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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#391 5 years ago

Ernie looks somewhat "hobbitish" I guess.

#397 5 years ago

That is too funny. Now all we need is Ernie in a dwarf suit flipping us off.

#400 5 years ago

I may need to make that my new avatar. Yep, indeed!

1 week later
#491 5 years ago

I'm all in on this and have had my pre-order in for quite a while. I can't wait.

#650 5 years ago
Quoted from rubberfist:

Some of you Nancy's couldn't enjoy a blowjob and cold Coke if your life depended on it. You really don't realize how good you have it right now. There are knitting circles of 80 y/old grannies with sandy vaginas, and support groups for hemmorhoidal irritable bowel syndrome sufferers who whine far less than some of you.
It's egregious really.

Too many mental images I can no longer get out of my head

7 months later
#2238 5 years ago

Great video. Thanks for sharing that. I think they way they did the hard cut scenes (like for the Smaug multiball start) look very fluid. Yeah, the pinball goblin bowling was very cool and would have been neat to see but it looks like they are doing their best with what they have to work with. At least I hope so.

1 week later
#2360 5 years ago

I like what I'm seeing.

Is the 'mountain' behind Smaug gone? Does he still turn and talk?

I'm in for the Smaug edition but think I may like the red Smaug with the newer gold pile from these few photos...gives better contrast at least from this limited view.

I think the playfield looks much better. Also like the placement of the book LCD and being able to see the barrel pops.

That's it for my first impression on a brief view whilst at work.

I'm very excited for my pin. I jumped in a year ago and am excited about the possibilities.

#2368 5 years ago

Another question: Any specific shots seen for the right upper flipper?

Also...already the sides are begging for either mirror blades or some sort of picture which I think would probably be even better than the mirrors.

#2401 5 years ago
Quoted from alichino:

It's likely going to be a code thing. There's a timing mechanism that you have_ to hit a specific shot from the upper flipper instead of shooting it from the lower ones. Like the skill shots / melting the witch in WoZ.

That makes sense.


#2414 5 years ago
Quoted from DylanFan71:

Love the new playfield and all of the improvements. With Smaug being so prominent on the new playfield, I'm wondering if I need the Smaug Edition artwork on the sides too. Thanks JJP for all of the choices but I'm not sure what direction to go.

For me, it is hard to argue with a big freakin' dragon on the side. I will arrange my pins so that this pin will be on the end and the artwork visible.

#2497 5 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Well here's the thing about the "giant dragon" - Both versions have Smaug in the center, so you can easily say the old version is redundant as well. The dragon's there no matter what. The first version was dull, boring and lifeless...mountain, small dragon, sky. The new version has vibrancy, energy, personality. It sells the tone and grand nature of this adversary.


When I look at them side-side what jumps out at me is the more warm and earth tones found in the new pf. Too much blue on the old one. IMO the new playfield is much better.

#2553 5 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

I would say its totally appropriate and extra awesome for the Smaug SE. Unfortunately for me and "3" other guys it's for all the versions. Here is what I want for my LE. I know, its so drab and boring isn't it?

colors.png 1.6 MB

I think that looks good too. The original just had so much blue! I think I still like the Smaug-in-ya'-face version, however.

#2858 5 years ago

Here is another video from a different thread:


Though short, gameplay seems pretty decent. I don't think it looked slow at all. Smaug seems to growl a lot and I did not hear any talking all of which, of course, is totally dependent on code.

I'm in for the SE so I do have skin in the game, so I'm probably biased and have some hopeful thinking. I had a WOZLE but traded it before I think the code got very far along. Overall I think I miss it and perhaps will get another down the road sometime. I don't want to give up on this game for whatever reason and perhaps my feeling of a little regret concerning the WOZ plays into this some.

As far as the Hobbit goes, I think I'll probably go with the red Smaug toy if nothing else changes. It is unfortunate that Smaug isn't more interactive physically. Hopefully there will be a significant amount of bantering coming from him which would be fun and 'interactive' verbally at least.

#3105 5 years ago

New photos of golden Smaug: (edit: dang! late to the party! Email said that Smaug will have teeth also.) IMO, this just keeps getting better and better.

