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Hobbit Update

By B9

7 years ago

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#957 7 years ago

Just putting this out there for fun.
I was thinking about the upper flippers... there doesn't seem to be a shot for them as of yet. I'm thinking maybe there could be a little diverter that comes down (maybe a claw) and forms a deflector of sort so that a ball shot from the upper right flipper could be deflected into the upper left ramp and a shot from the upper left flipper into the upper right ramp (via a deflecting tail or claw). Can't see it coming from under the playfield but maybe it could come from above. If you want the "flow shots" to continue from the upper flippers this could do it (although how it would be built...not so sure) ...

7 months later
#2253 6 years ago

Somebody send us some updated info on the Hobbit when available! Thanks

#2704 6 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Can you make the left ramp shot with the upper right flipper ?

As it stands now, any shots with the upper right flipper to that ramp aren't going to be smooth (the angles don't seem correct) and that ramp side wall is going to take a pounding... Haven't yet seen anyone do it in the videos...

Unless I missed the post, nobody has yet discussed the return rail on the left side of the playfield (it leads to the left outlane/kicker)....looks like the mechanism that is supposed to place the ball on that rail is still missing...any ideas as to what is will be? I'm not sure if this was even mentioned on that list of "updates yet to come"...

#2748 6 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

for the most part, I think that they hit the nail on the head and addressed most of the issues that people complained about @ expo, however I've got one question which has been bothering me.

so, is the circled orb (which lites up) supposed to be smaug's eye when he first awakens?

if so, doesn't anyone else find it odd that we have smaug under a pile of coins and above him, we have smaug's long lost twin brother that is "revealing" himself as the pile of rock rotates?!?

It's just a flasher...

I'm still a little "meh" on the dragon (wished for more interaction) hope the new one being developed adds a little more life.

Also hope they do a little more on the right side...looks a little plain (hobbit house maybe?...)

...still haven't seen that 3rd flipper get that ball up that ramp (last video included)... I guess it's just meant to shoot at targets blocked by the popups? (but then why the curve in the ramp? hmmmm...)

#2750 6 years ago
Quoted from mummite:

I am sure it's still in the works where everything will be positioned, but the book is in an odd place. If this is it's final resting place then the pop cap with the detail should be moved out from under the book.

Also how will the new bag end shot work? Will there be a new switch there where the mode change switches use to be? a roll over button switch or something?

...looks like there is a target type switch at the end of that shot...

#2867 6 years ago

I wonder if they thought about using Smaugs arms to control the diverters (both in the center and on the other side). The size of the head looks about the correct proportion. The hands would be attached and would lift or move to deflect the balls and they could be used to animate Smaug (like him getting upset and pounding his fists). They could set it up so that it looks like Smaug is coming at you crawling over a pile of treasure head first....the rest of the body is conveniently hidden... all the mechanics are there you and would just need to model the arms/wings and add a bit of neck (and not turn the head so much)...

...just throwing stuff out there for fun...

#2894 6 years ago
Quoted from B9:

Someone did it about 18 seconds into this video

» YouTube video

Good eye!

... But did you see that ball smash off both walls (of that left ramp) and then rebound into the wrong loop?

OUCH! Watch out for metal fatigue in that area...

#3206 6 years ago
Quoted from bemmett:

I like toppers but I'd rather money be spent in the game itself than adding a topper if I had a choice. Plenty of cool aftermarket ones made for those that want them and this has endless possibilities for them

I may be wrong but to me in looks they may have more money in WOZ than in TH...and WOZ got a topper...

2 weeks later
#3341 6 years ago

Why do the decals from the dwarf city (from inside the mountain) spill over into the water falls area?... Stuff still seems to be thrown together...where is the attention to detail? If you want that area to represent the white water scene then make it look like it. You want to add rocks or a mountain scene, here is the place for it... It's not difficult or expensive nor should it require the masses to point it out.

Who is the team lead? Is anyone taking responsibility for the overall vision of this project? It better not be Jack because I would assume he doesn't have time for all the detail stuff...

It still looks disjointed fellas! Both upper areas look like there are elements missing, the windlance doesn't seem like it's shooting the dragon, the third flipper looks like its made to destroy the ramps from the side...c'mon pull this puppy together before we have to make a final decision or at least give us better details as to what is being worked on or missing.

