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Hot Wheels it is - says Kaneda

By Krupps4

3 months ago

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#158 3 months ago

If this is the next theme it has to have a CAR WASH! I remember as a kid have the hot wheels car wash! You gotta wash them pinballs.

I also think this would be a great opportunity to add something interactive back into the HEAD of the machine. Make the car do a loop or something in the head of the machine. How about something like Star Wars with the hyperloop shoot a real hot wheel around the track (no pinball) a hot wheel.

So many ideas here.

#289 3 months ago

The real questions is this...

How far away is Fast and Furious pinball at Stern. If two car games came out at the same time which one would you rather have? Hot Wheels or Fast and Furious. My guess would be that Stern is working on a Fast and Furious game right now to release it closer to this summer when the next movie releases.

#292 3 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

30- 40 years after F+F 15, I'd imagine.

Yeah funny one! But Stern has that license and they just did finish another Universal themed game. I heard one of the next on deck is Fast and Furious.

Personally I think Hot Wheels if it is true would be a great theme. Adult males who collect TOYS (hot wheels) might be inclined to add a Hot Wheels pinball game. I think the theme would transcend pinball honestly. Pinball is a toy as is a hot wheel... I think its a great theme.

I'll bet anyone right now the game sells over 1,000 copies due to the fact there are HOT WHEELS collectors out there who are totally nuts. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/g25616442/rarest-most-valuable-mattel-hot-wheels/

If someone would actually pay $175k for ONE HOT WHEEL they would pay $7000 for a HOT WHEEL Pinball game. Hot Wheels has conventions, designers sign autographs (don't know why anyone would want one or a pinball designer either) but they do. Hot wheels are a lot bigger from a collector standpoint than pinball.

A little car that can fit in your hand sells for 175k that is multiple times more than any pinball game.

Yes its a good theme and a lot of people who don't buy pinball games will be interested. I think its a HOME RUN for American Pinball Game. I talk to many people who want Willy Wonka because its a family themed game. Toy Story and Hot Wheels sitting side by side is pretty family friendly for a game room.

Lastly, I give them credit for thinking outside the box. Maybe this will launch other pinball games based on toys rather than movies.

Just please NO BARBIE... anything but Barbie unless Ken is involved them maybe! LOL

#293 3 months ago

Hot Wheels by the numbers:

Over 6 BILLION hot wheels have been sold World Wide.

A Hot Wheel is sold every 10 seconds.

Most Valuable Hot Wheel sold for 175,000

Hot Wheels have been in production for over 50 years.

41 Million people grew up collecting Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels has conventions, collector guides, events and even TV have been produced creating full sized hot wheels

Warner Brothers is developing a Hot Wheels feature film in development as of this year.

Hot Wheels have been featured or had their own video game over 50 times

Hot Wheels are featured on every form or motorsports as sponsors

Here is the bottom line HOME RUN THEME... I can see right now every single toy store that sells vintage toys wanting one in the lobby. Do you actually think the guy who paid 175k for one hot wheel isn't buying one. This theme is bigger than pinball, and will find buyers outside of the pinball community just like Ghostbusters, Wizard of Oz, Metallica, ACDC, and Toy Story once that gets released.

I'll predict right now this game sells between 1000 and 2000 copies.

I have no doubt Mattel will promote this, and I think you will see a lot of national press for this game as well

Facts not fiction. Its a home run theme no matter what anyone thinks.

#316 3 months ago

Here is the problem... if a pinball manufacturer listened to what people on pinside said they would all go out of business. Pinside is a VERY SMALL group of overall buyers. People buy pinball games the same as they would a pool table and yet they're not a pool player. Why? Because it seems like a cool thing to add to your basement. I have a friend who's a former baseball player, he went to a store that sells high end stuff. He then just bought a pinball game strictly based on theme and artwork. This is why so many people bought Wizard of Oz. That same guy told me no one has turned on that pinball game in over a year. Its eye candy however for the basement.

Either way you can also sell pinballs to people who collect thing like Hot Wheels. Stern let the Beatles store sell the Beatles Pinball game. Why? Because they are looking for buyers in the Beatles collector world. Do you think every ACDC game was sold to someone on pinside? Are you nuts? ACDC fans bought most of those games to fill out their probably already absurd ACDC collection. The same guy who buys a rare Album cover signed by the entire band for $5000 will probably be someone to target for an ACDC game.

When Stern markets a new game like Ghostbusters probably their #1 selling game of all time... don't you think they targeted people who worship Ghostbusters? Hot Wheels has 41 million people collecting Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels is the #1 most collected toy in HISTORY! The guy who spends $175,000 for one hot wheel is 110% buying this pinball game. Don't believe me... watch this video:

The guy created a Hot Wheel themed collection room. He does happen to have ONE PINBALL ... you guessed it HOT WHEELS!

