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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

2 years ago

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#111 2 years ago

We get some the items we sell from China and they are pretty good really. They will make you shit if you ask for it and will make it to a better quality if you ask for it. They are good at reproducing what you want them to make, just depends on the quality you are after and how much you will pay for it.

Made in China most certainly does not always mean crap product.

10 months later
#1671 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

My blood pressure jumps to unsafe levels every time my Spike 2 game crashes. Does that count?

Doesn’t help this thread!

#1839 1 year ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

As distasteful as copying code etc, it happens all the time in business. People copied our designs in regards to our joinery business and we in turn copied designs from them. If someone puts out a good idea/concept in the public of course it will be copied. Why do you think Coca Cola keeps their formula secret?
I think Mike could have been a bit more diplomatic in his response and likewise Ben should have contacted Mike in private FIRST then if not a favourable response, go public.

Mike is is too arrogant to do that.

1 month later
#2003 1 year ago
Quoted from Gamesmart:

mike from home pin makes a alias account on aussie arcade to attack the admin and gets exposed

It wasn’t Mike.

#2007 1 year ago
Quoted from Guy_with_a_Pin:

And the apology is about to be posted .................. (waiting, waiting)

Don’t hold your breath.

3 months later
#2189 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Maybe so. But My TWD premium has a mono dmd and is way better than any pin with an LCD color screen that has come out. It really comes down to the layout and rules. There are a bunch of dmd games out there that I would buy before even considering the newer LCD color monitor pins. They have been pretty disappointing so far.

Color DMD on TWD absolutely makes it pop. Do it.

3 months later
#2417 11 months ago
Quoted from rooky79:

But I’ve never played one. Could be the best game ever

I have. It’s not.

1 week later
#2454 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballinreno:

What a great game!
Everyone involved should be very proud of their accomplishment.

Along with the shame they should feel for the what they’ve done to the initial pre order guys in Aussie who still haven’t got their games 5 years on. There are more prototypes of this game than any game in history.

4 weeks later
#2569 10 months ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

my opinion is that Mike should not be allowed to promote his (extremely tarnished) company until those of us who paid 5 years ago start receiving games

Totally agree with you Pete. It's shameful at best.

#2588 10 months ago
Quoted from jardine:

Doug...is that you?

Of course it was, Mike could never have kept it together for as long as that post would have taken to type.

#2608 10 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

I think all the preorder guys were nieve and a impulse buy without thinking the whole process through.

The preorder guys are guilty of only one thing and that is believing the bullshit they were fed.

#2627 10 months ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Mike you owe me an apology
you whole rant was based in me knowing that my game was built and just awaited a shipping slot
i did not know this
you have not sent an email since April, and you had not mentioned it on Facebook
the first anyone knew that games had been completed and in the box was the photo of the games being loaded and sent to Canada
other people have contacted me and were similarly in the dark

Don’t hold your breath Pete.

#2636 10 months ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

I'm not
just find it interesting that both Mike and otherMike, can never admit to mistakes

Yep, Mike makes the mistakes and DougMike tries to convince everyone that they weren’t mistakes and berates anyone who dares to say anything bad about Mike or TBAG.

#2637 10 months ago


#2646 10 months ago
Quoted from Homepin:

The "free shipping" deal offered by Homepin stands and is EXACTLY the same as it was when first offered.
(1) For pre-order customers Homepin will ship your machine to an Australian port and pay ALL costs associated with export from China and import to Australia. (you will still have to pay Australian GST and local freight to your destination).
(2) Your machine would travel in a Homepin container under the following circumstances:
(A) as part of a shipment already traveling to an Australian customer
(B) when we have room for your machine in one of these containers
This could mean your machine would travel in a months time or it might be a lot longer than that. I don't know as we currently have NO containers booked for Australia but things like this change daily. That's just normal business.
If you want your machine faster please consider the Highway Games offer or the alternate offers put by Homepin (which also still stand), LCL or air freight.

Just get them their games Mike and this all goes away.

#2648 10 months ago
Quoted from Homepin:

No problem at all - the deal has ALWAYS been from day ONE that freight and GST is to be paid when the machines are ready to ship.
I have upped that by offering to ship for FREE when there is space in an existing container. This is clear and written in the email sent to all pre-buyers. Highway Games offer to help get machines to Australia is on top of any Homepin offer and not in place of it.
You wouldn't know any of this as you are not a pre-order buyer and I have no idea why you think that any of this has anything to do with you?
It sure beats me?

