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How do I get a refund frm German Gaming Supplies

By zr11990

2 years ago

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    #51 1 year ago

    Hi everyone. So I needed a display and simply searched for a 128x64 and stumbled across dominiks product. I sent him an email, got a response and an invoice. I paid the invoice and asked about shipping. They are assembling units now and shipping next week.

    He has been responsive to my questions and I have not found a reason to be concerned yet. To be fair, I did not see this thread until now and if I had prior I likely would have not ordered anything. I just wanted to let this thread know that things seem to be going well with this order and I will update as things progress.

    #52 1 year ago
    Quoted from DorkVonWaterfall:

    i bought a LED color DMD (DMDMK66) from Pinballsp instead
    within 5 days i had the product in my machine....top nice, quality product,good communication with the seller (Louis) only downside is that the coloring software is not finished yet, but the stock 4 color palette works great....

    So this product works, and it has 4 shades of color that we can choose from? Is it easy to install?

    #53 1 year ago

    Correct and it’s easy to install

    #54 1 year ago

    The DMDMK66 display is extremely easy to install and works with your existing power and data cables. Drops in place in under 7 minutes and is ready to go. You can use a micro SD card and a text editor to customize settings after that.

    #55 1 year ago

    Im surprised pinballsp has not posted here yet!

    Rappel just viewing and not even bothering to update any one with a explanation for the delays is just embarrassing.

    Seems very good at the taking money part just not the actual delivering the product part!

    Should really take up the buy/build THEN sell stocked product! (instant shipping) model. Rather then the collect lots of money buy the parts then assemble and ship when done! (after very long time, with not much motivation as already collected the money)

    Nothing really changes in the pinball dmd after market world around here

    #56 1 year ago

    It's Rappelbox you're talking about, not PinballSP.

    #57 1 year ago

    Is Rascal and lucky1 the same person or org? I can't keep the two parties straight.

    Who is who?

    #58 1 year ago

    4 days ago Rappelbox had no problems and tons of time on his hands to post in this thread.

    But the real news is colordmd makes this product now.

    cfd2011b1274f0e4b424b9536bf0f3cc8c866548.png (resized).jpg

    #59 1 year ago
    Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

    But the real news is colordmd makes rhis product now.

    The ColorDMD threads go apeshit when other products are mentioned in there, at least have the common courtesy not to dick ride in this thread.

    #60 1 year ago
    Quoted from emkay:

    The ColorDMD threads go apeshit when other products are mentioned in there, at least have the common courtesy not to dick ride in this thread.

    I was offering a courtesy to those that dont want to deal with overseas and delayed shipping.
    I get what your saying 100%, I do.
    However, quid pro quo, damage done. They will continue to post anyway.
    This is also a refund thread not a "other product" thread.

    #61 1 year ago

    Received shipping confirmation this morning. Did I just get lucky on timing with my order?

    #62 1 year ago

    A post from him on Facebook today. Apparently there is improvement in production

    For the sake of pinball, Let’s hope it’s permanent.

    B6155D17-4F2A-4519-A887-FA9D32650626 (resized).png

    #63 1 year ago

    Hopefully, finally, after 18 months, he's sorted himself out then.

    1 week later
    #64 1 year ago

    Hello, last part of this story

    Since January il would buy plug and play pinDMD. I didn’t want do it by me for not waiting the shipping of Chinese product and dont lose time to make it.

    In the end, I waited longer and I have to fix it.

    Before showing you the received material and telling you the history I am would say thank you for Dominik who answered my questions and he help me for that everything works

      The 5 January

    I order a Pin DMD with wifi programated SD card and power supplie.

    The website tell me shipping between the 22/01 and the 26/01.

    The same day i buy a 60 in one jamma card in china.

      January 29th

    no change in my order. I send an e-mail, a message on Facebook and a MP To Dominik. No answer.

      January 30th

    I add Dominik on Facebook to contact him on its personal account. He announces me problems with the pannel supplier.

    « Sorry for the delay, we had some troubles with fulfilling all orders since our panel supplier could not deliver as fast as he promised »

      February 1st

    my order can be sent before the weekend.

