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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

2 years ago

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Post #61 Fliipper Coil pictorial Posted by Homepin (2 years ago)

Post #122 Delivery trucks being loaded in China Posted by Homepin (2 years ago)

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Post #131 Flipper links & other assembly parts Posted by Homepin (2 years ago)

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#71 2 years ago

im expecting bootlaces in those phoenix plugs please

#75 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Nah - they are pretty easy to grab and pull off due their chunky size. I like the 20A rating.
Also note the provided (separate) power for "user mods".
What isn't obvious is the PCB is also 2oz copper not 1oz as standard.

no you misunderstood ... i meant ferrules on the wires you put in them. http://en.tze.com.cn/PKD.htm

#79 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Sorry, now I'm with you LOL. Yes, all under control.
I never thought of them being called "bootlaces" but it kind of makes sense although a better (and more appropriate) name would be "Aglet" LOL

the generically accepted / trade name amongst us wire monkeys is bootlaces.. but you are permitted to refer to them as aglets so long as you fit them off with the proper crimper not a pair of pliers lookup Weidmüller if you need a set

1 week later
#112 2 years ago

R&D ... replicate and distribute.

a good Chinese factory with a good QA manager is gold. Keep it up mike.

2 weeks later
#165 2 years ago

decal will wear and look rubbish .. i reckon just stamp your logo on the metal plate

1 month later
#255 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

..Chinese New Year on Monday.


2 months later
1 week later
#398 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

We built this booth to the size we need for painting pinball cabinets. I can't think of any reason why we would want a larger one?

to spray 6-12 cabinets at once instead of one at a time?

#402 2 years ago

we'll build a bigger one in the Melbourne plant mike

2 weeks later
#484 2 years ago

i have a hunch the "re-engineered in Australia" might have set off some moron to believe they were re-marked goods. just a guess.

#486 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

My letter to USA customs sets out quite clearly the origin of the goods and the status of all brand names and business registrations as well as trademarks.

yeah but too late then .. they were already triggered.

1 month later
#573 1 year ago
Quoted from Homepin:

The new one is being done by 'professionals' ..it is currently messed up

professionals who work live... oh dear.

#575 1 year ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Yes...and no. They made the site and sent it to me to upload - things are not quite right at the moment.

ahh so its your fault

3 weeks later
#741 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

If you want threads that are moderated by moderators that have commercial interests in their products go to AA.

ya what? im one of the sites biggest users and I cant name one moderator on AA who is even a commercial member of the industry. obviously admin is .. but which moderator do you feel has some kind of commercial bias?

#749 1 year ago

yep none of them .. good now where were we.

1 month later
#917 1 year ago
Quoted from northvibe:

If you find the right distributor. Most sell for ~$5400

for interest 5400USD is about 7500AUD once you add our local tax (10%). compared to mikes 6499AUD..

3 weeks later
#1056 1 year ago
Quoted from RGR:

Ok Mike we need to talk mate, this is just getting out of control now...

lol....its mike .. we both know hes just warming up

#1068 1 year ago

to me thunderbirds is a black and white show ( cos i always watched it on a black and white tv) ... I cant see a need for color dmd at all.

1 month later
#1333 1 year ago

lol some dude who hasnt posted in two months logged in just to troll you mike.. you must be doing something right

#1335 1 year ago

sire the bogans are revolting

#1390 1 year ago
Quoted from cosmokramer:

The video is cool,

you arent talking about the same video.

1 week later
#1567 1 year ago

is it brilliant? probably not. but come on.....some guy whose been a member a whole 4 months wants to school a guy whose been in the industry a lifetime and just designed and built an entire factory and multiple new products in a foreign country while going through some unfathomable life changes ........... using screen crayon scribble.??

its a sample unit .. a tester .. a show display .. whine whine whine they go but hey .. what have YOU done lately?

"fools and children should never see things half done"

#1601 1 year ago

it wouldnt be thunderbirds without the tracy island palm trees.

#1641 1 year ago
Quoted from Fifty:

"Uh... 20 years from now ever board in a pinball machine will be non-existant.

the prevalence of solid state pinballs with 40+ year old boards suggests this thought is flawed.

#1673 1 year ago

anyone got a recipe for blueberry pancakes?

#1675 1 year ago
Quoted from Drenden:

Just remember though for any of you aussies and kiwis who buy one of these; you are knowingly supporting potential victims IP theft.

grouse.. we can file that next to untold movies, cd, dvd, books and pinball paperwork ( well played gtb) ...

spin the record it again I dont think its quite broken yet.

