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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#4397 4 years ago

I'll just pass this along. My WOZ chipping problem stems from painting over plastic (not wood) near the Winkie guard. The plastic lens under the diamond near the Winkie is actually quite large but painted in a diamond shape. My guess is the ball hits the Winkie guard target and kind of digs in as rotational energy is dissipated. I noticed a small chip and enameled over it as JJP suggested. My patch and an even larger chip then separated. So I retouched up with black enamel and covered with protective clear tape. This fixed the problem and looks great. There have no other chipping problems.

1 month later
#4859 4 years ago

Has anybody toured the JJP facilities lately - what's on the assembly line now? More WOZ's or are they tooling up for TH? Can't we get a Pinside "mole" in there somehow?

3 weeks later
#5461 4 years ago

I might be crazy but I don't mind the prepay model at all - it's an option but not mandatory. There are about 1000 WOZLE owner's that got a heck of a deal at $6,500 and the slow strip -tease revealing kind of makes things interesting. I hope it remains an option. Then again I ordered a new car once with seeing only a sketch of the tailights - maybe I really am crazy.

#5520 4 years ago

Any update on the cat with the breath problem?

#5532 4 years ago

This thread keeps getting strangerer and strangerer.

#5558 4 years ago

'Sorry....I just ....can't ....keep... my mind....off that cat...

#5585 4 years ago

I remember with WOZ there was all the "It's just a Ponzi scheme" and "$100 say resale drops big time" crap. Don't believe it. My WOZ, though not perfect, is a masterpiece. Anything else seems rather 2nd rate in comparison. The video interactive part JJP has brought to pinball will just get better and better. The wait's a pain but Hobbit will be well worth it.

1 week later
#5714 4 years ago

Anyone else notice TigerLaw spelled license correctly? That's totally uabseptakle.

1 week later
#6042 4 years ago

Whatever the painful wait is, it'll be worth it. 'Most all is forgiven when Jen gives you the call. Hobit will be awesome - while some may want to run out and buy 3 older games or 10 nice EM's then by all means do so but this is not the choice for everyone.

#6072 4 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Really? Down votes for being positive?

It might have come from your "Stern is going to KISS the competition goodbye" and "Let's face it, Stern is the only real pinball machine company in town" remarks....and now warm fuzzies. People have to realize when a great pin come out we win regardless of manufacturer. This is America - you don't have to choose between one manufacturer or another, you go out and buy both with your charge card.

1 week later
#6237 4 years ago

We really don't know squat about JJP's financial position - that's a fact so it's a little wrong to speculate based on what you don't know. If I listened to all "it's a Ponzi scheme" "the sky is falling" crap I wouldn't be the proud owner of a really nice WOZLE now. Hobbit will be a great game if you can stand the wait.

#6250 4 years ago
Quoted from ledge:

so how often does JJP give updates, news, info and status on the hobbit? just to keep the purchasers at least up to speed on where they are at?.. you know transparency, involvement etc ? all the good things... we expect from a manufacturer.

This is my main complaint with JJP - they are very closed mouth. The wait wouldn't be so quite bad if they'd give a progress report every week or so.

1 week later
#6357 4 years ago

You'll probably have to catch up the payments to where they are now - for me (with WOZ) at this point it was about 80% or roughly $6,000. Of course if the machine is fully paid you'd have to fully pay also. If you buy directly from JJP be sure you're getting the same spot otherwise they put you last as in my case. If from a dealer you're spot shouldn't change which would be an advantage to dealer buying.

#6360 4 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

i hope Jack will not do the same like Woz
... i Need new Money
... i take new orders from resellers
and deliver this machines FIRST

Wow - This Krugelmart translator works just like the expensive ones!

3 weeks later
#6671 4 years ago
Quoted from Expletive:

Is that like one of those stupid "you got no horse in the race" posts?

