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Hot Wheels it is - says Kaneda

By Krupps4

5 months ago

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Post #777 Hot wheels pinball flyer Posted by RobDutch (84 days ago)

Post #778 Picture of hot wheels pinball Posted by PismoArcade (84 days ago)

Post #838 Playfield pics Posted by wcbrandes (83 days ago)

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#120 5 months ago
Quoted from usandthem:

I've only played Houdini and the physics on it just don't seem right for too many shots, but I've certainly played much worse games. At least it looks and feels like a real pinball machine, unlike Spooky's rookie effort (AMH), which looks and feels like it was cooked up in somebody's garage..

Ha! I initially scanned that as "cooking up someone's garbage" thinking it was an Uncle buck reference.

Then I read it again.

#122 5 months ago
Quoted from mrm_4:

Most people see a car on a track in this picture.
Fold that orange track in half and I see what my mom would use to beat my ass with when I did something wrong when I was a kid.
I’m not sure how to feel about it
[quoted image]
Edit: That track would make for a cool shooter lane though

My sister got beat with orange hot wheels tracks with the purple connectors still on by a retarded girl in a purple poncho at the Retarded Children's Thrift Shop (real name, different time) in Ventura when we were kids. It was the wild west in there, with cheap stuff from rich people (donated from stars living in nearby Santa Barbara) and unsupervised kids of various mental states. True story from a very different time.

#131 5 months ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

Not one of those would be in my top 10

Yeah, no mention of Big Trouble in Little China or Fifth Element in a top 10? Heresy. I can't imagine either of those would be much more expensive than Hot Wheels.

AP_big trouble translite (resized).jpg
1 month later
#437 3 months ago
Quoted from LTG:

No idea what they are working on.
I just hope it looks good. And Rosh and Ferret bring the software home.
LTG : )
Disclaimer : And we see it soon.

I think every pinball fan would like to see AP get their on-screen art and art direction in order so they can succeed. More than any other single factor, success at AP depends on fixing their obvious on-screen art and art direction problems. BTTF with some talented artists handling the screen could be an AP hit that makes the artifically constrained rick and morty sales look very small by comparison.

3 weeks later
#541 89 days ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Check out this advertisement American Pinball placed in a magazine called replay.
Are you ready to get HOT? As in what Hot Wheels?
What do you guys think?
[quoted image]

CORONAVIRUS: The Pinball Experience?

#543 89 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Has there been any sales numbers released? I gathered it wasn’t selling great which is why I’ll be surprised if this really is Hot Wheels and not just a code name for a AAA licence, surely 3 games in now AP need a massive hit!?

They need good art/art direction most desperately of all. Hopefully this pin is the turning point for that.

And if Hot Wheels turns out to be code name for Back to the Future, all the better.

#569 88 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

The speculation that I’ve seen is that the combined sales of Houdini and Oktoberfest is south of 1000. Not good.

I will agree with that. I do think that AP has the potential to make a truly amazing game. There’s glimpses of that in both Houdini and Oktoberfest, no doubt about it.

AP needs to figure out who their target market is, and what their priorities are as well. Houdini here was sent down the road after a bug was introduced early last year that caused the game to crash when you cleared audits for collections, so essentially collections were messed up from then on. After it went unfixed for like 4 months the operator I help was done with AP and we sold it. I'm not positive, but I think it was like 6-8 months before it was fixed. Unacceptable if they are targeting operators. After this, Oktoberfest was a hard pass by the operator I work with, and I wasn't really excited about changing his mind. AP also had a situation where the Houdini high score screen didn't time out, so if someone on location didn't complete the high score entry, the machine was stuck as far as most casuals were concerned. That's a BASIC, first checklist kind of thing that should have never made it to release as-is. Things like those two examples do not endear AP to operators that can give them and their games street visibility.

That said, Barry was EXCELLENT support, beginning to end, every single time there was a parts or tech issue to report. GREAT contact point man for the company.

#571 88 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Not so sure Barry is still there any longer.

Well, that sucks for AP. I haven't had a need to call since Houdini was shown the door before last summer. If he's not, wherever he landed is very lucky. He's a great asset.

#573 88 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

My understanding is he landed a similar job local soon that will fully appreciate his hard work and dedication. Good guy.

Looks like he already has it on his linkedin as he started last month at JJP. Jack is lucky to have him.