If I'm complaining... then why don't I just pull out? (Haven't yet) It's because it still seems better than the other new offerings that are out there... (but not by much!)...

Why am I complaining? Because it seems there has been so much "left on the table" with this title...and a benchmark in pinball was missed.

This is a perfect license for pinball and for all the people that love the theme ... I can't shake the sense that the Hobbit has been orphaned...

1 week later
#3481 6 years ago

I like a game with a variety of shots that feel satisfying (not necessarily speed) so at least with widebodies you usually get that variety (and usually with more features/toys).

3 weeks later
#3692 6 years ago

Still no teeth?

Did they remove the figure from the second barrel??
If so, not happy with that...

And they still have the dwarf city ramp decal running into the river area...it doesn't belong there. C'mon, have some imagination JJP. How about changing the decal to the river scene? Makes sense no? Or better yet how about some molded plastics in there?...seriously 9000$?

#3703 6 years ago

Seems like a patchwork job that is not getting the love and attention to detail that this title deserves...

We'll have a mountain!...Nay, we'll have a cave; We'll have a scary interactive dragon!... Nay you fool, we will have a decapitated toothless dragon; We'll have four flippers!...Nay, it will have 2 but we will fool them with a third mystery flipper haha!; We'll have this great manuscript as our centerpiece!...Nay, that is a horrible idea! Nobody is going to like a big book... in the center...; We'll make cool figures to go in the pop barrels!... Nay, we will have only one figure in a barrel, because it is better this way; We'll have a Bagend!...Yes, but it is in the way so we will remove it!; We'll have someone with vision lead this project!...Yes, but we will make him leave and have a conglomerate rule in his place...Voila!

They got a lot of the details right on WOZ...but with TH, i don't know...is it uninspired? This is the closest I have been to pulling out, maybe I should, and see what Lalor has to offer...so wanted TH to be the best...

#3705 6 years ago

Hey my first thumbs down!

I'll try to be patient, but man, how much longer before the details are done? I need something added not taken away.

#3743 6 years ago

Yes, interface seems much improved, very nice!...I have no worries about that aspect of the game.

#3763 6 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

AHHH, haven't you heard if a third flipper doesn't hit the same ramp over and over again, it is automatically deemed useless!

Sure you can program a target to be lit at a certain time so that the 3rd flipper has something to do, but that is only a part time gig for that flipper...it's just not the same as it having it's own unique shot(s) that can be hit at anytime (giving it a full time usefulness)....in the Hobbitt's case i'm also worried it's going to trash that ramp entrance (and the corner of that "pile of gold" plastic) very quickly. Hope it gets reinforced or protected.

#3768 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

The LCD layout and usage is awesome.

I like it. Just not there.

They could have had a potentially nice scenic area around there (with the orcs up on the cliffs firing down on the dwarfs that are bouncing around in the barrels)...but instead they are force feeding the LCD into an area that it shouldn't be in (and taking out some nice stuff like the dwarf in the barrel just to make it fit) and to me it looks terribly out of place.

IMHO the LCD would be much better served located in the apron, there appears to enough room for it so why not? (and they did hint early in the development process that the apron would be different...)....

#3814 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I was talking about the big LCD that the comparison of pictures was about. Not the one on the playfield. I spoke with Jack about that one a while ago and he told me in firm words that area isn't going to change. But....never say never

Thanks for the info.

That's too bad... For me, the left side is a little underwhelming so I was hoping for a possible change for the better in the upper right side. I'm dumbfounded they look at that and say "Yes! we nailed it!"... Anyways, I called my distributor and he said I can get my money back for a little while longer...so I'll continue to cross my fingers for a positive playfield update...if not, P3 seems interesting...

#3823 6 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

You mean like on Woz where every hit to the witch advances you closer and closer to melting her.....All the time. Not to mention many other shots I use with it! I have a feeling you have never played enough to get what it really can do?

Well I admit I don't own one, but i've played about 20 games. I know, it's not much really, but I'd have to say that the third flipper was still an afterthought to me because it didn't have it's own "shot". I assume knowing the rules better would give the flipper more life....

