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    #1 7 years ago

    For one month I have been trying to buy another pinball machine. I find a Whirlwind for sale that a guy had offered to me a couple of months ago and still had. I make a good offer on it and was going to buy it in utah. He says he will not sell it and hold it for me. One day before I go to get it he sells it without even contacting me. Now I had recently put a post on pinside for anyone in Utah or NV that had a machine for sale to please contact me." Donjagra" sends me a letter on pinside mail telling me he had a BSD pin that he was going to sell for $2000 and would sell it to me for $1800 because I was a pinsider. I told him I was very interested and would come and buy the machine on Thursday as I was coming to SLC anyway as long as it was in good condition as he only sent me a few pictures. Today I call "Donjagra" to confirm again that I will be there Thursday. He informs me that he observed another BSD machine sell for more on Ebay so he couldnt sell it to me now that he thought it was worth" more". Am I missing something here or is a" mans "word worth anything any more. If I tell someone Im going to do something my word is worth more than a couple hundred bucks . This sucks!

    #19 7 years ago

    When I first inquired about the pin I asked "Donjagra" why he wanted to sell it. He said the "theme " was to scary for his little kids. When he called me today after he talked to his wife he informed me that they decided to just "keep" it. Complete BS if you ask me!

    #26 7 years ago
    Quoted from detroit_pinball:

    Stack15 said:It's pretty difficult to get the "good deals" on the pinball machines. It seems that the best deals are the unadvertised ones. Just like landing a job, networking is key.
    If you are just interested in nabbing machines you want for good deals, you will have your share of heartaches and botched deals.
    I personally dont look for good deals, just good games.... you start monkeying around with price and you always leave the door open for someone to swoop in and do the same, while upping the ante.
    I have actually met and formed really good friendships all over the country from people I have bought games from and also people I have sold too.
    Again, I am looking for really good games, I know what to look for, and can make up my mind within 60 seconds on what I see. You would be suprised on how quickly you can build a name, a network, and a positive reputation.
    If Someone blows you off, thats just one person to put on your list to never to deal with again. You would be suprised how small this hobby is, one day that person might becoming to you.
    Then again, they could be a big collector and have more stuff you want see how this works.
    good luck and dont sweat the small stuff
    there are plenty of BSD's out there in the world
    Detroit Pinball

    Its not just BSD. I live in a small town 225 miles from any pins to buy. Im very limited at what I can buy.

    #28 7 years ago
    Quoted from badbilly27:

    I get the "don't sweat the small stuff" comments to try and help put things in perspective. But, OP has a right to be pissed for a few days at least. I'm also someone that believes that when you give you word it means something. That's why the world is so screwed up. People forget what manners and being a decent human being are all about. Its all me, me, me. Ticks me off when people can't even hold the door open when you're walking behind them or don't walk a little faster when crossing the street when you're waiting. Entitlement. Just sad.
    I've had good experiences in this hobby for the most part because I like to talk to the person before I commit to a deal to increase odds of them being a straight shooter. So far only one deal not so good. Sorry this happened. There are still many of us honorable types around.

    Thats good to know. The first guy I bought a pin from was very honest with me. Ill get over it but jeez when it happens over and over it gets a little ridiculous.

    #31 7 years ago
    Quoted from cardfelon:

    It is frustrating when somebody offers to sell you something and you believe you have the deal for what they asking for the item and then it falls apart.

    I recently had a Pinsider email me first offering to sell me a playfield I need for my machine. I told him I would take it and pay him his asking price and Paypal the money to him right away. My machine is tore apart right now (thinking I had a new playfield coming). Now I can not get a response at all from him. The last communication was last Thursday. I assumed he went to Pinfest so he was away for awhile but I've seen him post on threads. Why tell somebody you will sell them a playfield and then never follow through in a timely fashion?? I won't call him out in public because I don't roll like that. Plus he could have a good reason but posting in a thread takes the same amount of time as a email.

