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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

2 years ago

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#2560 1 year ago

Thunderbirds Pinball will be on display at the following events;


14-16th of August 2018
Australasian Gaming Expo
ICC Sydney Darling Harbour,
NSW, Australia

25-26th of August 2018
Pinfest UK 2018
Mercure Daventry Court Hotel
Sedgemoor Way, Daventry, UK


22-23rd of September 2018
Pinfest Australia
Club Macquarie
458 Lake Rd, Argenton
NSW 2284, Australia


12-13th October 2018
York Fairgrounds and Expo Center
Memorial Hall East
York, Pennsylvania 17404, USA

17-20th October 2018
Pinball Expo 2018
The Westin Chicago North Shore
601 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Wheeling, Illinois 60090, USA

Other shows/events we will be posting shortly, especially in Italy, France, Austria and Germany.

1 week later
#2581 1 year ago

Our Australian branch, Highway Entertainment is working closing with all of Homepin's Australian pre-order customers to solve all logistics and shipping across Australia. Please expect an email this week as we plan to work with Homepin, our freight forwarders, as well as all local Australian customers to have their machines delivered as soon as possible.

#2618 1 year ago

Its extremely hard creating a manufacturing company from the ground up. There are so many variables in play, and all you need is a few things to go wrong and the entire project falls over. We don't believe Mike has collected funds from customers with the goal of stealing their money. Homepin has battled through a number of different problems, and we are now very close to having machines geared up for worldwide distribution and sales. Within these next few months pre-order customers will be solved, and new customers can also start receiving their machines.

Besides what you might read, shipping product into Australia is extremely expensive (enclosed is an example of costs paid shipping 1pc of Thunderbirds from New Zealand to our warehouse in Australia). We are trying to solve all logistics with pre-order Homepin customers, as well as Highway customers and currently looking at shipping state by state in container shipments to minimise freight costs - if customers need a door to door express service we can also recheck costs directly. Please expect to be contacted by our Highway staff in these next few days.

Its with the support of the pinball community that new pinball companies can start and grow. Everyone involved in the Homepin project wants it to succeed - unfortunately its been a bumpy road, but we are now very close. Both Homepin and Highway Games will fully support all pre order customers for door to door delivery as economically as possible.

Local charges Aust (resized).jpg
#2622 1 year ago

We have been importing machines/containers into Australia long time. Its the "door to door" costs you need to look at, not just the part freight costs.

Export from Australia is cheap, importing is different.

#2629 1 year ago

The Australasian Gaming Expo has just finished with Thunderbirds well received. The machine worked constantly and without problem.

The Expo is the largest hospitality and gaming tradeshow in the southern hemisphere and took place at Darling Harbour in Sydney. With the significant shift in the Australian arcade centre marketplace (with one company now controlling this major sector), the bars and club market has been expanding to include arcade game machines, pinballs, bowling lanes and more. These movements have been recently reported by Highway Games as well as Intergame magazine from UK who was also at the event to cover the show.

Thunderbirds Pinball AGE Show 2018 (resized).JPG
#2630 1 year ago

First machines have started to ship to distributors around the world. Our agents in Austria, UK, Italy, and USA will soon start receiving their machines.

We will post news as soon as possible with updates for the Australian market including goods going to various agents.

#2632 1 year ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

So is TBAG now a gambling machine too?
AGE is predominantly for the gaming ( casino ) industry so people probably wondered what the hell it was.
Would love to see more arcade, pinball in casinos instead of money grabbing horse shit "games."

There is a lot of movement behind the scenes with new venues opening soon that are a mixture of arcade games, with food and gambling. With existing clubs, many are adding mini arcades or going full expansion with bowling lanes, etc...

An example of a recent conversion of club premises into arcade can be seen below;


#2638 1 year ago
Quoted from Toads:

How about you guys show some courtesy and keep your advertising in your own thread that you've created.
It's bad enough that Homepin have stabbed the pre orderers in the back, but what you guys are doing by advertising them shipping all over the world in this thread is twisting the knife Homepin stabbed us with.

We are trying to manage everyone together, both pre-order customers as well as agents, who both have paid and patiently waiting their goods. Most agents are trying to get their machines for various trade event, and are using aircargo to send their machines to their country. Please note that these agents are also following and reading this thread - its not a promotion, but more to keep everyone updated.

