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House Plants - The Official Pinside Thread

By vid1900

1 year ago

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#51 1 year ago
Quoted from danisme:

And Vid I swear there's nothing you don't seem to know.

The longer you live, the more dumb stuff you know

#52 1 year ago

Our Jade flowered.

3A4AD30D-5A95-470E-9564-B2ED5347CA04 (resized).jpeg3A4AD30D-5A95-470E-9564-B2ED5347CA04 (resized).jpeg
#53 1 year ago

I honestly have never seen it do that! Very nice!

Quoted from SeaOttre:Our Jade flowered.
[quoted image]

1 week later
#54 1 year ago

I live on a 4th floor. I call this my terrace garden.

0CCA63A4-F715-4023-AEB2-128AC79D52D5 (resized).jpeg0CCA63A4-F715-4023-AEB2-128AC79D52D5 (resized).jpeg24EA4C42-C96C-412C-8918-A431C09F6971 (resized).jpeg24EA4C42-C96C-412C-8918-A431C09F6971 (resized).jpegB1187497-EC35-4E42-A665-B4FAAD2C54D7 (resized).jpegB1187497-EC35-4E42-A665-B4FAAD2C54D7 (resized).jpegF17573C0-086F-421E-A5D5-4EA7D52278CF (resized).jpegF17573C0-086F-421E-A5D5-4EA7D52278CF (resized).jpegF27E6DCB-9E04-4EF4-B6E6-79D266C1168F (resized).jpegF27E6DCB-9E04-4EF4-B6E6-79D266C1168F (resized).jpeg
#55 1 year ago

No one above. The plants are unique even in cali, a couple are.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#56 1 year ago

I feel very fortunate and need more plants.

#57 1 year ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

I live on a 4th floor. I call this my terrace garden.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

That Staghorn is great

#58 1 year ago

I have a friend who has a stag horn in his front yard that is at least thirty years old. That is a clipping from it.

I will take pictures of their front yard and back areas.

It is is interesting to note, before I had my stroke and three brain surgeries I lived 50 years of life not really caring too much about gardens.

Now I am fascinated by them.

The garden guns and roses including vocals from Alice cooper.

#59 1 year ago

To be potted and that one is starting to flower…

691B3959-B22E-400A-B2DE-056CE41E23F0 (resized).jpeg691B3959-B22E-400A-B2DE-056CE41E23F0 (resized).jpeg
#60 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

The local funeral home has some monster fiddles, seemingly in a pretty dark location. I asked their secret, and they said that a plant rental company swaps them out every few weeks. That's cheating.

Yes, I used to run a plant care company. We would go to wealthy peoples houses and wipe down each leaf and swap out plants when needed. They can afford and like to keep plants in their closet in the dark or in low light scenarios where they won't flourish no matter how nice you are to the plants, but always want them looking nice regardless.

#61 1 year ago

Here was my last V having a snack. If they start to flower then cut it off, or it wont live long enough to tell the tale.

Screenshot_20230106_175207_Facebook (resized).jpgScreenshot_20230106_175207_Facebook (resized).jpg

#62 1 year ago

Updated lighting!

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#63 1 year ago

Home Depot has a bunch of LED plant lights (real ones that look pinkish, not scammy "full spectrum") for 75% off on clearance:

48" $19 https://brickseek.com/home-depot-inventory-checker/?sku=311637980

24" $11 https://brickseek.com/home-depot-inventory-checker/?sku=311637979

12" $6 https://brickseek.com/home-depot-inventory-checker/?sku=311633359

They are not in the clearance section, they are at the tops of the racks in lighting at every store I've seen them at.

#64 1 year ago

These orchids keep coming back. This is the 5th cluster in a year.

C9BA712D-16CA-4A24-9A9D-8C66F260EFBA (resized).jpegC9BA712D-16CA-4A24-9A9D-8C66F260EFBA (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#65 1 year ago

The flower opens and closes. Looks like about three more to follow.

