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Hobbit Update

By B9

7 years ago

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#195 7 years ago

Who is Hogbog?? inquiry minds want to know! Agreed very cool post that address' most all my concerns from Woz. Lets hope this machine goes to the see-able dark side!

2 weeks later
#235 7 years ago

damn, was excited to see some movement on this thread!

3 weeks later
#290 7 years ago

Very cool Ice. Where did you get the quote from as i'm on the google group for jjp but must have missed this?

3 weeks later
#773 7 years ago

Agree! ^^^^^^^^ how do you change the original text of someone else anyway?? Always wondered

#775 7 years ago

Hot dogs at the turn on the golf course..........nothing better!

#868 7 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

It has more to do with his business model then it does his game.Saying what the game is years before he is ready to put the game out and taking money years before he is ready have been the cause of all Jacks problems that may be why game three is still a mystery.

I disagree here. The world has changed and banks are not "giving" money away like they use too! It is very hard to get loans to fund start ups at this level. I collect hotels and right now, unless you have a ton of cash, there is just no way banks will help you out no matter how good the numbers are. Jack has done something on the backs of others, and his own, that would be very tough for someone to do unless they were funding 50 points or higher themselves. Did he make a few tactical errors on the way....sure, but in no way do I disagree nor hate the way he went about it. If you did not want to help someone create a new company in the USA then fine I get that too, but the constant shit slinging about someone that is willing to put his balls and ours, to some extent, on the line and make a go of this really needs to just go away. If you disagree with it don't order simple. I for one am extremely impressed hes made it this far and lets hope for all pinheads sakes he keeps going. End of rant

#872 7 years ago

yea sorry just tired of the slinging from arm chair entrepreneurs. Back to NO Hobbit updates!

1 week later
#985 7 years ago

On the last update jack did say there will be many more updates coming soon. Im guessing he wanted to get WOZ rolling after the board fix which looks like now, is rolling very well! Considering the situation that needed to be dealt with it seems to me they did a good job of handling all, and now can rest a little easier and start to leak out more info on Hobbit. Wishful thinking but to me makes sense

2 weeks later
#990 7 years ago

and if same results I will be a very happy camper! Woz is addictive.

1 week later
#1092 7 years ago

well here we go again! The gangs all here in a what.........Hobbit update thread!

#1097 7 years ago

It just doesnt really matter cause for those that are so dead against any amazing machine they are the ones who lose out in the end. just sayin

3 weeks later
#1236 6 years ago

playfield art is fully done. yup upper left flipper gone, not a bad thing if nothing to shoot for

#1268 6 years ago


#1269 6 years ago

I think someone forgot to tell Jpop his team is out! Either that or the air conditioning was just too much!

#1270 6 years ago

Have to say he is an amazing artist as much as he is an amazing pinball designer. Also salt of the earth man and glad to help finance his dreams, which I hope full fills mine.

#1271 6 years ago

Now back to the thread (sorry) updates on Hobbit!

#1273 6 years ago

David vrs Goliath, its a no brainer for the marketing machine Simmons has become. It is sad

#1301 6 years ago


#1304 6 years ago

just making sure! Big thumbs up! Cant wait to see this week. I know he was showing final white wood and art work on his tab at NW show

1 month later
#1461 6 years ago

please reveal something that's currently in process.....ah feel better

1 month later
#1554 6 years ago

these suck!

#1555 6 years ago

I'm sorry, maybe a little too critical, they may go great right on the PLASTIC dashboard of a Bentley!

#1560 6 years ago

I'm sorry this is 7,500.00 US dollars. I prefer the trolls on my MM to these! Come on guys how hard is it to get a decent bash toy. If Hallmark can make them...........

#1578 6 years ago

look number one Panzer and CraZ do not hijack this thread with your childish arguing, I'm pretty sure almost everyone has had enough, number two lets get back to what matters change at least two of these for figures please!!! I dont need to mention which two!

#1579 6 years ago

and I do know how to spell four......power typing!

2 weeks later
#2139 6 years ago

Im thinking ordering both, right now only hobbit ordered and the two themes are so opposite how can you go wrong! Also sold my LOTR so Hobbit should be good replacement

#2178 6 years ago

sorry spit coffee on to key board, thanks a lot Alex!

1 month later
#2392 6 years ago

ok officially excited again. If this is what they could do in a month then one more should get it there!

#2726 6 years ago

yes the sling replaced the flipper on the early design.

4 weeks later
#3442 6 years ago

Hi Pat. I'm looking at a collectors quality Bansai Run. Is the new game your producing using the back box as a second playfield? Have to say BR is still a lot of fun to play, cant wait to sse what 10 years of thought will produce!

4 weeks later
#3753 6 years ago

AHHH, haven't you heard if a third flipper doesn't hit the same ramp over and over again, it is automatically deemed useless!