I have been around this since the beginning, even considered a pre-order myself, and I know more about this than most on here.

You are right, I don’t have a pre order but I do have a strong interest in pinball and don’t like seeing my mates getting shafted and you are not giving these pre order guys a fair cop. Yoy have broken your word more times than I can remember and to be fair, you are doing everything you said you would never do (straight from the JJP thread) and it’s just getting beyond a joke now.

Sort out the people who believed in you in the beginning because they are the ones who funded your pin and like I said, this all goes away.

Broken promises are everywhere but a lot of people expected better of you because you were an Aussie but it seems they are being left behind as you search for more sales.

#2738 10 months ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

oh that reminds me... while I dont normally post anything "personal" or reply to childish crap i have to send a shoutout to the peanut gallery calling me "mini mike" hahahha lol i laughed for days. thanks for the chuckle it was a ripper
Although it really was a classic moment im 17 stone lol... I seriously doubt i could be classed as "mini" anything.
Then again I've never met mike and I assume others have so maybe hes even bigger?

Mini Mike.

#2750 10 months ago
Quoted from jardine:

It seemed out of sync??? Or was that just a video issue??
Honestly...the game play and especially m/ball seemed very meh! The whole game seems to lack a wow factor?? Maybe the countdown to m/ball is THE wow factor but nothing on the pf'd seems to have it or in the game play??
They guy didn't even seem to hit the ramps at any stage and the only mech is an up/down ramp.
I'm not interested in this game purely based off game play. Mike certainly has issues and while that may slightly put me in a negative frame while watching game play like this..the game really does seem to be lacking on all fronts.
There is no excitement in the game, no wow type call outs of the more modern games...artwork is still very blah. The backglass is the best thing out of the whole game.

Pretty much what I thought when I played it at Pincade this year. Wasn’t really bad but wasn’t good either.

#2753 10 months ago

That’s just sucks Pete. They should hang their heads in shame. Just not good enough.

#2759 10 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

I hear many will be confronting him at Pinfest

I have no doubt about that.

#2760 10 months ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

consider hiring a stunt double for public appearances.[quoted image]

#2776 10 months ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

The orange DMD, while obviously looking dated, didn't bother me in the slightest on this game; I seldom had to look up at it. Everything you need to know is there on the playfield in some form. But even deep games like AC/DC and TWD have managed perfectly well with a DMD as they knew how to prioritise what goes on it, and let the basic rule of 'if it flashes, shoot it ASAP' fill in any blanks. Getting to grips with the newest LCD-equipped games, this is art that frequently is being ignored or lost to the detriment of the game to the point that I'm surprised just how well Alien actually does balance things in comparison, sometimes. I may after the show write up a new thread of dos and don'ts of what I've learned about LCD integration that should honestly be self-explanatory to anyone with DMD experience.

AC/DC and TWD absolutely pop with a color DMD. Totally makes a huge difference. Orange DMD is old.

1 week later
#2918 9 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Mike won’t allow this option. It was already suggested by Mr. Bally that he could arrange shipping but Mike put the kibosh on it.

Only reason to do that is the games are not made yet.

2 weeks later
#2961 9 months ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel.

I think he did.

#2972 8 months ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Nice balanced review.
Bit hard to see the wood for the trees with reviews of this pin as there is clearly some desire to play up to a negatively predisposed minority. There are some who don't want it to succeed, for whatever reason personal or political.
Nice to read a review from someone who doesn't have an axe to grind.
In the words of Rudy, "hey it's only pinball!"

Have you played it? The negative reviews are not all from people who want to see him fail or have an axe to grind.

I have played it and it is a good looking game and is made well but it’s a turd as far as gameplay goes. It’s clunky and the rules are very basic.

#2975 8 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Bound to be at least two pissed blokes there, so it should review as " The best game ever "

Way more than 2 pissed blokes when we play.

1 week later
#3035 8 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

You think HE is going to put you out go business, laughable
Do you honestly think this will be the reason, c'mon man.

Yep, Mike has done more damage to his own brand than 10 Ballypinball’s could ever do.

1 month later
#3247 7 months ago
Quoted from rooky79:

I’m assuming this is satirical

Has to be.