This does not look like the same totally gold Smaug last seen. I like it.

Smaug gold 2.jpgSmaug gold.jpg

#3134 5 years ago

I switched to a SE day it was announced. In Lord of the Rings movies I knew every person in the Fellowship and they did a good job of making you have an emotional investment in each. I have watched both Hobbit movies a couple of times and basically only know and care about Bilbo and one or two dwarves (evidence here is I can't even remember the main dwarf's name right now). I know Gandalf and Radagast (?spelling) but the main troop of dwarves just doesn't feel the same as the Fellowship.

Oh, yeah, and I KNOW Smaug! He, to me, is a very central figure and I can't complain about having a pin which is full of a redundant bad-a$$ dragon. Hopefully the main Smaug figure will continue to improve.

I know I'm looking forward to this pin a lot.

#3177 5 years ago
Quoted from PinPatch:

I still reckon the gold directly under the head should be the same color as the head i.e. be smaugs body / neck. Teeth could simply be offset with an opposing groove in the opposite jaw so that the mouth can fully close.
Smaug head looks awesome now.

I think the general consensus would be for a full body sprawled out in the back corner which would be awesome but just not going to happen. I'm okay with that and just looking forward to seeing and playing the final product.

3 weeks later
#3436 5 years ago

Now that the Hobbit movie is official out are there other things which can now be revealed which were unable to be revealed previously?

1 week later
#3523 5 years ago

Well, crap. All this talk of switching back to LE makes me second guess my switch to SE. Sure would be nice to see this in person and decide. So, what's the deal on the wireforms...they will match with the LE but LE wireform color will still be on the SE so they will not match?

#3531 5 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Is there a gold that you can point to at prismaticpowders.com that approximates the gold on the SE? I liked the gold on the early renditions on the JJP website, but the latest picture looks more brassy. I am curious what the color will look like in person.
Thank you.

This right here. +1

#3543 5 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Darin, You are I are in the same boat ... and both have orders with Buddy. I like the SE, but am wavering based on the color of the trim in the last pic which is the most recent. The first (older) pic is much better than the second in my opinion. Alex, any insight you can provide is much appreciated

hobbit_se_2-531.png 693 KB

336127-i-98.jpg 23 KB

Yep. Buddy's the best. I'll probably stick with the SE all things considered and overall can't wait to get this thing.

#3608 5 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

I absolutely love the trim on the SE. Those pictures and video sealed it for me, SE all the way. This is probably the most excited I've been with a pinball release since Wolverine LE (and I collected comics as I kid and was crazy stoked for X-Men)

Me too.

2 weeks later
#3718 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

The video looks very blurry, shall I send it again in HD.

Please. I can't really see anything on there.


#3720 5 years ago

Thanks. I just noticed that my player was set on the lowest resolution setting. No wonder.