#1760 1 year ago
Quoted from o-din:

maybe .. he just wants to make pinball machines and not deal with all the .. bullshit.

thats pretty much nailed it

#1773 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Not so much if you are a salesman trying to represent a new pinball company.

thats the point so many dont get .. hes NOT a salesman. He doesnt want to 'represent' anything.

He just wants to go make pinball machines in peace and the international court of pintards wont let him.

#1776 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

So essentially this is his strategy to sell his product?

hes not trying to sell you his product.. its not about "you" ( collectively nothing personal) at all..

Quoted from vicjw66:

Well, good luck with that.

will be sure to pass on your good wishes to him thanks

Quoted from jokerpoker:

Am I missing something.

the days of 3k junkyards?

pinball people really are special

#1779 1 year ago
Quoted from Retropin:

If you are trying to paint Mike as the victim here, try again.

no im trying to say the same thing you said.. he doesnt care what these people think.

There are many here who seem to feel they're entitled to have it be all about them, that they're entitled to know all happenings and anything they dont approve is "not good enough dammit".

but .. its not like that.. they need to learn .. he really doesnt do this for 'them'

#1855 1 year ago

i love how no one has a problem with the leap from "some users on pinside" to "the whole of America"

if you want to follow along with the progress hes got a facebook page

if you want to toast marshmallows and pat each other on the back for 'winning'.. well done this seems to be the place.

#1861 1 year ago

cool angle....but now tell the class what caused the original sentiments on his site? was it 'hating all americans for no reason?' or was it 'tired of being ripped off by buyers in america using paypal loopholes to get free parts and eventually getting so frustrated that the only option was not to ship to america at all?

#1886 1 year ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

The thing I don't get is that if Mike is claiming the boards are "just prototypes" what will the final version be? Will it still be based on pinHeck boards and pinHeck code library? Somehow I can't see Mike scrapping all that and starting over to make a "final version" that isn't based on the pinHeck system.

in his post he answers your question...
1: the final boards are a distributed system designed by mike.

2: the code was outsourced and it seems clear it was inspired by this heck chaps code

I haven't got the code to confirm how 'inspired/ modified it is but mike described the changes as drastic. Im not really interested in calling him a liar on that. if he says its drastic so be it. its certainly not a cut/paste copy but the details of how similar it is would require a code audit and I'm not offering

#1888 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

Hopefully someone else will pick up the mantle of posting updates. I'm still interested in progress

i thought about it

Quoted from jwilson:

I love how he trots out the dead wife.

but vile dribble like this is why I'm reluctant to do it.

#1906 1 year ago

righto lets try this one time...

reels (resized).jpg

post (resized).jpg

#1913 1 year ago

^ well that was constructive..

lets have a look at this instead hey

reels2 (resized).jpg

#1915 1 year ago
Quoted from Toads:

What's the go here.
Is this another spare part for a comnon em or is this his second pin?

mike has previously confirmed they are building "mechanical pinball score reels for an upcoming machine"

I cant comment on the "second pin" bit but its clearly on the dance card.. exciting stuff.

#1920 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballkim:

Are plastic parts going to hold up .

current EM score reels have plastic bits already. as you said a factory churning them out means cheap spare parts.. win win

Quoted from aerobert:

What happened then?

please go back and read it if it interests you..
the thread has moved on and and it would be nice to keep it constructive and informative not a soap opera.

#1921 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

the playfield needs a redesign

do you have any constructive suggestions? ( i mean like "it would be heaps better if the square bit was round" type stuff not "its crap".

Personally i dont care. Im a tech not a player and I may very likely never play a full game on it. You on the other hand are very vocal so take the stand and list your suggestions ? not insults.. constructive suggestions of what you would do..

#1933 1 year ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

I wish I did. I would offer them if I saw something I believed could help.

ok thanks then your point stands and is noted.

#1934 1 year ago

another update from FB for those who dont have it. As mr hornet implied would be required.. the boys are back "at the drawing board".

Its nice to see them willing to have a rethink and make changes. Whether they have 'sharp enough minds' isnt for us to say at this stage but they're having a go. gotta appreciate that.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 11.50.57 am (resized).jpg

#1936 1 year ago
Quoted from jwilson:

My question is, did no one play this game at the whitewood stage? All the flaws would be well apparent long before you put art down. The fact that they're going backwards is a big red flag. Very JPOP-esque.

