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How is Metallica Pro with the current code?

By lukerp

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

Hey all,

I've been mulling over the purchase of a newer game here and there, and am at a bit of a crossroads. Here's where I sit.

AC/DC is a really good game. I like it, but EVERYONE says to get the premium, because it's miles beyond the pro. There are some people who argue for the pro due to the extra speed from the standup targets versus drop targets, but it seems like at least ninety percent of people say "go premium." I get the feeling I'd feel a little underwhelmed with the pro, as I've only played the premium, and am worried I'd fall into the "that's a lot of extra money for the game" camp if I bought the premium, and the "I should have spent the extra money" camp if I bought the pro.

That leads me to Metallica. There isn't a monstrous difference between the pro and the premium that I can see, and I don't think I'd have the conundrum I'd have with AC/DC. With that said, AC/DC is complete, and Metallica isn't. So, as it stands, how is the Metallica code? If they never updated it again, would to be happy spending $4,500 on it? Thanks in advance.


#2 5 years ago

I bought a met pro last week..i played the pro and the premium and couldnt justify the extra money for the hammer and spinners...i am very happy with the met pro as it is very fast, great to look at and sounds great.

Ac/dc however is different, after playing both the pro and premium i would only own a premium. The biggest reason is the hideous artwork in the middle of the pro playfield. Gameplay is much different between pro and prem...much more different than met pro vs. Prem

As far as code goes the met pro is fun as is but can be so much better with proper code...only time will tell

#3 5 years ago

Met Pro code is coming. So if you like the game buy it, it's not being abandoned.

#4 5 years ago

It could be an awesome game but I am ignoring it right now as I wait for code. I was to the point of accomplishing all or nearly all it has to offer on each game and I am an average player. If I didn't see the potential for greatness I would have let it go. Dream theme and Lyman rep are keeping it in the collection for now.

The sounds/shots/toys/ are all great as is.

EDIT: TO answer your question, without code I would NOT be happy. Unedit...

Disclaimer...I have a pinball refinery pro which I believe is superior to a regular pro. I would recommend the game either way. It is a good table with partial code. My assumption is it will be great shortly.

#5 5 years ago


Thanks all for the input. I just don't want the license on AC/DC to lapse before I make up my mind!


#6 5 years ago

luke I don't imagine the AC/DC license thing is a big worry, they just announced a new 'premium' AC/DC game (luci) a month or so ago.

#7 5 years ago

I bought an AC/DC premium because the PRO seemed so watered down. I do love the ACDC premium, but since I had my fill of it and moved on from it, I would go PRO in a heartbeat to save some cash from the premium, because I had ''been there done that'' It is a great polished pin in either pro, or premium.

As for Metallica Pro, I absolutely love it.
I played the premium first, (and have since) and do not like the hammer that blocks the playfield at all, I don't need a snake jaw that moves, I don't care for the mini subway (slows down gameplay) Don't care for the rising cross. I do like the premium spinners, but I'll live without. I went PRO all the way and have had no regrets. While the code is still a baby, I love playing this pin. Love the shots and gameplay, I find it very addicting.

I bought mine with about 60 plays on it, full led kit, cliffy protectors, perfect in everyway. I'm in to it for about $4300 and have had no regrets.

#8 5 years ago

I have the AC/DC pro - and have played the premium. I don't feel like I am missing that much - the premium is very nice don't get me wrong but I had money for the pro so thats what I got.

The code on Metallica is beyond bad - they have not earned you buying that game yet. Perhaps wait the week out and see if the code makes the game at least a game.

#10 5 years ago

Hey Luke, you're welcome to come over and try out a Metallica pro. Just let me know.

#11 5 years ago

Owning both ACDC prem and Metallica Pro - ACDC Prem:
Metallica is a solid smooth player right now but codes isn't there yet ....so I hold onto it till then.
ACDC if its never touched again code wise is a great game and a standard for all Prem...IMO.

If you have to go pro do to cost- get the Metallica and add spinners -leds- shaker and sub.

ACDC prem just add shaker or better yet buy one with one second hand for 5600-5800...they are out there now.

#12 5 years ago

What is the current code? The Metallica I play is on 1.22 but I can't find what the latest version is. I still love it but can't wait until they finish the code. I haven't been able to defeat Seek & Destroy yet so still working on doing better with the current code...

#13 5 years ago

Metallica Pro is a fun pin, but when my 11 year old plays it and immediately notices that "Mystery" is always 500K and asks me about it, you know the code is incomplete! That is just one of the items that is obviously left unfinished. I still have a blast playing it, and it will get much better when the code is updated for all of the missing features.

If you feel comfortable doing a little work on your pin, you can add the missing Spinners, they are not that expensive for the parts needed. I wired them up for scoring and sound and have it working per this thread:

IMHO, If your a fan of the band, you will enjoy the pin, even in its current state...

#14 5 years ago

Premium is fun. Mystery is always add fuel or 500k however

#15 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Met Pro code is coming. So if you like the game buy it, it's not being abandoned.

I have the exact opposite opinion. If you like it, wait a bit more to make sure Stern turns it into a great game. And if they do, then buy it. They don't get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

#16 5 years ago

I've played both and the pro is the better choice. I'm not sure if the hammer is sorted yet completely but my pro is rock solid. As others have said the code needs to mature but its a fun game.

#17 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

I have the exact opposite opinion. If you like it, wait a bit more to make sure Stern turns it into a great game. And if they do, then buy it. They don't get the benefit of the doubt anymore.

Good point, if the code is really as close as I think it is then might as well just wait. If the code sucks (man I doubt it) or I'm full of shit then you don't have a crappy pin. Patience just sucks (ask all the Metallica owners).

#18 5 years ago

current code is version 1.22 and that was released back in early August 2013! It needs some major work, hoping code comes soon. The game is just ok, but it will hope to be a top 20 game soon!

#19 5 years ago

Where can you buy the spinners?

#20 5 years ago

Spinners - switches-diodes - screws are in stock at PBlife, they can order brackets for you.
If you need spinner decals I have some left from my mod project.$8 shipped.

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