You're the one using the term "stupid"- I think giant waste of time is better. If you don't WOZ , Hobbit, Jack, or JJP... and it's certainly OK...spend time and interest in a topic you DO like. If WOZ, HOBBIT, JJP is just a giant Ponzi scheme it's OK... my bad. But about the only thing worse than loosing money in a Ponzi or stock deal or whatever is having someone telling you what a dolt you were to believe in it in the first place. It's painful enough waiting for Hobbit (I went though it with WOZ) and these patient people need all the support they can get - not "piling on"by someone "with no horse in the race".

1 week later
#7013 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

“The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no oJohn spends ne is watching.”
― John Wooden

"John spends too much time in the bathroom"
-Mrs. John Wooden

#7030 4 years ago

'Hope there's good news this weekend - 'would love to hear from someone going to Pintastic.

1 week later
#7329 4 years ago

I wonder if they'll stick a cow in there like AFM or WOZ?

1 month later
#7980 4 years ago

I was really hoping to see something new from JJP.

1 week later
#8283 4 years ago

Jack was very closed mouth right before WOZ was shipped - which I was highly critical of. I think it's just the way he does things. There are announcements of whitewood, first flip, and so on then nothing. Just when you're about to give up Jen give you the call. It stinks but TH should be an epic machine and should be worth the wait.

#8321 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That's like saying Hobbit pronounces WOZ dead. They're still building/selling WOZ. It's important for a factory to have multiple titles on the line so the company has multiple products to sell. Does GoT make Kiss, TWD, ST, Mustang, etc dead? Nope. Stern will build all to meet demand from customers. More choices = more customers. You can't force someone to want Hobbit. They either do or don't. If they don't, maybe they'll want a WOZ or Lawlor-Mystery-Game instead.

I wouldn't mind a few more AC/DC's produced is Stern wants to.

#8339 4 years ago

I hope TH is dependable. I got a call from the rental office that "the pinball machine is out , again" Another 2 1/4 hours there and 2 1/4 back and that's if I don't need parts. I bought a new pin (WOZ) so I wouldn't have to be doing this but my BSD is much more dependable and it's 23 years old. I've been a big JJP supporter but this is getting old.

#8346 4 years ago

feel of the WOZ - it's like no other. I'm sure

Quoted from jayhawkai:

Putting a game on location that far away was... an interesting decision.

The game is at my beach house which is rented out 4 months of the year. I get the house back next week and WOZ is all mine again (yippee). I wanted the pin to be a draw for renters and I just plain wanted to introduce others to pins as they have always been a part of my life.
Playing WOZ exclusively for months then trying an older generation game nearby (Flippers, Grandy,NC.) you really get an appreciation of the brick shithouse feel of WOZ and TH should be the same. I'm glad we have this option - Jack really came through on the quality feel of his games.
I have a later game, no light board issues. I've had loosening screws and missing screws which wasn't too bad. A flipper coil wire got in the way of the plunger and shorted out the game which was a major problem and could have been avoided using an extra pull tie. Two lit winkies have been broken (not a JJP item). A bad USB. Chipping paint around the Winkie but I can handle that. A bad monitor driver board. And now a ball won't enter the trough according to the person on the phone.
All this has been made better by the excellent service staff which I rate 100%. They have been so nice to walk me through the repair phase.
I plan to keep the WOZ - it really is a special machine. But I might need a back up MB or MMR..Hey maybe that's not too bad after all.

#8352 4 years ago

Sure...the name is Tee's Tease which is in a gated community in Corolla. It's rented under Village realty (CC125). You can Google it. I'll make a donation to Pinside for rentals from here. There's a trolley to take you to the beach during summer months.

#8356 4 years ago
Quoted from BC_Gambit:

I think you may have accidentally added the word brick to your post; it is odd you praise a game for being so solid and awesomely built... then go on to list a slew of problems you have had. I can understand praising the support that have helped you solve the issues, but the build quality?