      February 3rd:

    Your parcel was prepared but not shipped. I will hand it over to the shipping company at the beginning of next week.

      February 7th

    not sent parcel. Either saying carrier's problem:

    No, the initial parcels of last week are all stuck!!! That’s why I send out new ones

      From 7 till 9 February

    no news, no tracking number. The 10 February, I receive my card 60 in one from china… I post on the forums to describe my problem.

    Dominik does not like that and wishes to cancel my order who is normally sent since February 7th…

    The parcel is not sent because of an employee:

    I have an employee now doing the work since I couldn’t catch up with all the orders! Because of that especially smaller orders sometimes get lost in my memory and I often need to check these up! This is also the issue with your parcel. Nothing big, only need to check where it is and how long it will take to arrive at your place.

      On February 10th at 9 am

    I receive a notification dhl without tracking numbers. I begin to be fed up with it I reposte on forum what does not please the seller:

    I think I did NOT allow you to use personal conversation being posted on public forums so I think I might cancel your order and send you the refund.

    So i decide to erase my post.

    About the tracking number for Dominik it is normal because:

    Parcels are not being picked up on saturdays, you might know that or not.

    Except that in the evening at 5:46 pm I receive the tracking numbers, strange …

      On February 12th

    I receive a photo of my parcel. It will arrive finally at my home on February 16th.

    This is what I receive:

    Badly set, dangerous connector. The black thread does not hold in the connector impossible to lock it.

    Connecteur (resized).jpg

    Cable are badly welded, some hold only by 2 stalk of thread.

    soudure (resized).jpg

    soudure2 (resized).jpg

    soudure3 (resized).jpg

    The dot was curved

    ecran (resized).jpg

    Wifi modul is missing

    wifi (resized).jpg

    The sd card not contain the colorisation files that i asked him to put on.

    The power supplie ordered is one 5v while on the threads it is asked to feed it with 6v minimum and on the regulationpcb there it is indicated 12V …

    Domink pays off to me the WiFi module telling me that anyway it is of no use:

    To be honest, the actual firmware does not really make use of WiFi and as far as I understood lucky1 he does not add more features in the near future.

    For the power cable he indicates me repairing him just how and does not suggest me replacing him while there is nothing to make of that received.

    So i fix it but he doesn’t work. Dominik tell my to check my ribbon and search other solution but finallay a RAZ of the configuration solve my problems.

    In brief, I am satisfied by the material. I think that Domonik is overwhelmed, I recommended him to make bulk buy.

    I Hope that the quality is better when he has no knife under the throat but I did not ask him for the moon just to hold me informed…

    that's all folks.

    PS/ Excused my English.

    #65 1 year ago

    The quality looks awful

    #66 1 year ago

    DUDE, holy crap! I think you're giving this guy way too much credit. That looks absolutely terrible compared to what I received for a 128x32 shield board a year ago. Now I'm glad I went with the Fast Pinball displays and bracket. And like yours, mine wasn't working either. The actual 14 pin data connector was installed and wired wrong. Thank goodness we figured it out and got it working, but every once in a while it will freeze making me have to restart the game. I've never had such serious quality control issues from an LED or even original plasma display, and the continuous communication issues others have been seeing to boot.

    #67 1 year ago
    Quoted from aganim:

    I Hope that the quality is better when he has no knife under the throat but I did not ask him for the moon just to hold me informed…
    that's all folks.
    PS/ Excused my English.

    I could 'feel' your struggle writing that. I certainly understood it, but you remind me of when I try to write German letters to friends. It takes me quite awhile to figure out the correct word usage and my messages barely 'pass' the test. I was smiling when I read that because I could see your brain working! Ha.

    I was NOT smiling to read all the bad luck you had with this. I had a similar situation, and after nearly a year, thankfully I was given a refund when I sent the board back. You are much smarter than me. I could never have repaired it like you did.

    By the way, I was in Nancy many years ago. My cousin and his wife lived there. They had a baby girl and they named her Nancy Lorraine. You understand where that came from, don't you? Ha. A nice name.

    Au revoir!
    Mike in Kentucky, USA

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