    Not trying to hijack the thread but my story is similar to yours.

    Usually I wont roll like that, but this time Ive had enough. I'm sick of these phonies that dont stand by their word. This guy is one of the top people that post on this website.

    #33 7 years ago

    I have no way of jumping

    Quoted from detroit_pinball:jhanley said:I live in a small town 225
    Why limit your buying and selling to 225 miles, over half of my games have come from different parts of the country, I believe 4 from the Phoenix area alone. Shipping is nothing for the right game. I live in pinball Meca, but why would I want to limit my scope, when there are Plenty of Great/ Outstanding collectors outside of Michigan and Ohio.
    Again, its a small hobby, trust me you may bump into this person at a show...
    I am not saying it gives permision for people to screw each other, quite the opposite in fact.
    good luck, There is a super nice BSD right around the corner...
    Detroit Pinball
    2 of the 3 times out of 12 years that I have felt the same way as you, I have become friends with those same people, over time.

    I have no way of jumping on deals from where I live. I take care of 3 kids and cant just leave any time I want.

    #35 7 years ago
    Quoted from cardfelon:

    There is a Whirlwind on CL in PDX. I believe you can get it for around 2k.

    Where is PDX?

    #36 7 years ago

    does anybody have anything for sale in SLC ?

    #39 7 years ago
    Quoted from jalpert:

    In a cash transaction, the deal is done when money switches hands. In an ideal world you'd have a point, but I have a feeling you haven't been at this very long. If you had, your expectations would be a lot lower.
    If you can't pick the game up right away, offer a PayPal deposit. I've been screwed out of games I've paid for in full before, but it takes a super special piece of crap to screw you once the game is technically yours.
    Also, keep in mind, for every buyer that has had a game sold out from under them, there is a seller that lost potential buyers as the guy who swore he'd show up to buy it is not picking up the phone all of a sudden.

    No I havent been doing this for very long. All I can compare it to is just yesterday I sold my jetski to a guy for $900. Hes picking it up today but if someone offered me $1200 before he picked it up I would never sell it from under him because I am a man of my word.Something that is getting rarer these days.

    #46 7 years ago

    You wont believe the story of the Whirlwind the guy was supposed to hold for me. Before I got my Earthshaker I went on pinball owners website and asked people with Whirlwinds if they wanted to sell. Well after I bought the ES a guy from Utah said he had one. I didnt have the money at that time so I didnt follow up. I saw the WW on ebay about a month later and was watching to see if it was going to sell. It was on there about 3 months as he was asking $2100 and it wasnt in very good shape. I eventually talked my wife into another pin so I contacted him. He didnt want to ship it so I offered $1600 and he agreed to hold it for me. He specifically said he would not sell it from under me.I was going to LV anyway and it was only a 100 miles from there. 2 days before I was to pick it up he sold it to someone in Las Vegas . He sent me a E mail telling me tough luck but they offered more. Two days later me and my wife had business in Las Vegas .I went to the Pinball Hall of Fame and asked the pin tech there if he knew of any places to buy a machine.He told me there was a billiards place near the airport that sold pins. I found the place and what do you know. Theres the Whirlwind that was promised to me sitting right there in the store. I talked to the sales guy and told him the story and he tried to sell it to me for $3000. The prices in that store were outrageous. They didnt make any sense, the prices were all over the place. What was weird was the store was about 100 yards from where my house was where I grew up in Las Vegas. Theres a warehouse there now.

    #52 7 years ago
    Quoted from donjagra:

    I'm sorry it didn't work out jhanley, I hope you find something soon.
    I have my reasons for backing out and they aren't all monetary.

    You are so full of it. You cover your lies with more lies. You arent BSing anyone but your self. I just want to know, was it really worth it?

    #54 7 years ago

    You know its a strange coincidence that theres a BSD for sale all of a sudden in the marketplace for $3000. And its in Draper which is in SLC, Utah. Hmmmm!