E6B278C8-C7A8-4C23-B20B-296130A6BF87 (resized).jpegE6B278C8-C7A8-4C23-B20B-296130A6BF87 (resized).jpeg
#66 1 year ago

My wife is getting into the plant hobby…

15A47439-A543-4ECB-8117-96EFD3878145 (resized).jpeg15A47439-A543-4ECB-8117-96EFD3878145 (resized).jpeg
#67 1 year ago

My desert rose.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#68 1 year ago

Hey Guys,

I don't mean to take away from the collecting aspect of our posts but...will spraying Neem oil on my indoor potted Mediterranean Fan Palm help rid this plant of those white fuzzy spots (mealy bugs or fungus)? I read about possible causes of these spots from tap water poisoning to root rot. Overall, the plant still appears in good health. I appreciate the feedback.

20230125_111138 (resized).jpg20230125_111138 (resized).jpg20230125_111146 (resized).jpg20230125_111146 (resized).jpg20230125_111625 (resized).jpg20230125_111625 (resized).jpg
#69 1 year ago

Neem should take care of that.

Do several treatments to make sure you get the entire lifecycle of the flies

#70 1 year ago

Make sure you draw your plants out of their pots occasionally and see if they need repotting ...

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 12-01-56 r_whatsthisplant - Central VA USA what are these things growing on an oak tree They are certaiScreenshot 2023-01-25 at 12-01-56 r_whatsthisplant - Central VA USA what are these things growing on an oak tree They are certai
#71 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Make sure you draw your plants out of their pots occasionally and see if they need repotting ...[quoted image]

Thanks Vid! I will treat with Neem. You make a good point on drawing the plant out of its pot. I had a difficult time loosening the roots while transferring to a larger pot. Good info!

#72 1 year ago

Some random Huntington Library pics. I have never seen that water Lilly anywhere else.

148A14C2-E0F4-4B4E-A092-7A102CB44F54 (resized).jpeg148A14C2-E0F4-4B4E-A092-7A102CB44F54 (resized).jpeg1EA82EE8-B265-4A02-990C-05A4C1EA8A40 (resized).jpeg1EA82EE8-B265-4A02-990C-05A4C1EA8A40 (resized).jpeg51544FAE-9036-4958-BAA7-34A71BCAD6F1 (resized).jpeg51544FAE-9036-4958-BAA7-34A71BCAD6F1 (resized).jpeg59C6E08B-6CCF-4A88-817B-E80DCC10C9B9 (resized).jpeg59C6E08B-6CCF-4A88-817B-E80DCC10C9B9 (resized).jpeg
#73 1 year ago

Very cool place to visit. The private residence was 130 acres. Disneyland is about 500 acres comparatively. I wish I had an estate like the Huntington.

#74 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

Make sure you draw your plants out of their pots occasionally and see if they need repotting ...[quoted image]

How do you know if it needs repotting? Does that plant need it?

#75 1 year ago
Quoted from ectobar:

How do you know if it needs repotting? Does that plant need it?

General advice, there can be exceptions:

The roots should be growing downwards, away from the plant. When they start spiraling around the base of the plant, it's time to repot

If the leaves wilt if you miss a day of watering (there might be very little soil left).

If the leaves are yellowing, and you are not overwatering.

If the thick roots are coming out of the drainage holes.

Fast growing plants may need repotting once a year (maybe even more)

Older plants that have reached full size can go many years.


Flex the sides a little on plastic pots and just slide them out, maybe 2x a year. You will get an eye for when you need to repot

Clear plastic pots can let you see what's going on

s-l500 (resized).jpgs-l500 (resized).jpg
#76 1 year ago
Quoted from Azmodeus:

Some random Huntington Library pics. I have never seen that water Lilly anywhere else.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Walkthrough of the six acre Lilly pond. Yes, I want my house to look like this.

1 week later
#77 1 year ago
D6896E6F-B073-417A-AA11-4F0527B4C963 (resized).jpegD6896E6F-B073-417A-AA11-4F0527B4C963 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#78 1 year ago


EA392604-6CD0-4394-82AB-4F076F60CB3A (resized).jpegEA392604-6CD0-4394-82AB-4F076F60CB3A (resized).jpegimage (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#79 1 year ago

Those bell shaped flowers are my favorite. They have been flowering since early December.

image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
#80 1 year ago
image (resized).jpgimage (resized).jpg
1 week later
#81 1 year ago

Don't throw away your Poinsettias!