What I mean is WOZ and likely future JJP products have very solid feel that other machines don't have that you especially notice when going from WOZ to something else. I hope JJP can make them more dependable however

#8439 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

LOL!! I was told I would have my WOZ 100% many times and it was delay after delay. Don't believe anything you hear until it arrives at your house. I really like JJP and will wait for my Hobbit, but their estimates are useless. Don't get your hopes up.

I agree - They told me 2 more months and then called later that week late that is was shipping next day.

It's good to see the "Who's getting there's before me" stuff again. It means we're in the home stretch.

#8446 4 years ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Seems premature to call it the "home stretch" when the first game hasn't even hit the line yet. That said I hope they hit their target of getting games into production before the end of the year, this game looks sweet!

Not premature at all. I just bought one from Kevin Gaskins and I should have it by middle of next week.

#8468 4 years ago

We'll most likely see the WOZ line just convert to TH. 10 per day or so. There's going to be an unforeseen bugaboo to slow thing's down as in WOZ but overall progress will be made. I hope I'm wrong on this-I'd love to see more JJP production.

#8485 4 years ago

Let's just be patient....wait, we've already done that, Well let's be whatever comes after that.

#8545 4 years ago

'Really makes dot matrix seem outdated. 'Glad I'm in on this

#8645 4 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

I think both TH and WoZ look amazing, but I was not a fan of the gameplay on WoZ at all. Just let me kind of "meh". Didn't help that I didn't like the theme. Also really disliked the Hobbit films (could only get through the first one), so not something I can see myself buying anytime soon unless the gameplay is "BEST EVAH".

I'm not a fan of Hobbit either. In fact never been a fan of the Harry Potter, Munchkin, Trolls, dragons, etc. but as I looked for a back up for my WOZ (which is a bit unreliable) I really couldn't justify a non-LCD pin like Star Trek, AC/DC, or KISS. Though I had a really nice time on AC/DC and especially Star Trek they seem outdated compared to WOZ and in the end I ordered a Hobbit. I wish Stern would get on board with a video display, especially if they can do it for $5995 because while they can produce a really FUN game everything seems a bit like yesterdays news with the 1980's dot matrix.

#8647 4 years ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

I guess everyone has different things that are crucial when it comes to purchasing. Display tech is fairly low down on my list. Theme and gameplay are my two primary concerns when looking at what to get next.
Saying that, I wish Stern would get to an LCD too. Red dots do not do it. Although, other than my Star Trek all my other Sterns now have colorized DoTs through ColorDMD and they look pretty sharp.
As for the Hobbit, I hope they have made better use of the large LCD than on WoZ. Maybe things improved on later code generations since I last played WoZ, but it was underwhelming.

I really can't argue with that. If you can just picture AC/DC or Star Trek with video display they would be awesome instead of very good.
WOZ is the first to incorporate the LCD screen but I expect we'll be talking about how primitive WOZ is someday. Hobbit should incorporate LCD much better and JJP#3 even better. LCD is the future as much as numeric displays replaced scoring reels.

#8725 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Why don't you send Chris one of your machines and see the incredible work he does on them? Then you can talk smack if you want. Watching him post progress photos as he works on your grail pin is better than sex. (And the sex is pret-ty good 'round these parts... ) If I could afford it, I'd do it again and again and again.

What is this thing called "sex"? Where can I buy some?

#8746 4 years ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

Though the wait is killing me for my Hobbit, I've just now decided that when it arrives, I'm immediately packing it up and shipping it to Chris to have it HEP'd.
I expect that when I unbox my HEP'd Hobbit, a chorus of Angels will sing my praises, the refugee crisis will be solved, climate change will reverse, and somebody on Pinside will call me an idiot.

This got me thinking about all the stuff thawing out in the Russian permafrost due to climate change. Wouldn't it be neat if scientists stumbled across a very early pinball machine recently de-frozen that a Neanderthal used? Not really a modern pin but really, really old one - one without flippers?

