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Homepin OFFICIAL Thread - Pinball Parts & Machine Progress

By Homepin

3 years ago

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Post #29 Images of flipper coils being assembled in the Homepin factory. Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #31 Images of prototype Thunderbirds mechs. Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #46 MPU Testing: Image and Video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #47 Pinball Cab CNC Tests: Images and Video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #61 Fliipper Coil pictorial Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #122 Delivery trucks being loaded in China Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #130 Factory tour video Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #131 Flipper links & other assembly parts Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #142 The plastic used for flipper links Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

Post #153 Flipper buttons Posted by Homepin (3 years ago)

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#585 2 years ago

Yeah ad that to the other 689 things to do today

2 weeks later
#631 2 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

????? I think he was commending you on the anniversary of you announcing you were moving to china to start your own factory:

Maybe buy why womens day??

#695 2 years ago

Gee this thread is turning to shit

What is wrong with people

3 months later
#1707 2 years ago

So Stern copied Bally boards in 1978 and then data east did the same with Williams System 11

Didn't pinbox ripoff nucore

Did they sue each other then?

1 month later
#2039 2 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

If this was built in Australia it is guaranteed to be a much better product, on time and making money for Homepin and operators by now. GUARANTEED.
Look at all the crap that HOMEPIN is copping due to building in China. Will probably cost more in the end and not just monetary. Any regrets there I wonder?
Regardless of our high labour costs, we just make it happen. This statement is also based on other manufacturers and Government experiences.
Now HOMEPIN are whinging ( again ) that it is so hard to build in China because of all the hurdles. Is there another time frame given for this who pre-ordered or will that slip by due to more licensing issues with new toys, legalities and getting things right the first time etc.?
I feel for those who have had faith in this venture and are constantly let down. May it come to fruition soon and all concerned be happy.
I might add that not all people in OZ want high paid jobs making manufacturing unviable, absolute BULLSHIT.
Job security and job satisfaction generally counter acts the associated labour costs benefits that appear to be better in offshore endeavours.

What garbage, we tried making parts in Australia, we are all lazy shits

that don't give a shit about quality and charge a fortune, a heap of Stern parts come from china, legs etc as well, its the big labowski now from china

China has nothing to do with it

#2044 2 years ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

Australia may be dearer but if you order a thousand parts and they are wrong, you have recourse. If you imported those parts from China good luck getting any satisfaction.

Tell that to the metal place that made siderails with dents and say they are within spec

4 months later
#2232 2 years ago

Ok I give up?

No lip to hold inserts in place? Or is it just the pictures don't show them

#2236 2 years ago
Quoted from KenLayton:

I wish the back of the playfields were painted gray like they used to be. Looks better with gray paint in my opinion.

Why no 90s games were

#2242 2 years ago
Quoted from robm:

Wayne, pretty sure the playfield is lexan or similar material that has art printed on the underside of the material and it sits on top of the wooden playfield. This was Mike's solution to the never-ending discussion about insert problems. Great idea I reckon, plus playfield swaps should be much cheaper if ever required.

Arh ok, just didn't want a insert falling out and ball dropping into the cabinet like it did on my ghostbusters

1 month later
#2356 1 year ago
Quoted from PinSinner:

Thanks for the photos. It looks bloody nice to me.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but the comment "feels cheap as shit" is way off the mark. It felt far from cheap as shit when I played it. Anyone that has followed the development of Thunderbirds over the years and from previous comments made by those that have looked under the playfield can see it is made up of quality parts. It felt and looked solid to me when I played. Way off the mark on that one IMO.
It was a proto ramp when I played, so I can’t comment on that one. The flipper buttons do have a different feel, but you get used to it. Gameplay, like any machine, is each to their own and everyone will have a different opinion on that. Some will like it and others won’t. That is the nature of the beast.

One thing its a shit load cheaper than any other pinball on the market

#2407 1 year ago

No disrespect but if Pete was my customer and i was mike, i would just refund him and get him off my back.

#2409 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

and Homepin could get more for the game as the early pre-paid were a cheaper deal

Yes that too

#2443 1 year ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Mike once told me that PPS had put a blanket ban on him due to his after market boards etc. It became impossible for him to purchase parts like the other manufacturers do.
Any venture into manufacturing machines meant he had to tool them all himself, which of course, he has done.

PPS told me they didn't give a shit what he made as long as it didn't breach a patent which his flipper board did at the time

#2448 1 year ago
Quoted from Toads:

The Thunderbirds on their way to UK are prototypes also.

Make them all prototypes sell them for more, there will be less of these than aliens made

2 weeks later
#2479 1 year ago

Porsche use simple green on cars, they never touch a car when thy wash it

Spray with simple green and wash off

#2487 1 year ago

I can see jpop designing it, as it has a lot of the same brick shots as my magic girl

#2489 1 year ago

I guess you have never played Houdini, because if you had you wouldn't be stating such garbage.

#2491 1 year ago
Quoted from stevevt:

Thanks to pinballstar for bringing this machine to ReplayFX. I'm happy I had a chance to play it.
It is terrible.

Which game?

#2497 1 year ago
Quoted from Alby:

That’s the answer I’d expect from a person that has a vested interest in selling the machine and making money . Better players than you an myself have said that shots are tight and brick . Everyone must be wrong and you must be right .

