Home for the Gottlieb SYS1-SYS80B guys, Yep it's a club :)

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Home for the Gottlieb SYS1-SYS80B guys, Yep it's a club :)

By Gerry

5 years ago

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#1182 2 years ago
Quoted from metalkatt:

No problem. Just PM me if you need anything, I have ask the playoffs and ah almost complete harness, pop bumpers, drop target assembly available. Good luck....350 degrees and count to thirty five, then pull that plastic and quickly get it inside a dictionary or cook book. Let it cool for 10 minutes. It worked for me when I was flattening out my Elektra plastics.

Hey polyacanthus - would you happen to have an extra one of these plastics? It is the only one that I need to replace on my Solar Ride.

Solar Ride (resized).PNG

#1188 2 years ago
Quoted from polyacanthus:

You must have me confused with someone else, I no haz parts!

Yes, my first time using the new user tag feature and I tag the wrong person. I am getting so old, this must be what my mom felt like when she messes up with Facebook, lol.

#1189 2 years ago
Quoted from metalkatt:

I have one, yellowed, but if you need one to fill a spot it works.

That is the right side one, would you happen to have the left side one?

#1192 2 years ago

That is a nice looking lineup! I wish my Solar Ride backglass looked that good!

1 month later
#1248 2 years ago
Quoted from gregh:

I suppose I can join in now with my bad girls. I ordered a replacement mypinballs board and it's working like a champ. I also ordered an interconnect kit from docent electronics the other day and that should take care of the couple small bugs that are left. Otherwise I'm really loving this game. I think it's pretty underrated honestly. I have started putting some led's in the controlled lamps, and boy do they really pop. I'm soon gonna order some purple and color changers for the GI.
I would like to get my hands on a translight for it at some point. Mine is pretty faded and there is a small tear in it. Other than that I'm really happy with this machine. Now if I can find myself a Gold Wings and Bone Busters I'll be happy!

I had a chance to snag one of these off Ebay (local pickup) and my wife said no, lol. Then she had a chance to play one at the Pinball Gallery and she loved the gameplay and asked why I never bought the one off of Ebay! Sigh.

1 year later
#1945 10 months ago

Does anyone currently have a Royal Flush Deluxe in their collection? I am buying one and I need some measurements of the machine with the head folded down and the width of the head to see if it will fit in my car or if I need to borrow a friends.

*** Update *** Seller changed mind so do not need the measurements.

4 months later
#2316 5 months ago

I just picked up a Gold Wings and, after u plugging the siren, I have a few small issues. I ordered the manual and rubber kit from PBR but until it arrives:

1) How many balls should be in this machine? It’s has two ball multiball but there were four balls in the machine (along with a stack of magnets!) but it seems like it should only have two.

2) anyone with the manual, what are switches 46 and 56? I get a message they are closed when running the test mode.

3) How are settings saved in this machine? I lose all scores and settings when I power off the machine. I am not that familiar with non-EM machines so be gentle!

427355A7-58AD-4240-A806-DAA6DA10F56E (resized).jpeg5A88AB40-9134-4CB6-940E-316B25603B73 (resized).jpegA528E83F-D5C5-4F3B-8A02-36462318C261 (resized).jpeg
#2319 5 months ago
Quoted from pincity:

2) According to this site (https://www.pinitech.com/switch_database.php?name=Gottlieb_Gold_Wings), those appear to be your trough switches.
3) Unless it’s been upgraded to NVRAM, scores are saved in battery-backed RAM. It sounds like the battery could be dead. If you haven’t already, I would check out the MPU to see if you still have the original battery on the board and if so, I would remove it ASAP. If you’re lucky, perhaps someone upgraded to a lithium coin cell or remote battery and that battery has just died.

That switch database is pure gold! Now I know what to look for, thanks!

Looks like the original battery was replaced in 2000. What’s the easiest way to get battery saves back into the machine?

9B2FDC69-A7C5-4235-8A02-0FB280180255 (resized).jpeg
#2326 5 months ago

Ok, my Gold Wings is coming along, fixed the switch issues and the battery issue. Whew. Here are the last issues I have discovered:

1) Occasionally the game will not track balls correctly. Every couple of games if I activate multi-ball the game will end the "turn" when the first ball drains; the flippers go dead while the bonus point are awarded and the second ball drains as well. Sometimes I will lock a ball in the kickout hole and then play the next ball fine. When that ball drains it will sit there in the drain and not kick to the through. I have checked the switch in the kickout hole and it seems to be good. I will play three or four games fine and then have an issue. Argh.

2) What's the story with the loop in the upper left corner. The one is my machine is pretty beat up, it looks like its missing the side screw tabs so it shifts and becomes unusable. I am going to order a pair of replacement sides from PBR, any tricks to assembly to get it working 100%?

3) Has anyone made reproductions of the aircraft carrier plastic? Yikes, is mine beat up!

#2329 5 months ago
Quoted from PinballAir:

I had gold wings for about 10 years. It is an awesome game.
When I first got mine the loop was difficult to have the ball go as intended. It simply did not track well over the loop.
IIRC I felt that the pieces should touch each other but in the end found that the ball needed a slot to go around in and guide it. So, the individual pieces DID NOT touch each other. From there it was subtle adjustments on the anchor screws.

Ah! The loop as it now is missing the anchor screws so the previous owner soldered parts of it together so the middle screws hold all three pieces. I will desolder the loop when the new sides arrive. Did you replace the coil or just remove some of the wire?

Thanks for the help! So far I am enjoying the game very much, it is very unique and the multi-ball is hard when you have to track four flippers!

#2340 5 months ago
Quoted from LynnInDenver:

Check the switch matrix, starting with the plugs at the MPU followed by the logic chips controlling it. It sounds almost like it's getting a combination of not seeing signals when switches are hit (not seeing the ball in the drain), and seeing phantom switch hits (first ball drains, and it thinks the first ball of multiball has already drained and is in the trough).

I wound up taking the apron off the bottom and playing for a bit. When the issue happened I noticed that the ball kicker, which kicks the ball to the holding area, had not successfully kicked the ball up and when the ball came back down it registered as another ball drain. So every once in a while the kicker will not get the ball over the hump and, seemingly unrelated, the ball release latch will open and the ball will not drop into the shooting lane. Its very aggravating about how infrequent these things happen. I am going to take bock pieces apart and clean everything and will see if that helps.

1 week later
#2353 4 months ago

Spent the evening working on Gold Wings. Fixed the ball loading issue, kicker issue, did some touch ups to the playfield, rebuilt all pop bumpers, installed a new loop and finished switching the bulbs to led. I don’t care what anyone says, we have been having a lot of fun playing it, 141 plays in three weeks isn’t bad. Now that the loop works it will see plenty more action.

65EFFC1D-2426-45F0-BA08-611F214FDE3E (resized).jpeg7BA2008E-6177-4EE3-A2F8-BBB0B8B9D9FE (resized).jpeg
2 months later
#2542 66 days ago

Anyone have experienced with the Gold Wings topper? The outer three lights work, the strobing lights that flash along the carrier at takeoff do not. I have the manual on order but where should I look inside the machine? I followed the wires down to the bottom of the play field but then they are bundled in with a lot of other wires and I have trouble figuring where they go.

#2543 66 days ago

A quick photo of the machine just because I love how it is coming together, lol.

CA3D47CC-C4F3-4C45-A765-D6A964D63D40 (resized).jpegCFF8F8D7-F46E-4DE7-8775-BD76A8C8E6EC (resized).jpeg
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