Well as we know it is their first time. Its obvious they have made mistakes, blunders, errors and outright monumental cockups in the process..

Without dwelling on it, it seems reasonable to suggest that they were focused a little too much on building the actual line ( the machines that make the machines) rather than dwelling on the layout and now they have the dangler but the 'angle of the dangle' is all wrong.

Maybe they didnt get it right first time ( sure doesnt seem that way) but I think its good they have acknowledged the faults and listened to the people who played it at the show and are now going back to 'do it better' instead of saying "well screw it, sorry pre-order guys you lose".. thats a constructive path i think?

Its mike.. dumbass determination will save it in the end.

#1940 1 year ago

anyone else with personal opinion on mike please send him a postcard directly.

This thread is about the games and parts in progress. Constructive comments on the parts and machines are welcome. Constructive negative comments are also welcome. Personal analysis of mike is not the topic.

#1957 1 year ago

see this is why we cant have nice things... you lot just cant be trusted to behave and discuss the updates not bang on and on about crap

#1958 1 year ago
Quoted from Retropin:

But to paint him as some poor misunderstood soul is laughable.

^^ hes right... mikes a right character and hes a victim of his own undoing... but we cant carry on and see updates here unless various other bell ends stfu as well

1 week later
#1979 1 year ago

due to facebook having a complete disregard for customer service. homepin isnt able to fix the fact he has lost access to his FB page in a recent change.

so if you're a FB user please unlike / delete / ignore remove this old page - https://www.facebook.com/HomepinPinball/

and replace it with this one - https://www.facebook.com/homepin.factory/

NOTE - the NEW page is https://www.facebook.com/homepin.factory/ the old one is abandoned - no one has access to update it.

4 weeks later
#2011 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Last I read about the posters identity .. from Mikes local Starbucks?

no you need to go back and read some more.. he said the peanut used a public / commercial vpn exit point that mike had used once.. mike has tried most all the VPN companies to get a good one that works from china and has long since moved to another one. If you ask the troll in question ( may as well post it here hes reading cos hes a sad little man with nothing better to do) you'll find its a company you also could pay and appear the same IP from your house in NC

#2013 1 year ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

I would like you to investigate further, hahaha....

just for a laugh ill humour you mr idol its nothing to do with your little friend "K".
mike has in the past posted about the different vpn companies. its all really dull to be honest. we would be far better discussing the weather than giving this crap any further airtime hey.. other than the troll in question getting a bit excited its not really achieving anything much

#2015 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

I really don’t care for all this shit. I just want to know when this pin will be ready??

this is indeed the important but but you wont get answers here. email him or msg to https://www.facebook.com/homepin.factory/

#2017 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Yes, after 4 years of holding your $$, the buyer should be running after Mike for updates

after any period a buyer with a question for a vendor still needs to ask that vendor .. not post it online for others to play "stacks on" with..

#2019 1 year ago

bored pete? ok you stay here and cause as much shitfight for him as you can so he doesnt focus on building your game.. good luck

4 months later
#2241 1 year ago

hp4 (resized).jpg

hp1 (resized).jpg

hp3 (resized).jpg

hp5 (resized).jpg

hp2 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#2309 11 months ago

Yep Nitros' target customers not Homepins.

2 weeks later
#2324 11 months ago
Quoted from PinSinner:

I would love to hear from any of the German Pinsiders. Do you think they find these Hitler Reacts videos funny?

i dont and i can only follow parts of it. Its much the same as with rammstein. once you understand what they're saying its kinda stupid. The lyrics to Spiel mit mir for example are pretty disturbing yet the song sounds great.

Short answer.. i think you'll find its a no.

#2327 11 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

FYI, I also sent Mike a copy of video to Facebook page and haven't heard back from that either ?
Guess he is still laughing at it too.
You two have NO humour. Stop being defensive and playing the racist card. It's all n good fun.

do you actually think hes going to waste his few hours off on the weekend sitting around replying to internet memes? now *that* is funny.

anyway pinsinner asked what german speakers think of videos were the german is mistranslated. I answered him with my perfectly valid opinion also giving an example of how actually understand the german can ruin an otherwise "good" thing. Seems fair to me? so why are now you butting in claiming its "defensive" ? ... and you've attempted to extrapolate it into some kind of 'racist card' ? sorry im lost. its just nonsense.

