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Hologram MOD for CREATURE by Pinballsp

By pinballsp

3 years ago

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#135 2 years ago

Following this thread. Great work. Very exciting

1 week later
#175 2 years ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

This weekend I was testing tools (QT Creator) to develop software (C++ language), and tomorrow I will receive the second PCB prototype with some improvements, though not yet the final board it's good to develop and test all.
Probably I will develop a universal board to connect to Raspberry Pi to may use for another applications, like an interactive Topper, interactive display for playfield, Playfield multi light effects, etc...
Also tomorrow I will receive a second 13.3" TFT display to prepare a full kit prototype for my portuguese friend, he will test all in his Creature pinball. My tests will be here in my working table with a real WPC89 CPU, DMDST32, matrix switch PCB and laboratory power supply.

Everything is looking great and everyone is excited. Thanks for the hard work

1 week later
#195 2 years ago

Any new developments

3 weeks later
#230 2 years ago

Able to develope some videos and previews?

1 month later
#251 2 years ago

Has this mod been installed yet and and previews on what it looks like and can do?

#258 2 years ago

Is there a possibility of it displaying the dmd screen, score or shot values etc?

1 year later
#654 1 year ago

Is there any footage of this installed yet

#655 1 year ago

Any projected dates?

1 week later
#664 1 year ago

Are you planning on releasing this with some videos or will.it just be a kit only

#667 1 year ago
Quoted from zr11990:

Please put as much on these as possible. I am a total puts when it comes to doing stuff like this and will probably not be able to put more stuff on it.

Im sure there will be plenty of fan mixes. Key is we need it out here so we can test it

#673 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Full HD, but in vertical position.
So aspect ratio is 9:16 instead of 16:9, and resolution 1080*1920 instead of 1920x1080. Screen size, 13.3 inches.

Take my money already. Ill send funds now lol

#676 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

... and people wonder why this hobby / industry attracts so many crooks.
He's said over and over that he won't take any money or names until he's completed it to his satisfaction. Just wait.

Just take names so he knows how many to make in the first wave. Send out invoices to pay as they are produced. If someone passes goes to the next person in line. No deposits needed

#678 1 year ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

It's not finished. What's the point?

Why stand in line infront of a store if it isnt open? If they got something you want, you make sure your there to get it

#687 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

That is just a small custom board, with some LEDs that I have put to see the status of some signals that I thought may be essential. It is to be able to identify them quickly when doing the tests.
In the matrix of 8x8 leds of the main board (INSERT LAMPS), I can see the status of all the lamps in the playfield (up to 64 insert lamps), besides seeing in another matrix of 8x8 leds (POWER OUTPUT), the status of the flasher lamps, the bumpers and the 3 mechanisms of the hologram (2 motors, and lamp). In that case, to know what each led indicates, Ihave to look at it in the manual of the machine, where I can identify the arrays of lamps, push buttons and power outputs.
I have already ordered the boards, I hope to have them for the weekend, and I can already test everything. In the attached photo, the approximate appearance of the board with the LED arrays mounted, the push buttons and the custom board with the LEDs to identify some lamps/outputs of the Creature.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Hows testing going?

1 week later
#692 1 year ago

Any new developments. I saw you are cutting some projects to focus on this

2 weeks later
#708 1 year ago

Will this mod include the monitor or for shipping over seas purposes user buys their monitor

1 month later
#793 1 year ago

If you guys want to fix your hologram it's easy. Unplug the bulb in the back. Put a 12v green led strip on the mirror and wire it to the harness where the bulb in the back. The green light is bright and turns the hologram mega green and looks great. Good temp fix

#800 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballMikeD:

Man I sure am glad I quit making these.