#3834 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

It actually has a few of its own shots like shots directly through the pops for the skill shot or ball target direct hits.

Did not know this, thanks. Something to look for next time I play.

#3961 6 years ago

Anybody know when/if we can expect more updates/changes on TH?

#3980 6 years ago

This whole string is getting stale.

I want more talk on the features and what people think about them.

I may as well start...

Ramp diverter: I like it. It gives options. Not sure if it will be player controlled or not. It could have been better if it was controlled by Smaug himself (seemed like a good idea).

Pop up monsters: Potential to be awesome if programmed properly! At worst, an annoyance that just keeps getting in the way of flow.

Playfield LCD: Nice to have but not a must. I guess it depends on how it is used. Right now it's taking away from the waterfall/barrel scene may have been better placed in the apron, imho.

Drops targets:I like them, and being individually controlled is even better...but is it too much when you add in the pop up monsters?

Spinners: Always cool

Ramps: I think they are very good (love metal/wireform!) even if they are a bit symmetrical to each other. Would be better if you could hit one of them smoothly with the upper flipper...

Ball lock area: Would have been nice to see Smaugs claw hold back a few balls waiting to get released (even better would have been to see Smaug fire them out...but we have all bashed that idea enough). Instead looks like we'll have to settle for the indiana jones ball tumble theme...

Jet Bumpers/ barrel area: Was looking pretty good until the mini LCD squashed it. Still needs some wall dressing to make it look more like the waterfalls battle area. (The "modders" shouldn't have to take care of it)

Artwork: Overall no complaints, LE or SE both great.

Right Outlane: Not your regular plain drain-out. It has a Ball save feature, so that is good.

Left outlane: Kickback save and windlance feature... still a bit of a mystery what is going on here..may be interesting if you have to use the third flipper as a "one timer" to shoot Smaug... (but I thought JJP wasn't allowed to shoot Smaug...hmmm )

Backglass LCD: Way cool and a nice feature. Seems to be getting better too.

Third flipper: ........ I've beat that dead horse enough...

Shot variety: Depends how you look at it...lots if you count every single drop and pop up target, or average if you just count the symmetrical shots to the ramps, loops and holes. Downside, many of the shots seem identical i.e left/right ramp, left/right loop, left/right scoop, left/right pop ups...so I do like the added shot to the jet bumpers for that reason, however, i don't know if that shot looks very interesting...hard to say.

Smaug..... it's ok but still underwhelming...that has been beat to death...

Bagend area... not sure if it qualifies as an area just yet...hoping something to look at there...

Programming/code: Not there yet but I'm sure will be excellent!

I believe a persons overall impression on the game can be swayed in one direction or the other simply if the individual has been following this project from the beginning or not. If you were following from the beginning (and you were like me) I let myself get swept away with all the dialogue and the hints (real or not) of a truly impressive and interactive dragon (so the individual looks at it more critically). If you started following later you got a good looking machine that has some nice features (expectations were not over hyped).

Anyways, that's just a quick dump of ideas didn't hit everything. (ummm...now that I look at it, not such a quick dump...sorry)

Feel free to blast away as only pinside can.

For the record, I'm fully paid on the Hobbit but ... keeping my options open.

#3992 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

Good insights in your post, Sammy. Thoughtful inquiries abound! Unlike you, I think I'm much more excited about the Smaug toy. I like the idea that he taunts you, and I expect the dialogue will increase with additional updates to the code. Plus, Smaug will look appreciably better with teeth and LED eyes. Bag End has me perplexed though as that area looks unfinished. I'll be disappointed if it's not addressed in the final version of the pin. And does anyone have an idea of what the button does on the lock bar?

I assume the button is for the windlance/kickback fire option...it could also be for the diverter but I don't think so (it would be awkward for that use, imagine playing Shadow with the diverter buttons on the lockdown bar).

At one point there was talk about having multiple buttons on the sides of the cabinet (I think that was from JJP people but I could be wrong)...guess that was flushed along with a few other things.

#3998 6 years ago

I was hoping that if Smaug couldn't physically touch the pinball that maybe he would have at least thrown them around with some magnets placed in front of him....oh well...