#2352 11 months ago
Quoted from Lysurgeon:

I just hope those exposed leds get covered in the production run.

just to clarify .. do you mean the flasher board thing under the posts / lane guide?

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.41.47 pm (resized).png

#2367 10 months ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Paint runs on the inside cabinet.. someone needs to "brush" up on their spraying technique

i had a look at the pics to see what you were on about and ohhh dear.. you're well correct.

#2389 10 months ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Very sloppy work and a cardinal sin amongst professionals

i talked to mike about this and it was an interesting insight into how things work in china. The painter was ( obviously) a new inexperienced guy not a professional paint man.

If they hired a professional to be a 'painter' in china he would refuse to do anything else. They would basically have to pay him to sit and smoke until the next painting task was ready. Its not just painters, a "driver" for example will only drive.. you cant even get him to sweep the floor. Just read the paper until its time to drive somewhere.

Imagine trying that on here? then again with our unions it might just work

Obviously they know they have to do better work on the shipping machines than they did when they rushed out a show sample to get it shipped in time.

You're right that paint isnt good enough. It looks like i did it lol ..im kinda amused someone paints as badly as i do

1 week later
#2435 10 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

At least the labour cost is cheap

from what i have seen thats a myth

3 weeks later
#2485 9 months ago
Quoted from Ericc123:

..Thunderbirds.. doesn’t have a ball search feature.

yes it does, but perhaps it was turned off.

#2496 9 months ago
Quoted from stevevt:

..It is terrible.

terrible compared to what? gilligans island is terrible compared to MM .. but try selling MM to a family who want a pin for the kids. Context is important.

#2499 9 months ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

Why on earth wouldn't parents be happy for their kids to play MM?

price. you missed the point .. back on track. "terrible compared to what?' raven is terrible but its awesome compared to dragon.. you need context

#2510 9 months ago

347 - "Thunderbirds"
348 - Striker Extreme

and there it is ... homepins first game ranked higher than 'stern pinball inc's" second according to pinside. cool! ... hehehe pigeons[cat]pigeons

#2515 9 months ago

yeah all constructive opinions are awesome.. whether you actually like it or not is on you but constructive views on *why* is good for everyone.

the callouts thing was a bit of a disappointment indeed, mike said it was because he was limited to audio from the shows and they didnt exactly say useful pinball callout phrases.

#2517 9 months ago
Quoted from MeNaCeFiRe:

I am still in disbelief that this is a real objective. Spell “INTERNATIONAL something”. Like, come on, how the F was the ball dropped like that!?!

its one of several ... heres the rest

38132822_478647365931116_8205225223016939520_n (resized).jpg

#2524 9 months ago
Quoted from Mistermoberg:

It was difficult to get a detailed picture, but the larger rubbers even say Homepin on them.

the marco rubbers say PRW, the Pinball LIFE rubber say PL, the SH rubbers say HAPP, the wico ones said WICO, HOW DARE a new vendor put his logo on stuff he made himself.. its an OUTRAGE

we need answers ... we need blood...

#2526 9 months ago

oh and the leg bolts are METRIC.. if he hadnt labelled them you would have sooked too.. just cant win with some of you clowns.

#2536 9 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

enjoy your investment

nfi? ask him, he mentioned it.. i have no idea what hes on about.

Just to humor you seeing you asked.

"in the company" -- no financial interest in homepin.

"or purchasing a game for personal use." -- no personal or financial interest in buying this or anything else made after about 1989 at all. im an EM fan

1 week later
#2583 9 months ago
Quoted from jardine:

Doug...is that you?

as if id be awake at that hour. stop trying to make trouble

#2708 9 months ago
Quoted from Toads:

If we do not wish to use Highway for shipping, it will not be shipped.

selectively quoting the bits that suit you so you can run mr highway in circles when hes trying to help you wont have the effect you're hoping for mark. keep it up and im betting he's going to retract his offer and leave you back at square one.

from the same homepin email
"All other freight offers still stand but we don’t currently have containers with available space going to many Australian destinations in the foreseeable future so we can’t currently offer ‘free freight’ in what would be considered a timely manner."

you can wait for a homepin container ( no idea how long but i dont recommend it, you can wrangle your own shipping, or you can thank the nice chap for his offer and take it up. You just have to tell highway what you want to do.

if you advise mr highway you'll be making your own way there in a hot air balloon to pick it up, so be it. but arguing with him and wasting his time when hes essentially trying to work with you to do you a favour just doesnt seem like a plan to me?