They need full sunshine and need to be kept damp. (Exactly if the opposite of everything you've probably been told)

This was in the garbage at the butcher:

#82 1 year ago

My poinsettia, and some of the others, need more tlc.

20230226_091930 (resized).jpg20230226_091930 (resized).jpg

3 months later
#83 9 months ago

One of my orchids is blooming.

P1040462 (resized).JPGP1040462 (resized).JPG

#84 9 months ago
IMG_1608 (resized).jpegIMG_1608 (resized).jpeg
1 month later
#85 8 months ago

Here is that garbage picked poinsettia from post #81

Most of the red leaves have dropped, tons of new growth.

Keeping it moist, full sun.


#86 7 months ago

Azmodus entering the Bonsai Hut


#87 7 months ago

Aerial root heaven

#88 7 months ago
#89 7 months ago
#90 7 months ago
#91 7 months ago

Geek alert; Aldi has 12 sided die ceramic planters this week

#92 7 months ago

Anybody know about grapefruit plants? About 15 years ago, I planted some grapefruit seeds from a grapefruit I got at the supermarket. Surprisingly, several grew but I now only have one that lived. However, it has grown about 6 feet tall.

Once or twice it has flowered, but I have never gotten it to actually produce a grapefruit. Since I live in PA, I can't plant it outside year round as it is too cold in the winter. I put it on the deck in the spring and take it back inside in the fall. It grows well but no fruit! What am I doing wrong?

#93 7 months ago

You need bees, or you probably have to hand-pollinate

1 week later
#94 7 months ago

So I've got a zillion Parlor Palms from all the seeds that those MFers drop.

They even somehow grow in other plant's pots.

So I always dig them out and put them in their own pots to trade or sell.

Today I see that a bunch of Ants are carrying around and placing Aphids all over one of the 6 month old plants!

It's like they are keeping the Aphids as pets or something.

So stupid... and yes, these are inside the house.

It was fascinating to watch for about a half hour; then The Palm got moved outside, and blasted with Sevin.



1 week later
#95 7 months ago

One of my happy places.

71191443914__A88BC463-7592-4533-A597-AC4AF42F5407 (resized).jpeg71191443914__A88BC463-7592-4533-A597-AC4AF42F5407 (resized).jpeg71191445506__4C209F63-9CB8-4F92-A804-D424D31242CA (resized).jpeg71191445506__4C209F63-9CB8-4F92-A804-D424D31242CA (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#96 7 months ago

The Adromischus Cristatus says it's almost time to flower

#97 7 months ago

Striking flower but a smelly one for sure

P1050258 (resized).JPGP1050258 (resized).JPG
1 week later
#98 6 months ago

The only two things that love all this heat are Big Oil (so they have an excuse to raise gas prices) and Big Beef tomatos.

#99 6 months ago

These Yellow Cherry tomatoes come up all by themselves every year, and grow in the shade on the north side of the house.

I've tried transplanting a few to the sun, but then they stunt and don't produce fruit.

1 week later
#100 6 months ago

The Corpse Lilly or Voodoo Lilly (Amorphophallus Konjac, literally means deformed penis) grows from a giant tuber.

Best to grow it in a plastic tub, because the tuber grows so fast, it often breaks a clay pot.

It grows a single leaf (Yes that giant stalk is just a single leaf), that falls off every year.

Once the tuber is big enough, instead of a new leaf, a giant purple and black flower pops up. The flower lasts for a couple of days and smells exactly like a dead dog. Like a weird alien from a movie, the flower also heats up, to further disperse its stench.

Grows good indoors, but if the flower starts to emerge, you better put it outside before your wife kills you.

In Northern climates, you can grow it indoors, then plant it outside for the summer and bring it back in before fall.

Put it in the shade or partial sun.

The tuber produces more tubers under the soil, so you can cut those free of the mothership and grow more of them.

You can also pollinate the seeds from the flower, or take a cutting from the leaf, dip it in rooting powder and stick it in some moist dirt

I got this one from a guy who rents out his greenhouse to growers for Easter lilies and poinsettias, and he did not know what the hell it was:
all a single leafall a single leafnot a trunk, a leafnot a trunk, a leaf

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