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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

3 years ago

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Post #29 Images of flipper coils being assembled in the Homepin factory. Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

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Post #47 Pinball Cab CNC Tests: Images and Video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

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#2535 2 years ago
Quoted from swinks:

yeah, yeah, likewise, I am not sooking, just think it is over the top - constructive feedback - sometimes when used too much just takes over the product, be proud and put in a couple of visible places but not everywhere
as for metric, Aus is metric so I get it, but if Homepin wanted to be an affordable option for part replacement for every pinballer out there, then imperial sized would of benefited him more since he has copied alot of the parts - why not make exactly the same and then supply to pinball part companies - could of been a bigger market for him.
enjoy your investment

Investment? Did I read correctly? Is that to mean in the company or purchasing a game for personal use. If the former some of his comments may be biased then. I'm sure Doug can clarify this for us

#2537 2 years ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

nfi? ask him, he mentioned it.. i have no idea what hes on about.
Just to humor you seeing you asked.
"in the company" -- no financial interest in homepin.
"or purchasing a game for personal use." -- no personal or financial interest in buying this or anything else made after about 1989 at all. im an EM fan

Ok thank you

1 week later
#2604 1 year ago
Quoted from Durzel:

I've got no dog in this fight but I can't help but feel that Homepin is getting a bit of a rough ride over the pre-order priority.
Whenever I've bought something large from overseas that has necessitated palletised or crated transport and been offered "free shipping" it is with the tacit understanding by both myself and the seller that I will get it "when there is space on the transport", which could be weeks or even months from now, and that I have no right to kick up a fuss because "when you said it might take a while I didn't think you meant this long", or whatever.
It should be obvious to anyone that shipping something with a significant volumetric and actual weight is going to cost a fair amount of money. Someone has to pay for that, and when it comes to container shipping there is a minimum cost for it to be moved, at which point anything else you can stuff inside it is a bonus.
If, as it appears in this case, there aren't enough customers paying for a container to be transported to Australia - then thems the breaks. You either pay the going rate to have your personal order shipped in isolation, or contribute towards the container cost, or whatever.
It seems to be as an outsider that the problem here is that Homepin offered free shipping in the first place. It's a nice option for people who are understanding of what it means, but fraught with reputational risk because - as evidenced by this thread - as soon as someone gets wind of "someone who ordered after me getting their pin first" they will probably be unhappy, even if they chose to pay nothing for shipping. Perhaps it wasn't made clear enough to people who chose that option that they could end up waiting months for their pin.
Waiting weeks or months for something works for some customers, but it doesn't tend to lend itself to items that have just been released. I mean who wants to wait forever while everyone else is playing the thing you paid for years ago? The time you spend waiting because you didn't want to spend $300 or whatever on shipping you could lose both in early enjoyment (which has a value) or resale value.

I'm reading between the lines and have seen other instances where promises were not fulfilled, I think the free shipping was used as a sweetener to get preorders but I have no proof of this. Homepin should never have entertained this option.

#2606 1 year ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Yup, to be clear I'm not excusing any behaviour or failed promises or whatever, most of which I have no knowledge of or ability or desire to debate (I'm very much in the dark about all of this). Was just an observation about "free shipping" on big items being a bit of a misnomer, and that it's something that only works if everyone is very clear about what it means (i.e. you could end up waiting a long time for something you actually want pretty quickly).

I think all the preorder guys were nieve and a impulse buy without thinking the whole process through.

#2613 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

Ha pete was that $5432.10 US ex china, or in AUD
It's only $900us to ship a container from china

Maybe the guys should bite the bullet and get together and get Mike to arrange a container. The problem i suppose is what port to send it to? Some will win and then you have others who lose and pay further costs. That's the problem.