For your current order, we will be reaching out to you today to work out best options.

#2639 1 year ago

We are here to help, please give us a couple of weeks to get every ones orders (agents, Homepin direct, Highway Games direct) into schedules and we will work together to have machines shipping as soon as possible.

#2675 1 year ago


For all existing Homepin pre-order customers, Highway Entertainment (the Australian agent) has already contacted you to discuss about various freight options. Please reply to Bianca and Kaitlin who can help coordinate the best options for transport. Once we received everyone’s reply we will calculate best options and work with Homepin for release/delivery.

Australian customers would be aware that Highway Entertainment was offering a 2 year warranty on Thunderbirds Pinball machine in the Australian market, whilst the factory warranty is 12 months. After discussions with Homepin, they will also offer this same warranty to Homepin pre-order customers. Have your machines arranged by Highway and once you receive the machine register it with Highway Entertainment for 2 years complete warranty.

Highway Entertainment's Australian 2 year Warranty includes;

- Transferable warranty to other (secondary) owners (other major factories not transferable)
- 2 years warranty includes coils, etc.. (most do not offer any warranty on these parts)
- 4-8 times the warranty when used in commercial venues (compared to other distributor warranty in Australia)

We have been around a long time and want to support new factories start and develop the market. We understand the various hurdles Homepin (and their pre-order customers) have endured, and believe in the long term project.

Right now, our entire focus is establishing a strong and committed distribution network that can support you at the local level, as well as, working with Homepin for all back order deliveries.

For Australia customers, Highway Entertainment is re-establishing its distribution network across Australia meaning that you can receive local parts and warranty support in each capital city. More news will be announced over these next weeks.

#2685 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Does this apply to all sales including operator sited games?

Yes, we will honour operator sited games. These machines must either be pre-order (last year or earlier) homepin customers, or highway direct customers - when you receive your cabinet, register with Highway Entertainment and we will cover you for 2 years.

#2695 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Thanks to Wayne for his most generous offer
but as we preorder people know, we just cannot win
Mike has now moved the games out of his factory, to the warehouse of his new Australian distributor
Wayne would have got the machines here in 5 weeks
Highway is not currently planning on shipping them
do you people (Homepin/Highway) enjoy upsetting your customers?
Mike I know about the special offer for TAG buyers, keep it
Just ship the game

Pete, Highway has tried to help you since we became involved.

Our office has personally contacted you over a week ago and mentioned we will help you import the machine into Australia, and, help service/support you locally in Australia. We are not here to upset people, and also here not to play games. At our cost, we were looking to help you. The current arrangement is when the machines are ready and released to us, we will contact each pre-order customer and coordinate their shipment. Please understand we are at the beginning stages of the production/shipping cycle, and as we receive machines we will ship best options available. If this is not suitable, you are welcomed to arrange any method you like.

We are not sure where you are getting your information, but Highway does NOT have your machine in our warehouse and when we do receive your cargo we plan to ship as quickly as possible. Please contact Homepin directly and coordinate the release of your machine to any courier/transport company you wish to use.

#2705 1 year ago
Quoted from Toads:

Dont think much of your latest ultimatum on AA.
Either everyone signs up with you to ship or nobody gets their games.
Yer good one.

Again, we are not sure where you are getting your information. But please review;

- Highway ships around 1 container each month from Shenzhen/Guangzhou to Australia, and various LCL shipments when urgent. We are not holding your machine waiting to get everyone's orders together. It does not make sense to ship 1x container for all Homepin customers to Melbourne (or Sydney) when you then need to trans-ship the goods to Perth, Brisbane, etc...We have written to you explaining that we need to wait to see everyone's response (whether they handle their own freight, use our forwarder, etc...) so that we can calculate best options

- we are consolidating everyone's orders for best fit arrangement (whether we arrange as full container, LCL, or co-load with Highway goods)

- Highway does not have machines (whether its your order or others), once Homepin releases machines we can ship "best fit"

- you can arrange your own shipment (ship anyway you like)

We have offered to help coordinate the orders. Please do not write that we have hijacked anything on this project because its not true. Welcomed to work directly with Homepin to have your machine released to your designated agent/forwarder.