Hopefully I don't have to bother him much for Guns N Roses!

#617 87 days ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

I would change that to CGC announcement on their next remake. Pretty sure they would want to get that out before launching the other. Also wouldn’t seam right for spooky to announce another game with so many people waiting on R&M. And you forgot Deeproot.

Maybe CGC partnership can be leveraged to accelerate the R&M builds? That'd make a lot of people happy and free up Spooky.

#637 86 days ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

will people be more receptive if it has 360 degree looped wireforms, a banked turn for the orbit, and a ball accelerating supercharger?[quoted image]

NASCAR's supercharger implementation sucked. Don't do that again.

#641 86 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

These are super fun, overpriced, coin operated toys too.[quoted image]

Reminds me of a funny vending machine video I saw this week:

#649 86 days ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

If it's not out on location earning money. That pinball machine is a expensive toy.

I see what you did there, repurposing the women theorem.

#728 85 days ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

Mustang is a decent Stern game, but the theme sucks. Seems like it could be comparable to Hot Wheels.

Would have been way better if they had left it Fast n Furious.

#730 85 days ago
Quoted from J85M:

Did the info ever get leaked why F&F didn’t happen? Vin Diesel is a fan of gaming and pushing F&F into every form of media/entertainment and merchandise as he can...

I'm assuming it came down to cost, but I have no actual inside knowledge of what happened.

#736 84 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Ford was involved. That is why some dealers had the Mustang pinball in their showroom.
LTG : )

Ford was involved in torpedoing the Fast and Furious theming that became Mustang?

#738 84 days ago

This is a VERY BAD SIGN for the next AP game. ZERO answer on the subject of improved artwork/animation - the thing AP needs to address most critically:

TWIP: ...American Pinball had listened to feedback on the first two machines regarding shots, artwork, rule design, etc. Can you elaborate any more what people can expect in regards to changes in those areas?

Michael Grant: I think, and hope, that the entire pinball community will enjoy what the next game provides in terms of game layout and rules. There has been some wonderful feedback from so many folks, and the entire design team has taken that to heart for a game that is much more straightforward and intuitive, not only for rules– but also the overall playfield layout. The flow and geometry are really very special and I can’t wait for everyone to experience what has been created.

#741 84 days ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

Overreacting much? Artwork and animations have been fine, besides gameplay is all that matters.

If gameplay is all that matters Oktoberfest would have been a smash. The art and animations (some say theme as well) made it a sales dud.

AP's on-screen art direction and animation is atrocious. It kind of worked for Houdini given the old-timey theme, but was glaringly bad on Oktoberfest. They need to fix it or they're going nowhere fast. For their official response to completely ignore the part of the TWIP question about fixing their art is a very bad sign.

#756 84 days ago

The title screen just leaked.

hot-wheels-attract-mode (resized).jpg
#764 84 days ago
Quoted from SkillShot:

I see they stepped up their graphics this time around.

Wait until you see it in motion. It puts 1994 flash animation to shame.

#839 83 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Congrats, the art doesn't immediately look like shit!

Houdini's cabinet and backglass art package was pretty well done. Oktoberfest not so much. The test will be the in-game art and animations. Very interested in seeing that in action.

#873 83 days ago
Quoted from TreyBo69:

Yeah there's nothing wrong with it per say. Danesi is trying to sell the mechs Pinball Life builds. But American Pinball has tried to do new stuff in the past, and these feels a little less ambitious. But hey, if they spent that money on making the screen look good then by all means that's a worthwhile tradeoff.

They're using repurposed Mattel Hot Wheels cartoon clips, so the ugly graphics are limited to the UI, score, etc. At least the Mattel part will look somewhat professional.

Unfortunately, the UI overlay looks to be more of the same. Too small fonts for some things, weird colors that don't work, bad layout. AP has apparently learned none of the lessons for success. At least they have some professional video clips of the hot wheels. That's something.
hotwheels-screen (resized).jpg

They desperately need a talented art director/artist to unify their screen presentation. And ideally a producer to oversee the projects and prioritize issues.

#878 83 days ago
Quoted from herbertbsharp:

That off-center LCD would drive me bonkers

They have an OCD package for $500 more where it's centered.

#894 83 days ago
Quoted from Nihonmasa:

[quoted image]

Can you shoot more video of the screen part while someone's playing?