#2716 9 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

A third party getting involved in that to smooth things over sounds brilliant, and it could work out perfectly with no issues, but what if it doesn't? Who is responsible then?

yep and when the third party is a disgruntled ex business partner of homepin it complicates things further.

#2718 9 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Sorry Doug, I'm not disgruntled or an ex business partner

to clarify ... this refers to your previous homepin "reseller" status and the fact you currently appear rather unhappy

#2719 9 months ago

oh that reminds me... while I dont normally post anything "personal" or reply to childish crap i have to send a shoutout to the peanut gallery calling me "mini mike" hahahha lol i laughed for days. thanks for the chuckle it was a ripper

Although it really was a classic moment im 17 stone lol... I seriously doubt i could be classed as "mini" anything.

Then again I've never met mike and I assume others have so maybe hes even bigger?

#2796 8 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

I thought the main market was supposed to be Australia? It's pretty sad if Mike can't even get 30 or 40 Aussies to buy his game to fill up a container.

this above hasnt been an issue.. thing is australia isnt "one place"

translated places but equivalent distances.. lets say someone in China sold 35 machines...
10 in san diego, 10 in reno, 2 in tucson, 3 in las vegas and 10 in portland.
No one was willing to pay "extra".

Where would you send the container?

#2798 8 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

My port. Then sent by rail or truck to each city.

what would it cost you to truck a game 500-600 miles?

#2801 8 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Depends on quantity. Maybe $250-$300 each

agreed .. so theres 10 games local and lets say 25 games at 275. a bill for 6875 .. who pays that?

its not about an issue of getting 40 sales in Australia .. if you want to ship full containers you need to sell a full container in each *city* or wait until something else is paying for the container to go there with a few games in the spare space.

#2848 8 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Let me help you with that...you are kind of a hard guy to like for a lot of people.

its true lol ... but posting screenshots from an entirely unrelated dummy spit that happened before it appears you were even on pinside doesnt really support your point that small minded people with a grudge agenda arent the issue.

#2850 8 months ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

with <many wise words snipped but acknowledged>.. perfect example

this is pretty much true and wise. indeed from what I have seen the changes are well underway.

Sadly certain people keep dragging up the past instead and trying to make as much misery as possible instead of supporting the change and growth of a company that had some problems and made some mistakes but is now working hard to improve.

these people ( in many cases not even customers) are really doing more harm than good with their trolling as well.

3 months later
#3369 4 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

I hope he loses everything he owns at this point.

what a lovely Christmas message.

#3370 4 months ago
Quoted from Toads:

As Thunderbirds production comes to a finish, and the original pre order guys are left chasing their tails with nothing to show for their pre order money, Homepin starts advertising pin No 2 parts on the line.
Just another stool dropped on top of us.[quoted image]

production is finished? since when???? please dont make things up.

the original untwisted message from facebook for those interested ..

Now that the design of Thunderbirds Pinball is complete, and we are gradually filing all orders, a few of our staff have a lot less to do so they are preparing things for Homepin title number two! Starting with trimming the red bumper caps from the sprue.
We had our plastic mould modified slightly to add a diffuser center section which will save us having to fit a sticker to each cap.

staff member trimming those cabs is nothing to do with your game being built. would you rather she lost her job or did something productive.?

#3373 4 months ago

Continue? Not remotely interested in arguring thanks. Civil logic and facts is ok. Nothing else interests me. The wa container you mentioned is true. They paid their freight and gst the same as you were offered. It’s preorders being shipped. That’s good right? No one disputes you got hit by the failed forecast that shipping would be simpler but early 2019 starts in a week away so that’s pretty soon. Your personal attack on mike is irrelevant bluster. Should he sack everyone who isn’t building your game? Or get them onto progress so he’s around to support it. Try and see past the me me me me I want my game thing. It’s not just about you. You’re perfectly entitled to be sad you don’t have yours yet but let’s try and appreciate that games are shipping so your day will come. Wishing him to lose everything is just nasty

#3384 4 months ago
Quoted from v8torino:

Any hint or guesses on game #2.......We all get it and can search ratings if we choose too....l.........and paid for your shipping and taxes due ??

all i can say is i think game2 is a good choice but im not buying it either ;D

anyone bothering with ratings when the sample size is smaller than the pool of known trolls and noisy upset customers need to go back to statistics101. That said my guess its never going to be top 10

If people dont like him or the game or his opinion on gay migrants then great.. say so and move on.. trolling on and on about it makes you no better.

v8 on the shipping question in general you might say they declined to pay theirs individually and are waiting on shared shipping (cheaper). But are then trying to whinge people who *did* pay their own freight got games first.

