I Got Three Wishes!

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I Got Three Wishes!

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By Letter_K

4 years ago


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4 years ago

Since Cleopatra is done (save some cosmetic issues) my Pinball Projects team turned out head towards our Genie, which was all funky, but in amazing and beautiful shape. I was all set to start asking for help, but we found a wire not attached to it's switch and one of the power supply wires not connected at all.

Now it works great, save for some lights not going, but that seems minor.

Now, the only machine in my possession that doesn't work is my '69 Williams Expo, but we know nothing about EM machines. Anyone got a site or a book that will start us on this educational trail?

4 years ago

Autumfade posted the link to Marvin's EM repair manual in an earlier EM post:


I have also been following the pinball ninja's site (www.pinballninja.com) -- he does a bunch of EM as well as solid state repairs and has some great tips.

Good luck!

4 years ago

You might consider some instructional cheap DVD videos as well: (And buying it supports the PHOF)


Direct from author: http://www.marvin3m.com/top/


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