#950 83 days ago
Quoted from PoMC:

I don't "get" the spinning car though.

Indy 500 has one with the shaker, but it makes sense and doesn't do it all the time. The constantly on one makes no visual sense.

#1024 83 days ago
Quoted from Zablon:

Hmm..I was expecting at least some form of looped ramp. Either a few like TFTC or an actual loop off the shooter lane.

Spiderman-like VUK is filling that spot on the scaled back Hot Wheels BOM.

Yikes, the screen in motion in the longer video is typical the AP graphical disaster. Bad color choices, hard to read, badly thought out. Literally zero lessons learned.

#1028 83 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

That link sends you to a walk thru at the Captain's auction. Did not watch the whole thing but don't believe they had this game there on saturday.

It would be nice if people just uploaded and linked youtube videos because they play within pinside, and no facebook visit required.

#1029 83 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

That link sends you to a walk thru at the Captain's auction. Did not watch the whole thing but don't believe they had this game there on saturday.

Jump in about a minute thirty.

EDIT: Better yet, just check a few posts below. I uploaded them to youtube. And linked them so they play here.

#1036 83 days ago

Here's a youtube embed of the video that doesn't require visiting the facebook pigpen:

Might take a while before youtube finishes processing it to full res.

Here's the other one:

#1040 83 days ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

The spinning car on a stick is rather disappointing, and probably distracting too.

It DOES stop, though. Not for long enough, but it does stop. The spin/stop ratio needs to be inverted. AT LEAST.

#1043 83 days ago
Quoted from delt31:

Apparently, per kaneda 6299 price..... I could be wrong but that's almost 1k less than the other two?

$650 less than Houdini list. So about 10% less price, 40% less stuff on the machine.

#1055 83 days ago
Quoted from Graysonsdad:

This is compatible to Sterns home line reveals. Fair enough. Companies are allowed to have some flops if they also have hits. Every Dialed In has its Pirates, Every Munsters has its Jurassic Park. Still waiting to see anything good from AP (Houdini defenders jump in here)
I dont know anyone in my league who would want an AP game so far.

I would personally have a Houdini again at some point. Demanding but fun game. But I can't see any operator bringing in AP games in any number the way they do not support them.

#1058 83 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

How isn't AP supporting them? Do you mean regarding code or customer service? Barry was always great, but is gone now.....

Barry was 100% awesome, always there to help with physical issues. JJP got a major boost by hiring him away.

However, breaking the operator audits, then leaving them broken for 6 months or more because it's "not a priority" is ridiculous. That's homebrew-level stuff. That actually happened on Houdini and is the reason the operator I work with canned the machine on the route and sent it on.

Contrast that with Stern on Iron Maiden when it had a 24/7 location-killing problem. When the lockup bug happened on week one, a version with the daily maintenance reboot workaround was out within about a week. It didn't FIX the lockup, but it prevented the machine from locking up. Stern experience with operator support on display.

No idea who is setting priorities at AP, but whoever it is has them COMPLETELY wrong if they want to pick up AND KEEP operator support. Another reason there needs to be a producer in the hierarchy.

#1060 83 days ago
Quoted from wesman:

Interesting. I'm definitely not familiar with routing games. So these were code based issues I presume?

Yeah. It happened in code. Code progress was fine for about a year, then a major code update broke the audits completely (it rebooted when you tried to clear them). They said fixing that was not an AP priority. Shocking. I couldn't believe what I was told, especially after working to push Houdini and talk up AP with the operator I was helping. That was the end of the AP route experiment, which sucked because the game was actually earning well.

#1075 83 days ago
Quoted from Aphex:

they probably thought we can use the mech from Indy 500

But the indy 500 one has a circular "racetrack" under the car, so at least it makes visual SENSE.

#1131 82 days ago
Quoted from PunkPin:

I havent watched much of the video but is that a vari-target in front of the loop?

Target on the left, kickback on the right.

#1134 82 days ago
Quoted from pinlink:

Can you show us your math on that?

You don't even need to count it out. Use your eyes. That's an awfully bare playfield compared to Houdini.

#1140 82 days ago
Quoted from o-din:

TSPP and Nascar too. There was also an EM at one near us.

Ours had Stern PotC. It was usually pretty broken. But you could get a TON of tickets on it because the high scores were usually so low.