And those better players have bought one, we sell many brands each to their own

1 week later
#2557 1 year ago

More poker machine show, mid week not aimed at general public

1 week later
#2563 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Seems the first games are on their way.

Let's hope no repeat of the N word

#2565 1 year ago

Don't investors after the fact get priority

#2568 1 year ago

Looks like those who buy Hankin Tables get games

#2610 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

hard to know why we preordered and paid up 5 years ago
today, i can contact the aus distributor an get a TAG delivered to my door for $6999 AUSD
five years ago i (and others) paid Mike $5432.10 for a machine, exclusive topper, first machines off the line
still have to pay tax and delivery from china to nearest capital city
now it looks like everybody get the topper, first games will be delivered to Canada
will end up paying for delivery to one capital city, then delivery from there across country, guessing $500 + $250
plus tax $600
Miie has had our money for 5 years, and we saved a couple of hundred dollars

Ha pete was that $5432.10 US ex china, or in AUD

It's only $900us to ship a container from china

#2612 1 year ago
Quoted from brucipher:

On the bright side, at least the pre-order guys and gals are actually getting a pinball machine!

and a JPOP Designed one at that

#2617 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

i should have message you and asked for a rough figure
was AUD

So $5342.10 only 21 in a container I'm told so even with conversion and delivery and local charges say $3k tops only $150 a game so $5500 plus GST makes it $6k inc GST landed.

Perth Dealer and Pinball shed both have games ordered, so contact one of them to hitch a ride otherwise

#2620 1 year ago

and we air freight New Pinball games to NZ for $650 US under $1,000 AUD quicker and cheaper than LCL sea freight.

Retail Delivered and installed $6,999

Dist Price delivered to a Distributor IE QLD or WA or MELB and ADL $6,150

If you buy 5 games the above Dist price will be $5,850 Delivered to Distributor

Cheaper again if you order 10 or more

all Inc GST

Pete i would get all the pre order customers together and ship the lot in yourself

#2621 1 year ago

sorry only $601 AUD to NZ by Air

#2651 1 year ago


Get everyone together I have a 20ft leaving in a week , I can change to a 40ft, won't cost much extra

#2653 1 year ago

If it was me, I would be getting your game out of there

#2655 1 year ago

Push comes to shove i doubt the games will be ready to ship

#2676 1 year ago

As someone who sells 50 of Mikes Hankin Tables a year, and was supportive in both advice and information.

A simple request to attend Flipout 2018 in Melbourne Australia, and received the Melbourne is a wart on the industry that just won't Heal? Response!

He had called me when he was drunk many times telling me he was broke and nobody was buying his game and couldn't afford to build the games without more money, even used up all the money from his wife's life insurance policy.

Then the magical investor comes to the rescue in the image of Highway Games, there are many other resellers of his pinball who have also been shafted by games being shipped with new money.

Last time I checked my business turns over 10 million a year and have more than 3mil in cash in my bank, so if you want to compare assets Mike, happy to do so.

Pete get everyone together and I will get them all picked up and shipped to Melbourne for free, only the GST aka tax will be due

WHY because I am sick of all the Warts on the industry.

#2688 1 year ago

Its not Ego its just ship the bloody games in order as been paid not ship a container of new money,

I am sure if your paid up front in full and saw a container of games shipped out to a later purchaser you would be just as pissed.

#2714 1 year ago


So Mike won't let me ship the games for free to help out his customers, as I am Mr Shonky in his words, and they can only be released to Highway.

So if one customer gets authority from all the other customers to ship on their behalf, then no problem that person can work directly with my freight forwarder to get all pre order customers their games shipped to one pre order customer in a full container.

All my involvement is they can bill the freight content to my account.

If this option is not suitable it is then clear the games are not even built yet and are not sitting in a warehouse as stated.

You have 2 weeks the clock is ticking and ITV the Licensor is watching your actions.

#2717 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

yep and when the third party is a disgruntled ex business partner of homepin it complicates things further.

Sorry Doug, I'm not disgruntled or an ex business partner

Your his best mate, get people their games, Simple Isn't it?

Stop shipping to everywhere else first for fresh money and get patient hard working Aussies the games they have paid for first.

Or admit he can't supply the games and refund peoples money

He would be praised and held with high respect of a man of his word.

Same applies to you Doug, Get the games ready to ship and you can deal directly with my freight forwarder and I will pay for the container

The games would go to you not me, I ask are you a responsible enough person for mike to trust.

Does that offer sound it's from someone disgruntled prepared to pay to get people games they paid for already delivered.

#2720 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

to clarify ... this refers to your previous homepin "reseller" status and the fact you currently appear rather unhappy

Why would I be unhappy, if I decided to pull the pin on selling his products, I don't need to sell his products, I have several companies we Distribute games for and manufacture without all the negativity surrounding them.

Maybe you should get those scissors out and cut those puppet strings, if you are not prepared to acknowledge there is a problem with his actions, I am sorry but there is no hope for you either.

Ps anyone found the Ce and ul and rohs status on this game?