1 month later
#3406 6 months ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

Delighted. Yes.its just totally inflammatory in this context. nothing productive can come of further talk about “people not products” in this topic.

Mike’s BullDoug is back.

1 week later
#3414 5 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Furry muff, I just think of consistent bounce, cleanliness and longevity. Far superior IMO.
Colours are just a bonus.

I think so as well.

2 weeks later
#3444 5 months ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

If any Aussie pre orderers haven't got theirs yet , I apologise for posting this.
BUT I did play blunderturds ( my new nickname )here in Western Australia today and me ol mate got GC of 990,000,000.
My review is a solid YEAH but NAH!
[quoted image]

Blunderturds hahahaha

2 weeks later
#3473 4 months ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

[quoted image]

Why doesn’t that surprise me.

#3475 4 months ago
Quoted from HIPPO:

Calling International Rescue,calling International Rescue...............

Don't think even they can help.

#3489 4 months ago
Quoted from highwaygames:

No this is not it. Its the constant undermining of the product by people who either are not customers, or wanting Homepin to fail (for whatever reason). Whilst opinions are encouraged, blatant attack on customers who have already received their machines, or ill informed comments such as this one, are the reason why everything is becoming a bigger mess. You may have read our answers already to Homepin preorder customers, or on the Aussie Arcade forum that you are quoting now - the machine (just 1 unit) being advertised is a Homepin pre-order customer's machine who no longer wanted his machine and has asked us to find a buyer. This has been explained at length. When we receive new orders in Australia, we offer pre-order customer machines first - any new Thunderbirds bulk orders (such as the Chrisco or other volume buyer in Australia) are being handled once Homepin pre-order customers receive their machines. There is no hidden agenda, but people keep changing the facts to keep this story going.
The Aussie Arcade "Gumtree post" started by asking people whether anyone had played the game, and then escalated with someone saying Mike was not allowed back to Australia, etc….then legal got involved.

Mike is his own worst enemy and anyone who is standing up for him just hasn’t worked that out yet.

#3502 4 months ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

hey sorry buddy I don't think we met before,I'm Gary


1 month later
#3576 3 months ago
Quoted from bossgp:

@ Ballypinball
First of all I never usually post on pinside but sometimes a guy’s got to stick up for the underdog
I am wondering why this even involves you; this is none of your business at all, is it
Having read all of your past and present posts and your personal vendettas against Mike, Homepin and Highway Games in this thread, you should be ashamed of yourself buddy.
This type of conduct should not be posted from such a person as yourself
One might be excused for thinking you are the one who tried to get the Homepin Thunderbird license revoked from ITV ? and posting this mob mentality to close Homepin down ? whats your beef with the guy ?
You’re not even a pre order buyer, a re seller, or anything to do with Thunderbird’s or Homepin you’re an Australian competitor and that is the truth.
The whole situation of you posting troll rubbish here on pinside is to bring down Mike, and Homepin for your own agenda, it has nothing to do with helping any of the pre buyers, what you are suggesting would ultimately mean none of the remaining buyers would receive their machine if you succeeded in closing down the Homepin factory.
You’re not the white knight of pinball coming to save these pre buyers, and they don’t need saving because things are under control and machines are being made, shipped and received.The people that have received their games are happy with them.
Mike has shown the world that pinball machines can be made and sold for less than $5000 USD and still retain quality.
This I think worries all the other manufacturers who are selling more expensive machines
He shouldn’t be looked at as a competitor or a threat as he has said many times that his main market is China anyway, far enough away not to harm anyone’s sales.
If you wanted to help all these pre orders which I believe is less than 20 machines now, then say something nice or not at all.
I think a factory in China could be very useful to manufacture pinball parts and machines and having a buddy who owned one like that would be far better than having an enemy.If you want to help the preorders and rule the pinball world then buy out and take over Homepin, fly to China and make pinball machines and see if you can do a better job, otherwise get back to running your own business.
Wayne you are not party to individual sales and the circumstances surrounding them –Mike has said more than half of the preorder machines have been delivered to happy buyers and Mike has also said more are scheduled for delivery this coming week.
Action such as yours is simply unnecessary and it’s quite obvious what you’re trying to do
Sadly this thread used to be for factory news and updates and frankly you tainted this when you started to post nonsense, enough said !!

Hi Doug.