    #65 7 years ago
    Quoted from JDub1006:

    Is calling this person out the right thing to do?? IDK??
    I recently offered to buy a pinsiders pin for sale, he went above and beyond give me guidence on who to call about shipping, etc. At the last minute the same pin and another I wanted went up for sale here in town. I called the pinsider and told him what happened.....I even offered something for his troubles.
    I guess I am thinking how would I feel if someone posted this about me?? I dont think what I did was unethical.
    Be kind

    You know I can take alot but theres a point where I draw the line.This was purely monetary on his part. This was totally unethical and he freaking knows it.

    #67 7 years ago

    He called me and told me he didnt know the price of it had gone up and it would bother him to lose the money.This is not about having to pay bills.

    #69 7 years ago

    I dont know the true value of the thing.I just wanted another pin but when he saw one sell for more than he quoted me he got greedy.

    #71 7 years ago

    If that guy had any scruples at all he would have honored the deal.I guess I just have to get over it.

    #74 7 years ago

    I dont need a lesson from anyone. If he said the first one that gets there gets it I can except that.But dont tell me your holding it for me unless you intend to. He went straight to my pinside mail and offered it to me personally. Not the marketplace.

    #87 7 years ago
    Quoted from donjagra:

    It wasn't about the money. You really need to work on your people skills. If you remember, you were trying to talk me down because of the eBay auction. I had no idea it was even going on. I called it off because you are a jerk. The next time someone offers you a good deal, don't be such an asshole about it.

    Im the asshole. You offered it to me for $1800. I stated that one on ebay was at $1525. Pinside only says its worth around $1300. I just asked if you would consider $1700 but you would ask your wife. I told you I was coming there to get it on thursday and you told me you couldnt sell it bacause you didnt realise it had gone up so much.You offered it to me for $1800 and that stood.You have no right to call me names when you are wrong.If your a man of your word I have $1800 sitting right here waiting for you. I just sold my jetski as part of a promise to my wife in getting a new pin. Now I have nothing to buy.

    #92 7 years ago

    I guess this is getting out of hand. The simple fact of what happened is that he didnt want to sell it after seeing a obvious bidding war on ebay and went OOP,S Im selling this to low and couldnt live with that. He told me this on his cell phone in his car. He was fixing something on one of the boards in anticipation of me coming to buy it on thursday and wanted it to work 100%. I guess I was the asshole to believe he would honor it.

    #102 7 years ago
    Quoted from Shug:

    My (very inexperienced) take on doing business with fellow pinsiders: To me the most important aspect of this is not only to get a nice machine at a fair price but to also cultivate a relationship with that person. From my limited experience in reading/participating on this forum/community by and large everyone here seems great. I have only ever bought one machine and was lucky enough to have bought it from a fellow pinsider and the whole deal went about as smooth as it could have for both sides: I got a nice machine at a what I feel was a fair price and the seller felt good about what I paid him for the machine. So win/win.
    Best part is I now feel like I have a little bit closer relationship with someone in the same hobby as me and on top of that they are more experienced and knowledgeable than myself so I think that might pay out other dividends of it's own in the future.
    I'm sorry the same thing did not happen for you two guys.</blockquote
    I had the best experience when I bought my earthshaker from a guy in SLC. We still keep in touch sometimes. I can get along with anyone that treats me with respect. If I give someone my word its gospel.But I expect it in return. I guess I just expect to much from people.

    #104 7 years ago

    Hey, actually this could still get resolved right on this forum. Im going to SLC tomorrow. If its not about making extra money I have my $1800 right in my wallet ready to buy.

    #112 7 years ago

    I was going to his house tomorrow to see the machine.I never said I wouldnt buy it for $ 1800 I was just seeing if he would take a $100 less. He knew I was extremely interested and was going to buy it as I told him on the phone. I still would. He just thought he could get a lot more when he saw one sell on ebay and he told me that.We were emailing back and forth over this for a while.

    #115 7 years ago

    Im over it now.Nuff said.

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