#2723 1 year ago
Quoted from 27dnast:

Translation: it’s a flaming turd[quoted image]

now now any pinball is a good pinball regardless of the manufacturer

someone's Turd is someone else's lollypop

#2740 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

that nothing, you should see the pictures of my leg

Wow pete what happened?

#2755 1 year ago

I hear many will be confronting him at Pinfest

#2805 1 year ago

Reality is the Aussie games have not yet been build, are not sitting in a Warehouse and never will be all ready to ship at one time.

There are 2 other Distributors in Australia you can contact who do have containers shipping to Australia before November.


#2816 1 year ago

20 years hasn't changed your deflection and misinformation, don't you still owe people pinball software they ordered?

First of all I will have a Homepin thunderbirds at Flipout in December in Melbourne, which Mike said Melbourne was a Wart on the Pinball Industry that just won't Heal. Free for people to Play and Enjoy.

Mike says he has no Competition, so how does it affect my Business exactly.

I don't know what factories I have meant to have contacted. Please Advise?

As I said for the 50th Time. Just get the games to the people who paid first regardless of what country they are from.

Maybe he should get them out before showing a 2nd or 3rd game at Pinfest, a Hankin Branded Surfing game Ripcurl or Billabong?

Seeing your going to ship everyone's games I will pay you the $900 that it costs for a 20ft container, to assist in getting all the customers games shipped in the next 2 weeks.

That way no more excuses or delays.

1 week later
#2869 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

the latest news from the Australian distibutor is that the factory has been closed down and is being relocated
nobody is getting games before xmas

Nobody in Australia Only You Mean?

#2904 1 year ago

Haven't you guys learn't anything, you send games to new money and ignore old customers, travel the world to shows and take new orders and deposits, spend 2 million more than the games sell for and like magic, you are Andrew Heighway or DP? Except those 2 had a better product.

There is a reason why refunds do not appear, simple no money to refund. Just get a judgement and put this dog out of it's misery.

#2921 1 year ago

$390 a game and min 21 in the container that's $8k shipping for a $900 container shipping cost?

#2924 1 year ago

there you go Pete a Full Refund Being Offered By Highway

#2926 1 year ago
Quoted from Durzel:

Why would you entertain someone who is openly hostile to you being involved in shipping something on your behalf? I mean it's not as if the clearly acrimonious relationship between ballypinball and homepin is privileged info, it's all over this thread for all to see.
homepin has a contract with the customers who have bought their pin. Neither customer nor homepin have any contractual relationship with ballypinball. If a pin goes missing, gets damaged, gets delayed, whatever - who gets the blame then? Who is responsible for making the customer whole in those circumstances.
I've got nothing against ballypinball - or anyone else offering help - but it's not something homepin could realistically entertain even without the obviously hostile relationship on show.
I hope you and others can understand that adhoc drop shipping arrangements are not how companies do business.

You have it all wrong I offered to pay to ship a container of all the games owed to Australians, I don't care who the hell ships them, there are 3 others here David Hankin, Balls and all and Pinball shed all Distributors here, who they could also take care of shipping options.

The real problem is not the money to pay to ship all the games, its the games are not made or ready to ship, as new money has taken over, you should understand this, as Heighway did the same thing.

Toxic is what Mike is doing to the Industry, Its not just me he has upset with his Mouth and attitude.

1 week later
#2932 1 year ago

Musical chairs, sell to new buyer and refund old buyer, round and round the merry go round we go, till the music stops.

No chairs left only empty promises.

#2936 1 year ago

So did you get a refund yet Pete
Or another customer paid you and took over your order

#2942 1 year ago

Nobody should be threatened not to talk just to get money back

No money would silence me

#2944 1 year ago

Glad to hear it looked like a great event

Can I ask who the 3rd Manufacturer was?

#2947 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball_Syd:

Arcooda CEO, Steve Josifovski will be a guest speaker at this years Pinfest Newcastle, taking place over September 22-23. Steve will provide a 1-hour seminar from 12.30-1.30pm on the Saturday. A prototype of the Arcooda Pinball Ultra will also be on display for customers to play. Other guest speakers for the event include Gary Stern […]

Well he doesn't make a real Pinball? And doesn't have a factory production line making them.

The Battlepin and Airplane etc are more a manufacturer.

Anyone can have a Virtual Pinball Made in China and call themselves a manufacturer.

#2951 1 year ago
Quoted from blue95:

I thought Steve's talk was the most interesting of the 3. Plus they don't just buy knock-off rubbish and sell here, all their IP is licenced and they design and engineer all their own products here in Newcastle.

Not what bbc said to me about them using doctor who without permission? Or many others on the cabinet

#2953 1 year ago

I have a copy of the license Agreements from Williams and its states No sub license is allowed.

So no you are not sublicensed to use Williams Bally Art nor is a Coin Operated Digital Pinball Licensed by Williams Licensor since Ultrapin.

So would be interested to see Page 113 Par 4 sect 5.

No wonder the license was Cancelled. Operating outside the License rights and using IP & Copyrights without Permission in breach of the Contract.