What I'm seeing is that this game didn't really offer any major savings and a lot of risk. I recall Mike's sales pitch that his game will be value for money..... I just don't see it at present

#2633 1 year ago
Quoted from highwaygames:

There is a lot of movement behind the scenes with new venues opening soon that are a mixture of arcade games, with food and gambling. With existing clubs, many are adding mini arcades or going full expansion with bowling lanes, etc...
An example of a recent conversion of club premises into arcade can be seen below;

Yes so you can dump your kids while you lose your weekly grocery money on the one armed bandits

#2649 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

I have been around this since the beginning, even considered a pre-order myself, and I know more about this than most on here.
You are right, I don’t have a pre order but I do have a strong interest in pinball and don’t like seeing my mates getting shafted and you are not giving these pre order guys a fair cop. Yoy have broken your word more times than I can remember and to be fair, you are doing everything you said you would never do (straight from the JJP thread) and it’s just getting beyond a joke now.
Sort out the people who believed in you in the beginning because they are the ones who funded your pin and like I said, this all goes away.
Broken promises are everywhere but a lot of people expected better of you because you were an Aussie but it seems they are being left behind as you search for more sales.

I can't understand the 'you can't comment because you don't have a horse in the race' rubbish. How many sterns or jjp's does Mike own because he made some big statements on what they do wrong etc. Did he have a jjp horse called maybe the hobbit. I don't think so.

#2682 1 year ago
Quoted from highwaygames:

For all existing Homepin pre-order customers, Highway Entertainment (the Australian agent) has already contacted you to discuss about various freight options. Please reply to Bianca and Kaitlin who can help coordinate the best options for transport. Once we received everyone’s reply we will calculate best options and work with Homepin for release/delivery.
Australian customers would be aware that Highway Entertainment was offering a 2 year warranty on Thunderbirds Pinball machine in the Australian market, whilst the factory warranty is 12 months. After discussions with Homepin, they will also offer this same warranty to Homepin pre-order customers. Have your machines arranged by Highway and once you receive the machine register it with Highway Entertainment for 2 years complete warranty.
Highway Entertainment's Australian 2 year Warranty includes;
- Transferable warranty to other (secondary) owners (other major factories not transferable)
- 2 years warranty includes coils, etc.. (most do not offer any warranty on these parts)
- 4-8 times the warranty when used in commercial venues (compared to other distributor warranty in Australia)
We have been around a long time and want to support new factories start and develop the market. We understand the various hurdles Homepin (and their pre-order customers) have endured, and believe in the long term project.
Right now, our entire focus is establishing a strong and committed distribution network that can support you at the local level, as well as, working with Homepin for all back order deliveries.
For Australia customers, Highway Entertainment is re-establishing its distribution network across Australia meaning that you can receive local parts and warranty support in each capital city. More news will be announced over these next weeks.

Does this apply to all sales including operator sited games?

#2697 1 year ago
Quoted from highwaygames:

Pete, Highway has tried to help you since we became involved.
Our office has personally contacted you over a week ago and mentioned we will help you import the machine into Australia, and, help service/support you locally in Australia. We are not here to upset people, and also here not to play games. At our cost, we were looking to help you. The current arrangement is when the machines are ready and released to us, we will contact each pre-order customer and coordinate their shipment. Please understand we are at the beginning stages of the production/shipping cycle, and as we receive machines we will ship best options available. If this is not suitable, you are welcomed to arrange any method you like.
We are not sure where you are getting your information, but Highway does NOT have your machine in our warehouse and when we do receive your cargo we plan to ship as quickly as possible. Please contact Homepin directly and coordinate the release of your machine to any courier/transport company you wish to use.

please confirm for preorders, if a person decides to arrange their own shipment into Australia and not through Highway, will Highway still honour the agrred warranty and support? I guess a yes or a no would be sufficient as I was wondering if Wayne did the shipment whether all bets were off then?????

#2769 1 year ago
Quoted from EalaDubhSidhe:

Well, I've given TAG a good play at the Daventry show and you know what? It's pretty good fun. Definitely an acquired taste; there's nothing else like it on the market today and the closest companies in terms of playfield design would be Alvin G or Technoplay. It's not complex, but neither is it as simple and basic as it appears either, and it left a good first impression for being immediate to get to grips with and leaving you with little difficulty in knowing what to shoot for. Honestly, as far as first play on the machine goes, I liked TAG more than either Houdini or JJP Pirates, though it's definitely rougher around the edges with more of a 'first draft'-ness about it, not unlike how Full Throttle had for some people.
Pros: Good casual or family game. Unique layout. No handholding required. Plenty of simple objectives to achieve, definitely more to it than Jetsons. Fun ramps and makeable shots. Despite not being a flow game, it's a decent one to play by instinct.
Flaws: Not for you if you like conventional flow as none of the shots really lead anywhere that way. Cheesy art makes it look cheaper than it should do. Audio quality is rough, at least under Show conditions, Long-term play is uncertain and nobody is pretending the game is deep. Flipper buttons feel spongy. Still not a fan of the pops close to the guide wall. Airballs a lot.