#8752 4 years ago

My first pinball was one without flippers, my father told me he paid about $15 for it and there were lots to choose from as the invention of the flipper made them obsolete, almost overnight.

#8753 4 years ago

We will now return to Hobbit without silliness. I hope some get theirs before Christmas ('would make a nice present)

1 week later
#8814 4 years ago

It's not so much the LCD screen as what you do with it - how it's integrated into the game. I think Hobbit will be much better than WOZ and the game after that even better. People say they can't look at the screen while they play WOZ but you learn you can, you just have to know what the right moments are....when the game pauses like at the start of a multiball or being held in a VUK, etc. I'd love to see a well done AC/DC with an LCD of concert footage, maybe an outtake from an interview. I don't think we'll be seeing a NIB game without a screen in 5 years or so unless it's retro.

#8845 4 years ago

JJP is aiming for top of the market but if someone can deliver something close for 2/3 the money it'll be a winner also. I like all the options I can get.

1 month later
#8859 4 years ago

Funny, but I find all the Stern games mentioned to be somewhat dated. I'd rather wait for a really great innovative game. If I bought something less I don't think I'd be completely satisfied - I'd probably just try to tell myself I did the right thing but there would be that nagging suspicion that I really settled for second best . Then I'd spend half my day hanging out in the Hobbit thread just to see what I might be missing. I guess I'm in for the duration no matter how long it takes.

#8908 4 years ago

Jen did the best she could to keep things in order. Of course there are those that came late to the game and got their game before others but that had to do with dealer allocations. I think JJP did a pretty good job even though I was bumped to near last which didn't please me a heck of a lot. This time I bought my Hobbit from a dealer rather late and I expect I'll be in front of others that bought direct from JJP. I'm not so sure how fair that is but I won't be buying direct again.

#8912 4 years ago


Quoted from Pimp77:That's a nice story, but not quite right. There were no distributors early on and there was also problems with the LE cabinet making process. That had issues so the Standard machines were made in place for a long while and then continued to run for new money to keep rolling in.

I can see that happening - you don't want to close down the plant when you could making perfectly good standards. I'd done the same as Jack (until the LE cabinets came in). It was kind of nice to get my game near the last as far as light boards go - didn't seem to help for some other stuff.

#8947 4 years ago
Quoted from spfxted:

Not sure....

This image got 1 "unsafe" tag and has been hidden automatically, as per your settings. un-hideking_kong_where.jpg 1

Actually, I see two of 'um

1 month later
#8979 4 years ago

Everybody that ordered a WOZ has one. Even with the Australia fiasco JJP made good. Those are the things I truly care about.

#9009 4 years ago

To say we "like waiting" is inaccurate. It's frankly a pain. We're waiting because we have to but some think it worth it for a really (potentially) great game.

#9047 4 years ago

Once they start shipping and we get reports from real HUO people I know I'll feel a lot better about waiting. 'Was hoping at least a few would get it by Christmas (2015)

#9092 4 years ago

I wouldn't put too much faith in the "when" from JJP only that indeed you will receive your game. They are notoriously optimistic as to dates.

#9101 4 years ago

I was under the impression the LED didn't fail but something else on the board

1 week later
#9142 4 years ago

Whatever comes after "let's be patient so they can get it right", well, I'm about there now.

#9147 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Wait...didn't you just order a few months ago? I had been in since October of 2013.

Yes. You are more worthy than me. Except I did pay extra. I'd just like to see anyone get a game and report back. The line should be moving by now. Edsel Ford built airplanes and an assembly line to do it
In less time.

#9150 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

No I'm not. I cancelled.
(On a related note, I'm planning a trip to Corolla this summer...looking forward to playing your Hobbit. )

I'm thinking about having a pinball open house when Hobbit arrives.