1 week later
#2813 1 year ago

This witch hunt needs to stop.

We want to clearly explain the situation to everyone, so that there are no misunderstandings and that everyone is going in the same direction.

- Homepin is a new pinball factory, and needed a lot of support to get it off the ground, and, to develop itself as a mainstream factory. The pre-order customers have helped tremendously to get the project/factory established.

- it has not been an easy process, as our company has approached Homepin during these last years to manufacturer a number of our own machines and could see first hand the situation. Each time, we were told that Homepin needed to start the production of Thunderbirds, and once underway, they can start on our machines. Each time however, something which was not in Homepin’s control would influence this work and delay the project – whether it was a 3rd party factory running away with the moulds, or, government officials rezoning factories for different usages. In all cases, Homepin rolled with the punches and continues onwards.

- earlier this year, Highway Games together with Homepin exhibited at the biggest amusement trade show in Asia (AAA Show) and was hugely successful. Whilst Homepin could have gone into production during this time in April, the factory actually went back and tried to improve more of the game play and redesigned circuit boards to make the machine even better.


- Homepin is treating Thunderbirds as its baby. And because of this, they take pride in their machine, and sometimes sensitive when people complain about their “son/daughter”. Some people will like the theme, others will hate it, some will like the game play, others would like to see things improved. In the end, it’s the first machine Homepin has made, and as new models are released, together with fresh community involvement, this project can literally go where ever people want to take it.

Now, back to the current mess;

- the distribution model for Thunderbirds in Australia was not setup well, as there must be one price, warranty, parts, etc…. across all of Australia. It means, the importer is legally responsible for the goods, insurances, taxes, etc… and with this, Highway Entertainment has agreed to help solve all – one rule (warranty, etc.. ) for everyone.

- about 3-4 weeks ago, we started to reach out to all Homepin pre-order customers to explain to them that we would be helping with Australian support. 80% of the people replied, some customers complained that their deal was including free freight and installation, others wanted their machines shipped Fedex, etc… We actually understand very well that most of the people have waited patiently for their machines, and whilst its not our fault the machines were delayed, we allowed people who were upset to vent their frustration in emails or over the phone to our staff.

- as we have been explaining to everyone, it takes time, money and effort to setup the distribution network so that everyone can receive high level of service and support. A customer in Western Australia, should be able to receive the same support as a customer in Queensland. And, since we have offered 8 times the warranty compared to buying a Stern pinball, it means that we must have everything setup professionally, and, have the support of the local community. We are actually very close to announcing all state agents in Australia, and just waiting for Homepin to return back from UK for final arrangements/discussions.

- for a number of pre-order Homepin customers who have been actively writing in this thread, we did reach out to you both via email and also via phone and asked you to call our office to discuss best options as we will work closely to solve. However, many of you ignored us, and some kept writing untruths in this threat. As we told you, Highway is not earning anything from you – and wants to actually help you firstly understand the current situation, and, get you your machine as soon as possible.

- Homepin did actually start assembling machines for the Australian pre-order customers. And, at the same time, needed to assemble and release some machines to international agents so that the machines can be displayed across the world. Even though Highway Games (through its worldwide agents) has collected a number of orders across Europe, China and USA, we are solely focused on getting machines to pre-order customers. Any new orders have all been told delivery in December as Homepin does not have the capacity to manufacture huge volumes.

- but writing letters of complaint to government agencies, in various forums, or, today (if they follow Wayne Gillard’s advice) complaining to ITV, is causing further delays/problems. Highway did go to pickup some of the machines to ship to Australia but needed to cancel the pickup. Customers started complaining why is Adelaide (for example) getting their machines before Sydney, etc..... In the end, it became so messy, that we needed to stop as some of the demands were getting out of hand.

Having said this however, we also do not want people to feel helpless and alone. As we have mentioned, we have already reached out via phone and email to ALL pre-order customers and will work with them for whatever solutions we can provide. Your welcomed to call our office anytime.

Lastly, there are key people in this thread who are actively trying to destabilise Homepin, especially Wayne Gillard/Ballypinball. Whether its trying to convince pre-order customers that you will ship for them, printing distributor buy prices in this thread, and today asking people to contact ITV so that Homepin loses their license (and therefore people losing their machines if Homepin fails) is nothing more than vindictive action by a Homepin competitor. We therefore cannot see why you are going to so much effort (both in these forums, and behind the scenes contacting various factories and license holders) to destabilise and destroy Homepin, when really, you should be concentrating on your own upset customers. If you have something positive to contribute, please share, otherwise people should see your actions for what they are.