Thanks for an honest appraisal. You at least outlined your likes and dislikes and i don't get the impression you are a hater or have some kind of vested interest in the project.

#2858 1 year ago

I hear the same old lets not be negative, give the guy a break, then why has this thread turned out the same way as all the other ones I have seen. Mention Thunderbirds and people go homepin and homepin goes people and mods then shut down the thread. WTF I say, no mention of the game really. If someone says the flippers are week, they're shot down as being an idiot or a troll (as again recently mentioned). I don't see many detailed positive reviews and why is that? I am sure trolls can't shut them down but I don't see them.

And I can tell you I have asked for positive reviews and pretty much get, it's great value for the money.....is that it?

How about homepin do a bit of PR stuff and get a stream going or video people's repsonses to playing it or something FSS. And don't repsond with "we're busy or we don't care what people say etc etc"

I'm sure others would like to hear the good, but I don't want the bad withheld just because homepin doesn't like lit. Buyers need info to make decent decisions, ATM I wouldn't touch a homepin product because all I hear is predominantly negatives and negativity back as repsonses.

As far as trying goes, that doesn't cut it as the only reason to support a company, there's lots of tryers out there that don't get my money or respect. It's how you conduct yourself and how good the product is that counts for me

#2860 1 year ago
Quoted from mrWol64:

embryon did u manage to catch recent twitch broadcasts from UK Pinfest,.. and the video of a unbox/setup done at a recent UK pinball show? They,.. and some of the US reviews have been what I was most interested in,.. good and bad reviews, while subjective,.. exposes useful patterns of opinion. rotordave also pushed some straight shooting feedback recently.

Thanks will have a look

1 week later
#2877 1 year ago

Just a quick thought. The preorders were offered an exclusive topper. Also the el lightning back box sides were on the brochure. Now they must be worth dollars. So I'm proposing seeing these two items are now not available, surely Homepin could kick in that money towards shipping, if in fact, it doesn't cover it already. What do you think

4 weeks later
#3018 1 year ago
Quoted from Ballypinball:

You are Welcome!
PS you are welcome to bring your products to Flipout to sell if you wish

Now that'd be great

2 weeks later
#3089 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

I don’t think that’s fair at all.
Here’s a post I made SIX MONTHS AGO when the game was here.

I can’t see how anyone could say that sugarcoated anything? Plain as day.
I certainly didn’t buy one, and the sample one left my house and went back to Australia months ago. Mike offered to ship it over to show people at the NZ Pincade event and get some feedback. Some of the attendees liked it, and two guys wanted to buy it as they liked the theme (it’s popular here) and how it looked. But it went to Aussie to Highway games to use as a demo unit.
I pointed out some of the good aspects of it, like the cabinet construction (my BM66 cabinet fell apart around the same time ...) and some things I saw as improvements, like the way the playfield rolled out on wheels. The same day I posted that, my mates Ghostbusters playfield fell off the slides and into his cabinet. Lol.
Generally I tend to look at the positive aspects of things ... and remember that it was a prototype machine that was here, and Mike was going to make changes to the playfield and the software.
Gameplay wise, and layout wise, I gave Mike some detailed feedback on what I thought of it via email and video, most of it not positive, and certainly not sugar coated, and to Mikes credit he took it on board and made a few changes. It was too late to do the majority of the changes I suggested, like moving the centre ramp way back like KISS and Aerosmith. So, basically it is what it is. I have no idea who designed the PF layout.
So, again, (and again) I’ll say the Pinside crew is not the target market for this machine.
Nobody on Pinside is going to buy this machine when you can get a Stern Pro for a similar price.
Gameplay wise, they’re not in the same league, and nobody thinks (or has ever said) any different.
I’m sorry if you didn’t pick that up in what I posted. Even though I said it a few times.