1 week later
#4001 5 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

This whole string is getting stale.
I want more talk on the features and what people think about them.
I may as well start...
Ramp diverter: I like it. It gives options. Not sure if it will be player controlled or not. It could have been better if it was controlled by Smaug himself (seemed like a good idea).
Pop up monsters: Potential to be awesome if programmed properly! At worst, an annoyance that just keeps getting in the way of flow.
Playfield LCD: Nice to have but not a must. I guess it depends on how it is used. Right now it's taking away from the waterfall/barrel scene may have been better placed in the apron, imho.
Drops targets:I like them, and being individually controlled is even better...but is it too much when you add in the pop up monsters?
Spinners: Always cool
Ramps: I think they are very good (love metal/wireform!) even if they are a bit symmetrical to each other. Would be better if you could hit one of them smoothly with the upper flipper...
Ball lock area: Would have been nice to see Smaugs claw hold back a few balls waiting to get released (even better would have been to see Smaug fire them out...but we have all bashed that idea enough). Instead looks like we'll have to settle for the Indiana Jones ball tumble theme...
Jet Bumpers/ barrel area: Was looking pretty good until the mini LCD squashed it. Still needs some wall dressing to make it look more like the waterfalls battle area. (The "modders" shouldn't have to take care of it)
Artwork: Overall no complaints, LE or SE both great.
Right Outlane: Not your regular plain drain-out. It has a Ball save feature, so that is good.
Left outlane: Kickback save and windlance feature... still a bit of a mystery what is going on here..may be interesting if you have to use the third flipper as a "one timer" to shoot Smaug... (but I thought JJP wasn't allowed to shoot Smaug...hmmm )
Backglass LCD: Way cool and a nice feature. Seems to be getting better too.
Third flipper: ........ I've beat that dead horse enough...
Shot variety: Depends how you look at it...lots if you count every single drop and pop up target, or average if you just count the symmetrical shots to the ramps, loops and holes. Downside, many of the shots seem identical i.e left/right ramp, left/right loop, left/right scoop, left/right pop ups...so I do like the added shot to the jet bumpers for that reason, however, i don't know if that shot looks very interesting...hard to say.
Smaug..... it's ok but still underwhelming...that has been beat to death...
Bagend area... not sure if it qualifies as an area just yet...hoping something to look at there...
Programming/code: Not there yet but I'm sure will be excellent!
I believe a persons overall impression on the game can be swayed in one direction or the other simply if the individual has been following this project from the beginning or not. If you were following from the beginning (and you were like me) I let myself get swept away with all the dialogue and the hints (real or not) of a truly impressive and interactive dragon (so the individual looks at it more critically). If you started following later you got a good looking machine that has some nice features (expectations were not over hyped).
Anyways, that's just a quick dump of ideas didn't hit everything. (ummm...now that I look at it, not such a quick dump...sorry)
Feel free to blast away as only pinside can.
For the record, I'm fully paid on the Hobbit but ... keeping my options open.

This is a pretty acurate summary of how I feel. I'm very excited about the pin. I do think the river pops need to be dressed up and the book maybe moved again but I'm sure it will be fine. I'd imagine I'll be up for a mod which makes that area better. I'd like to see the guy back in the barrel again. My guess is once it is in my house it will be overwhelming as an entire package and small things will be overlooked/forgiven easier than here on the forum.

1 month later
#4477 5 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

Bag End complete the way it was last seen? ... Brutal...

I'm in for a SE but to me, I don't even see Bag End. Just looks like an open shot to the pops to me. Calling it "Bag End" seems like a stretch imo.

3 weeks later
#4700 4 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

If memory serves, I think Jack kinda said it would be a bit of a surprise once the code continues to be updated. Most of these big shows are so packed, folks wait in line for 30 minutes to play a three minute game so it's hard to really judge the gameplay, flow, shots, etc. TaTa and I played Hobbit for several hours straight - and the game friggin' cooks! For those on the pre-order...you will not be disappointed when your pin arrives. I was hoping to play my Hobbit this summer; now it's looking like sometime in the fall. And I'm totally OK with the extra wait.

So, you think a realistic time is about another 6 months or so?

#4719 4 years ago

The PinballStar thread had a lot of very positive things to say about the pin by some folks who got to play it for a couple of hours.

I'm in for a SE and hope it is great...I won't have the chance to play one most likely until it is in my gameroom. Thanks for the vids.

#4746 4 years ago

This is my last pre-pay. Heck, I still consider bagging every now and then but I think I'm going to stay the course.

#4754 4 years ago

Yes, confirmed by Jack. Only about 6 prototypes spread out to different shows/showings so 1 on way to TPF now.. same as seen in video. Real production games are very near.
Jack did not announce a date.. but some say starting in May.. won't be end of summer as someone else said.

I like to hear that about the 'very near' part. Elsewhere in the last day or so someone said it was 4-5 more months from a distributor. Can you elaborate on a definition of 'very near'?

1 week later
#4993 4 years ago

My JJP distributor told me that they are getting part in and that is the hold on production. Sounds like summer at best from what I understand.

I told that to my pinball playing son and he was like, "But you told me it was end of March or April!"

Yeah. I just explained to him about delays. All I know is we are very excited to get this thing!

#5006 4 years ago

Well, I'll see your #5000 and raise you 1!

