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How many of you Pinheads have a motorcycle

By zr11990

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Here is mine the day I bought it.

DSC00173.JPG DSC00178.JPG
#12 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

All the doctors I work for call Motorcyclists "Organ Donors".....
Sweet looking rides but just not for me. Stay safe on the roads this summer.

I may not get to ride mine here in Houston. All it does is rain.

#13 5 years ago

Bigbossfan, did you ride that bike to the Texas Pinball Festival a few years back? If so I saw it there. I saw one like it if it wasn't yours. It has everything except a refrigerator.

#19 5 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

So many crappy drivers out there make the roads unsafe for bikers, I'll never forget one locally a husband/wife started arguing and cause a multi-vehicle pile up on the freeway and a dude on his cycle got tossed off the overpass and died. Like I said, hope you guys stay SAFE and injury free!

That sucks indeed but I would rather go out quick than get old and be tied to a wheelchair in a nursing home with some fat woman feeding me baby food.

3 months later
#83 4 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

2006 HD VRod CVO Screaming Eagle
I sold my Victory about a month ago and thought about getting out of biking for a while. I found this on the local Craigslist and bought it. I've found my love for motorcycling again with this bike.

What do you think of that VRod. I bought a muscle and I love it but it has two things I don't like. It has no torque, none. I put slip ons on it and took the cover off the air cleaner and it has even less. It also gets terrible fuel mileage, like 30 MPG. I put a riser on the bars that lifts them 2 inches and pulls them back 11/2 and it is much nicer to ride.

#97 4 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

I haven't really noticed a lag in torque, but I ride by myself and I don't really live hilly country. Did you install a fuel commander when you put on your slip-ons? My bike didn't have on when I bought it and I could feel that it wasn't running right. I installed a Cobra fuel commander and a K&N filter and that made a huge difference.
Fuel mileage has always been low on the VRods. They're made for performance, and your gas mileage definitely shows that.

OMG, you have to retune that thing somehow when you mod it. After I put pipes on it, put a K&N on it and took the air cleaner cover off of it it ran like dog doo. It used a tank of gas in 30 miles. I bought a power vision because I didn't want to pay $400 for the tuner and $400 to HD to dyno it. I may have to go ahead and do that but it is paid for now.

Your bike is awesome looking.

#98 4 years ago
Quoted from msj2222:

My Rocker C
BUT...I want this

That Rocker C is gorgeous. It is my 2nd favorite HD. My 2013 CVO Breakout is my first. I need a crotch rocket though as I have a incredible need for speed.

1 year later
#194 3 years ago
Quoted from WackyBrakke:

I used to have 2 Harley's until last summer when I saw so many accidents involving motorcycles. Many drivers these days are so discourteous, they speed, cut people off, talk and text on their phone. It's more dangerous than ever out there for motorcycles. I finally had enough of it and decided it wasn't worth the risk anymore. Sold them and never looked back.

I went to get on the freeway one day and a guy would not let me on. I sped up and so did he, I slowed down and so did he. I had to ride on the side with all the bumps. I happened to have a pinball in my pocket and I introduced him to it via his windshield. He stopped in the middle of the freeway when it destroyed his windshield. Yes I was a dick for that but he could have caused me to have a big time accident.

#197 3 years ago

Awe ain't it cute. What will it be when it grows up?

#201 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I'm thinking since I've ALWAYS wanted a Harley, if I get anything else I'll just be regretting it. But is it like cars, where the Japanese ones are just generally better built? Hogs are more maintenance I would think for sure. But that's part of it right, kinda like pinball?
So besides a Sportster, what other models might a po boy be able to afford?

I never liked HDs. To me they looked like old man bikes. I am a old man(50 in September) but I didn't want a old man bike. I had a Yamaha Warrior and I loved it but one day I went into a HD shop to ask some questions about a bike I bought to resell and I saw the CVO Breakout and I fell in love. The bike was 26000 and wound up being 32000 all done. I mentioned it to my Grandfather and he snuck over there and checked it out and handed me a check for more than half because he liked it so much. HD gave me a 2 year warranty, that is it. No service policy no nothing. The bike had a oil leak and when I showed it to them the guy said that was a SEEP not a leak and the warranty wouldn't cover it. Of course, now that the warranty is out it is a leak. They will fix what they have to and nothing more. I only have 5000 miles on the bike and its a 2013 because of my grand daughter taking up so much of my time and I wag my shop dog back and forth since she got run over. I ought to sell it but I cant because of my grandfather. I do get lots of stares and thumbs up WHEN I ride it though. Oh, other than the leak I have had no other problems with it.

#202 3 years ago

Once you ride a HD you will never want anything else, unless you are a crotch rocket or sport bike guy.

1 week later
#254 3 years ago

I had a atc110 when I was a kid and had a blast on it. Everyone got hurt on it but me. We finally killed it when we were riding it on the green belts in kingwood and the cops got after that us. We ran and rolled it down a hill. That was the end of its life.

#282 3 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Here she is gents! My cherry buster!

Get this ugly pipes off there and you have a good looking bike.

#285 3 years ago

Hey I'm sorry, that comment sounded very negative. I should say that a set of B&M pipes would look great on that bike.

Added over 3 years ago: I meant V&H. B&M is a shifter that I just bought for our 67 camaro.