#9176 4 years ago
Quoted from bonanza:

Wtatumjr - I want to come to your hobbit pinball party. I'll bring the dos XXs

That's a deal Bonanza! I hope it's sooner than later.

Even if my machine is a long way off I hope to see someone get one in the next few weeks. 3 years is a rather long time to bring a pin to market. I understood the WOZ delays better as JJP was a new company. But now the assembly process should have been a tiny bit smoother. Not that I'm a JJP basher - I'd love to see them succeed (I've invested $16,000 so far). But let's get the line producing so you have happy customers and happy investors as well.

#9182 4 years ago
Quoted from bonanza:

If I get mine first, you can come over and play

#9210 4 years ago
Quoted from pinballkim:

This is exactly my take the first go around with WOZ, if your dates are years off either you are lying, or you're completely incompetent to run a company. Take your pick.
Be careful though I was threatened with litigation when I brought it up before.

It may just be a case of being too optimistic. You'd really have to be optimistic to start a pinball company, even more so to try to make it a top of the line company. Jack really delivered with WOZ albeit slowly. Hobbit should be worth the wait as well. I know Jack's heart is in this company and pinball in general. But it's time for him to put his ass in this as well and get at least a few pins out to users.

#9232 4 years ago

All it takes is one bad vendor to hold up production. Lucky sharp eyed Jack spotted this one almost immediately.


#9233 4 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

All it takes is one bad vendor to hold up production. Luckily sharp eyed Jack spotted this one almost immediately.


#9234 4 years ago

'Sorry about the dup...now it's a triple oh my!

#9240 4 years ago
Quoted from mattenno:

If I put my order in now, how long will it take to get my game?

You may get it faster if you go through a dealer that has an unsold allotment than JJP. Beyond that nobody knows. WOZLE took me about about 1 1/2 years to get once production started so my guess is about a year or more for anyone now for a direct JJP order. That's assuming production starts very soon.

#9285 4 years ago
Quoted from ninjabones:

Sorry if this question has already been asked (read through a bit of this thread but not all 186 pages)... I found someone willing to transfer a Smaug allocation to me. I'm a bit nervous about several aspects of this potential purchase, mostly related to serviceability, reliability, and availability of parts down the road. I've had a few new sterns and a few older games... all have required some TLC (even my new GOTLE required a new node board, requiring 13 days of downtime). What has the experience been like for WOZ in terms of maintenance, customer service, availability of parts, complexity of fixing things?

I have had more problems than most. But the service staff is so good I ordered a Hobbit as well. I don't believe there is anything they can't guide you through over the phone. If you know how to use a multi-meter you should be OK.

2 weeks later
#9365 3 years ago

My WOZ did come with some extra plastics though not a full set. As this was my first NIB I thought all mfgs did that. A good idea anyway.

Flipper strength is set low from JJP but everything is very adjustable - nothing grates me more that a ball going halfway up a ramp. It's a simple adjustment. Ironically the pops at factory setting were way too strong. I had to reduce pop power about 30% - really quieted it down and the pops still did their job.

#9369 3 years ago

No "normal" games yet. Jack does a cartwheel.

1 month later
#9464 3 years ago
Quoted from hooch333:

Played Hobbit for the first time today at Flippers. First game I got GC!!.....This gameplay really surprised me.....not floaty at all......fast and fun......just wish I had a clue what I was supposed to do!


Whopee! I'll be at Flippers tomorrow - thanks for the heads up!

2 weeks later
#9556 3 years ago

From what I've seen the radcals are much more than a decal, more like sheet of laminate. You might not need them in the home environment but it's nice to have the option.

1 week later
#9679 3 years ago

WOZ and Hobbit are jam packed with so much (just look under the hood) that more is likely to go wrong. There's probably going to be a loose screw or a switch needs adjusting no matter when you get your machine. It appears all things major have been corrected but maybe not. That said JJP always seems to correct a problem and make things right and Frank and Lloyd can get you through any problem - JJP service is the best I've experienced.

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