Highway has put together a plan for all pre-order customers (who have agreed to work with us) and will be contacting you again tomorrow with the latest news and updates.

We again ask for patience, machines will start flowing soon.

1 week later
#2922 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

$390 a game and min 21 in the container that's $8k shipping for a $900 container shipping cost?

Please call our office and we will explain to you how this is calculated. It seems you have not calculated landed costs, that the price quoted is an estimate to Freemantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, and Brisbane (wharf fees paid, custom cleared, unloaded into warehouse for pickup) - the Brisbane customer for example does not need to pickup from Melbourne, etc.... Lastly, its 14pcs into 20ft container.

#2923 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

My friends are now suggesting that I should simply give up and wait
since I respect their opinions, I will

Please contact our office on Monday, we have a solution for you and can solve quickly.

2 weeks later
#2952 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Not what bbc said to me about them using doctor who without permission? Or many others on the cabinet

All games and artwork are sublicensed to Arcooda from either FarSight or Pro Pinball - Once Arcooda lost the Williams/Bally license they stopped all artwork development and needed to remake all stickers. Dr Who art is from Master of Time, a licensed FarSight video pinball title, whilst other titles on the pinball are either Alvin G, Gottlieb or Pro Pinball - all of which are sub-licensed to Arcooda.

However, we notice you (Mr Pinball / Ballypinball, either on your website, Ebay or other related websites) are using the FarSight + Zen Studios logos on the low end China video pinball cabinets that you are importing - confusing buyers that you have the license for these titles. Please explain whether you have the approval from either of these 2 companies to use their logos as endorsing the product you sell. Please further explain whether you have the license to sell 820 video pinball titles in these machines, which include current Stern Pinball titles.

All software in Arcooda Pinball is licensed. All hardware in Arcooda Pinball is designed from scratch and is a collaboration of industry people trying to make a professional product. This is not a hack job with keyboard encoder and unlicensed software.

This thread should be about the Thunderbirds Pinball machine. Wayne, if you have issues with the Arcooda Pinball project, I suggest you contact either Arcooda or the FarSight team directly.

#2956 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

I have a copy of the license Agreements from Williams and its states No sub license is allowed.
So no you are not sublicensed to use Williams Bally Art nor is a Coin Operated Digital Pinball Licensed by Williams Licensor since Ultrapin.
So would be interested to see Page 113 Par 4 sect 5.
No wonder the license was Cancelled. Operating outside the License rights and using IP & Copyrights without Permission in breach of the Contract.

Please email our office the license agreement between FarSight and Williams/Bally.

Please answer the question. Do you have the rights from FarSight and Zen Studios to use their trademarks/logos on the machines you are passing off as original. Also, do you have the license from Stern and other factories for software you are selling in your China purchased Video Pinball machines.

1 month later
#3130 11 months ago

There are a lot of updates we would like to share with the pinball community, especially behind the scenes. Please note;

- a number of updates have taken place to the cabinet, including new metal ramp. For customers who have already received their machines, please contact your distributor who will offer you upgrade kit. These new parts should be shipping from the Homepin factory at the end of this week.

- as previously documented, Homepin has needed to add an additional factory/warehouse and restructure their production. All pre-built machines (as well as partially built) have needed to be upgraded with new parts/improvements and these machines have now been shipped to Australia. Cancelled orders have been resold to other customers.

- some Homepin pre-order customers in Australia will start to receive their orders end of this month, whilst the majority are planned for end of January. Homepin has contacted our office with list of all their direct pre-order customers, and today we have reached out to all with updates. For those who preferred not to work with us or ship their machines directly, we have not contacted you – if you want to join our information network please contact our office.

- in Australia, we have now established a full professional distribution and service network that can support local customers. Final announcements will be made at the end of this week. All Australian Homepin customers will have spare parts, service and support for their Thunderbirds Pinball machines in Australia with next day delivery. Further, Highway has worked with Homepin to offer all pre-order customers an additional 12 months warranty on ALL parts.