#298 3 years ago

This wheels look great. I personally wouldn't change them. I would put a stage one kit one it and maybe put bigger cams in it and make it run like a mother fucker.

#303 3 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

not currently, but one day i want a V-Rod.

Tell me why you want a v Rod.

#323 3 years ago

Cost me 400 plus the screaming eagle tuner to access the computer. It marries to the bike and cannot be used on another one. It ain't cheap but it runs and sounds soooo much better.

2 weeks later
#446 3 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

Heh. Kinda looks like how I felt I was riding the first time I took my bike out for the first time after getting it. Took the course, and even though I passed the highest in the class, 2 weeks between the end of the class and getting your own bike is a long time.
My main issue was not remembering what gear I was in, and when coming to a stop I would leave it in second. I've now learned to count, but to also double check before taking off.
I did drop my first bike twice. First time was going to dismount and forgetting to put down the kickstand. lol. Second time was trying to get the bike into neutral on the slope of my driveway. Rocked it back and forth a little, and just lost the center of gravity of the bike, and had to let it go.

I sold a superglide to my neighbor. He kept bugging me about it wanting me to sell it to him for less than I paid for it. I kept telling him that I wasn't in the business to lose money on stuff I sold. Finally I stopped answering the phone and I would go in the house when he came out. He finally agreed to give me what I was asking for the bike. He asked if he could test drive it and I said he could after he gave me the cash. He acted like I was an asshole but he gave me the cash and I gave him the keys. He took off and dropped the bike before he got 50 yards down the road with his wife standing in my driveway. He looked at me and I said" that is why I wanted the money first." and I went in the house. Funny thing is that he traded the bike for a street glide a month later and got more than he paid me for it. Some people win no matter what.

#475 3 years ago

Ill tell you a story about the only time I rode a bike messed up. I friend of mine for 18 years was dyeing of liver cancer. He was sick all the time and couldn't eat. He tried medication but it didn't work so he bought a huge bag of grass and pretty much smoked all day. It took away the pain and gave him an appetite. I went to visit him one day on the bike, I had owned my first motorcycle for about two months. He rolled a fattie, took a couple of hits off of it and passed it to me. I said no declined because I was on the bike but he said; "look man, Im dying and this may be the last time you see me alive, smoke a joint with me one last time". I really had no choice. This was medical grade pot and I am a lightweight. I took about 4 hits off that shit and I was plastered. Im really not sure how I made it home. I could not get the damn bike in neutral so I had to hold the clutch in the whole way. Everything was a blur and I found myself wondering how I got from one place to the next. I thought everyone was going to pull out in front of me so I wound up creeping down the road in 3rd gear hitting the brakes when a car pulled up on a side street. It was too weird and I never want to be wasted on a bike again. Stupid, yes but funny after the fact and funny to the person watching or hearing the story. My friend died a week later making that the last time I saw him alive.

#478 3 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Lol. Reminds me of a post I once used. "Drunk drivers drive through stop signs, High people wait for them to turn Green!"

Pretty much.

1 week later
#515 3 years ago

I rode my CVO Breakout from Kingwood to Galveston for the first time yeasterday. There was a fatal motorcycle wreck on I45. I normally don't wear a helmet. My buddy was having a fit thinking it was me.

1 week later
#566 3 years ago
Quoted from Yipykya:

My dealer let's me uncrate and service the bikes I buy and doesn't charge me freight, setup, or any nonsense fees. Bought this little gal with ABS for a song and a dance today. She's a sassy little beastie.

Yea, but it ain't a Harley ☹️

#568 3 years ago
Quoted from fiberdude120:

I like Harleys but there is a lot more to riding than just having a Harley.

Just messing with ya. All in fun

#573 3 years ago

I have only 3 motorcycles. My first was a Yamaha Warrior that was modified. Then I bought the 110 CVO Breakout which I love and I bother gah the V Rod for some stupid reason. So I don't have that much to compare other bikes to. I'm just messing with you about the bike not being a Harley. I would love to have a old antique bike to cruise around on.

8 months later
#650 2 years ago

I sold my V-Rod last week so I only have one bike now. The wife wants me to buy a bagger though with a throne so she can fit her big ass on the back.

#654 2 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Lets Hope she doesn't read any of your posts! lol Go Ultra your really like it!

My wife has more important things to do than read Pinside.

1 week later
#667 2 years ago

Its the bike Captain America was riding in The First Avenger.

1 week later
#674 2 years ago

Lol. you keep getting older but the college girls stay the same.

2 months later
#704 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballmike217:

Here's my girl on my Fatboy and yes, that's a T2 plastic riding proud on back. Had to have this bike after seeing Arnold ride one all those years ago in the movie.

They just recently sold Arnolds Fatboy for something like 25K I think.

1 month later
#725 1 year ago

Gryzzz I would take off if I saw you coming my way too. You look like a pretty bad ass dude. The m afraid if someon made
Me drop my HD I would pull them out of the car or try.

#738 1 year ago

I start out with the back and apply the front as needed my bike has anti lock but not integrated brakes. I would worry about fucking up my bike than myself. Mine is one of a thousand and would be hard to replace.

The only time someone purposely fucked with me on the bike I had a ball bearing in my pocket and put it through his windshield. He got off my ass quick.

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