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Holy LED's TOM!

By coasterguy

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

I just finished and I think I am done with my LED's on TOM. Now for my Speakers, Sub and Mods. Then the PDI Glass should really make her perty.

IMG_1599.JPG IMG_1601.jpg

#2 9 years ago

WOW! that looks SOOOOO Frickin SWEET! NICE!

#3 9 years ago

I actually like TOM with regular bulbs probably more than any other game but, LED's just add the color and get rid of the heat.

#4 9 years ago

The pics actually don't do it justice it just GLOWS now.

#5 9 years ago

It looks like a different machine. Really. I've always hated LED's for GI, but damn! It's cool! It's mesmerizing looking at the pics, I would think much better in person. I looked for awhile just to make sure it was TOM.


#6 9 years ago

The only thing I would change is maybe the sling shot plastics LED colour, maybe to more frosted white bulbs and just one purple or red to make the rabbits pop more.
The right one looks less purple than the left, but maybe its just the pic.

But still simply AWESOME! I know pics don't do led's justice, in person it must be amazing.

#7 9 years ago

Wow! Im really mixed up looking at it aye....i mean the colors just pop and it really does look fantastic but at the same time almost feel its lost a certain "magic" with its classic overall look??? Sorry for not making sense as i equally love the bold look as much as i dislike the loss of the original look of the machine!!!

#8 9 years ago

In person it looks very bright. Actually it reminds me of the stage in Grade School with all of the Red and Blue lights from above. So, it really brings out the curtains on the back board like a real theatre. When I sit here and look at the pics then to my left at the actual pin I say the pics do it about 60% justice. it is very bright and not so dark Pink looking like the pics. I will shoot some more tomorrow in Daylight and see if they look different. In any event it looks pretty awesome but, it is not Gold looking like the original Which I may play with Gold LED's too. We'll see.

#9 9 years ago

As always, great job coasterguy! A little gold would do nicely to break up the pattern. Maybe a gold spot highlighting the saw...
More pics are always welcome!

#10 9 years ago

You gotta stop posting pics of your TOM, I'm learning to hate you. (begrudgingly: looks great coasterguy...)

#11 9 years ago

It is late and I am still fiddling. I cannot stop! I am stoked to have gotten a TOM after buying and trading many machines already this is one that I really wanted but never got. I will probably play with the LED's for a couple days before I finalize them.

#12 9 years ago

(coasterguy) wears his sunglasses at night... So he can, so he can, mod the ___! out of his machines.

#13 9 years ago

It is late and I am still fiddling. I cannot stop!

Just remember that you can play it too.

#14 9 years ago

Looks great! Couple of questions - does it hurt the eyes in any way when playing in the dark? How do you get all lights on to take photo? I want to take photo of my AFM with a mix of LED's and bulbs to try and decide if any more tinkering needed

#15 9 years ago

That really glows! Nice looking game.

#16 9 years ago

Awesome John. You really no how to had color!

#17 9 years ago

looks very nice.

#18 9 years ago

How do you get all lights on to take photo?

You need to go into test mode and select "All Lamps". This will start them flashing. Then it's just a matter of snapping the photo while they are on.

#19 9 years ago

Yes Test Mode and a DSLR camera really helps too. I am gonna replace a few purples with for a few Gold/Yellows. I ordered a few more of them to break up the purple a little to see what that does. But, It really is cool.

#20 9 years ago

Really sweet looking!! One day soon I am going to own one!!

Nice job coasterguy!

#21 9 years ago


#22 9 years ago

Pretty, but how can you even see the ball?

#23 9 years ago

It is not as dark as it looks at all.

#24 9 years ago


The game looks fantastic! Once again, you have elevated LED selection to an art form. You should lead a seminar on the subject at the next Expo. Share some of that wisdom.

#25 9 years ago

Much of this so far is Cointakers ultra kit. I am did and am still doing some playing around though to make it my own. I just ordered a few more things to change it up a bit. I am happy though. My Mods I got, Not so much. I already took them out. Gonna leave it original except for the LED's.

#26 9 years ago

Ok, bear with me. First time I have ever attempted to post photo so not sure if it will work. This is my AFM with green LED's in the modes and some white LED's and normal bulbs. Perhaps I should be more adventurous? Never even knew you could get purple LED's!