I think the biggest issue is people on pinside do NOT understand companies make games that appeal to a base much larger than pinside. If pinside opinion mattered there would already be a Judas Priest pinball. Judas Priest would appeal to pinside as a niche pin for about 500 units or less.

Metallica probably sold well north of 5,000 units... that theme went way beyond pinball fans.

It doesn't matter if ANYONE on Pinside likes the theme, American Pinball is a company to make money. If they can find a market within the Hot Wheel collector market, some on pinside, and some who think a Hot Wheel pinball game would be a great TOY family themed game for their basement. BOOM 1500 to 2000 units are SOLD!

Hot Wheels Pinball will sell itself you'll see!

Everyone has an opinion about everything. Don't like it don't buy it. It won't change the fact there is a HUGE market for this game. NO PINBALL supplier should pick a theme to appease Kaneda or Pinside. You pick a theme that you believe can sell the most units. Clearly Oktoberfest was not the theme but Hot Wheels is! Try telling 41 million collectors Hot Wheels is a bad theme and see the reaction you get.

Home Run Theme and this game will outsell Rick and Morty by 2 to 3 times.

#318 3 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Every new game that comes out, people talk about how non-pinball fans will buy the machines. I don't think that ever happens to any significant degree.

Well you're wrong. But that is okay. You just don't spend enough time talking to retail location. People create game rooms filled with pool tables, dart boards, air hockey, arcades and logic says grab a pinball. Those people aren't on pinside sorry to inform you. Then you have people who collect things, and want everything collectable. Stern had the Beatles store selling Beatles pinball why? To market to collectors. Clearly you didn't watch the video I posted... a guy creates a HOT WHEELS ROOM he happened to have the pinball Hot Wheels game. FYI the guy had no other pinball game. I wonder why?

On this very website only 1100 or something claim to own Wizard of Oz, over 4000 units have been sold. Where are the other thousands where did they go? Adams Family only doesn't even have 2000 games claimed on pinside where did they other 20,000 units go? Ghostbusters pro only 400 plus claim this game but this is Sterns #1 selling game ever... where are the other thousands of games? Anyone? Pirates about 540 claim to own this game from Stern, but this was up to Ghostbusters their biggest selling game EVER! I'm sure it was a 4000 plus unit game where are they other 4000 or so games... where did they go?

Most people on pinside don't even buy new in box games, they typically like to buy and sell used games. You need to get more fact based information. Pinside is NOT even close to Sterns majority of sales... not even close!

#322 3 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Of course there will be the odd rich collector that will buy anything that has their favorite theme on it. But, I think that is a small number of people. Did you buy that watch yet?

Dude your watch example is 110% HORRIBLE because that is a very very niche market. Hot Wheels has 41 million active collectors. C'mon come up with a better example. If you had the chance to sit down with Stern marketing team they would tell you flat out you're wrong. They would tell you that only a very small percentage of their sales result from the group here on pinside.

Facts are facts... why did Stern go to the consumer electronic show if all that matters is pinside? Does Stern ever post on pinside... nope! I don't see any ads specifically from Stern on this site either. Why did Stern go to IAAPA show if all that matters is pinside. You just don't understand the marketing side of collectables.

Again I ask you point blank why has only 450 people on pinside claimed one of the probably 5000 ghostbusters machines sold?

You also claim that only a handful of rich guys... that is a really ridiculous claim. So only rich people can buy a pool table, or an old Pac Man or a new Stern pro pinball game? Are you serious... only rich people collect things? HUH

Look at the video for the HOT WHEEL GUY he lives in a house that isn't worth 100 million dollars. He might have some money, but he's not sailing around on any yachts, and he wasn't driving a 1 million dollar car either. Wake up man!

#323 3 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Anyway, I think Hot Wheels is a terrible theme, and will be a flop

Your opinion will be proven wrong. But you know what I appreciate everyone is entitled to their opinion. Kaneda is just one opinion and he speaks only for himself. Whatever he says means nothing to me I think for myself. I don't buy anything because it was or wasn't bashed on a podcast. Kaneda bashed JJP Pirates for like 2000 episodes in a row, and its ranked top 10 best game ever, people are selling them for 10k plus. People like what they like, they collect what they collect and there is always a company lined up to give people what they want for crazy prices.

I respect everyone's opinion even when they're proven wrong. You don't like the theme. Guess what I probably wouldn't buy it either the theme doesn't speak to someone who doesn't collect hot wheels. But I'm not the target audience for this game... there is 41 million people out there who love Hot Wheels!

You just want to sell one of these to about 2000 buyers.

#327 3 months ago
Quoted from Russell:

Why don't you calm down? Who said that Pinside is all that matters?

