsetting because I felt I was doing a good job and protecting it. What happened? The house heat is lower this winter so it is around 30-40 degrees but some guys keep these in their garages so I don't see how it that big a deal. Everyone acts like triple thick is the golden answer.

Anyone else experience problems? Am I not applying enough coats? Mine are pretty smooth and glossy when done. But sometimes the sections where light shines through are not as glossy... even after like 3-4 coats. Should I go back and put additional layers on my other jobs? I also have a Magic that someone else treated the backglass and I noticed some spots where paint is chipping off and now I am thinking I better reapply to that one. I guess I just read so much confidence online when people use triple thick that I am surprised I am having issues.

The guy that owned this machine had it in is shop on his property. The temps were not controlled in there. So, after 45 years... this backglass is now cracking apart and it is difficult not to assume it is BECAUSE of the triple thick. What am I doing wrong?

#2 13 days ago
Quoted from SDM0:

The house heat is lower this winter so it is around 30-40 degrees but some guys keep these in their garages

It's 30-40 degrees INSIDE your house?

You put tape, and triple thick, over screened ink on glass. If it's normally like 70 inside your house, and then it's 30-40, you just created a huge temp variance. All of these things expand and contract at different rates with temperature changes. The more times they're going through that thermal expansion and contraction cycle, the faster you're going to see issues.

Personally, I've decided that triple thick is only a last resort option to try and stop an already flaking glass. I've seen way too many stories like this over the 6 years I've been in the hobby, and it really does seem to me like spraying this stuff is at *best* a 50/50 shot that it does what's intended or not.

#3 13 days ago

Yeah the house is under renovation and no one is living there so it is low. I realize temps flux is hard on machines. But it is still in an insulated house and has not seen temps below 30 or above 70. I feel like that is pretty mild by comparison to where I have seen other people store machines. I thought triple thick was tough enough for a 30-70 degree range... but maybe not.

#5 13 days ago

Tape is notorious for shrinking at times, I'll only use it as last resort.

Very good luck using Triple Thick, done dozens of EM back glasses over the years.

#6 13 days ago

What people don't seem to realize is paint (Triple Thick) & glass will expand & contract at different rates when heating and cooling. So over time triple think can do more damage than good. I have never used triple thick on a decent backglass and never will. I also will not buy a machine for the collection with triple thick on it. Original ink & paint on glass is bad enough and has enough issues so adding more makes no sense at all.

In my eyes the best way to repair a backglass is a full sheet of Mylar on it. Doing that is basically like making a backglass into a translite. Even if paint lifts from the glass it can't go anywhere. You might see a slight bubble from the front - like you see on translites from time to time - but at least your backglass will not flake off over time.

#7 12 days ago

30 is way too cold to store a backglass, sealed or not! Nevertheless I have heard many stories about triple thick over the years and have consequently never used it. I use regular polyurethane in whatever brand my local hardware carries. Usually Minwax. I have never stored a glass at 30 though and hopefully never will. I have never had a problem with polyurethane in many years of sealing backglasses.

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