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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

3 years ago

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Post #29 Images of flipper coils being assembled in the Homepin factory. Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #31 Images of prototype Thunderbirds mechs. Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #46 MPU Testing: Image and Video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #47 Pinball Cab CNC Tests: Images and Video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #61 Fliipper Coil pictorial Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #122 Delivery trucks being loaded in China Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #130 Factory tour video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #131 Flipper links & other assembly parts Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #142 The plastic used for flipper links Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #153 Flipper buttons Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

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#184 3 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Some have asked me why we have a small coin door on our prototypes. Well, we have been experimenting with various different setups and here are a couple of pictures of what we are currently favoring. A single coin slot on a small door and a note acceptor alongside (we will be including an electronic, programmable coin mech with EVERY pinball machine).
The note acceptor is obviously expensive and for HUO would not be required so we are looking at different ways of dealing with the option.
This setup is not final yet but it looks OK and leaves easy options down the track for different owners.

As it is still in experimental stage, will say that aesthetically it just doesn't look very good. Sometimes if it ain't broke....

I do like the care and attention to detail re QC of all the parts shown.

6 months later
#635 3 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Looks like I won't be commenting much more in this thread. I won't tolerate trolling or waste my time when people do.
The mention of TAG as TBAG is an immediate insult that I simply will not put up with.
I'm just too busy to put up with stupid posts like this from people who are not interested in me, my products or any sensible discussion.
Anyone interested please follow my Facebook page where I am able to moderate the idiots off the page.
Thanks for following to the rest.
Robin. You really need to clean up this site! For your info, this person is banned from Aussie Arcade - With good reason.

But my stopping commenting in this thread you lose access to a ton of potential customers as I for one, cannot be bothered to go to FB to follow anyone

3 months later
#1294 2 years ago
Quoted from Homepin:

It's simply amazing how the keyboard commandos seem to think that what they say is gold...
Sorry you sad people --- you lose.....
Reality is that I will be in Newcastle Australia (yes, there are places outside the USA that really exist) next week and we will have a huge attendance and - - - well, let's see what REALITY has to say after that.
Until then how about you naysayers just crawl back into your little holes and shut up!
Hahahaha you sad little twerps!
(PS: thanks for the support from the "normal" people around here)

Been following Thunderbirds from the inception and it looks promising.

What I can't get my head around, is a business owner alienating all potential USA customers. Of course there are people who are going to wind people up on forums but this kind of response is just nuts.

There are 350 million people in USA and because a few people have had a pop, then everyone is tarred with the same brush? Black and white thinking at it's craziest

1 week later
#1497 2 years ago
Quoted from Toads:

Glass off...

Plenty of toys - retro , which fits theme.

Really dislike the led strip going up the ramp - doesn't suit the game. Needs to be totally hidden or made to be like CV I think.

#1509 2 years ago
Quoted from Kevlar:

I'm not sure whether I like the led strip or not but I don't think it looks right up just one side of the ramp, should be on both sides, up the center ( underneath ) or not have one.

Kind of reminds me what you see on slots in Las Vegas.

Maybe on site, it would attract more people to play as that is why they exist on slots.

556eea7e87aac330f8aff1b9de214f54--comme-strip (resized).jpg

1 week later
#1768 2 years ago

Well, that went downhill fast......

Time for a Yoda quote.

45c9bdc194e85eec48cdd93c274a5eda--fear-leads-to-anger-yoda-quotes (resized).jpg

#1780 2 years ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Noone is stopping him making pinball machines.. he has done that. Along the way though he has been very abrasive to many people and stamped his personality all over it. Its been a journey of endless spin, BS and plagiarism. The pictures of the "secret" boards were removed from another forum but not before they were posted here where he cant remove them. His lack of integrity laid bare for all to witness. If you are trying to paint Mike as the victim here, try again. In his own words, he doesn't give a f**k and I honestly believe that to be true.. he really doesn't give a f**k about anyone... but there again is that abrasive personality shining through like a beacon.

He wants everyone to think he doesn't give a f**k but anyone reading that book in the first place, must initially give a f**k

4 months later
#2083 2 years ago

Center ramp got rid of the led strip?

#2088 2 years ago

Look forward to gameplay reviews

4 weeks later
#2203 2 years ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Large LCD
Extra Score Displays
Extra LED displays
Extra sound system
Laser Cut Armor
Drop Targets and spinners
3 Flippers
TNA is a no compromise build - that's why its not cheap even tho it has only a single level PF.

Real backglass as well.

1 month later
#2269 2 years ago

If Homepin cracks the Chinese market - well, wow, that will be the start of a new phase of pinball.