I am calm. I'm letting you know you will be proven wrong and you will. I get it you're not informed about the demo's for selling pinball games. I also told you I'm not a hot wheel fan, and probably wouldn't be a buyer. I agree with you from that standpoint. The problem is you come off as because you don't like no one will... this title will outsell Rick and Morty 3 to 1.

At the end of the day NOTHING matters but FINAL sales! Your opinion my opinion no ones opinion matters but final numbers. The market dictates success or failure. The market for this game is there because pinball is a toy a hot wheel is a toy. Its okay you're wrong you will be proven wrong you just have to wait for the game to come out.

There is nothing else to talk about... wait and see how many games get sold. You'll know pretty quick the reception.

Here is the reality though... American Pinball isn't going anywhere. This company has already proven they can make a pinball game. They have expanded their facilities. This company seems well backed ... they are here for the long haul it appears.

We'll have to wait and see what the game looks like.

Again I'm predicting 1500 to 2000 units SOLD! I stand by it 110% because logic tells me it will! The market will be there.

#344 3 months ago

Let’s pray to GOD there is NEVER a TMNT game created. Please sounds like the worst theme possible for Stern. I will repeat Hot Wheels has a collector base of 41 million people. Over 6 billion hot wheels have been sold. I was just in the Apple Store today and even they’re selling these new app based Hot Wheels. You people just don’t understand the market outside of pinball. Rick and Marty is NOT going to be able to complete with Hot Wheels not in 5 lifetimes. Either way congrats to Spooky. Good luck with your game. Game looks fun! Either way can’t compare Hot Wheels to anything because its not released. You have about 4 months to wait.

#345 3 months ago

Yeah a lot of people attend a PARTY to get drunk what does that have to do with people who collect things... ahhh NOTHING! Super dumb analogy. Really dumb!

Look I will tell you Oktoberfest was a BAD idea. I’m not defending that theme. Cool pinball nicely done, but its not selling. WHY? The theme isn’t that great. That is a game right there that only people in the pinball community bought. That theme has nothing to do with the #1 most collected toy on planet earth. WOW you need to use both sides of your brain!

#359 3 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

Isn't there already a TMNT game? And if I'm not mistaken, it's godawful.

Seriously if we're talking about themes people don't like... the last TMNT movie BOMBED! I can't imagine anyone seriously wanting a TMNT pinball game. Even if it was the best pinball ever made I wouldn't buy one. See that is the point... that is my opinion. The next person might feel completely different and that is okay.

Quoted from DS_Nadine:

You don‘t get video assets

Hot Wheels has made so many direct to video movies, video games, and they have this new interactive online game. They have tons of video assets.

#360 3 months ago

I think this is a franchise that has been burned out.

Quoted from J85M:

The Matrix?

Warner isn't doing anything with this license until after the new Movie is closer to release. Someone will get it. Hopefully JJP.

Quoted from J85M:

Fast & Furious

I think Stern already has this license. This is a game I would buy. There is already a really successful video game based on this franchise.

HOME RUN... I would buy this theme in the time it takes John Wick to pull the trigger. I think John Wick is a mega home run theme.

#362 3 months ago

I would think the topper would have to a big giant engine with engine sound and a shaker.

I can see instead of doing wire forms you do exhaust headers that would be cool. There needs to be a LOOP right? Maybe jump some buses who knows.

It would be neat if it had a long shoot lane and when you launch a ball it launches a car as well... in other words a car gets launched when it hits the end of the shoot lane it just rolls back.

There are a lot of options here. You have to nail the theming.

3 weeks later
1 month later
#529 26 days ago

Check out this advertisement American Pinball placed in a magazine called replay.

Are you ready to get HOT? As in what Hot Wheels?

What do you guys think?
Replay HW ad (resized).jpg

#533 26 days ago

Here some other possibilities

Some like it hot Pinball

Hot Fuzz

Hot Stuff

Hot Shots

Could even be a Billy Idol Pinball “Hot in the City”

Or could just be Hot Wheels.


Personally I can’t wait to see it!

1 week later
#1079 17 days ago

They did reveal it at the 2020 Amusement Expo. Stern revealed Beatles with no fan fair at the 2019 IAAPA show. Who cares how its revealed. I'm sure it will be at TPF, MGC, blah, blah, does the reveal matter if you like the game or don't like the game? So who cares!

I think this whole notion about a reveal is overblown. If they come out with cheerleaders, throw a bunch of confetti around, toss out t-shirts will that make you buy the game? C'mon!

So who cares!

The game looks interesting however I do NOT like this spinning car in the center, I've never seen anything so distracting in my entire life. Lets hope that gets removed from the game totally. I was a bit disappointed the game didn't have a loop, or a jump or something. Either way the game looks pretty cool but you'll never know without putting your hands on it.

Just have to wait and see it in person when its revealed to you IN PERSON!!!

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