#2954 1 year ago
Quoted from highwaygames:

All games and artwork are sublicensed to Arcooda from either FarSight or Pro Pinball - Once Arcooda lost the Williams/Bally license they stopped all artwork development and needed to remake all stickers. Dr Who art is from Master of Time, a licensed FarSight video pinball title, whilst other titles on the pinball are either Alvin G, Gottlieb or Pro Pinball - all of which are sub-licensed to Arcooda.
However, we notice you (Mr Pinball / Ballypinball, either on your website, Ebay or other related websites) are using the FarSight + Zen Studios logos on the low end China video pinball cabinets that you are importing - confusing buyers that you have the license for these titles. Please explain whether you have the approval from either of these 2 companies to use their logos as endorsing the product you sell. Please further explain whether you have the license to sell 820 video pinball titles in these machines, which include current Stern Pinball titles.
All software in Arcooda Pinball is licensed. All hardware in Arcooda Pinball is designed from scratch and is a collaboration of industry people trying to make a professional product. This is not a hack job with keyboard encoder and unlicensed software.
This thread should be about the Thunderbirds Pinball machine. Wayne, if you have issues with the Arcooda Pinball project, I suggest you contact either Arcooda or the FarSight team directly.

Once Arcooda lost the Williams/Bally license?, Unlike Myself, You were never a Bally Williams Licensee

#2973 1 year ago
Quoted from dangerwil:

The Thunderbirds home pin game showed up in Brunswick Georgia today. I just made this rambling review so take it with a grain of salt.
Numbers 24 and 28. We bought one for the Pinball Palace. I have been a Thunderbirds fan since the '70s so I got one for myself. The truck pulled up at the loading dock and I asked Kelly which box he wanted. He chose the one that said number 25 I got the other one. I think I won the lottery today.
Just got my game home and put it together it's in great shape. one of the clips that holds the Playfield to the lockbar was broken but that's it. Kelly's was smashed by shippers.
I repair pinball machines for a living. I have unboxed Ballys, American pinball, Spooky, Stern, Data East, Sega, Bally Williams all going back to the 80s. I am very impressed by the build quality of this pin. I really appreciate embedded controllers. It looks like they use through hole for most of the components. The cabinet fitment is very good. Nice heavy metal brackets for the corners with legs bolts. A standard lockbar receiver, a switch in the corner by the leg where they are supposed to be. Very high quality speakers. Not too crazy about the leg levelers I don't think the plastic it's going to hold up. The plunger Rod has a metal end on it that looks amazing. Shaker motor and a real knocker in the head.
The side art is made from what looks like video game overlay material. The definition is great and it looks rugged. The side rails also cover a large portion where finger wear can be bad. One thing that's odd is it only has one coin mech installed, comes set for free play.
The display is a very bright LED orange Matrix looks pretty good. The swing out DMD speaker panel is just like the old Sega cabinets. The Playfield is fairly unique, it looks like a piece of Luan with the same material Plastics are made of covering with all the art. Don't think that will ever wear. It's bright, plays pretty good ball has plenty of speed, spin. The toys and mechs on the Playfield are all well made.
It has pretty standard now controller boards under the Playfield and led boards for lighting. The lighted star post were quite a surprise, they look really cool. Also the mechanism under the apron for keeping the balls from falling out when the Playfield is lifted is really cool.
Unfortunately, the Flipper buttons are lighted and cool but they feel like the cheesiest pieces of junk I've ever put my fingers on. The Flipper mechs have a lot of free play and just feel sloppy. That may be why I don't really like the feel of the flippers aside from the buttons. They just don't feel responsive but I'm going to tweak those and see if I can make a little better.
The Playfield really reminds me of Gottliebs Surfin Safari with all the plastic cake decorating palm trees all over the play field, but I really like the way they shake when the Thunderbird launches, that's quite entertaining. Vacuform Tracy Island also reminds me of Gottlieb system 3 games. The way that the ball launches when it comes out of the Tracy Island pool is really neat. The center ramp is steep, evil and reminds me of Williams Comet.
I like hardcore Steve Ritchie pinballs. Where you pay if you don't make the right shot. This certainly is not that type of play field. I haven't played enough to really get a feel for it but it seems more of a simpler just fun layout for a high-traffic arcade with not a lot of replay value.
The software really feels beta. The voice calls keep getting cut off and the music doesn't really mix with the voice calls. What I really feel it's missing is a good loud voice that tells you what to do like a narrator. But that's just personal opinion.
All in all the fairly solid pin that needs a lot of software work but I think will be very reliable. Unfortunately I just read about software updates and having to send chips back to the distributor to be updated and that doesn't sound good. Need to have a simple end user solution for that.
Thats my buddie Jim helping us unbox.
[quoted image][quoted image]

That packaging is crap for export, needs double boxed at least, we crated the one we shipped, and you need a pallet that has a bottom as too east to fall off the forklift as this has

#2983 1 year ago

Remember his market is not the usa, doesn't care about the usa, so not surprise the coin door is not suitable

#2985 1 year ago
Quoted from HighProtein:

I've added some photos to the thunderbirds game profile, here are some more...

looks like rust on the 1st picture on the bracket

#2989 1 year ago
Quoted from Andy_B:

Jesus Wayne, give it a rest!
I have no horse in this race. I will probably never buy TAG and may even never play one. I read the thread because I am interested in new companies bringing pinball machines to market.
But you, my friend, are coming across like some sort of spoiled brat. We get that you wish to stick it to Mike, its plainly evident in all your posts on this subject. We get it! But your posts are starting to come over like your six years old.

