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Home for the Gottlieb SYS1-SYS80B guys, Yep it's a club :)

By Gerry

5 years ago

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#816 4 years ago

I started out replacing all the connectors, then realized that was dumb, they get discolored, but rarely have damage. So if you have the extraction tool, then you just have to repin and it's cheaper. The extraction tool is about $15 if i remember, which sucks, sometimes i think you can get away with a small pick, but this is definitely a case of the right tool for the job is worth it. Just be careful as it can break fairly easily. I've broken mine once already and had to recreate it, by grinding it down into the correct shape again.

I just mark the connector with a "x" so i know that i repined it.

#821 4 years ago

Anyone know what might cause weak chimes in a sys 1 game? Wiring is all fine, if I swap in a chime unit from one of my other games it's fine.

I tore the chimes apart and rebuilt them, put new diodes on all of them and measured the coils and they measure 24ohm. When it first turns on they are fine, and then get weak after awhile. So makes me think thermal but I don't know.

Any help appreciated!

2 weeks later
#844 3 years ago

What LED's do you guys use for GI/playfield on the System 1's? The ones i have bene using for all the inserts (premium frosted from Pinball life) do not work for the GI/playfield as they are too wide and won't sit down in the holes. So need something skinnier to do GI/playfield lighting.

#875 3 years ago
Quoted from centerflank:

I bought a set of Ni-wumph boards for a countdown project pin that someone ended up buying before I really got to tinker with it and didn't want the boards, anyone want to buy them shoot me a PM.
I believe I paid ~296?~ with shipping, Ill find the receipt but Ill sell them shipped for $275 for lower 48 USA. Paypal accepted.

Yup, and it's running great

#876 3 years ago

i'll order some Comets since those appear to fit most Gottlieb GI applications and everyone has good results with them.

I still need to resolder all the sockets to eliminate the dim bulbs. Did that on my Joker Poker and it works great...

Thanks everyone!

#877 3 years ago

Eh... just cuz


#880 3 years ago

Solar Ride has some nice art, that one is on my list

#881 3 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

Awesome collection!

Thank you sir.

#887 3 years ago
Quoted from LynnInDenver:

Check the switch on the pop bumper's skirt, see if that's stuck closed.

That's my thought as well, sounds like it's sticking. have you run through the switch test on the pascal board? that might help identify it as well. The only time i've managed to lock pop bumpers is adjusting the switches and having them too sensitive.

Hope you get it figured out.

1 week later
#904 3 years ago
Quoted from LynnInDenver:

Overall, even with the consumables factored in, we're probably in at about $275 for our first pinball machine.

That's an incredible deal. Looks to be in fantastic shape.

#905 3 years ago
Quoted from CNKay:

Those sure look nice next to one another. Glad it worked out so nicely for you. No extra problems showing up under some heavy use is always a good sign. Happy Birthday again!

Agreed look great! I know a buddy of mine is jealous, as he would like a HH next to his BH.

#906 3 years ago

Put a Pascal PI-1 in my Cleopatra this week, i'm now officially running Pascal boards in all 4 sys 1 games.

1 week later
#929 3 years ago
Quoted from ForceFlow:

I would imagine a sample would be provided for approval before committing to a large run, though

It's not gonna match, the materials and dye's used 30+ years ago are likely unavailable. Plus if you know anything about plastics/molding, it's just not necessarily that easy. Be grateful you can just get replacement parts, I am.

Just my .02

#934 3 years ago
Quoted from davebart5:

Hey guys - What is the best way to fix dimming incandescents? I have some 44s and/or 47s on my BH main pf that are really dim and to the point where you can only see the slight orange glow of the filament. When I touch the bulb they glow bright as new, but immediately go back to dim when untouched. Replacing them with a new bulb does not fix it either.
Do I need to replace the lamp socket altogether or can they be adjusted/cleaned to work good again?

