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Holomodsp + MiniScreen for Creature. Preparing the Movie Madness video.

By pinballsp

4 years ago

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#2951 11 days ago

Holomodsp, SEARCH video, final version in action.

Here you can see the SEARCH video in action. It consists of 7 videos that are triggered depending on the Creature's search status in Multiball mode, this is indicated on the playfield with the 3 Search lamps in the left, central and right holes.

Videos according to search status:
1.- Left, center, right: when starting multiball mode, all three shots are available to find the creature.
2.- Left, center: the shot to the right hole was already made and the creature was not found, that shot is marked with a red cross, the others appear with question marks and the creature's head.
3.- Left, right: same as the previous one, but the failed shot was the central one.
4.- Center, right: equal to 2 and 3, but with the failed shot to the left hole.
5.- Left: he shot to the center and to the right and the creature was not found, these shots being marked with a red cross. The only available shot will show the Creature's head with twists and turns.
6.- Center: the same as the previous one, but for the center shot, the creature was not found in the left and right holes.
7.- Right: the same as the previous one, but for the shot to the right hole. The creature was not found in the left and center holes.

Also the text at the bottom of the video changes according to the status of the search:
1.- "Look for the Creature", when starting multiball mode.
2.- "Creature not found, try again", one failed shot, two available.
3.- "Shoot the left hole", only one shot remains to be made.
4.- "Shoot the center hole", only one shot remains to be made.
5.- "Shoot the right hole", only one shot remains to be made.

#2952 10 days ago

I have thought to include a DEMO mode, so that any user can try all the videos of the Optional Extra Packages even if they have not purchased them. In this way, without having these packages activated, when the machine is turned on, each extra video can be triggered up to a maximum of 3 to 5 times.

So whoever likes it after trying them in DEMO mode, can make the purchase to activate them permanently. The DEMO mode will be available in the next firmware update, which will already include the SEARCH video and may also include the SNACK ATTACK video.

These videos, like the 24 of the FULL package, can be disabled in the configuration file.

With the extra video packages activated, Paid, Kiss, Cola, PopCorn, IceCream and Hotdog videos can be automatically disabled in Multiball mode. In DEMO mode, this feature will only work until any of the extra videos is played the maximum number of times allowed (3 to 5 times), then it will return to normal operation (all enabled videos are played for the entire time of the game)

I will also set a special cheaper price for those interested in buying the two extra video packages.

#2953 8 days ago

Holomodsp, developing the SNACK ATTACK video.
We are already working on the second video of the optional extra packages, this one also for Package 2.

I was testing the shots to the right ramp on the machine to see what animations the DMD shows. The animations of the Movie Madness are not there, but to make the videos of the Snack Attack will be enough.

It is likely that this video will become two and up to three videos, maybe even four videos, due to the possible combinations depending on the status of the poster lamps and the central flasher.

We will see how complex it is and we will decide. The mouth and the clock seem simple to design, but the teeth chasing the sausage is somewhat more complex, that of the Millions and the superhero sausage does not seem complex either.


#2954 6 days ago

For now I have decided to make 3 videos for the Snack Attack, according to the following table (mouth, clock, super hero sausage). At the moment it is ruled out to make a video of the teeth chasing the sausage.

We have already started with the design of the first one, the mouth closing, this video is played when shooting to the right ramp, with the "Count up to Feature" lamp blinking.

#2955 6 days ago

While the videos for the Snak Attack are being designed, I am documenting information for the following video which could be the one for "Movie Madness" when shooting at the right ramp in Multiball mode. And the "Creature Feature" may also be added for the left ramp shot (in Multiball mode), as a replacement for other videos on the list, or added to the list.

These videos I think will finish much faster than the 24 that were made for the base package. More designers are working now and we have artwork that can be reused from other previous video designs.


#2956 6 days ago


Holomodsp, Snack Attack videos, pre-animation drawings.
Working on the vectorization of the Million text and the hero Sausage, for the Snack Attack videos.



#2957 3 days ago

Preparing graphic documentation to design the next three videos, these will be "Rescue the Girl", "Multiball Restart" and "Jet Bumpers". For the Jet Bumpers video we will have to think something because the animation of the DMD is a simple countdown with a number that discounts until reaching zero with each hit to the bumpers.

Making changes to the Super Hero Sausage design and testing the denture animation design for one of the Snack Attack videos.

#2958 2 days ago

The super hero sausage is now ready to start with the animation tests. The clock is also vectorized and the last details for the video of the teeth are being finalized.

Everything is ready to animate the 3 videos for the Snack Attack.


RELOJ_OJ (resized).jpg

#2959 14 hours ago

Holomodsp, extra video pack, Snack Attack and Movie madness.

All the drawings and vectorizations for the 4 Snack Attack videos are now ready to create the animations for each video (Denture, Million, Super Scoring, Clock).

Meanwhile, we have already created the sketches and the storyboard for the Movie Madness video. We will also finish the Multiball Restart video soon because it is not a complex video. We are studying how to make Rescue the Girl, which seems the most complicated, and it is possible that Jet Bumpers will be replaced by another, if I cannot detect that state, between Jackpot and Super Jackpot, in order to trigger it.

About the updates, for the users who have bought the optional extra video packages, I remind you that you do not need to download a special update file, the downloads are the same for everyone. Your extra videos are enabled automatically with the LIUC code that you received when making the payment, you must place it in the configuration file, following the instructions indicated in the PDF that you can download from the project's Github.



#2960 1 hour ago

The drawing for the scene of the countdown clock to enter the Super Scoring of the Snack Attack is now ready. Now we are going to create the video animation.


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