#3396 4 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

so making the next game a hit is a must surely!?

I understand your thinking but i disagree .. he doesnt have the production capacity for a "hit".. a niche win would be better.

#3398 4 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Is the opposite of a TROLL ...of a certain person / product?

always with the attempts to attack people instead of discuss products..

do you like the look of the ramp? a very skilled fellow in china hand built each one. It appears he did a fine job? lets discuss his work not call him names.

#3400 4 months ago

Delighted. Yes.its just totally inflammatory in this context. nothing productive can come of further talk about “people not products” in this topic.

#3403 4 months ago

Mike did this. Mike did that. You could just give it a rest that would work to. The news of the new ramp is a good positive step.

Endlessly “oh look a sample of 10 of the 20 constant detractors said it was junk so he’s a failure yay awesome” ...just ...isn’t

#3408 4 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

The parts market was their intent from the beginning in my opinion

Your opinion is incorrect but certainly good thinking. It’s what I and others tried from day one to get him to do but the machine factory. Not stray parts, was always the goal for mike.

dont get me wrong.. homepin makes parts. But they arent for "selling parts.", ...they are for the games.

here is new target faces and rubbers..... if it was about the parts i would have 1000 of each rubber here by now.. alas .. im stuck buying the crappy ones form elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 12.10.29 am (resized).pngScreen Shot 2018-12-29 at 12.10.22 am (resized).png

#3419 4 months ago

if silicone was a bit better, but rubber was a bit cheaper. ...Any manufacturer with a clue would use rubber.

exaggerated for clarity it goes this like this.

- so we're building 10000 boxes.
- ok each box needs a widget set
- the good widgets cost an extra $1 a set.
- $1 seems like nothing but its 10000 all up.
- "will be get an extra 10k return if we use the good widgets?"
- ..no.., then use the cheap one. done.

silicone suits some enthusiasts but your normal mum and dad buyer doesnt care for it and wont pay extra for it

2 weeks later
#3449 3 months ago

the pics are from here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tube-time-custom-surfing-pin#post-3746692
at the time swinks complimented hassanchop on his work. It seems thats changed

#3453 3 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Those girls look wrong

its not to my taste either but i cant draw stick figures so im not one to ask.

#3454 3 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

ohh backerdoug.....
I didn't dish on hassanchop work, merely theorized on the rumour of the surfing pinball, and yes instead of Billabong I joked with Billaflop considering the how thunderbirds is being joked as thunderturd, so not a reflection on hassanchop.
for a homebrew yes hats off to hassanchop but if this went into production and with his more experience sure it would look better. But personally for Homepin a Billabong or Quiksilver comp surf pin is a bit of bad choice to run with considering both companies are losing their soul of what surfing is about.

back peddle back peddle back peddle lol either way you went out of your way to dig up old crap to make trouble .. good for you.

your fascination with me being a backer of anything is hysterical nonsense .. im a fixer not a banker. closer to private security than private equity ( that doesnt explain it well but its none of your business anyway so it will do)

2 weeks later
#3500 3 months ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

oh yeah where IS wiredoug?

not that its any of your business clint but i was out in the truck working for a living. Was actually down your way but i didnt drop in sorry. It wasnt overly late or anything I just didnt want to cos frankly .. I dont like you

#3504 3 months ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

hey sorry buddy I don't think we met before,I'm Gary

daves not here man

4 weeks later
#3542 69 days ago

hes special this one .. maybe ill pop by aecom and give him a hug.

#3545 69 days ago

so now i got some fake account troll wanting to go on a bloody date. this is why aliens wont visit us... pinball people sheesh

#3559 68 days ago

they wont get the games without paying the freight and gst. They're sitting there.. some in nsw, some in china..

when they get online its rar rar rar.. but when they get a call to pay their bill .. <silence>..

#3561 68 days ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

Doug this is just bullshit. We have not ever had the option to pay shipping. Highways last response was my game could not ship LCL as it is not made? Guess I’m just making that up to. The reality is Mike sold our games, just accept it! The stuff about shipping is just white noise coming from Mike.
Stop posting crap.

so just to confim...you're willing to pay the outstanding tax and lcl to highway if you're called tommorow with an invoice and bank details?