#1167 82 days ago
Quoted from jwilson:

So the game looks like it might be fun, but I have to speak up about the screen. Look at this screen capture:
[quoted image]
The numbers are unreadable. This has been somewhat typical for AP games - using multiple fonts, with too many colours and not enough contrast. I didn't really comment on the previous games but now it's game 3 and this stuff is still happening.

AP doesn't want to hear this. They just want to justify that they're fine. Their screen UI has always been shades of amateur, but Oktoberfest and now Hot Wheels are new levels of atrocious and reeks of temp programmer art they just left there. It's 100% clear they don't have a producer with substantial game experience overseeing this, which is what they DESPERATELY need.

#1168 82 days ago
Quoted from Viggin900:

The layout reminds me of HighSpeed and I bet it plays just exciting. Becoming one of my new favorite games. If this was a Steve Ritchie design at Stern everyone would be praising it.

High Speed if it had two unfun, tiny lanes left and right that were hard to hit reliably. High Speed had NO NARROW SHOTS. This will not play like High Speed. At all.

#1194 82 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Pardon my ignorance on routed games, but why would audit #s trump earning #s and cause the route operator to get rid of it, if its earning?

Sorry, it was the earnings audits. Couldn't reset them for the next collection, so you had to keep a separate sheet or something in your phone. Huge pain. Replaced it with a machine that earned about the same and had correctly working audits that didn't crash.

#1195 82 days ago
Quoted from Roostking:

I used to rolleyes vireland when he critisized the the fonts and whatnot . I chalked it up to "Most arent watching the display when playing" then I saw this pic and thought ok, this is over the top horrible...

You ALL will come to the light eventually.

Well, unless you work at AP. Muhahahahahahahaha...

#1206 82 days ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Not saying it's right, but in AP's defense, their past games' graphics were pretty basic upon initial reveal as well. They subsequently improved a lot as code was developed further.
Now whether they improved enough is a different matter ...

The core issue of font selection, font size and placement, color choices, and general UI art direction are a problem across all AP games. ALL of them. Like I said, the UI reeks of "programmer art" that you would use as a placeholder in a commercial game and replace with the real thing later, only they don't do that. It's tragic, given their clear aspirations to quality evidenced in the mechanical construction of the machines.

#1236 81 days ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I’m sure the modders are all over that spinning car thing... I know I would be doing something with that rotational movement other than spinning that car around...

A giant spinning hot wheels car wheel would be a lot less distracting and more on-brand, but I'd rather have nothing there. It's visually annoying.

EDIT: Actually, just remove the spinning car and motor that drives it and put in a nice cartoony fat-needled tachometer to show the RPMs. That would be on-brand and not annoying to have in your field of view, even if it does duplicate some of the indication on the playfield.

#1241 81 days ago
Quoted from Coindork:

I think this is pretty much on point.

Given that you're eliminating a MOTOR, it is probably also cheaper, too. Seems like a win/win for AP and whoever the customers for this are.

#1247 81 days ago
Quoted from DanDanDAN:

OR it could be a blessing in disguise.

Vishnu works in mysterious ways.

#1253 81 days ago
Quoted from Viggin900:

Not to mention way deeper modes and tricky shots, just too deep and challenging for most people to experience at a show or arcade unfortunately. Thats why they came out with this kiddy version for the complainers. BTW the person who is going to respond about "tricky shots" and how they stink hasn't played either game in a long time and needs to practice. Or the machine wasn't set up right.

What kiddy version?

#1257 81 days ago
Quoted from Viggin900:

A kids theme game with simple ramps etc. Not to say hot wheels cant be enjoyed by adults as well. Most of us still follow star wars I think. Its not steampunk magic or fest drinking.

They didn't make a kid-friendly game. Check out the VERY narrow shots on the left and right sides. They're essentially the same as the trunk shot on Houdini. Very narrow, non-kid friendly lanes in a kid-friendly theme. A pin made for no one.

#1267 81 days ago
Quoted from Manic:

Did I miss something? They are making a poker title next?

They have a list of other public domain titles they're targeting. Sherlock is the best of the bunch.

#1299 80 days ago
Quoted from konjurer:

I love Houdini and Oktoberfest as themes but seriously, Poker Run is the most stupid theme idea ever.

When they asked for a show of hands of the potential upcoming themes at a show panel, only Sherlock got a significant number of hands. Hot Wheels wasn't on the list at the time.

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