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How many of you Pinheads have a motorcycle

By zr11990

4 years ago

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#264 2 years ago

Love this topic as it covers my other sick addiction... Motorcycles!! Like pinball as a hobby I love bikes that scream and unusual. My current stable includes a BMW K1600 V6 Exclusive model which is virtually a moving technology lab. Love it and 1000 mile days are Nothing. For extreme local duty I have a beautiful to me Honda Rune in Illusion Blue. Rarely do I see another on the street and it is a work of art in my view. Great topic! I need to find a Cheaper hobby!!!!

IMG_3649 (resized).jpg

IMG_0086 (resized).JPG

IMG_0099 (resized).JPG

#289 2 years ago
Quoted from Bendit:

No odo is suspicious. What's the story?

On the Honda Rune Honda targeted a raw muscle only look with all indicators, rear lights, etc tucked to give it a smooth look. The odometer was creatively integrated into a custom digital display in the tank. Very clean setup. I will say the massive V6 engine with a stock only 1 rider seat position makes for an invigorating ride! A rolling Crome engine with a seat. Lol

#331 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

"It takes a real man to ride a Sportster!"
--dude in Harley service.

Actually I think he may have been the Sales Person with that statement. Like the sportster as it fits a market place but as you ride it for a while you Will save and scratch for one of the Big HD's toys. I did the same. Again, not a knock on the Sportster but do yourself a favor and Ride it for awhile before investing in to many HD chrome bits. Remember, in HD resale those bits have almost 0.0 value. Ask Any Harley rider!! I have since gone to their biggest hog class. The lazy mans HD couch. And Yes, the tech said "You need to be a Real man to own that." Lol I can say honestly while I like the HD, for comfort, HP, technology, performance, etc, etc this is not my ride of choice most days. Just an opinion of My bikes!!

IMG_3645 (resized).jpg

#335 2 years ago
Quoted from BillySastard:

This is my new ride now when I need my motorcycle fix. I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to admit that yes, I ride a Sporty, and yes, it's my wife's bike.

That post is Too funny but very honest. Sportster was designed, conceived, and priced for a specific audience. Trust me, I work with Harley Corp in WI!

2 weeks later
#448 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

I've noticed I've been listening to a lot more Judas Priest since I bought this bike.

Just some honest advice. Practicing in your driveway (unless its 4 miles long) is a tip over guaranteed to happen and minimal at best learning experience. Im not saying jump into traffic though!! I have been riding for 25 years now and successfully taught many a beginner to ride, respect the machine, and build Confidence in yourself And the bike your riding. A safety course IS your best friend though most avoid it as to easy or just for kids. Nope. If you want to learn on your own, scout out a local area parking lot with Wide open space and at least a block in length if possible. Notice which days or times there are No or Minimal cars present. Slowly and carefully (I have done this at 5am if necessary) make your way to the lot and start some general confidence runs. Straight line acceleration to brake followed buy straight line with gear changes up and downshift. Keep doing it until YOU feel confident. Move on to large ovals drives (pretend your a Nascar guy from Indiana lol) slowly!! Change that up with some Large figure 8's and focus on shifting up and down like daily accelerating would be coming to a stop Each time. After doing this a Few days mix thing up by using the parking lines as turning points, even tighter turning radiuses. Dont let anyone distract you and wear All your gear All the time! With the bike you have you should Easily get to third gear up shift and down with no problem in a parking lot. And the Larger area will better simulate basic street use compared to trying to make circles in your driveway. Remember, in 99% of motorcycle driving the handlebars rarely turn more than 2". Its more of a leaning process than a turning process. Be safe and hopefully my suggestion guides you to a comfortable skill level.

#456 2 years ago
Quoted from Freeplay40:

Just want to throw in my 2 cents here on safety. Over the years I had a couple things happen to me which demonstrate the vulnerability you experience on a motorcycle when shi# happens.
Sitting at stop light with a friend on the back waiting for a light change to cross a 4 lane road. My light turns green and I ease away from a stop then notice that a car approaching from my right does not appear to be stopping. I pull in the clutch and hesitate while that care flies right through the intersection right in front of me. My friend on the back happened to be looking to the left at the car skidding into us from that direction. We were broadsided by a 1962 Chevrolet Impala (Yes this one was a few years ago). I took the brunt of the hit to my left foot which in turn broke the engine case (Good thing I had boots on). We were thrown to the ground hard enough that it cracked my helmet. Cause of the accident? Failure of the Impala to treat an "out" stop light like a stop sign. My lights were working, but the cross lights weren't.....don't see that very often.
Fast forward to recent. On the Harley...Had been sitting waiting for a car to turn for what seemed like forever. Once the car turned, I'll admit I accelerated heavily...mostly to make noise...away only to come upon another car waiting to turn which resulted in me braking a little harder that I would have normally....here is the point of this mishap. Whenever you brake, you must always envision a way out or an escape. That thinking which is hardwired into me naturally caused me to veer towards the right shoulder as I braked. I stopped just fine, but I was close to the right edge of the lane... Then it happened. I hear this incredible crash behind me and reflex told me to flee. Once I heard the crash I took off around the car ahead of me. In those split seconds I felt a little nudge as I pulled away. It was the vehicle right behind me that got hit at about 35 mph. It was a newer Ford pickup with rounded bumpers and as it got hit forward...while I was pulling away, all that happened was that I had a turn signal knocked off.
So if I had not accelerated to make some noise, I might have ended up in the center of the lane and got sandwiched. I doubt I would have been hurt badly but my bike certainly would have been crunched.
So the piece of safety advice I will pass to this discussion...always, always know your escape route. On freeways, avoid center lanes. Right lane or left lane give you much better escape routes.

All 100% fact and I would also add; assume the cars around you do Not see you and they are Not paying attention! Also, like Freeplay notes, have a plan Before you need one. When you Think you have enough space around you or are following far enough find More space! Most all (except for improperly trained operators) motorcycle accidents are the fault or reaction to a poor cage (car) driver. Ride assuming they want to hit you and you’ll have a long riding carrier. Lol

#457 2 years ago

Let me say having toured most of Indiana from ommish shipshewana area to Jasper IN you sir have a beautiful property! Would Hate to maintain it but awesome none the less. Have many friends co-workers in the Avon, Cicero, and the Fishers/Carmel area. Ride safe, you can be cool and loud After you get off the bike!

#477 2 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Ill tell you a story about the only time I rode a bike messed up. I friend of mine for 18 years was dyeing of liver cancer. He was sick all the time and couldn't eat. He tried medication but it didn't work so he bought a huge bag of grass and pretty much smoked all day. It took away the pain and gave him an appetite. I went to visit him one day on the bike, I had owned my first motorcycle for about two months. He rolled a fattie, took a couple of hits off of it and passed it to me. I said no declined because I was on the bike but he said; "look man, Im dying and this may be the last time you see me alive, smoke a joint with me one last time". I really had no choice. This was medical grade pot and I am a lightweight. I took about 4 hits off that shit and I was plastered. Im really not sure how I made it home. I could not get the damn bike in neutral so I had to hold the clutch in the whole way. Everything was a blur and I found myself wondering how I got from one place to the next. I thought everyone was going to pull out in front of me so I wound up creeping down the road in 3rd gear hitting the brakes when a car pulled up on a side street. It was too weird and I never want to be wasted on a bike again. Stupid, yes but funny after the fact and funny to the person watching or hearing the story. My friend died a week later making that the last time I saw him alive.

Lol. Reminds me of a post I once used. "Drunk drivers drive through stop signs, High people wait for them to turn Green!"

2 months later
#588 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

On the plus side, I changed the oil. Shit was blackened and foul. Also threw half a can of Gumout carb cleaner in tank. Then it ran, then it died. Ain't fkd with it today.
It's an 05 1200 with 15k clicks. Guessing a carb rebuild is a must?

Grzzz. Its been a while since I used it but in the past when I had fowled carbs I would always use "SeaFoam". Available at most automotive suppliers. Cleans EVERYthing out especially after letting it sit for a winter. Do some reading on it and check out a few how to videos. Pretty easy and Really brings it back to new unless you have worn out jets. Good Luck.

#593 2 years ago
Quoted from Gryszzz:

Huh. You were in my wifes class. I never went to college but all my girlfriends did.

Shows how much they learned in college! Apparently they don't teach wise life choices. Budum-bum Lol.

6 months later
#629 1 year ago
Quoted from Foo:

Just got her out from winter hibernation. Didn't even put the bags on yet. Thinking about taking a half day to put some miles on today.

Nice FJR. I still say that was the best bike I ever owned and I owned Many. Even with all the luggage I could lift the front end and it handled like a guided missile. I did so many mods on that bike, miss her. The seat was crap though otherwise a Perfect bike for any occasion. Congrats.

1 week later
#651 1 year ago
Quoted from zr11990:

I sold my V-Rod last week so I only have one bike now. The wife wants me to buy a bagger though with a throne so she can fit her big ass on the back.

Lets Hope she doesn't read any of your posts! lol Go Ultra your really like it!

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