#3564 68 days ago

again back to the start .. they wont get the games without paying the freight and gst. They're sitting there.. some in nsw, some in china..

when they get online its rar rar rar.. but when they get a call to pay their bill .. <silence> ( or bluster bluster look at me) ..

when you're ready to pay ill help you.. in the meantime go you ... rar rar

1 week later
#3631 61 days ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

I have had enough, shut your mouth Wiredoug or you will be summoned to court to explain your involvement

lol go for it wayne my involvement wont take real long to explain.

"hi your honour",
"hi doug",
"how are you involved in this business lad?"
"im not sir",
"ok cheerio then" ..

summons worthy? hardly

#3632 61 days ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

For more Transparency Wiredog is the service agent in Melbourne for Homepin Games, so no wonder he is protecting his best interests.

am i? you would think they would tell me

1 month later
#3755 25 days ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

Or you could replace the Homepin bushing with the superior Williams flipper bushing

good idea in armchair theory but its been covered already numerous times ken.. he has to MAKE whatever he uses.. one cant ship second hand parts into china.

id imagine it was much more practical to cut a sleeve that make a new nylon bushing.

#3760 24 days ago
Quoted from twitami:

So an airball broke one of my spotlights. How and where to I get a replacement for this?

email homepin. send a photo of the issue and your serial number.

#3779 21 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

Perhaps not.
This is how mine arrived...So dumb.

its obvious from the heavy dents in the rails yours had a belting from a side impact. probably a forklift accident.

You cant defend against a lazy idiot smashing around on 4 ton of vehicle without shipping them in full metal crates.

Accidents happen in transport.

#3782 21 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

No, that's not correct at all actually. The box it came in was completely in tact...not a scratch on it. The backbox has this stupid hump on the front so when it is folded down the entire weight of it rests on top of the glass instead of the side rails like in a normal game - aka, every single other game ever made. All they did was put a foam piece between the hump and the glass and strapped it tight. All of that pressure was focused solely on the glass itself. When the glass gave out and the backbox punched through, the paper thin side rails then got dented as a result...both sides exactly where the top of the backbox was resting when I unboxed it.
Please don't make excuses and put the blame on others for Mike's incompetence.

i based it on your photo dude i didnt even know there was a box. this is nothing to do with mike. your pic looks like a fork crash thats all.

#3789 20 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

You need new glasses Doug because it is definitely obvious that it is NOT!

sad you cant make a comment without making it personal andrew. the impact appears higher on one side than the other. the side rails do look crap dont they.

#3790 20 days ago

how thin are the rails? the original spec was 1mm same as stern .. whats he used?

#3796 20 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

Haha...no. The Homepin rails are practically sheet metal, l

yeah they look thin for sure. Grab the ruler or vernier or something for me? .. how many /64th inch are they ? or mm if you prefer..

#3799 20 days ago
Quoted from pipes:

Yeah, I’ll grab a ruler and check later on but does it really matter? Whether it’s 0.5mm or 0.7mm, either way it’s complete garbage.

it’s 1mm.

D19AA2E9-F995-4396-81AD-9750E23E87BF (resized).jpeg

#3817 18 days ago

for interest the difference you're bickering over is about the thickness of a piece of paper. get on with your lives...

flynny.. ask yourself where the needle would be for 2.1 mm ? you'e not reading the tool right

#3819 18 days ago

for the people who cant read a dial caliper

dial2 (resized).jpeg

#3820 18 days ago

those of you playing along in imperial land .. 1.08mm is approx 0.04

#3822 18 days ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

He should have made a better game

please dont feed the trolls. you have the game and every right to your own opinion but he's just making things up with this nonsense.

Honest reviews are no issue its personal attacks and untruths that cause problems not "negative light".

The game is what it is, talk *facts* about it all you like he wont care. Just dont start with personal slander type stuff

#3826 18 days ago
Quoted from swinks:

so you must of went to your buddy mike to get the photo to protect him here as you do
no, it's the difference of what is decent to crappy thin gauge - it is 0.9mm which is flimsy for side rails and 1/4 less the thickness of sterns.

I like facts and pictures. Not bluster. I got pic to prove it was 1.1. But I thought you would have been the one who as able to read a dial scale?

