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I have noticed newish people get very little support or responses to questions

By getbettersam

5 years ago

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    #51 5 years ago
    Quoted from Ice9ers:

    I always liked sloop john b

    Wrong! The correct answer is Don't Worry Baby.

    What are your thoughts on Don't Worry Baby, getbettersam? Maybe play that at the bar and get more people in the door.

    #52 5 years ago
    Quoted from gambit3113:

    Was this about having to wait an hour and 10 minutes for a response to a question about how to attract more people to a bar to play pinball? Or was there a question in the pizza thread, announcing that XM was at a pizzeria in NYC?

    Take your pick, something about pinball and or pizza in NY or maybe the value of MM?



















    #53 5 years ago


    #54 5 years ago

    Ahhhhh! The important things are starting to come into focus right now...

    #55 5 years ago

    The title to this thread alone will get you flamed here. You admit to being new and are already making judgements on the people here simply because they did not respond to your previous post within one hour, at a some what late hour on a Sunday.
    Please hear me out, as I will give you partial credit for your post...but first...

    My advice for you: give this site some time, and give your posts some time too. I can not see the text from your original post, but the title made it clear that it was very specific for NYC. So you clearly posted at a very late hour for a very specific area/group of people on a night that most will likely be in bed at that time, and you are upset you didn't get a response? Was there even a question to respond too?

    Maybe chess players have a different lifestyle than pinball players, I have no idea since I have never been a chess player, thus the differences you are experiencing.

    Now, I will say that Pinside and RGP are not always the most friendliest sites to visit. If you want to benefit from this sight, you need to have some thick skin. Ignore the Negative Nellies, and don't read things or engage in banter over things that might upset you, if you are a person that takes things too close to heart.

    I have been a pinhead since I was a kid, and a collector for 15yrs. I have a few opinions about all the negativity that happens on the pinhead sites: Unlike buying a chess set, it takes a fair amount of money to buy a pinball machine. And many people can not buy just one. Often people with money tend to think differently, such as they like to defend their reasons for how they spent their money, or they like to protect their 'investments' as some people view their machines, so they get wrapped up in a boasting/egocentric mentality.

    I would guess chess forums are bout the game play and strategy itself. While there are many pinheads in it for the fun of the game, and actually spend their time playing the game rather than engaging in useless banter online. However, there are many in it who are not in it simply for the fun of playing or tinkering with games. For some it is about status, others it is a passing fad, there are many reasons.

    But this site and RGP, while they can be helpful, are not all rosy or as grand as some people want to tout them to be. Just look at the many threads that occur bashing various games or manufactures, or even fellow pinheads for one reason or another...mostly simply because people can not recognize that we do not all have the same tastes, choices, preferences or reasoning, or that everyone does not have to see things their way or that their way is the only right way. Sadly, I do think this has become a bit of an expected norm in the pin community. People get tired of the negativity here, they go over to RGP and moan about Pinside, then they get upset over there and come back to Pinside... or people hear moan about RGP being negative and people at RGP moan about Pinside.... it has been going on for a very long time.

    All that said, there is a lot of good here, some very helpful tips and members, and a lot of good discussions can be had, if you present your question right. But don't get too upset when some Negative Nellie comes and sh@@@ts on your parade, just roll past it and look for the positive, and engage with those that help and are polite.

    And, as someone else mentioned, by all means, use the search feature! Of course the search feature of Pinside is not the greatest, and often you will have better luck doing a Google search, but either way, there is already a wealth of information about pinballs on line to investigate before asking a question that many would find mundane and not respond to, simply because it has already been asked and answered numerous times.

    #56 5 years ago
    Quoted from getbettersam:

    I have noticed that new pinsiders get very few responses while the same question from a seasoned pinsider will get a much larger response rate.Is there a snob factor or feeling of superiority on this site .I am a master chess player and love the game.The chess people seem to be much more friendly the pinballers.It is surprising.

    I would answer, but your to new. Just kidding. It might have a bit to do with the questions they ask. This site has a lot of new people who ask questions about fixing games. The problem is the site is lacking in pinball techs because of the amount of new people overall, so you are going to get less of a response about fixing an issue. If you want a response throw in some anti Stern or Jersey Jack stuff..... Pinside will blow up!

    While I do not consider myself a expert pinball mechanic (intermediate at best) , I try to answer to the best of my ability when I can. The issue is, if I do not know for sure what the problem is then I wont answer. Then again, I have no idea what the motivation for your post is. What question do you need answered?

    #57 5 years ago
    Quoted from getbettersam:

    I have noticed that new pinsiders get very few responses while the same question from a seasoned pinsider will get a much larger response rate.Is there a snob factor or feeling of superiority on this site .I am a master chess player and love the game.The chess people seem to be much more friendly the pinballers.It is surprising.

    Bull shyte. I am new and I am helping a seasoned veteran moder and got a bunch of help from LTG.