I simply repeat Mikes own comments and state a fact I notice rust, you give us a break you fanboy, next you will support his racist and homophobic comments

#2997 1 year ago
Quoted from blue95:

I sometimes wonder if this is where some of his hate for Homepin comes from?

I don't hate homepin I hate the person he has become, I see Bumper 2.03 all over again.

#2998 1 year ago
Quoted from ultimategameroom:

At least mike has produced a machine that flips. While it probably isn’t the greatest I’m still interested to play it due to the theme.
It’s been over 12 years now since your remake debacle-and unless I’m mistaken you never even produced a single game. As of only a couple years ago you still claimed to be “working on it.”
Communication with your customers during the process was far from exemplary.
The fact that you continually stir the pot in this thread is downright hilarious !

Glad I wasn't in the company of Kulek,jpop, Dutch, heighway and soon to be Homepin. That isn't hilarious.

But I hate being right.

#3002 1 year ago
Quoted from railways:

My name is Jeff and this is my 1st post on Pinside.
I'm a pre order TAG buyer as well from OZ and my slated number was #0002. More about that later I guess.
cheers, Jeff

great guy and great products
welcome jeff

#3017 1 year ago
Quoted from railways:

Thanks Wayne for the kind words. We look at our trinkets as a hobby within a hobby and enjoy helping people out with odd little bits if possible.

You are Welcome!

PS you are welcome to bring your products to Flipout to sell if you wish

#3029 1 year ago

Why does this thread sound like another manufacturer thread that are no longer

Parts replacement and customer support is 100% what needs attention

Where is the manufacturer or worldwide distributor support in this thread, stop posting where you can see one at what show and sort out problems with these games on site.

#3038 1 year ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Wayne, the factory AND the local distributors AND the worldwide distributors are on to the issues that have arisen, MOSTLY due to transit damage. All parts required have been shipped out and some others will be as soon as we are advised of what is needed.
The Homepin Team deal with customer issues directly with them - not via social media or public forums.
Do you own a TAG and need some assistance? No, I thought not so how about you stop trying to stir up trouble.
If you achieve your aim of putting Homepin out of business how will that help owners?
I seriously do not know what your beef is with Homepin/me but how about you just give it a rest. Go back to making your own machine - wait, you already found out how hard that is and you were copying an existing machine AND using all existing mechanisms NOT designing and building one from the ground up!!!

The only person copying anything is you, you copied bally Williams parts, photos of bally Williams parts and you taking measurements, I didn't copy anything I had all original parts. I have built original games and authorised 1,000s more, you have no idea what rights I retained in the assignment.

You didn't design anything you copied most from other manufacturers even data east pop bumpers and ben hecks boards

We have problems with every hankin table we sold, god help distributors with this machine.

I don't want you out of business, I want you to build the machines you owe people, but at pinfest you were overheard saying you need another 1.5 million to get another factory and more staff, and only had parts for 50 games, and once returned to china you would need to order more.

You need to shut your mouth, stay in china and get out what you have already been paid for in full.

Stop spending money that's not yours on flying around the world with 2-3 people promoting something that needs quality Control with rust and metal fatigue.

Spooky can do it, why can't you?

#3039 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

yeah, but PBP is an asshole

No pop bumper Pete is a good customer

#3041 1 year ago
Quoted from Homepin:

Every bit of your post is incorrect, misleading, 100% out of context or just plain WRONG!

I doubt that!

2 weeks later
#3090 1 year ago

Stevie Wonder thinks its the best looking game he has never seen

#3093 1 year ago
Quoted from blue95:

Saw this on Facebook today, looks like the ramp is being upgraded https://www.facebook.com/homepin.factory/videos/1101358540030898/

just upgrade the design and it will be great

2 weeks later
#3108 1 year ago
Quoted from julo:

"There are still some pre-order machines that we have to get to our loyal customers and this aspect has proven to be the most difficult to finalise but we are working through that".
How hard is it? How are you working through it? I have not heard a formal word directly from Homepin since I received a letter many months ago and responded by providing my delivery option in May 2018. Delivery in October at the latest....
Who the hell are they building machines for right now if the preorders aren't getting them! It makes my blood boil. I even feel sorry for Highway Games - Homepin's Australian distributors, who are in the inevitable position of having to be the face of continual bad news. I bet Steve and his team a sorry they took this on.
No commumication from Hompin. I wrote to them on Facebook, to their factory page and they just deflect it to Highway, who have no information.
A simple question like, "how many machines have you built and who is getting them?" Gets no response!
I'm very frustrated.

The Better question is who if anyone has received a game in Australia at all?

#3113 1 year ago
Quoted from julo:

I'm Julien Greening by the way Homepin - a pre-order customer. Can you please advise Highway when my machine is ready for shipment with the topper. They can then invoice me for the GST etc.

I think if I read this right, is you select the shipping option and pay in full for shipping and GST, then he will build your game and ship it, not before you pay the balance in Full for both machine and shipping and GST.

#3119 1 year ago
Quoted from cjmjmm2006:

I am not sure what you mean. As soon as I found out about the machine I wanted to support a new company so I have paid previously, my machine was received about a month ago. I am not well informed about the backstory. I am more interested in trying out something new and cool.

