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How are you in pinball? - POLL

By boogies

8 years ago

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    Topic poll

    “How would you consider yourself related to pinball?”

    • Player - Just turn 'em on and start to plung 27 votes
    • Fixer - Person that likes to shop 'em and replace needed parts 27 votes
    • Restoration - Full blown take it apart and dissect away 19 votes
    • Reseller - Looking for good Deal and Flip it ASAP. 1 vote
    • Collector - Keeping a part of history for longevity 18 votes

    (92 votes)

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    #1 8 years ago

    I have met several people (for a smaller niche market of people that we are) in the last few years since I began this hobby, and lately I have been wondering what kind of percentages of different hobbiests there are.
    I have the poll setup with the most kinds of pinball people out there that I could think of.
    Please take a moment and vote and comment as needed.
    If you would consider yourself something different, please comment.

    #2 8 years ago

    I restore, play and collect so not sure how to pigeon hole myself.

    #3 8 years ago
    Quoted from TaylorVA:

    restore, play and collect

    If you don't resell then I would consider you a collector foremostly (we all play, and some I.E. HEP are more into Restoration)

    #4 8 years ago

    I voted as a Fixer, since I probably enjoy working on my machines ALMOST as much as I do playing them, but I can never seem to keep them long enough to consider myself a collector. I cannot do restoration quality work, and I am definately not just a player, as I love to "Tinker"

    #5 8 years ago

    Did not vote because none fit me exactly. I would say 3/5 match at the same time. I'm a player, fixer, collector. Can't see selling any of mine in the near future, but now that mine seem up to par, starting to look for another.

    #6 8 years ago

    I am all of the above !


    #7 8 years ago

    I'm a lover, not a fighter.

    Oh sorry, wrong forum. Ummmm...player, collector, fixer in that order.

    My hat changes daily.

    #8 8 years ago

    everything that you listed... but I don't flip them asap. I has to give them some lovin first.

    #9 8 years ago

    everything but reseller, prob keep most of my machines for a while aka several years each so wouldnt consider that reseller, do like the aspect of getting cheaper and fixing it on my own

    #10 8 years ago
    Quoted from dvandentop:

    do like the aspect of getting cheaper and fixing it on my own


    Ok I voted for fixer. I fix them to play to my liking, but have not yet done a full restore, and have no plans to sell any of mine yet.

    #11 8 years ago

    Pinball Player

    #12 8 years ago

    I want to Play & Own them All . I Fix'em , Pimp'em , Play'em and sell them.. NF is 4-Sale Now !!

    . I will have an ad in the Correct Thread tomorrow..

    #15 8 years ago

    I'm all of the above... I love to play, I collect obscure games (some will probably never work, so can't say I buy these to play), I love to strip games down I want to keep and get 'em looking pristine, I fix 'em myself and I buy good deals to sell on to help pay for the games I keep... You should have allowed more than one vote boogies

    #16 8 years ago

    Fixer, Player and Collector in that order. I'm not in this hobby to flip games and make money out of them. I don't do any full restorations, but I'll get any recently acquired games back up into fully working order. If there is a fault on one, I'm happy to get out the test meter and fix the problem. I also like having some of the games that I played as a teenager in my collection.

    Yes, it should have been a multi-choice poll.

    #17 8 years ago
    Quoted from TaylorVA:

    I restore, play and collect so not sure how to pigeon hole myself.

    +1 I love all aspects of the hobby. Haven't sold one yet.

    #18 8 years ago
    Quoted from The_Dude_Abides:

    Combo player and fixer myself.

    me to!


    #19 8 years ago

    voted as a player, but inevitably if you wanna play ya gotta fix.

    #20 8 years ago

    Player/fixer, like both aspects of ownership; actually I don't see how the two can be seperate.

    #21 8 years ago

    I voted player as I enjoy that the most, but I enjoy working on them from time to time.

    #22 8 years ago

    i would say all of the above....some are bought to fix, clean, play for a bit, and sell to help bring on that new game. Completing my second full top to bottom restoration and hope to do at least 1 more this winter. My keepers (AFM, MM & SM for far) are hopefully going to stay for a long time which would be the collector part. Tough question...I guess I go into the hobby to be a Player but decided I wanted all the best games and the only way I figured I could do it was by trading/selling and making my way up. My head hurts, I dont know which answer to choose?

    #23 8 years ago


    #25 8 years ago
    Quoted from tatman9999:



    #26 8 years ago

    Collector, player, Getting better at fixing them everyday
    Obviously by my history I sell them too.

    #27 8 years ago
    Quoted from RWH:

    Player/fixer, like both aspects of ownership; actually I don't see how the two can be seperate

    I know a couple people that have pins, and don't know how to work on them at all - kinda sad, because repairing them gives a self satisfaction. You know that the next time you roll over that switch, it's gonna work.

    Quoted from Outlane-Avoider:

    Yes, it should have been a multi-choice poll

    +1, This was the first poll that I did - didn't relize that there was a multi-choice

    Something else I didn't put in the choice was Coin-Op

    #28 8 years ago

    You should add "Adventurer/Hunter" to that list as well Boogies!
    As for me,
    I am just a simple 'pinhead' (one who loves EvErY aspect of the Pinball culture)...
    No more, no less.

    Why just have one piece of pie when you can enjoy/share the whole thing!



    Who wants some pie???

    #29 8 years ago

    I do everything, but mostly a fixer/player.

    #30 8 years ago

    Unless you have deep pockets I don't know how you could be a player or collector without being a fixer/restorer. Having said that, I know there are people who own machines with no desire or knowledge to fix them. There's certainly nothing wrong with that but I think your missing a rewarding part of the hobby if you don't open the hood on occasion.

    Me, fixer/restorer primarily but I wouldn't put in the effort if they weren't a great deal of fun to play as well. Plus I really enjoy giving others the opportunity to play machines they wouldn't otherwise be able to.

    #31 8 years ago

    Im a player baby. Heres a pic standing next to my pinhauler. It doubles as a limo when Im taking my b*tchs out to make me money. Word. Sorry, I couldnt resist. Love to play first, clean second, repair last. sell...notta, never. just buy more to enjoy.


    Hey baby, I've got a HUO WH2O in here. Wanna take a ride?

    #32 8 years ago

    I collect & restore thus could not vote.

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