#3781 6 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

Sure you can program a target to be lit at a certain time so that the 3rd flipper has something to do, but that is only a part time gig for that flipper...it's just not the same as it having it's own unique shot(s) that can be hit at anytime (giving it a full time usefulness)....in the Hobbitt's case i'm also worried it's going to trash that ramp entrance (and the corner of that "pile of gold" plastic) very quickly. Hope it gets reinforced or protected.

You mean like on Woz where every hit to the witch advances you closer and closer to melting her.....All the time. Not to mention many other shots I use with it! I have a feeling you have never played enough to get what it really can do?

#3904 6 years ago
Quoted from alichino:

Stern releases the game then spends 2+ years working on the code

2 weeks later
#4143 6 years ago
Quoted from Expletive:

I wonder if the 1.6 million dollar lawsuit against JJP will have an impact on the release of Hobbit?

Troll go away! There's a specific thread made just for you!

#4202 6 years ago

Matttttt can you cool down the gold and let some more red out on the Gold Smaug???? I believe you had it right in a past model! pleeeeease

3 weeks later
#4492 6 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

I am a fan of LOTR, but I've always thought the Path of the Dead mini-playfield is next to useless.

couldn't agree more drove me nuts and had to sell!

1 week later
#4595 6 years ago
Quoted from dirtbag66:

I'm not okay with this at all. Again, this is just my opinion, but why would I want to pay two, even three times, what I would normally have to pay in order to see one story unfold on the big screen? This awful trend started with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, has continued with The Hobbit and The Hunger Games, and will continue with The Avengers 3. Hollywood saw people were willing to shell out over $20 to see essentially one story filled with garbage in order to make two (and in the case of The Hobbit, three) movies, and they are going to run all the way to the bank with it.

ummm..... because you enjoy "entertainment" Stick to books

#4596 6 years ago

I use to get through the whole magic kingdom in 5 hours in the 70's, now those bastards have added so much more entertainment ,rides and shows, it takes 2 days....if I want.....

2 weeks later
#4850 6 years ago

^^^^^ imagine that and coming from a star trek avatar.....some truth

#4911 6 years ago

Hey Wiz just do it, who doesn't have any shenanigans now a days in this industry? Maybe you will put up one of your current tittles in your line up .... I'm interested, I don't buy anything from a smoke free non Padron environment

2 weeks later
#5302 6 years ago

Ok this is friggin night and day over what was sitting in Chicago last fall! If this keeps going it is a must have pin, and already i"m liking what I see over LOTR. There is nothing really here yet with the dropping targets etc. and I do not agree with anyone that thinks this is going to be a "slow" game. Remember this is a wide body!

#5307 6 years ago

You know what's funny is watching this new video, you barely notice the axes that are still too big and not necessary at all now with so much going on.

#5326 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballBeerGuy:

Just out of curiosity, how open is the code for JJP's machines? For example, if one of my friends thinks he can do a better Smaug voice could I swap out the audio files for the callouts with my own custom ones?

Or you could be a really nice "buddy" and send him down to record for JJP

1 week later
#5640 6 years ago

Is Hobbit coming to PAGG this year, anyone?

1 week later
#5775 6 years ago

Does anyone know if this is coming to either PAGG or the PNW meeting? Anywhere for the "westerners'

#5858 6 years ago
Quoted from Captain_Kirk:

Well, it's certainly looking better than it ever has!
I keep waiting for Smug to say, "My name is......Kahn!"

And that right there would tip the scale for Kirk to buy one!

#5989 6 years ago

It did come in 2014, doesn't say delivered

#6046 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

I suggest just enjoying summer...go outside, enjoy family and friends, imbibe. The game will arrive in time. Pinball's more of a winter thing anyways.

Summer has early mornings and late nights too right Pinball to me is like cereal great first thing in morn and last thing at night!

#6048 6 years ago

As opposed to the desert we call Vancouver Go to early morns and late nights and you can enjoy all those beautiful summer sun filled days you want, but if you took my games away for the summer..........you would find me in a cell, padded, most likely with a straight jacket on

#6075 6 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

It might have come from your "Stern is going to KISS the competition goodbye" and "Let's face it, Stern is the only real pinball machine company in town" remarks....and now warm fuzzies. People have to realize when a great pin come out we win regardless of manufacturer. This is America - you don't have to choose between one manufacturer or another, you go out and buy both with your charge card.

bahahahahahah you nailed America right on the "money" Don't worry half my family Americans

1 week later
#6158 5 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Sorry, but that's complete horseshit.
Jack is frustrated by the conjecture? He's 100% responsible for it though!
That's like taking a crap in the middle of your own living room and then complaining about the smell.

dang lowepg every once in a while someone comes up with a doozy and I laugh out loud.....this was one of those rare times

1 month later
#7054 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I wonder how much fun it is when the only posts someone can see is their own...

