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HSII Getaway Sound maximum volume issue

By ellray

3 years ago

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#1 3 years ago

I'm running a Getaway (High Speed II) that suddenly started having the volume jump to max during play (and no volume control). After a quick bit of research, I purchased a replacement for the x9503, an x9503p: ebay.com link: itm This was installed by a very competent tech here where I work.

Now the game is at full volume immediately after power-up (and the volume controls do nothing). Additionally, the speakers now make a soft tic-tic-tic... sound while powering up (about 2-3x per second), which I don't recall hearing before.

I see that the removed part is also an x9503p, which I guess means it's been replaced at least once before. The sound board is A-12738-50004 WPC.

Potential issues:
- the new x9503p is bad, or the solder/replacement was bad
- C18 is bad

I'm thinking that 1 is less likely, so my plan is to next replace C18.


What if replacing C18 doesn't fix the problem?
Thanks in advance as always!

#2 3 years ago

My getaway was randomly going to full volume with no control. When I would reset the game it might be fine for a while or go loud again. It was caused by a bad connection on the power driver board. I think the 12v or 5v was getting affected and it was confusing the electronic volume control circuitry. I fixed the connection and it's been rock solid for a long time now. Before I could rarely even play a full game before it would happen so I'm certain the problem is fixed. The connector was on the mid/upper right side of the power driver board. It was the power coming in from the transformer. After your game is on for a little while; turn it off and feel all of the connectors. If any of them feel hot there is probably a problem.

#3 3 years ago

Tried that, but to no avail...thanks for the tip though! I'm hoping it's a defective C18.

#4 3 years ago

Ugh, no joy after replacing C18. Is there any way to test digital pots?

Otherwise my next step will be to replace (again) the x9503p in the offchance that the one I originally swapped in was bad. Sigh.

3 weeks later
#5 3 years ago

OK, we replaced the x9503p again and have verified that it is responding to the volume controls on the front panel. And the behavior is back to the original--plays fine for a while and then suddenly goes to maximum volume. So maybe something downstream of the digital pot?

3 months later
#6 3 years ago

New update. I've replaced the x9503p chip 2 more times now. The original chips I used I believe were possibly defective. But in each case, after a certain number of plays (usually over the period of a week or 2), the sudden max volume glitch occurs again. Power-cycling the pin "fixes" the problem, but once it's occurred, it seems to recur within a few games, and continues to recur at a more frequent clip thereafter.

It seems that either another component is somehow causing the x9503p chip failure, or the circuit that drives the volume control to the chip is broken (by some other bad component?).


#7 3 years ago

Did you try to change this sound board swap for another one?
These issues occurred by wpc mpu panel many times.

2 weeks later
#8 3 years ago

I should bite the bullet and do this. I believe my TZ uses the same board. I'll report back.

2 years later
#9 6 months ago

I know it's an old post, but wonder if anyone has had luck in finding a good source for the x9503p 8-pin DIP chips? I see some stuff from China on eBay but am hesitant as so much of that stuff is crap.


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