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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

2 years ago

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Post #1020 Thunderbirds official flyer Posted by musketd (1 year ago)

Post #1103 Thunderbirds: First look under the playfield Posted by solarvalue (1 year ago)

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#1522 1 year ago

Honestly I thought the game was just meh!

No one even got a ball for more than 20-30 seconds at the most and there seemed to be a lot of bugs associated with game play. Ball save was random and at one stage when it went to auto plunge it fell back into the trough and ended my game.

Overall very very buggy and needs a lot of work imo.

That T2 ship along with the $2 chinese led strip looks like my 4yr did it. The painting and T2 white logo was not good! Middle ramp clunked down into the top lanes and not really a smooth transition. Middle ramp leading into the T2 ship looked huge! Definitely needs to be made smaller as has been suggested.

Backglass however was amazing! The playfield actually looked quite good too. Nice toys and graphics.

Not sure about the protector as it didn't "feel" right when playing.

I had a mild interest in this game as a mate is a massive fan of Thunderbirds but I'm steering him away from it. Will look to buy something else at this stage.

5 months later
#2172 1 year ago

I can’t help but to think that the longer this machine takes to come out, the more irrelevant it may become?!? Looking at IMDN and even Alice Cooper as the 2 most recent releases, these games playfield artwork, cab artwork, design and shot flow are amazing!! Especially in some recent Stern games.

TAG in comparasion looks old, monochromatic and not a very exciting shot selection. Like you said, trying to reproduce a WMS style machine has worked and you’ve got it on the head....the problem is is everyone else is moving with the times, and as such left TAG or Homepin behind.

2 months later
#2353 11 months ago
Quoted from Toads:

How was the flipper gap?

That gap still looks pretty big!

1 month later
#2582 10 months ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Peter, your machine was built at the same time as every other "fully finished" machine in our initial run. It is sitting in my storage lockup, finished, tested and packed. I don't recall the build serial number but it's about #46 from memory (don't hold me to that number, it's my recollection without checking and I am currently at home without the means to look it up)?
You already know this yet you continue to spout untruths about why you don't have your machine and try and drag me down any chance you get? I'm unsure why you need to be so negative?
Like every other pre-order customer, the price paid was "ex factory door and EXCLUDED freight/shipping and GST (tax)".
You already know all of this as well.
You were offered several shipping options recently but chose the "free" one that I offered to you a couple of months ago - that is, to include your machine in a container that I would be shipping to Australia (that had space) and I would pay for the transport and import costs to Australia. Naturally, you would still have to pay for tax and local delivery.
I have not had ANY containers traveling to Australia since that offer was made to all pre-order buyers and so THAT is why the pre-order machines have not yet shipped but other machines have gone out to a different buyer.
I suggest that you call Highway Games and ask (politely) how they can assist you to get your game to Australia. They have many more containers and LCL to Australia than I do and will certainly be able to assist. I know you have been calling them already but you need to allow them the time to organise the tax side of things so that you only have to make a single payment to cover all outstanding items. Otherwise you will be paying the GST to me and then the shipping costs to Highway. We are doing our best to simplify things for everybody.
But you will have to pay the cost of this. I don't know what that will be, discuss with them.
The other options that Homepin offered you were LCL and air freight. Both these were at our cost price - in fact with us doing the export paperwork in China would cost us about $300 but you don't appear to want those options.
You already know all of the above so why is it you choose to keep trying to drag me, my company and product down? It's a mystery to me because you own a TAG I think it's a bit silly talking it down, don't you want to sell it the second you receive it? You wouldn't want to harm the sell price would you? To the best of my knowledge you haven't seen or played a TAG either so why would you make comments comparing it to an early Bally - it simply isn't no matter what you might want to believe.
I understand why you would feel angry and even disappointed because of the delays, these delays all well known to you and have been explained several times. That's life - I have to live with what has happened over the past few years and I'm not happy at all, far from it.
As to the others making snide remarks about me and my company and products, they don't have a dog in the race so I fail to see why they are even commenting? Very bizzare?
Your call Pete BUT remember, there is only ONE reason you currently don't have your machine, you haven't paid for shipping or GST. You could have it in less than 7 days if you want us to send it air freight.

Doug...is that you?

#2589 10 months ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

as if id be awake at that hour. stop trying to make trouble

Haha!! It was only at around 9:30am Australian time...lol! 7:30am China time!!

#2686 10 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

None of this is relevant. Brings nothing of benefit and shouldn’t be aired on a public forum. Would have expected you’d be above this. I’m not picking sides and it’s a “nice” offer to pre-order customers, but this just sounds disingenuous and alot like grandstanding.

I think Mike threw the first stone by having a jab a Bally for his MM efforts....right of reply made by Bally and...touche i say!