If you want to try something new and cool, try loosing $6k after paying years ago and posting here rubbing it in their face that you have their game they paid for years ago

#3131 1 year ago

I would wait till you have goods in Australia before wasting that TV advertising money.

Past experience people react straight Away and want product now and ready for Christmas, then it dies in the arse over January as people are away on holidays.

Plus they never remember what the machine is or who from, which creates free sales for every other sellers of machines, so thanks for that in advance.

#3170 1 year ago

Great News Railway now we just need the container Number and you can track it to Sydney, otherwise it is just a way to get peace for a week or so?

#3172 1 year ago
Quoted from Homepin:

It's none of your business!

I don't want it, but you should supply it to your customers expecting games to arrive in a Container in a week or so?

Or at least supply them the ship name so they can at least hope you are not talking out of your arse as usual.

#3187 1 year ago

Please Uncle Pete are we there yet?

#3222 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

pretty sure that is a highway digital pin - arcooda fuzzed out at the front - I suspected Homepin would be making these
what joins are on the cabinet and backbox?, hopefully not too much filler[quoted image]

And Highway called my Virtual Pinball China Made Crap

#3224 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

How did your machine compare to this one? This one plays virtual pins and arcade games (via hookup to external consoles) and has an additional panel for joystick and buttons, contactors and a sub. Also this has pinball arcade content.

his doesn't have pinball arcade anymore, he stated his was made in the USA doesn't look like it

2 weeks later
#3271 1 year ago

last time I bought genuine buttons from the manufacturer who supplies all they were $.20c each
and in 20 years I have only had 2 fall apart or fail

#3327 1 year ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

O.K. I will say something nice.
As far as the orange dmd, it looked much brighter and more vibrant than any other dmd I have seen on a game. It really stood out. I wondered if it was a different design than a classic dmd, or else perhaps runnng at a higher voltage? Curious if the brightness will affect longevity.

that I can help you with as they are from my supplier available in amber, red, green, white, blue pick and place leds

2 weeks later
#3375 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

Continue? Not remotely interested in arguring thanks. Civil logic and facts is ok. Nothing else interests me. The wa container you mentioned is true. They paid their freight and gst the same as you were offered. It’s preorders being shipped. That’s good right? No one disputes you got hit by the failed forecast that shipping would be simpler but early 2019 starts in a week away so that’s pretty soon. Your personal attack on mike is irrelevant bluster. Should he sack everyone who isn’t building your game? Or get them onto progress so he’s around to support it. Try and see past the me me me me I want my game thing. It’s not just about you. You’re perfectly entitled to be sad you don’t have yours yet but let’s try and appreciate that games are shipping so your day will come. Wishing him to lose everything is just nasty

Get that hand out of your But, you are Both Markc and mike mouth piece how many hats are you wearing or invested in?

#3377 1 year ago
Quoted from PopBumperPete:

Wayne, why bother?
the machine is out, it seems to be speaking louder than we ever could

even if you bought a bad meal, you still paid for it and deserve to receive what you paid for.

#3407 1 year ago
Quoted from pauloz:

Mike’s BullDoug is back.

or is it DougsBull

3 weeks later
#3432 1 year ago

So I have been in Singapore, Thailand and China over the past 3 weeks

Look forward to seeing more Pinball Machines in these Places Soon

Missed nothing here

#3438 1 year ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

If any Aussie pre orderers haven't got theirs yet , I apologise for posting this.
BUT I did play blunderturds ( my new nickname )here in Western Australia today and me ol mate got GC of 990,000,000.
My review is a solid YEAH but NAH!
[quoted image]

And that was on 1 Ball

#3450 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

the pics are from here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/tube-time-custom-surfing-pin#post-3746692
at the time swinks complimented hassanchop on his work. It seems thats changed

Those girls look wrong

#3457 1 year ago
Quoted from Toads:

Another distributor...
Thunderbirds Pinball has made its way into Melbourne!
Forward Amusements Pty Ltd. has become an Australian distributor of Homepin’s Thunderbirds Pinball machines, and the company is located in Melbourne. Owen can help with all Victorian inquiries and has a demo machine in his showroom on display. Please give him a call to arrange an appointment for inspection, or for all your Thunderbirds Pinball needs.
Contact Details:
Forward Amusements Pty. Ltd.
4/21 Lindaway Place, Tullamarine, VIC, 3043
Phone: (03) 8376 6150

but you can buy them from balls n all amusements in perth who is a real distributor not a reseller for another Distributor. shipped to Melbourne cheaper and in stock now!

That's if you really want one

1 week later
#3467 1 year ago
Quoted from highwaygames:

Sorry this is not true. Balls n All purchased a "one off" machines order. These machines were ordered before Highway was involved and now we have a professional distribution (with customer service and support) network around the world. To understand who the real distributors are, please review;
Balls n All is welcomed to join our distribution/support team.

If resellers buy from Highway they are a reseller or agent not a Distributor, a Distributor is what Highway is, imports and Distributes

Example Zax is a Stern Agent Not a Distributor.

Maybe if you made the games then they could be considered a Distributor of Highway Products like arcooda etc.