#5108 4 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

Dang! I saw the posts and, not being able to stop myself, I checked again ... nothing.
This is becoming obsessive-compulsive.

Me too.

#5144 4 years ago
Quoted from Join_The_Cirqus:

Check out this one.
This Hobbit seems to be a hell of a lot faster in pitch.
I'm liking what I'm seeing... So far this one plays the best I have seen on you tube
» YouTube video

Well, I've been very excited about the Hobbit for a long, long time. I've kept pretty quiet but I think even this video seems somewhat slow and perhaps even a little boring. I'm keeping my pre-order with the hope that home use set-up and full code completes this and makes it an exciting pin to play. My kids are constantly asking me when the Hobbit pinball is coming and if having the Hobbit gets them to play with me more then I'm all in.

#5262 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I wonder if JJP can create an attract mode that has Smaug talking as soon as people walk by? Maybe that decal between the speakers on the head of cabinet that we thought was a camera is really a motion detector? Haha. I think that would be a great feature.

That would be very cool. Might even be a reason to keep the attract mode turned on (which I usually don't)

#5281 4 years ago
Quoted from statsdoc:

They need this guy ... » YouTube video

Wow. Unbelievable. Thanks for posting that.

#5299 4 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Wow! This guy is talented, he's also an artist:
Web page and contact details here (for JJP):

Just for the heck of it I have forwarded his website to Jen.

#5300 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I just spotted this Hobbit video on YouTube from the MGC show Thanks to whomever posted it. Few things I noticed...
1) Popups are lit with white light from under the playfield. Nice touch!
2) Smaug's eyes appear to light up briefly during the multiball mode
3) Ring button graphic on the main LCD screen. Options said to light Thorin or Attempt backstab.
4) There's a new jackpot animation. Can't wait to hear the Gandalf callout for it later on.
5) Windlance ready insert is lit
6) New colored yellow bats with red rubber
Just keeps improving I really think Keith is swinging for the fences on this one, trying to top what he did on LOTR. I cannot wait for the full implementation of all the modes. You're going to really feel like you're Playing as Bilbo on a great adventure. And if there's a hidden wizard mode like Valinor Multiball, that's the icing on the cake for me.
» YouTube video

Cool video. Can't wait to get mine.

#5555 4 years ago

Wow. Over 100+ posts since I last looked and nothing but crap...well, except the cat breath one...that was kinda funny. I seriously need to stop looking at this thread and simply wait for the thread titled "Hobbit SE unboxing video"

2 weeks later
#5878 4 years ago

I'm in for an SE although I'll have to admit the bronze trim looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks for all the videos. And a big sigh of relief when I saw there were 100+ posts on this thread since last I looked and every single one of them was actually pertinent to an update.

Awesome news that this is a production model. Must be getting very close.

3 weeks later
#6337 4 years ago

Well, it's been 6 days since I pulled up this thread. Nothing new. I figured I'll simply find out when Hobbit is shipping when doughslingers calls me and tells me I need to pay my balance.

Here's to enjoying summer.

1 month later
#7437 4 years ago

Do we have any idea how many Hobbits will be rolling off the line once production starts? On a related note, is there a way to know where in line we will be based on our distributor? (Trying to gauge if I'll see my SE before Christmas or not. I'm currently doubtfully optimistic )

1 week later
#7495 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

...also likely $9k.
$7500 for Hobbit is looking like a deal now.

This is one reason I preordered...Heck the folks that got ECLEWOZ at $6500 got a great price even though they paid in delays and frustrations.

#7504 4 years ago

great to hear. Let's get those Hobbits cranking already.

7 months later
#9537 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Some pics


Wow! Those are 3 deep games in a row you have there! Congrats. Can't wait to get mine.

2 weeks later
#9566 3 years ago

Thanks for the video. Are all your games that long? LOL, playing a game of Hobbit and LOTR back to back will take an hour! Regardless, still looking forward to mine. I only watched the first 9 minutes or so and in that time you had Smaug MB a couple of times and looked to be working on a third. Any other MBs you come across?

6 months later
#10024 3 years ago

How long did that take you? Games do take a while.

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