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how ridiculous...this Pinside Top 100 ranking

By ParisPinballAdct

5 months ago

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    #101 13 days ago

    Another idea would be to have a top 25 list that is measured differently. Instead of having users rate pins randomly, you have each participant actually rank 1-25 from a list of the top 100 pins. This way, every participant actually ranks all of the machines. You would then simply tabulate scores by assigning values to rank (e.g. 1 point for a first position ranking, 2 for a second position, etc.) From here, the pin with the lowest total would be ranked #1, the next lowest #2, etc.

    Not saying to replace the top 100, but this would be an interesting addition to see how the two different methods would compare.

    #102 13 days ago

    Twilight Zone is the all-time greatest......according to IPDB. But MM is the GOAT. Absolute pinball perfection. It will hold the top spot and fart in the general direction of all wannabe contenders.

    #103 13 days ago
    Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

    But MM is the GOAT.

    289E9C48-FC01-4078-90F3-5353DFD09325 (resized).jpeg
    #104 13 days ago

    Star wars number 2? We needed something like this to happen to lighten the mood of 2021.

    #105 13 days ago
    Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

    Twilight Zone is the all-time greatest......according to IPDB. But MM is the GOAT. Absolute pinball perfection. It will hold the top spot and fart in the general direction of all wannabe contenders.

    Between those two I prefer Medieval Madness by a large margin. Just my opinion of course.

    #106 13 days ago

    The top 100 is just a list. Everyone's personal top 100 can certainly differ. Nostalgia, newness, and individual preferences greatly vary. It is no surprise that recent games dominate it because they just have newer technology and deeper rule sets. Some games truly stand the test of time, however.

    I like the list. I think it is the most accurate and best thought out pinball ranking ever compiled. It also allows for individual preference tinkering. Either way, it affords newbies and seasoned collectors alike a genuine pulse on what's out there and general popularity.

    Like it or not, it is a very useful tool.

    #107 13 days ago
    Quoted from Apex:

    Back when Zach and Dennis were doing TWIP, they had a segment where Dennis did an audio version of the drag and drop list. I thought Dennis covered his thought process well. I thought at the time that this is how the top 100 should go.
    Count me in for a "Head to Head" top 100 list too. I say Head to Head as I don't want to tell Robin how to code and implement it, lol.
    Thinking about the implementation some more could it just be a series of machine a vs. machine b questions and an algorithm (I know it is easy to say when you don't have to develop it) to compare all the results? I wonder how many questions it would take to get a realistic sense of ranking all 500 odd games?

    Quoted from renvhoek:

    As a new user and relatively new pinballer, I find the top 100 critical to me to let me know where to start. There are > 1000 pinballs (I think). The list gives me a starting place. I do find the comments invaluable, of course.
    So I'll pick a pinball in the top 100 that I like the theme on, start reading all the comments. From those, people might mention another game, I then follow that comment to another pinball and read those comments. The "brought home" thread is wonderful for research as well. I see what people have bought, they often say why. Then I go read comments on those games. learned about stuff not in the top 100 that way.
    I flew out to the pinball hall of fame in vegas a couple of months ago. There are 100s of pinballs in there. I had 2 1/2 hours. I think I managed to play 25 pinballs in that time. The top 100 was a good guide for me to know which ones to try.
    - Jon

    Fairly certain there are over 7000 pinball machines. Last I checked IPDB, their most recent entry as of today is 6769 for reference Led Zeppelin is number 6760. If you want to count/guesstimate the literal hundreds and thousands of lost and unknown machines from the woodrail/bingo/pre-war era then I would safely wager over 10 thousand unique pinball titles exist.

    Think of how many one-offs, prototypes and experimental games never saw the light of day. The actual Golden Age of pinball was the 30s and 40s when hundreds of manufacturers existed and Gottlieb and Bally had just started.

    #108 13 days ago

    lots of replies to my own thread which I hadn't scouted in months! ha!

    thanks a lot and especially Pinside founder Robin for taking the time to bring in your inputs. much appreciated.

    to be fair and "basic", I would just say this: I don't know that there is a "need" for a complete computer re-engineering of the TOP 100. more just a little adjustment in the "how many ratings" shall be needed to be ranked.

    I would think that most of us agree that 25 ratings is too low a number and flows the ranking.

    What about just simply raising this number slightly so that it matters most, makes more sense at all?

    #109 13 days ago

    I briefly looked at the list when I first discovered the site. The actual rankings never meant anything to me, I just wanted to discover pins maybe I had missed. I would much prefer everyone could create say their personal top 25. Then it could compile together people with similar taste. Things like this pinsider shares 20 of your top 25 but he also likes these 5. The whole this pin is better than that pin to me is just silly.

    #110 13 days ago

    I reckon it is natural to "rank" things, anything.
    We always do that don't we? we rank Quarterbacks, songs, movies, you name it.
    I don't have an issue with "ranking the all time best pins", i love it actually hence my thread.

    let's have a quick look at the Quarterback rating system.
    to qualify on the "all time top ranked passer list", a QB needs to have at least 1,500 throws.
    not saying is enough or not but this number makes sure that a hotshot rookie QB with 565 throws in his rookie year doesn't get to be at the top of the all time rating system vs. Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers, straight away.

    therefore, WHY would only 25 ratings (by NIB buyers) would qualify TMNT vs. Twilight Zone and Medieval Madness??
    THAT is the part I have an issue with.

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