    #58 5 years ago

    the op has probably already left the building but it's kind of funny/sad that his/her comparison is one that is apples to oranges

    - in a chess forum, you're talking about 1 game title and 1 set of rules. like many have already stated, if they don't have the answer for your particular question (given that there are well over 300 different machines out there, each with their own particulars), it's not like any one person is going to have the answer for every question asked.

    I'll try and help out if: 1) I happen to see the forum post (things can drop off the 1st page quickly, depending on the amount of traffic that the board is receiving at a given time) or 2) I own the machine or feel fairly confident that I have the answer/solution or can provide meaningful input to the topic

    - also, given that this is in fact a "hobby", many of us don't sit by our computers 24/7 and browse the forum. I tend to check it out 2-3x a day during my breaks from work and [possibly] 1-2x during the weekend if I'm feeling bored (I've got plenty of things to keep me busy, including interests outside of pinball

    - last, but not least you can always "bump" your own threads if you don't receive any answers [at all] or response(s) which doesn't answer your question. I would try to limit that to once a day, otherwise it can be seen as spamming the forum for no other reason than to self-promote yourself

    stay awhile, and you'll find that there is a wealth of knowledge to be had here in the forum posts as well as by many of its members and overall a pretty good community. however, it may take awhile to become or feel accepted, but that's no different than life itself.

    #59 5 years ago

    Really, though, "Heroes & Villains" is the best Beach Boys song.

    #60 5 years ago

    OP don't take it personally. English being your second language makes your posts tough to read and once people have to try that little bit harder you'll get a smaller catchment base.

    Come for the tech advise, stay for the tags fella.

    #61 5 years ago


    #62 5 years ago

    #64 5 years ago

    I'll offer you some advice that I received over 10 years ago when I was new to a forum.....DON"T POKE THE BEAR! That goes double on a pinball forum. People here are VERY passionate about pinball and sometimes it doesn't take much to set us off. That said Welcome to Pinside.

    #65 5 years ago

    Wow... impatient, high maintenance and snarky. You'll do well here.

    #66 5 years ago

    I am kind of baffled by this guy! I am pretty new here and I have NEVER received anything but helpful responses and lots of them! I am really amazed at how helpful everyone is and the depth of their knowledge. Makes this hobby a pleasure with so many other helpful enthusiasts.

    #67 5 years ago

    "Warmth of the Sun" absolutely slays all other BB songs.

    #68 5 years ago

    So, is is the op an operator in New York?

    #69 5 years ago

    Mister social!

    #70 5 years ago

    If so, he should have enough knowledge needed to help others here if/when they ask questions. After looking at the questions he's been asking, I was curious about that too. If he's operating games and has little knowledge, he shouldn't be an operator. I feel so used now, I need a paycheck. LOL


    Quoted from PEN:

    So, is is the op an operator in New York?

    #71 5 years ago
    Quoted from blownfuse:

    If so, he should have enough knowledge needed to help others here if/when they ask questions.

    Thats debatable. Not all operators are created equal.

    #72 5 years ago

    Chess - 1 board and 32 pieces - gets answers almost immediately
    Pinball - +1000 pieces, software, hardware, mechanical parts...

    Geez i don't see why some people couldn't answer some questions...
    Point here is to chill out. Someone will answer your question eventually..we are not all gods of the silver ball and even the gods on here are busy and have lives to live and mouths to feed.

    #73 5 years ago
    Quoted from Ice9ers:

    I had a college intramural softball team called the master batters

    In high school, we named our bowling team 'Jason and the Organ Knots' (the first choice was 'Hot Cum' which I'm still shocked we even asked about). We've all matured greatly since then...I think.

    #74 5 years ago

    I have been on this forum 2+ years. I started a thread last week about raised inserts under mylar and got about three responses. I started another thread a year ago for people in my area to chat about local stuff and it has 1000+ posts. It really depends on the question. I saw you started a thread about a pizza place getting an xmen, that's super specific and would only be of interest to a small fraction of people on here. Just hang in there, we all were new on here once.

    #75 5 years ago

    I have noticed newish people get very little support...

    Let's not bring religion into this!

    #76 5 years ago
    Quoted from Gryszzz:

    "Warmth of the Sun" absolutely slays all other BB songs.

    Whoa. That's a slow jam. And entirely wrong.

    #77 5 years ago

    I like that call. Dig deep into that catalog. But, it's no Don't Worry Baby.

    #78 5 years ago

    God Only Knows. Love that one.

    #79 5 years ago

    See, we can salvage even the most deteriorated of threads. Good work, team.

    #80 5 years ago

    I have found this place to be unbelievably helpful and an awesome community. YYMV, of course, but I am grateful to this site and the people that make it such a great resource.

    #81 5 years ago

    BTW, thanks for posting the OP's previous threads. You can't make this stuff up. Priceless.

    #82 5 years ago

    Guys, while I realize I'm part of the problem with this post, we really shouldn't be giving this thread this much attention, the OP is way too new.

    #83 5 years ago
    Quoted from Pacer:

    Guys, while I realize I'm part of the problem with this post, we really shouldn't be giving this thread this much attention, the OP is way too new.