4 months later
#2967 1 year ago
Quoted from dangerwil:

The Thunderbirds home pin game showed up in Brunswick Georgia today. I just made this rambling review so take it with a grain of salt.
Numbers 24 and 28. We bought one for the Pinball Palace. I have been a Thunderbirds fan since the '70s so I got one for myself. The truck pulled up at the loading dock and I asked Kelly which box he wanted. He chose the one that said number 25 I got the other one. I think I won the lottery today.
Just got my game home and put it together it's in great shape. one of the clips that holds the Playfield to the lockbar was broken but that's it. Kelly's was smashed by shippers.
I repair pinball machines for a living. I have unboxed Ballys, American pinball, Spooky, Stern, Data East, Sega, Bally Williams all going back to the 80s. I am very impressed by the build quality of this pin. I really appreciate embedded controllers. It looks like they use through hole for most of the components. The cabinet fitment is very good. Nice heavy metal brackets for the corners with legs bolts. A standard lockbar receiver, a switch in the corner by the leg where they are supposed to be. Very high quality speakers. Not too crazy about the leg levelers I don't think the plastic it's going to hold up. The plunger Rod has a metal end on it that looks amazing. Shaker motor and a real knocker in the head.
The side art is made from what looks like video game overlay material. The definition is great and it looks rugged. The side rails also cover a large portion where finger wear can be bad. One thing that's odd is it only has one coin mech installed, comes set for free play.
The display is a very bright LED orange Matrix looks pretty good. The swing out DMD speaker panel is just like the old Sega cabinets. The Playfield is fairly unique, it looks like a piece of Luan with the same material Plastics are made of covering with all the art. Don't think that will ever wear. It's bright, plays pretty good ball has plenty of speed, spin. The toys and mechs on the Playfield are all well made.
It has pretty standard now controller boards under the Playfield and led boards for lighting. The lighted star post were quite a surprise, they look really cool. Also the mechanism under the apron for keeping the balls from falling out when the Playfield is lifted is really cool.
Unfortunately, the Flipper buttons are lighted and cool but they feel like the cheesiest pieces of junk I've ever put my fingers on. The Flipper mechs have a lot of free play and just feel sloppy. That may be why I don't really like the feel of the flippers aside from the buttons. They just don't feel responsive but I'm going to tweak those and see if I can make a little better.
The Playfield really reminds me of Gottliebs Surfin Safari with all the plastic cake decorating palm trees all over the play field, but I really like the way they shake when the Thunderbird launches, that's quite entertaining. Vacuform Tracy Island also reminds me of Gottlieb system 3 games. The way that the ball launches when it comes out of the Tracy Island pool is really neat. The center ramp is steep, evil and reminds me of Williams Comet.
I like hardcore Steve Ritchie pinballs. Where you pay if you don't make the right shot. This certainly is not that type of play field. I haven't played enough to really get a feel for it but it seems more of a simpler just fun layout for a high-traffic arcade with not a lot of replay value.
The software really feels beta. The voice calls keep getting cut off and the music doesn't really mix with the voice calls. What I really feel it's missing is a good loud voice that tells you what to do like a narrator. But that's just personal opinion.
All in all the fairly solid pin that needs a lot of software work but I think will be very reliable. Unfortunately I just read about software updates and having to send chips back to the distributor to be updated and that doesn't sound good. Need to have a simple end user solution for that.
Thats my buddie Jim helping us unbox.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Also found the flippers to have a really strange, sloppy feel. Hopefully an easy fix....

#3003 1 year ago
Quoted from mrWol64:

Yeah, I reckon he is that old,... a Classic and he is a master of the art of stilted, every third word stressed, Shatspeak... if I find out he is a pinball fan/owner it will just make my day,... chances are he’s probably not on the TAG preorder list,..

He is 87!

Amazing really.

2 months later
#3326 1 year ago

If I were Mike, I would listen to feedback to make sure game number 2 is better.

Yes, there are tons of nice mechanical touches in TB and it's priced super competitively.

Having played it, none of that matters if the game doesn't feel compelling to play.

I would like to see game number 2 play less floaty, flippers feel spongy, and have game code that is addictive.

Games do not have to be deep in order to be fun.

Get your coders to play Iron Man and Bram Stokers Dracula. Simple rulesets but those games are totally compelling.

Anyway, just my tuppence!

3 months later
#3594 1 year ago

This thread is liking watching something you know you shouldn't, but you just can't help it.

1 month later
#3838 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Does this have anything to due with the fact that Thunderturds is the worst game rated on pinside and honestly It's rated too high at that?

Amazing really! And 2 other newish games in the bottom tier - Jetsons and Dominos.

Is making pinballs hard?


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