For them to be a Homepin Distributor they would need to be buying directly from Homepin which clearly is not the case.

2 weeks later
#3518 1 year ago

not as many as you think
the legs are from Taiwan poor quality steel that bends and powdercoat doesn't match the usa made lockdown bar and siderails

#3523 1 year ago
Quoted from Micky:

So are the rumours true that you have wiped your hands clean of the pre order buyers and told them that you will no longer be helping them in any way, shape or form, to get their paid for games to Australia? Forcing them to try to deal with Mike again, which we all know wont happen.

Pretty Much what Heighway New Owners did, Sold to new money and the original order customers didn't receive anything.

When you need cashflow that's what you need to do I guess!

1 week later
#3528 1 year ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Chinese new year finished yet?

2 weeks

2 weeks later
#3572 1 year ago

I have had enough, shut your mouth Wiredoug or you will be summoned to court to explain your involvement

all who are owed money and games, Contact me, I will assist you in taking this guy down.

He can't hold your games or money, I can assist you in obtaining a court Judgement Against Homepin and a windup order.

I can also advise who you can complain to in China to have his shutdown

all he has to do is release the games owed and customers sign a authority. The rest should not be his concern.

Remember I was involved in getting back 100% for some and 86.6% for others who were involved in a $550k ripoff with Bumper Action Pinball Mess

#3589 1 year ago
Quoted from bossgp:

@ Ballypinball
First of all I never usually post on pinside but sometimes a guy’s got to stick up for the underdog
I am wondering why this even involves you; this is none of your business at all, is it
Having read all of your past and present posts and your personal vendettas against Mike, Homepin and Highway Games in this thread, you should be ashamed of yourself buddy.
This type of conduct should not be posted from such a person as yourself
One might be excused for thinking you are the one who tried to get the Homepin Thunderbird license revoked from ITV ? and posting this mob mentality to close Homepin down ? whats your beef with the guy ?
You’re not even a pre order buyer, a re seller, or anything to do with Thunderbird’s or Homepin you’re an Australian competitor and that is the truth.
The whole situation of you posting troll rubbish here on pinside is to bring down Mike, and Homepin for your own agenda, it has nothing to do with helping any of the pre buyers, what you are suggesting would ultimately mean none of the remaining buyers would receive their machine if you succeeded in closing down the Homepin factory.
You’re not the white knight of pinball coming to save these pre buyers, and they don’t need saving because things are under control and machines are being made, shipped and received.The people that have received their games are happy with them.
Mike has shown the world that pinball machines can be made and sold for less than $5000 USD and still retain quality.
This I think worries all the other manufacturers who are selling more expensive machines
He shouldn’t be looked at as a competitor or a threat as he has said many times that his main market is China anyway, far enough away not to harm anyone’s sales.
If you wanted to help all these pre orders which I believe is less than 20 machines now, then say something nice or not at all.
I think a factory in China could be very useful to manufacture pinball parts and machines and having a buddy who owned one like that would be far better than having an enemy.If you want to help the preorders and rule the pinball world then buy out and take over Homepin, fly to China and make pinball machines and see if you can do a better job, otherwise get back to running your own business.
Wayne you are not party to individual sales and the circumstances surrounding them –Mike has said more than half of the preorder machines have been delivered to happy buyers and Mike has also said more are scheduled for delivery this coming week.
Action such as yours is simply unnecessary and it’s quite obvious what you’re trying to do
Sadly this thread used to be for factory news and updates and frankly you tainted this when you started to post nonsense, enough said !!

we should all advise people you received your game ahead of other pre order customers, just for Transparency?

I will say something Nice when Mike gets off his arse and builds the games he owes these people, Its not about shipping and taxes etc

I already offered to ship them all for free, I also offered my freight forwarder to the group of owners to use themselves and it would be on my account.

The games would not be going anywhere near me, the only involvement was me paying the shipping Bill.

The facts are, he is not building games as he ran out of parts, not enough game orders to buy parts to start up the line again.

No Life Insurance money left, No pre Order Money Left, and no money to buy parts to build more games.

If none of this is true then the games should have already been shipped and supplied.

Mike needs to act before I buy out the pre order customers. Then we will see what will take place.

#3602 1 year ago

For more Transparency Wiredog is the service agent in Melbourne for Homepin Games, so no wonder he is protecting his best interests.

#3624 1 year ago

What I don't get is GST and shipping costs isn't due till the games arrive in Australia, and the GST amount would be hard to work out exactly beforehand as its based on several things, the exchange rate on the date shipped, the number of games and local customs fees and charges.

Say 5 shipped, then the local customs agent will supply a breakdown of costs, the shipping etc which the local receiver would pay or they can sell your game to recover the customs and GST fees.

So I really don't get it?

#3638 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

am i? you would think they would tell me

we you under bid Ben for the gig from Highway, didn't you know

#3639 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

lol go for it wayne my involvement wont take real long to explain.
"hi your honour",
"hi doug",
"how are you involved in this business lad?"
"im not sir",
"ok cheerio then" ..
summons worthy? hardly

Yep and those pesky phone records will bite you in the arse?

#3652 1 year ago

The ones who Threaten Don't Sue

If he emails a threatening email, file a restraining order against him, easy at any Police Station, he will be served, or when he enters Australia will be detained.