What I'm hearing from guys in oz this game isn't for this market either. Some very disappointed preorder guys

3 weeks later
#3166 1 year ago

Surely the parts and Arcade side of the business should be able tob fund the preorders. I recall reading that the pinball side was only a small component of the company. New sales would be great but with the money the preorders put down and Arcade income their games should have been well on the way. No??

1 week later
#3251 1 year ago
Quoted from zpeakabonk:

As the French reseller, we have a demo machine that has about 1000 plays on it right now, the ramp was a point but it is getting the new stainless version, and all people think he flipper buttons are to deep and sometime's they stuck a little, but for the rest, no issue's no damage, what i can't always say from other manufactures . we have a few more coming in France soon.

What damage are you referring to for other manufacturers?

1 week later
#3328 1 year ago
Quoted from v8torino:

Mike has stated that it is what it is..................not a tournament game,not generally meant for the Pinside crowd or U S market.He has orders to fill and clientele for his first effort machine,100% being built by his small crew in China-who basically fit these in-between their main business ventures,which can be found and researched if you are interested in getting some other pinball machine parts at a reasonable price point....per se
They/He has had numerous obstacles that can be researched as well.Don't bash and bitch and pull out the pitchforks !!
It's the Holiday season...........some have issues that are not fit to be heard,discussed,dissected here on the World Wide Web..................better fit for a behind the scenes remedy.
It's pinball.............have fun !!........Keep flippin and embrace it.
No harm,disrespect or any hidden agenda here.............take a breath and enjoy all we have in being able to afford and have the freedom of actually owning a pinball machine in our house.................some people would welcome much less in their lives in this crazy world we all share !!..........You get more bees with honey than you do with.......................ahhh bullshit.
Peace and Happy Holidays to you flippin son of a guns........Thumbs up/Thumbs down....my best to you all-Kirk in Colorado

Not for pinside crowd, not for the seasoned pinball player, then piss off. Why post anything at all here or anywhere except on his own dedicated site. Use your own Homepin sIte and/or facebook then. But no he's hoping to pick up a sale or two not to inform his customers. Heard of emails? Make a phone call? CARE!!!!

I'm not reading any compassion or respect in his posts for his existing customers, just propaganda for more sales at any cost. Belly button girls while guys are still waiting on games. I'm sure if the doctors posted funnies in light of his wife's tragedy I'd be going them for Mike. Respect my friends too mate

#3335 1 year ago

This is what I've been seeing for a long time. First don't criticize as you'll jepordize supply to the preorder guys. Threat one to stop people commenting. Then everyone is a troll who doesn't say the game is great. Then it's attacking people and causing threads to be closed to avoid answering pertanent questions to the company's operations etc. Then it's I'm out of here, then I'm back and then I'm out of here again when cornered with questions and comments he doesn't want to answer. And the threat that if he leaves a forum all communications will cease. Wtf. Is sterns only means of communication pinside or jjp or spooky. The guy used that as a threat too, so he can try and maintain some control over a forum. He likes forums, it gives him a little lime light and frankly, I don't know if he has many friends and the forum is his friend.

Don't know what is so difficult for him to manage facebook and email communication and leave forums alone. All three forums I know he has frequented have turned into all out fights. I can do without all that

2 weeks later
#3405 1 year ago
Quoted from Mbecker:

Fair to be a separate topic, but not a big enough deal for a callout on it.
Anyway, yes the metal ramp does appear to be visually a big improvement. Unfortunately game still needs more than a metal ramp upgrade but fair credit for trying to Start a new company. If mikes social skills weren’t so -no bs cut to the chase, rough, and unapologetic - this could at least be going slightly better.
If #2 is better received that would be great! However I tend to side with Ben Heck’s assertion about nailing the parts supply market rather than selling a #1 selling pin.. for now.