Thanks for your support on the matter. Great mod, love for a plug n play kit but I think most people can see this thing will likely never be completed. No reason to be hostile about it with the thread OP. Once people start to Tune the DIY kit it will pass and if this comes out great, If not I'm glad people are supplementing an alternative

1 week later
#818 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Just today, I received the two 13-inch IPS TFT screens with the video controller boards, with HDMI input.
I think and I hope that these are already the final screens for the kit. I have tried quite a few screens and monitors, even a tablet, and I think that finally this is the best solution, good quality, good price, high quality, lightweight product, important for not expensive transportation. As for its installation is also very simple, you just have to be a little careful when inserting the flat cable because it is something delicate, but there will be no problem, I will give detailed instructions, with photos and some video for installation.
So we go to the product tests, the material part is all resolved and defined, there is nothing else to see. Screen, acrylic stand with braces, Raspberry and my HolomodSP plate, everything is ready. Also my boards to be able to play the game on the work table with only the CPU, without the need of having the complete machine.
[quoted image][quoted image]

Good work

1 week later
2 months later
#950 1 year ago

In the mean time. I lit mine a little differently but same effect. Great alternative, really pops in game

20190117_182033 (resized).jpg20190117_182041 (resized).jpg
#953 1 year ago
Quoted from Chappie:

And here is my finished project. $40 total. And what I like is when the Creature is not on you see him as a slight ghostly image. Thanks wamonkey for your idea/solution/help.
[quoted image][quoted image]

You can get rid of the ghost for those who dont want to see that by juat laying the acrylic ontop of the hologram and putting the led strip on the bottom edge and lighting upward

1 month later
#961 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballsp:

Closer to the end, I am finally running my board to check the status of all the lamps, switches, bumpers, flashing lights and hologram mechanisms of the creature. Now I can test the HolomodSP kit on my work table, just with the CPU, a DMD and my board.
After playing for a while, I was able to activate the hologram and verify that my board detects and turns on the three signals of the hologram (2 motors and 1 lamp). I also checked the detection of other signals (Kiss, Paid, Creature, Start, etc ...), everything works perfectly to detect status of input/outputs of pinball and trigger videos with HolomodSP.

Good job keep up the good work

2 weeks later
#974 11 months ago

Guys lets be honest as much as we want this to come to fruition it just simply is not.

2 months later
#986 8 months ago

In the meantime ill soon be posting a new hologram mod kit here in the states that does the same purpose. Currently testing and waiting on my next board set

20190529_204409 (resized).jpg20190529_204412 (resized).jpg
#989 8 months ago
Quoted from robotron911:

C'mon, Robert. That is really bad form posting your product on another man's thread showing the development (although really long gestating) of his product. Simply put, how would you like guys posting on your "Let Me Powdercoat Your Game" thread showing their work and offering their services?
Just start a new thread. Trust me. People will find it quickly.

Fair enough and good point

#991 8 months ago
Quoted from SuperPinball:

Normally I would agree with you but in this case, the announcement was posted over 2 years ago for a product that seems less likely to see the light of day. He is posting another option for people clearly interested in this product. At the very least hopefully Robert's product puts some fire under PinballSP's ass to move this product accross the finish line sooner.

Ill have a thread soon, boards are being produced and once its unveiled It'll be ready to ship as a complete plug n play. The only other issue is i havent been able to contact Mike D so im using my own video content etc. All video etc will be open source and able to be edited by the end user. I hope his product still gets finished as his approach may yeild more opportunities for evolvment. Im not using a sound card for those interested

7 months later
#1658 38 days ago

Can we get confirmation or a list of who’s in the first batch?

#1710 33 days ago
Quoted from Mikespinball:

On sound I would like to say it might be wise for you to look into the PinSound board and working your sounds along what you can do individually with this board. The guys at PinSound are great to work with and you might want to run this mod/sound to them and how it will effect the music. Those of us that have upgraded to this board would not want again to have confusing sounds. The PinSound board offers us as users to create different files of original music (50's songs are what I chose). I have spent many hours creating the music I like from the 50's that play during game play. Would hope your mod would not take away from this. Let us know your thoughts on this. Okay, other CFTBL PinSound board owners jump in here and give your thoughts too.

Yes I also have a pin sound and only want the screen. Have an EQ is too nice

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