Here is wishing he threatens me.

#3673 1 year ago
Quoted from Tigers2017:

Our family has had our pin for 3 weeks, enjoying it so far nothing but good times by all.
My mate owns a Bally Firepower(orig no mods) & his wife said at least yours continues to work...
A game play user manual would help.
The reply game knocker goes off randomly at times in free play mode.
Some stuck balls but nothing requiring glass off.
Good luck Homepin pre-order's my thoughts with you it's less than ideal situation.
Communication from Homepin is the key without it how can you be expected to manage your expectations
(stress levels)even if these don't align with past promises.

If you had ordered Direct you would not have your game NOW

#3674 1 year ago
Quoted from Retropin:

Very true... after all, you never ended up suing me

well if you had continued I would have, everyone needs to protect IP. its PPS problem now

#3705 1 year ago
Quoted from benheck:

Yeah they lifted the Spooky code before I made it self-updating over SD card.

You Bad Bad Boy Ben??

How could you do such a thing to Mike?? HAHA

#3709 1 year ago

The Boards are good?

hang on they are Bens

1 week later
#3729 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinball_Freak:

#92 finally here after the short 5years 4months 13day wait...if it was 10 days later it would have been 5y 4m 3w 2d 1h so close.
[quoted image]

Congrats to you, Enjoy

Now how many more still waiting

1 week later
#3754 1 year ago

Try a Williams bat as well

#3761 1 year ago

just replace the entire flipper assy with Genuine Williams Parts not a poor imitation

#3805 1 year ago

Thunderbirds is Fun, what are we all doing Making Fun of it?

It has more Fun than many other games we talk about here

#3845 1 year ago
Quoted from Fezlar:

More fun to play then Crocodile Hunter Wayne.....short memory.
6 years and only 2 white woods produced...

Happy to finish it if you can dig he up and approve art etc etc as i'd like my Prototype and License Fee Back as well

#3878 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

here you go haters. new material to hate on. cue the same 10 people over and over ... and ... go
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

That's great just needs a black Cabinet and better Artwork, Hope the price tag is under 3k then will sell well

2 weeks later
#3934 1 year ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

heres some info for the good people that are interested..
if you're just here to rehash the same crap over and over this isnt for you. keep scrolling
heres a better video without the expo sounds
its currently a mix of retro and more modern sound .. it could certainly be modified. Its not to everyones taste but what is? thats why it can be changed.
the sound is mp3 and wav files on a couple of sdcards in trigger boards.. you can pop on your own tunes and sounds you just need to name them right.
You wont have to send them back to anywhere else although in the case of some of you special people perhaps you'll need to give the card to mum or dad for help with the computering.
what tunes would be in your loadout?

I would rebadge it with a Beer Brand and sell them to all the pubs

#3937 1 year ago
Quoted from Vintage2:

have fun in court

I mean licensed

1 month later
#4013 10 months ago

I now own one and will have it at Flipout on Free Play for people to Play

Cant wait to get My Topper for it?

#4030 10 months ago
Quoted from john17a:

He might toss it of his business roof TNT amusements style

Stevie Wonder thinks its the best game he has ever seen?

3 months later
#4094 7 months ago

Most pins at Flipout had between 600-1,000 games played on them TBAG had 26 all weekend
but 100 games Started

1 week later
#4098 6 months ago
Quoted from TomDK:

Any news on the ICB clone ?!

Yes it comes with a Free Thunderbirds Pinball

1 week later
#4115 6 months ago

I just printed out all the service Bulletins


#4121 6 months ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

You didn’t buy it for it’s value though so it’s not an issue for you is it

I have 3 now of Its

2 months later
#4208 4 months ago
Quoted from wiredoug:

nope she got hers.. they all did. but that wont stop you will it. keep kicking

Nan still wants here TOPPER

1 week later
#4228 3 months ago
Quoted from Mercifull:

Statement from Homepin re factory production and coronavirus.
The Chinese authorities are allowing factories to return work from next Monday (10th) provided they follow the following:
(1) Fill out a 'return to work' application form and submit it 5 days in advance (bearing in mind that today is a Friday and therefor only 1 working day before Monday)
(2) The factory must provide two face masks per day for each employee (bearing in mind that facemasks are like gold dust at the moment https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/02/shameless-outrage-china-coronavirus-outbreak-mask)
(3) The factory must provide alcohol-based hand wash and ensure all employees use it daily.
(4) The temperature of each employee will be recorded as they arrive for work each day and the results will be submitted to the govt on a weekly basis.
(5) If any employee in the factory tests positive for the virus the factory will be forced to shut for an indefinite period.
Obviously this is pretty crappy for Homepin but these same restrictions are across most of China. If you do ANY business at all in China or rely on anything being produced there then you're going to find your supply chain affected pretty badly. Expect serious disruption for probably another month at least!
From what I can gather Mike ain't happy with the situation at all and is losing faith with manufacturing in China... could we see a move back to building in Aus? Or at least somewhere else like Taiwan, South Korea or India... or perhaps the Red Brick Building in Glastonbury, England like I posted above haha?

Well Mike sold his Australian House a month ago, so has cashed out of Australia

#4248 3 months ago

Doug is Mikes Love Child

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