Use a dremel with a wire brush to clean up the side of the socket and then top. Then put some solder on the side to connect the main socket with the frame/mounting bracket. Then move the wire from the solder tab to the top of the socket.

I've repaired probably over 100 lights that way, works great, and no need to spend money replacing them.

#938 3 years ago

Not really sure what that would solve. At least on the Sys 1's you have a main contact point internally where the tip of the bulb hits a spring mechanism. You can clean that with an eraser, but i've never had that actually be the problem, it's always been the socket crimp is loose or the wiring is just shot.

I just use this:
amazon.com link »

There is a felt washer on the top of the socket that when you insert a bulb it pushes the contact into the wiring, supposedly you can drop oil on that to make that fit tighter, but again, i just desolder and move the wire to the very end of the socket, and then the felt washer doesn't matter one bit and you have a solid connection.

#939 3 years ago

Snagged a couple pics since the bar room was cleaned up.

The space between the poles was always a pain as you couldn't fit much there without it being weird, so i filled it with pins

Didn't bother posting in that master game room thread, most of those are insane basements, mine is much more modest. But it's all Sys 1 so it works here!



#941 3 years ago

You are correct sir, wrong legs came on it. I have a spare set I need to clean up and I'll put them on. They are 28" and someone painted them black.

Haha JP will be a new machine when I'm done. Need to start the cab repaint soon and I have a CPR playfield as well for it!

3 weeks later
#954 3 years ago
Quoted from Msch:

It's really not that great. I put too much into it and a don't play it. No one has even made an offer on it. I'd sell with the original boards, nos plastic, decent cab/glass/playfield. Players machine. I can't sell for $400 with a $315 pascal board(it's not for sale for $400)

Sell the pascal separate, that's easy to do. You'll never get the value for the Pascal leaving it in a game, i've learned that lesson.

3 weeks later
#966 3 years ago

You can get Naptha at Home Depot, i had ordered mine online, was just at HD the other day and realized it's sitting there on the shelf

#970 3 years ago
Quoted from Ven:

You can buy naptha at walmart also.

Who shops at Walmart?

1 year later
#1398 2 years ago

Little teaser for you guys, finishing up my playfield swap on Sinbad. Cannot wait to get some time on this sucker... didn't have pop bumper mylar, so just waiting for those to shop up and i've got some parts in the shaker getting polished up (all the posts screws).

IMG_1075 (resized).jpg

#1411 2 years ago

Little dirt still on the playfield from drilling etc, but here are some shots, coming together nicely, looks crazy awesome...

IMG_1121 (resized).jpg

IMG_1123 (resized).jpg

IMG_1122 (resized).jpg

IMG_1124 (resized).jpg

IMG_1075 (resized).jpg

#1413 2 years ago

Yeah can't wait to play it without all warped inserts and "the sword of death" as we refer to it!

6 months later
#1704 1 year ago

Anyone on here have a Joker Poker? Can you tell me what color the piece that sits between the head and the cabinet is? It's the piece that the head sits on.

I'm not sure if it's supposed to be black or white. Doing a restore and can't find pictures where I can see that part.


Edit: I THINK it looks like it's black... based on this pic.


#1708 1 year ago

Thanks guys!

1 week later
#1713 1 year ago

Yeah, almost positive it's the upper left chip, that controls which game.

If you plan on keeping the machine, toss that junk stock board and get a Pascal board, better reliability, better control and some nice features that are added. Ni-Wumpf is another option but the Pascal is far superior. You can replace just the CPU or you can do a all in one that replaces all 3 boards.

I've never met a single system 1 that didn't require some repinning of the connectors to be 100% either.

1 week later
#1719 1 year ago

Can someone let me know what the proper coil is for the bank of kings on a Joker Poker? My brothers fried and we can't identify the coil.


#1721 1 year ago

Thanks! I looked in the manual and didn’t see it. Maybe the reprint is missing that info.

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