#27 9 years ago

AFM looks good simon!Turn the flash off on your camera and tun the lights out for the Leds to really show.

#28 9 years ago

That is one nice AFM... Yes, next time no flash. Then you have to get one while the blink is in your favor.

#29 9 years ago

Where do you buy purple LED's from? I think I am going to have to get some and try in various spots

#31 9 years ago


Thanks. Definitely going to have to get some! And then I will try and work out how to switch flash off and take pictures. TOM has gone back onto my top 5 hope to get list.........

#32 9 years ago

I am happy though. My Mods I got, Not so much. I already took them out ...

Which mods did you buy, and what didn't you like about them? I'm not super familiar with the mods available for ToM, but I've always thought the spinning saw mod was cool.

#33 9 years ago

I bought the Hat with spinning card. I could not get half of the LED lights in it to work after re-checking everything 5 times. Plus it was kind of loud when it spun. So I took it out.
I also bought a color changing clock on ebay but, that is coming out too. It works, then it doesn't work. I am not a huge fan of mods anyway. I added many mods to my TZ and that was fun but, I am just gonna keep them as is from now on. Most of the mods on ebay are not that great for the money anyway. I have learned my lesson.

#34 9 years ago

I have thought of the saw kit though. It does not change the pin just makes an existing object better. I may look into that one.

#35 9 years ago

That looks surreal! Well done

#36 9 years ago

A highly recommend the mirrior lights mod,they surround the edges of the mirror near the roll overs and truly look amazing...looks like they should have always been there.

Theatre Magic is in my top 3 want list,thanks for the pics and inspiration!

#37 9 years ago

That is spectacular, thanks for posting.

#38 9 years ago

White rabbits for sure, but it looks awesome.

#39 9 years ago

Coasterguy, what kind of LEDs do you have on the first and last letters of T-H-E-A-T-R-E? I have LEDs in my TOM but I find it a bit harsh (especially after hitting the trunk for the skill shot). My LEDs on the 'T' and 'E' are not as bright as yours (they are side mounted, so it's almost like a 90 degree angle bulb is needed...). Also the 'G' in M-A-G-I-C suffers from this too (in your pic and in mine).

#40 9 years ago

Pinbob- Cointaker has some great flexable led's that you can bend and point in any direction...I find them great for situations that you just described.

I think they only come in white but I could be wrong about that.

#41 9 years ago

Super brites in white and then the T and E would get the flexible which I do not have yet. I ordered them. But, TOM is perfect for the flexible's in many cases. I just ran out.


#42 9 years ago

Noflix makes a really cool LED that is actually two flexible LED's built into one:



It seems like these would really come in handy for large inserts. Too bad it costs so much to have them shipped here.

#43 9 years ago

wesperron and coasterguy, thanks! Those cointaker LEDs look perfect, I'll be ordering some right now!

gweempose, those double LEDs are cool, but a bit extreme with the shipping as you pointed out.

#44 9 years ago

Very Impressive!

#45 9 years ago

The purple lighting theme looks nice. Is there a strobing effect with the Superbrites? Every pin I've played with similar full-led replacements makes me want to tear my eyeballs out in agony.

#46 9 years ago

I don't see a strobing effect myself.

#47 9 years ago

I don't see a strobing effect myself.

I never have either. I think it's a physiological thing.

#49 9 years ago

nice work coasterguy! great machine. i cant get enough of the leds these days. im working on my fishtales i will post pics when im done.

#50 9 years ago

A rep from Marco Specialties presented at California Extreme last year and talked about LEDs and the strobing effects. It was a very technical presentation and he covered a lot of great information. I was interested in the strobing effects since I notice it, mostly when tracking the ball. The takeaway was that newer LEDs solved this problem but I have yet to solve it. I've tried cheap and pricey LEDs from the usual places but no luck. Also, no vendor is selling LEDs (that I know of) that are listed as non-strobing.

It's a love-hate thing for me -- I want the brightness and lower thermal temp of LEDs but dislike the harshness and strobing of them. I really hope tournament machines are not shifting to LEDs as that would give anyone not affected by strobing a distinct advantage!

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