Highway has committed to a promotional campaign starting in Australia, including developing retail distribution channels which will see Thunderbirds Pinball machine being advertised on the number one TV channel in Australia for the next 3 months.

- Internationally, we are working with our distribution partners to solve machines damaged in transport, arrange upgrade kits, and to develop full support network in each country we have agents. Your first contact should be your local agent.

Pinfest in Australia went very well where we demonstrated Thunderbirds and collected a number of orders which unfortunately we could not satisfy immediately due to the current production delays. Our problem is not sales, but is on supply – Homepin is working to increase production so that we can satisfy not only existing pre-order customers, but also new orders.

We will stay in touch with regular updates.

#3134 11 months ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Just to be clear for all involved in this.. when you say " additional 12 months warranty"... is this in addition to the 12 months warranty that is Australian law, so 24 months?
Or.. is this a rewording of what is the minimum requirement for products sold in Australia?

To all pre-order customers in Australia, it is 24 months warranty (whether the machine is being used at home or commercial venue). And, the warranty is transferable (should you wish to sell your machine to another person, the balance warranty is transferred to the new buyer).

2 months later
#3461 8 months ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

but you can buy them from balls n all amusements in perth who is a real distributor not a reseller for another Distributor. shipped to Melbourne cheaper and in stock now!
That's if you really want one

Sorry this is not true. Balls n All purchased a "one off" machines order. These machines were ordered before Highway was involved and now we have a professional distribution (with customer service and support) network around the world. To understand who the real distributors are, please review;


Balls n All is welcomed to join our distribution/support team.

1 week later
#3479 8 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

I think that is what triggered the other forum discussion, with thunderbirds in stock with the distributor and advertised by them on gumtree which is like Craig’s list I think there in the US. Yet not all preorder guys have got there games = gameplay by mike - he knows how to ruin his business...

No this is not it. Its the constant undermining of the product by people who either are not customers, or wanting Homepin to fail (for whatever reason). Whilst opinions are encouraged, blatant attack on customers who have already received their machines, or ill informed comments such as this one, are the reason why everything is becoming a bigger mess. You may have read our answers already to Homepin preorder customers, or on the Aussie Arcade forum that you are quoting now - the machine (just 1 unit) being advertised is a Homepin pre-order customer's machine who no longer wanted his machine and has asked us to find a buyer. This has been explained at length. When we receive new orders in Australia, we offer pre-order customer machines first - any new Thunderbirds bulk orders (such as the Chrisco or other volume buyer in Australia) are being handled once Homepin pre-order customers receive their machines. There is no hidden agenda, but people keep changing the facts to keep this story going.

The Aussie Arcade "Gumtree post" started by asking people whether anyone had played the game, and then escalated with someone saying Mike was not allowed back to Australia, etc….then legal got involved.

#3481 8 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

yeah yeah yeah,,,...
It's not a ill informed statement as I never read that thread, rather a "I think" statement but I bet Mike has fed you info on how to treat a few of us. I think you are ill informed as the reason for the mess, being Mike's actions and then your contribution to it.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing - If you just looked at the pre-order guys 6 months ago from a marketing point of view and out of good will got all the games here and covered the cost your's and Mike's business would of looked much better than how it does now to so many pinheads yet Mike played hardball = that is the real mess and frustration by everyone who are expressing in their own ways.
I think it says something that Mike is no longer on Aussie Pinball, Aussie Arcade and Pinside forums.....

Sorry, what's your involvement in this game? Are you a pre-order customer?

#3494 8 months ago
Quoted from swinks:

it is a forum not your web page, so people can ask and make comment ....... did some of that ring true?

So your not a pre-order customer, do not know all the facts, did not read the Aussie Arcade Gumtree thread....but still want to comment about what happened, or, what we have been doing. Our company has been working extremely hard in trying to help get everyone's machines delivered, but there has been a lot of undermining work which has/is delaying the machines.

Again, we understand you have issues with Homepin but please don't spread the wrong information. We have noticed that a group of you guys just travel from forum to forum, or social media post, or even contact buyers directly to talk negative about the product. We get it, you don't like the product or Homepin - but don't spread wrong information. The thing we do not understand is that you are trying to push the factory to close, but this results in no-one getting their machines....

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