The parts market was their intent from the beginning in my opinion only. Preorder money would have assisted greatly to get that side of things rolling again only my thoughts. So iI think Homepin succeeded there

1 week later
#3422 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

if silicone was a bit better, but rubber was a bit cheaper. ...Any manufacturer with a clue would use rubber.
exaggerated for clarity it goes this like this.
- so we're building 10000 boxes.
- ok each box needs a widget set
- the good widgets cost an extra $1 a set.
- $1 seems like nothing but its 10000 all up.
- "will be get an extra 10k return if we use the good widgets?"
- ..no.., then use the cheap one. done.
silicone suits some enthusiasts but your normal mum and dad buyer doesnt care for it and wont pay extra for it

And dad will never change the rubber or fix them with staples etc lol

1 month later
#3484 1 year ago

I hope I understand correctly. No new order will come from stock until the pre order guys are done and dusted, except for the likes of chrisco and (not sure what this means), or bulk buyers.

If so it's going to make it some what easy to see how sales are going as it's not hard to find out how many preorders are still waiting.

#3486 1 year ago

Two of my friends are waiting

#3495 1 year ago

Why is criticising something going to close the business. Why the scare mongering the pre order guys to shut up else you won't get your games if we don't sell any more. That's a bit harsh don't you think.

Stern get criticised all the time, they've never threatened to not supply. What next physical abuse.

Do what is best and if it works for you then good, if it back fires, then it's because of you not others. Homepin folding will be because of them not others, and if they succeed, it again is due to their good management and not what others say or recommend. Just own it and forget about us

#3503 1 year ago

This thread needed a laugh and that was it. Very funny but obviously an honest mistake

#3505 1 year ago

Genuine question after seeing a photo of Alice Cooper pin at spooky. How does homepin compare to spooky staffing wiseand even warehouse/production capability wise. Are we comparing apples with apples or not

4 weeks later
#3541 1 year ago

Wow someone isn't happy I guess. I thought we're meant to play nice here?

#3557 1 year ago

So now I understand why he moved his stuff to China. It is much cheaper to build games there. Especially if you don't build them at all.

#3558 1 year ago

Hang on didn't I read somewhere that all preorders were made and at a warehouse? And pretty sure were waiting to be shipped once paid for. Can someone, maybe highway, confirm because for some reason this is locked in my head.

#3562 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

so just to confim...you're willing to pay the outstanding tax and lcl to highway if you're called tommorow with an invoice and bank details?

That sounds fair?

#3566 1 year ago

Well there's some in nsw so shipping is done and dusted. Get highway to call you and get the invoice. If they don't provide one then that would be strange and doug can get one for you. That should sort out the men from the boys and end this merry go round. Yes?

#3567 1 year ago
Quoted from embryon:

Well there's some in nsw so shipping is done and dusted. Get highway to call you and get the invoice. If they don't provide one then that would be strange and doug can get one for you. That should sort out the men from the boys and end this merry go round. Yes?

A lot of banter going on but nothing concrete

#3575 1 year ago

Looks like Wayne should be hassling the preorder guys. And so he should, they could have bought games from him lol.

Wow, so preorder guys are the villains, how dare they put down money before even a factory is built, how dare they want their paid up games first, just how dare they. They should be ashamed of themselves, the lot of them.

By the way, this guy seems to know a lot of what's going on and can maybe share more. The preorder guys might be interested?

#3617 1 year ago

A thought. People say simply pay the shipping and GST which did sound simple. But.

Say I pay shipping and GST, I don't get my game until enough guys pay their shipping and GST to fill the container. In theory this could take years and all it takes for homepin to say and never have to ship a preorder this way is, "unfortunately the container has not been filled" and say this forever. And they have more money with no delivery of a product.

So not so simples after all.

#3644 1 year ago
Quoted from Wamprat:

There is one on site at Pincadia in Brisbane. Pincadia will not get one more cent of my money while this thing is there.
Having that game there on site making money is a slap in the face to the pre order buyers who are still waiting for their game to arrive.

Not their fault. One phenomenon I see with homepin is there are a lot of people being blamed for this situation except for homepin, Preorder guys, suppliers, staff dying, the Chinese govt, trolls and now you inadvertently blaming pincadia by them having a sited game. You may wanna rethink your stance I don't know. But my point is, it's homepin and only them to blame for the preorder issue

#3648 1 year ago

It did get a mention though

1 week later
#3714 1 year ago

Any word on the game?