#3827 18 days ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

shall we dig up all mikes personal attacks,slander and racism homophobia
If it's good for the goose *mike

Not relevant to your claim that an attempt would be made to suppress a poor review

#3835 18 days ago
Quoted from swinks:

yeah yeah backerdoug - problem is you can't see the line of the 1mm so it's not accurate and it is easy to give things a slight twist when measuring and it can make somethings thicker than what they are. The way that rail rolled and curled on the previous page - I just don't believe it is 1.1-1.2mm
just have to agree to disagree

blah blah blah. please dont over estimate my interest in your opinion. the pic was for the other chap.

For anyone else heres another pic so the people can practise engineering 101 and read the dial some more. its kinda handy skill to have when you actually make things and dont spend all day on the ak47 keyboard. note the 0.02mm variation caused by the intentional twist to bring the left scale into the light. ( 0.0007 inches)

59363232_447010972713392_259249182378819584_n (resized).jpg

#3839 18 days ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Does this have anything to due with the fact that Thunderturds is the worst game rated on pinside and honestly It's rated too high at that?

dunno ive never played it . although that loop that doesnt complete irked me no end on the video.

anyway i have a question. why are you so angry vic? you're coming back again and again and going on and on and on being hateful over the same stuff about what is basically ..just someones first attempt at a game? why is it so personal for you man? companies make questionable products all the time . but you seem really hurt by this one? why are you so triggered?

#3840 18 days ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

Is making pinballs hard?

yes its much much much harder than it looks.

#3843 18 days ago
Quoted from Flynnyfalcon:

Hey Doug, your question above was exactly what crossed my mind not long after Been a long time since using one. Thanks for correcting me

no worries

#3869 15 days ago

here you go haters. new material to hate on. cue the same 10 people over and over ... and ... go

59546319_448232989282183_8360119207047725056_n (resized).jpg

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.47.02 pm.png

#3871 15 days ago

kinda familiar! hahaha. thats funny. ok we marked off hater vic.. who wants to go next

#3879 15 days ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

That's great just needs a black Cabinet and better Artwork, Hope the price tag is under 3k then will sell well

its creepy when i agree with you wayne stoppit lol

(my personal opinion) the cabinet color and art looks mediocre but the game and concept is a great choice.

#3881 15 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Ride the wave is aimed at who exactly?

this particular build is aimed at asian kids. it seems reasonable to conclude you're not the target there old chap.

I would prefer it in 80s woodgrain .. but thats just cos i have crap taste too probably hah

the music is .. music.. like mp3 not like electronic sounds. no idea what the tracks are. sounds like surfing elevator music to me

#3897 13 days ago
Quoted from adol75:

That Ice Cold Beer knock off could very well finds his way to my house, it depends on the price obviously but below 1500$ would put it in a good space.

that price would put it in the early 80s but i have to agree, - that was indeed a good space

#3902 13 days ago
Quoted from Wamprat:

Great just what I need, Ride the Ice Cold Beer Wave remake thing.....No thanks.

oh thank goodness for that.. I was terrified you might like it

1 week later
#3910 4 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

But the colour orange reminds me of an italian's kitchen.

its a special color hey.. they love it in china though..

dont be surprised if you see them pop up in other colors.

#3918 2 days ago

making a 100% exact copy would have been a lovely way to do little more than go toe to toe with taito legal.

but people who just want to be negative never think of that side of a business ..

#3920 2 days ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Nothing wrong with the game itself... 100% certain that it would sell better with a more dynamic sound to it

Now wouldn’t it be handy if that could be customised and modded .

#3925 1 day ago

heres some info for the good people that are interested..

if you're just here to rehash the same crap over and over this isnt for you. keep scrolling

heres a better video without the expo sounds

its currently a mix of retro and more modern sound .. it could certainly be modified. Its not to everyones taste but what is? thats why it can be changed.

the sound is mp3 and wav files on a couple of sdcards in trigger boards.. you can pop on your own tunes and sounds you just need to name them right.

You wont have to send them back to anywhere else although in the case of some of you special people perhaps you'll need to give the card to mum or dad for help with the computering.

what tunes would be in your loadout?

#3927 1 day ago
Quoted from desertT1:

I have a small route.

in your opinion as an operator is the color good or bad as a modern sited machine. if bad what color would you suggest?

#3929 1 day ago
Quoted from desertT1:

It fits the theme just fine. The "hole selection" music is a bit odd, but fine. The various gameplay songs are good as long as they are surf tunes. The guitar heavy stuff is out of place. The "you win" music is terribly out of place.

thanks. I hate the "pew pew pew" sound personally. Its going to be nice being able to mod it.

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