#2749 9 months ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

I gotta say, that multiball start is pretty cool.

It seemed out of sync??? Or was that just a video issue??

Honestly...the game play and especially m/ball seemed very meh! The whole game seems to lack a wow factor?? Maybe the countdown to m/ball is THE wow factor but nothing on the pf'd seems to have it or in the game play??

They guy didn't even seem to hit the ramps at any stage and the only mech is an up/down ramp.

I'm not interested in this game purely based off game play. Mike certainly has issues and while that may slightly put me in a negative frame while watching game play like this..the game really does seem to be lacking on all fronts.

There is no excitement in the game, no wow type call outs of the more modern games...artwork is still very blah. The backglass is the best thing out of the whole game.


#2826 9 months ago
Quoted from mrWol64:

I finished watching the presentation on twitch,... next pin not licensed,.. despite Mike trying not to say it,.. sounds like it might be the “Legend of Monkey”... but could be I read the signals badly
homepin way off base with that guess?

You gotta be kidding me!! Who gives a f**k about his next title when all this shit is going on with his first! WOW!

Deliver the first title, to Australia first, before you pre-order his second...no wonder the majority of pinball people are called pintards! F ME!

#2828 9 months ago
Quoted from mrWol64:

I’d rather not..thx for the offer!! Take a chill pill dude,.. no one died.

I get that you have no care about what's going on here...but better to not rub it in the faces of those IN THIS THREAD, that he has a second machine, that you're interested in, when the guys in Australia haven't even received their first after more than 5yrs.....

How's that..better response for you...put it in a bit more perspective?? Maybe go jump in the TBL and Alien thread next mate!

3 months later
#3347 6 months ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Hello supporters.
I have done my best in this thread to keep people informed with progress in the factory and things we were doing on a day to day basis that I thought might interest most. Many have said they love the updates, some others, well they seem to only be interested in being negative or stirring trouble.
In fact, the title of this thread is "Pinball Parts & Machine Progress" - not, "let's see how hard we can stir Homepin".
Far too often it has been derailed and comments made that are not helpful to anyone. I have done my best to answer questions and also helped buyers to work through delivery issues mostly caused by damage in transit. We have learned from this and changed things to improve delivery including a new steel pallet.
I have had enough of the people who delight in nitpicking and just being negative in general for the sake of it. We have done our very best over more than four years through thick and thin to bring a new machine to life and all some can do is complain about the shape of the flipper buttons - really? How about the 200 other things that are massive improvements on many other machines out there....no, don't want to see that, let's just be negative about the buttons!
I won't be able to help via PM here any longer so anyone wanting repair assistance please use the correct channels. First approach your seller agent. If you feel you are not getting the answers you want then contact us at:
Thanks to the many positive people who have helped Homepin get this far and also for the positive words of encouragement and I apologise to those who enjoyed the factory updates. I will try to keep the Facebook page updated but it has not been accessible here for a month now so we will have to see what happens there.

Bugger...and you were doing so well to let "the other Mike" comment for you...just couldn't help yourself and come back on here and have a rant about TBAG.

Live and Learn...oh...no..wait...you wont!

#3352 6 months ago

not to mention the orbits that don't orbit!! haha

worst-animation-ever (resized).jpg
3 months later
#3552 3 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

Mike needs more orders to start the line up.

Wow...just wow!!

That doesn't read well at all. I'd say a class action is needed and needed now!! You guys don't look to be getting your games and Mike is gone!

#3571 3 months ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

again back to the start .. they wont get the games without paying the freight and gst. They're sitting there.. some in nsw, some in china..
when they get online its rar rar rar.. but when they get a call to pay their bill .. <silence> ( or bluster bluster look at me) ..
when you're ready to pay ill help you.. in the meantime go you ... rar rar

Sorry Doug, we like each other...some times...haha...BUT you really need to step away from this clown and stop helping Mike.

He is dragging you down and I don't think you should be associated with him anymore. Cut your losses before you get spoken about in the same breath as him!

2 months later
#3923 28 days ago

Sorry...but I'll say it!!

Why in hell would anyone..especially Australians, want to support such a person!!! I don't care if he brings out my all time favourite arcade game, pinball, blow up doll!! I won't support him and his ventures!!

The way he has acted and spoken to the community, his racist remarks were nothing short of disgraceful...how quickly some of you forget and seem to want to forgive!! Amazed!!

He has built other cocktail cabinets in the past, as well as lowboys and gee let me think...who now handles these products in Australia?? No one! Wonder why? Would it be because of support, or quality, or customer service???

...but yet here we are....getting a sniff of a sh!t looking product and we can't wait to play it....no thanks!!!

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