    I laughed

    #84 5 years ago

    I will respond to anyone in the tech forum if i feel like i can help.

    #85 5 years ago

    Ask the right questions and get the right answers.
    Do research on pinside to find out if your question has already been asked and answered.
    Look at your watch and see what time it is before you ask a question if you are looking for an answer from fellow people on the east coast.
    Have thicker skin.

    Post stuff like "MM for 4500" and get flamed and get people pissed off. Like one other person said if you actually join in on your conversations then you might get out of it. This is just like in real life.

    #86 5 years ago

    your threads were about a specific pizza place and bar traffic, so i assume people just weren't interested in your thread.

    #87 5 years ago

    I am new here and am happy with all the FREE tech advice I have gotten. I had AFM down for 6 months before I started making help threads. I got a ton of great help on the chips and roms from John Wart including item numbers and even places that had them available, and tons of tech help from Markmon especially and many others. I'm up and running 100% without the pinside forum I would still be staring at a dead AFM scratching my head.

    #88 5 years ago

    I don't know if the OP is still checking in. It would be ironic, because this is a level of response that he apparently thought that he had no power to receive.

    Anyway, I and many others try to be welcoming to new people. Thing is, I don't answer every thread. I don't even open every thread. And once I'm in a thread, I don't look at how long people have been around before I answer them. If something compels a response, I respond. For the obviously new people, I'll try to respond and help out if I can, but I don't want to sound patronizing by forcing a response that is hollow.

    Stick around. This place is great. My threads don't light the place on fire too often, and I've been around for quite some time. It's just a timing thing just as much as anything else, you can't take things personally.

    #89 5 years ago
    Quoted from homebrood:

    I have noticed newish people get very little support...
    Let's not bring religion into this!

    My parents and their parents were newish

    #90 5 years ago
    Quoted from getbettersam:

    im done but keep responding if you feel you have to defend yourself.

    Oh come on master chess players don't give up that easy!
    Remember.. The most powerful weapon in chess (and on Pinside) is to have the next move.

    Your move!

    #91 5 years ago

    caligirl, that was a very eloquent post, wasted on a troll thread. Hopefully you can recycle it someday.

    #92 5 years ago

    How do I create a castle with my King and Rook?

    #93 5 years ago
    Quoted from dantebean:

    How do I create a castle with my King and Rook?

    I'm not exactly sure, but this is what happens when it's done incorrectly

    castling gone wrong.jpg

    #94 5 years ago
    Quoted from getbettersam:

    you are right chess and pinball are very different but what is your point?.Im saying that in chess forums questions are always answered and and the people are nicer.I look at threads and there is almost always fighting.Everyone is trying to defend themselves but fact my thread was the only one in the last hour not to be responded to.Maybe you would be better served to take the top 200 members and make this a private forum.

    Introduce yourself. Where are you from? I don't discriminate between seasoned and new guys. Actually, Pinside is quite friendly. Occassional asshats, but they are everywhere.

    Bishop to king 7. Checkmate mother FU**ER! ( and then I flip the guy off and knock the board off table).


    #95 5 years ago

    I think for the most part threads are not seen. You can post and within an hour your post is no longer on the front page most view.

    #96 5 years ago


    #97 5 years ago

    lolll, oh well he's gone, all i can say is ''get better sam''.

    i was hopping for this thread to be the next star wars signed translite, in this case, bobby fischer... but nooooooo he had to go.

    #98 5 years ago

    All this Chess talk reminds me of this SNL skit.

    #99 5 years ago

    Whatever this thread is about I disagree with it.

    #100 5 years ago
    Quoted from joestro78:

    Really, though, "Heroes & Villains" is the best Beach Boys song.

    I disagree. 'Be True To Your School' is my favorite, although 'Little Honda' and 'Hushabye' are also favorites.

    I think there are many reasons your thread doesn't get the answers others might

    It seems like an operator centric question. How do I get people in my location, playing my games. Granted, it may not be *your* location, or *your* games, but I'm not a location pinball player or a route operator. I'm a tech. I fix and restore games. Sure, I play pinball, but the amount of time I spend playing is a fraction of what I spend wrenching.

    A lot of the threads here are kinda BS threads. I don't mean that's a bad thing, as obviously people posting in them enjoy them, but I ignore them and focus on the threads that interest me - tech threads. I don't care about the latest and greatest LED, most modern Stern games, don't want to read the whinefests about how this game or that has incomplete software, or what you plated or coated on your pinball machine this week. I find if I read those threads, I end up making snarky replies sometimes, so I ignore them.

    Stick around, participate a little bit, and be patient. Nobody is paid to be here, it's a voluntary forum. Participation is voluntary. Not every thread gets a reply right away, some not at all.

    If you don't like pinside, that's fine, but why waste your energy to start a thread like this? If the site is of no value to you, why complain about it? Just cut your losses and find some other forum to post on, or someone else to ask.

    I do hope you get some solid ideas on some things you can try, though.

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