Let us know

#7123 5 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Spoiler Alert: If you like to discover stuff in games on your own, don't read this. In fact, just set me to ignore for now...
Ok, the book screen. It shows a few things. It shows the mode ready, the mode timer count down, and some other info. Cool effect that when Smaug blows fire it goes there as well. The timer is the most important thing there to me. Nice and clear, and you don't have to look up.
Modes: Yesterday I said there was more going on than I knew, and there was. There are modes in it. The lights in the ramp cutouts give you great info. There are two ways to qualify modes that I found. You can spell the race with the drops (elf, man, dwarf), and mode start is ready on the left ramp. OR you collect the character to qualify the race. The top middle of the LCD shows you what you need. The mode shots are displayed on the LCD (again top center) and the book. So a quick glance tells you what to do.
Character collection. I think this opens up different modes, so you qualify a section of modes by collecting the character, but it will take me a few more games to understand the intricacies of that.
Multiball - Now that I get it, wow. The locks and the startup are dramatic. I think the sound volume of the game is a bit higher today, and it's just an awesome MultiBall startup. The shaker integration is really good.
It's all farther along code wise than I thought it was. I hadn't understood from reading how much of the mode stuff was there. I'll play more later, but I'm impressed with it.

Does this remind anybody of a kid in a candy store! Have fun DaveH, gotta love your enthusiasm

#7205 5 years ago

so I'm guessing Pats game will not be exposed until the new year and not at expo. Makes sense now that Hobbit is later than planned

#7290 5 years ago

Nice! two voice overs good.....Threes a party

1 month later
#7903 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

The difference is I'm not actually mad, and I'm not PMing 20 people and reporting all the posts I don't like to the mods.
There should be real Hobbit news in 4 days though right? Isn't the party on the 29th?

yes and you don't have your balls on the line financially tied to a company that people are trying to hurt.... do I say on purpose I don't mean anything by this, just to point out it can go on forever depending on your OWN opinions and where you are coming from. Jack sometimes deserves what he gets and perhaps so do others on here, myself included. Point is no ones right, no ones wrong, they are all opinions and we are all allowed to have them. Now arguing about them...............

2 weeks later
#8409 5 years ago

Calling on Ice......Ice? What do you think of the hammered look? All in fun buddy

#8444 5 years ago

Oh don't you worry Ice, this is a definite "pot calling the kettle black" scenario

#8465 5 years ago

I'm holding out for hope as well. I love games that grow on you because of how well thought out and deep they are. My initial reaction to just banging the ball around was just ok. I am now hearing how the depth and the implementation of LCD and sound (music etc) will make this an experience beyond anything we have tried before. This, to me, is what makes a pin last. (As long as the machine is dialed in for speed and flow.) Fingers crossed. Also Aurich is right, I have no problem with them taking the time whether financial or to make something special, just keep us in the loop. They are putting a ton into this one no question about it.

2 weeks later
#8786 5 years ago

Someone should put up the comparison between the Stern video mode DMD and the gold SE dragon graphics on LCD I know I know it doesn't make it more fun to play or contribute to the all around experience And don't worry I love me some Stern but it's really getting ridiculous.

#8793 5 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Even with their first LCD machine Stern will be playing catch up to JJP from here on out. By that time JJP's base code will have matured so much. I think if nothing else the gap between the two companies will widen, they are leagues apart in terms of the product they offer. One is quality over quantity, the other quantity over quality, with the choice up to the buyer...

That is very well stated. It boggles my mind the amount of "investment" going into the Hobbit to provide an experience like no other. Sure game play, flow etc etc is some peoples idea of fun but when you truly compare the depth and the all around package coming out of JJP I don't even see how the stern LE's can even come as close as they do in price. This is not to say JJP should be charging more.....I really think Stern needs to lower their price

#8798 5 years ago
Quoted from chessiv:

And you're a businessman. Why would a company lower their price when they sells lots of machines at that price point? That would be dumb. Now, if people quit buying then they might have to consider such an action.

I'm gonna bite my tongue here as well, Its a point, if it flies over your head then put up a butter fly net! I simply do not want JJP to increase price, however when you compare what goes into a JJP pin and a Stern pin the numbers, to me, don't add up. If there are a ton that don't care and keep buying then more power to Stern "business wise". So Chessiv you are right and I should and will go back to Business school. My motto anyway....."Everydays a school day"

1 month later
#8896 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

Ladies and Gentlemen...the voice of reason.

Played both to death at Expo. They are obvious two different beasts from two different designer/programmers. I'm in on both. The experience I had on Hobbit is something you will never get on any GOT 'type" machine. Yes GOT is fast and fun however how Hobbit immersed me into the whole experience with play, sound and sight is exceptional. They will be two completely different experiences and for me I like both! The whole package as far as bang for the buck again subjective but I would have to give it to Hobbit.

10 months later
#9860 4 years ago

Mine came a couple weeks ago and had some minor adjustments like over soldering of the right flipper which affected the upper. Fortunately mine came with a "Jack in the box", so all good!

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