2 weeks later
#3742 1 year ago
Quoted from RA77:

Great concept
Such a shame Tbirds could not get it over the line
Man it was so close, delays killed it along with a stubborn genius rolled the death nail.
From what I experienced the build quality was always there and I like that.
very unfortunate the game was not developed to full potential for obvious reasons.
RiP Tunderburds

What are you talking about. It's like your saying tag is dead no more production or homepin is broke or something. I haven't heard of any of this so is this what you're saying or am I mistaken

1 week later
#3860 1 year ago

Well not good responses there. So what if homepin ditch pinball games and just manufactures pinball parts. Anyone interested or has tbag hurt that side of the business too let alone the Arcade side. Interested in your thoughts

2 months later
#3996 1 year ago
Quoted from russdx:

Could this game be saved with new software? / lcd display? or is it the actual layout is severely flawed as well? Maybe some one can create a bolt on kit like a raspberry pi running the mission pinball framework with completely new rules / audio with a lcd screen you add on (like installing a colorDMD) and then you would create some sort of hardware bridge to drive the actual hardware via the current driver board. So basically the game does not boot using its own firmware but uses the new raspberry pi controller.
Can it be saved? Whats letting it down so bad?

so what you're saying is feed in a shit load of money and time to change it completely and make it playable or at least enjoyable when it should have been that from the beginning. Why bother going to all that trouble? Buy something else that you enjoy playing

3 weeks later
#4049 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Since the 2nd game was teased as catering to asian market instead of the american market I'm very intrigued what that would be.
Some Jackie Chan Pin? Any Anime? Some K-Pop/ J-Pop Idol Band?
(JPop shoud design a JPop game! )

Maybe that beer game was the Asian game and this is something new again

2 months later
#4057 9 months ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

I could be wrong, but not all pre-orders have been delivered

I know of one guy when last I spoke to him has not received his game. So answer is No unless he steps up here and says to the contrary.

#4060 9 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

Still pre orders waiting about 12. Mike hopes to have them ready to ship in a month. Still no word on topper or new code I was told was ready in Feb, when I air freighted mine. Who knows or cares anymore, I just hope the remaining pre orders get their games.

Btw how many pre orders were there on the beginning?

#4063 9 months ago

30% non delivery sounds harsh

#4065 9 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

But but...didn't Mike exclaim loudly that all the preorder machines were built and sitting, ready to go...you just had to pay that freight fee?

Guess so. So that may explain the reason no supply. But I also recall the original deal was free shipping and then only when space became available on a container. Surely there's be a container or two shipped to Oz by now?

Maybe the saying "slow boat from China" is true

3 weeks later
#4113 8 months ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

My distributors advise of any changes that will effect my pins. It’s called email..nothing new.

I concur, amd send out emails of even code updates

#4118 8 months ago
Quoted from Mancave:

They do?? why have i never received one for my Iron Maiden machine....have i not bought enough machines from them to qualify for that service?

Everytime. Is there bad blood between you and them? Do they have your email? Otherwise I have no explaination of why you miss out.

#4120 8 months ago
Quoted from Mancave:

Nope, only bought the 1 machine and all went well. YES..obviously as they used that email address to bill me. No idea myself but thought it was worth my question, although i realise you aren't a spokesperson for AMD.

Maybe check with them and ensure you're on their mail list. My wife got the first notification because she enquired initially for the purchase. I rang them to put me on it eventhough all other communications were on my email. So maybe they're not great on updating their mailist.

2 months later
#4214 6 months ago
Quoted from Mercifull:

New photo direct from the homepin factory....
Sadly it's just a photo of a Chinese security officer preventing anyone from going in to work. All non-essential factories (such as the Homepin factory) cannot reopen until at least midnight on the 9th Feb.
[quoted image]

So come Feb 9, the world is cured?

#4215 6 months ago
Quoted from Fairground:

Looks like he’s selling raffle tickets


#4241 6 months ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

Mike should have setup in Australia. Things would have been easier for him.
In the wash it probably be cheaper, no reworking of items etc.

I dunno. He would have been easier access to some disgruntelled purchasers and who knows what may have happened. China gave him some safe distance from possible trouble.

#4262 6 months ago

And what has happened to his loyal staff in China? They moved to Taiwan as well?

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