#3578 3 months ago
Quoted from Toads:

Close, but no Cigar.

Gave up cigars years ago.

#3581 3 months ago


#3584 3 months ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

It's wiredoug or homepin using a VPN

No it isn’t.

#3615 3 months ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Want to say something smart but its just a depressing Thread!

It’s been a total cluster for years now.

#3618 3 months ago
Quoted from embryon:

A thought. People say simply pay the shipping and GST which did sound simple. But.
Say I pay shipping and GST, I don't get my game until enough guys pay their shipping and GST to fill the container. In theory this could take years and all it takes for homepin to say and never have to ship a preorder this way is, "unfortunately the container has not been filled" and say this forever. And they have more money with no delivery of a product.
So not so simples after all.

Yea. Mike is a liar and has been for quite some time.

1 week later
#3653 89 days ago
Quoted from Toads:

I had a long chat with my partner recently regarding the on going saga with Thunderbirds.
My partner has watched me deteriorate over it for quite some time now.
After receiving a threatening email from Homepin recently, I have decided not to post on forums for fear of Homepin taking further action if I do.
As my partner has watched me go down hill, and know how it's affecting myself, I've made the decision to walk away from anything to do with Thunderbirds.
I need to put this down to a bad experience and get on with my life, my health is more important.
I wish all you pre order guys the best of luck getting your games.
: Just a quick Edit gents, I won't post in threads involving Thunderbirds and Homepin, not the forums themselves.

Mike is a liar, he has no reason to threaten you and I very much doubt he would or would even have grounds. He is all piss and wind. Stick to your guns.

#3669 89 days ago
Quoted from swinks:

but funny thing is earlier days many thought he was the best on the aussie forums, but people eventually saw him for who he really is

I never liked him from the start. Copped heaps from people who thought I was wrong about him.

#3684 87 days ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

The facts:
Games are being supplied to original preorders now. Some are being air freighted this weekend. One is mine so the long wait is nearing the end. Game #92
Others are coming in a container currently being organised, with a June/July date.
So things are happening slowly but it’s going in the right direction.
I’ve been negative in the past, for good reason. But it’s time to stay positive for the remaining guys waiting for their pins.

I will believe it when Pete gets his game.

#3685 87 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Wait, what? I cant believe it.
Who is organising this to happen, Mike himself?

It’s not true until it happens.

2 weeks later
#3727 72 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Ranked #365/#365 on the Pinside rank list. "Terrible" titles like Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash, Raven and Motordome are all better games according to Pinside.

Don't go bagging BBBB, it's a cool game.

1 week later
#3746 60 days ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Hmmm, so much I could post, but...
unless game #2 is awesome, then not many people will give Mike a second chance

If game #2 is my dream theme I would not buy it. Would never trust him.

1 week later
#3857 51 days ago

Mike might as well get some jam and butter. He’s toast.

#3866 50 days ago
Quoted from pinplayer01:

Who in their right mind would even entertain buying #2, should it actually be made??? Yeah right.

He certainly won’t get any pre-payments to help pay for it.

2 weeks later
#3924 35 days ago
Quoted from jardine:

Sorry...but I'll say it!!
Why in hell would anyone..especially Australians, want to support such a person!!! I don't care if he brings out my all time favourite arcade game, pinball, blow up doll!! I won't support him and his ventures!!
The way he has acted and spoken to the community, his racist remarks were nothing short of disgraceful...how quickly some of you forget and seem to want to forgive!! Amazed!!
He has built other cocktail cabinets in the past, as well as lowboys and gee let me think...who now handles these products in Australia?? No one! Wonder why? Would it be because of support, or quality, or customer service???
...but yet here we are....getting a sniff of a sh!t looking product and we can't wait to play it....no thanks!!!

I certainly won’t be. Wouldn’t trust him in a million years.

#3965 31 days ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

from a post mike made on homepin FB page
We are waiting on the testing house to finish the CE and FCC testing. This could take a few weeks yet. We are also still tweaking the artwork, cabinet design and software. After that they will be built in order of distributors deposits - first paid, first get! I cannot set a sell price as all distributors have their own costs and they vary from country to country, that is a matter for the sellers to determine. I have no idea when the first units will be for sale and I also don't know which country will get them first at this stage.

Brave distributors that will pay anything up front after the T Birds prepayment disaster. Just sayin.

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