#4000 6 years ago
Quoted from Wamprat:

Maybe Smaug will have the capacity to steal pinballs during multiball via the magnet and subway?

That's possible, though not very exciting in a visual sense...

#4053 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

You call it a decal. I call it a missed opportunity. They could have done something really interesting with that area.

...a missed opportunity for us you mean...but it won't be a missed opportunity for them to make a few more bucks when they sell the add-on camera or whatever else is supposed to go in there ... and also available shortly after TH release, for a nominal non-compromising fee... here is your Bagend mod, and your waterfalls mod, and your Smaug mod, and your Hobbit topper mod...

Am I forgetting anything?

#4079 6 years ago

That pop bumper area is....how should I put it...sparse?

#4085 6 years ago

The playfield as it stands is not nearly as interesting to look at as WOZ. WOZ has some great detail work.

#4093 6 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

I did not say it is in the ideal spot right now. But please tell me how you would see the LCD integrated in the apron.

For what I see it either should be in the left or right area of the apron. In the middle there seems not enough room. By viewing angel I mean if the LCD lies flat in the apron will the image not be of lesser quality due to the bad viewing angel?

Should not be difficult to angle it slightly towards the viewer.

Middle is no good for mini LCD. Assuming the windlance or ball trough don't take up to much room, it looks like those areas would be good. LCDs are not very thick. Instead of a rules card you got the LCD. Seems like a good idea to me...

#4100 6 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

You guys are bumming me out because I agree with all of you. I'm not selling my spot in line, but it may not spend too much time in my lineup. I think we learned a lesson from WOZ that while it wasn't a stunner initially, the awesome coding made it so after version 3.0. So I'll continue to be patient and hope for the best.

Sorry not trying to bum you out. Mostly I want to get some discussion going and raise some awareness on the features.

Even if we can't do anything about it, I still want JJP to know he can still do better without having to do major rework (that time is well past), but hopefully it's not too late for seemingly small stuff...

I want a great pin not an ok pin. I want it to stay in my collection, but it won't last long if I have to keep staring at some of this (sorry to say) hodgepodge work.

#4108 6 years ago
Quoted from kidvid:

For what it's worth.

On the JJP Google group, there's a thread discussing the placement of the LCD book. In this thread, someone named Andy posted this today: "Let's hope the design is done."

A few minutes later, Jack reply to Andy with: "Done! Best Regards, Jack"

I hope this doesn't mean "we've hid the wires"... but this is better than no news...

#4109 6 years ago
Quoted from DarkWizard:

Sounds like its up to the modders to finish the machine.

Any major mods would be sad on a "no compromise" machine...

#4146 6 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

I'm afraid you will be able to get one much easier than that... likely right HERE on pinside. How?

1. Strictly looking at the playfield, the game doesn't seem to have the "magic" WoZ did.
2. Fair consensus is Smaug is a disappointment that many are trying to find a way to "tolerate".
3. Many are hoping for modders to somehow fix some of the problems.... already!

I'll give JJP credit for going back to the drawing board on several elements after the initial public reception was overwhelmingly bad.... but I just don't see this being the homerun many were hoping for.

btw- I'm not blaming JJP for this not being all it could have been- I suspect much of this had to do with the licensor hand-cuffing JJP's design....

the result:
I think MANY will be happy with this game. However, I think quite a few will be parting with this one quickly and you will see MANY more "huo for sale" than you ever did with WoZ.

I agree with you.

And if these rumors are true, that no tangible changes are being done to the playfield, then I'd be looking to sell or get my money back. But here is the predicament for us Canadians; now that our dollar has lost almost 20%... if we wanted to get get our money back and get some other "new" pinball, it would cost us about 1700$ more! (At least for those that were in early on the purchase, like me)

So if I do want to get a NIB pin, it looks like my options are drying up...may as well suck it up, get The Hodgepodge and trade it for another new pin and not lose on the exchange rate.

If that's the case, I may as well jump on the everything is awesome bandwagon and promote it so I get a better trade...

Everything is AWESOME!

#4149 6 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Someone with computer skills needs to put the bashing WOZ threads before it was released and the bashing hobbit threads side by side. Then the positive WOZ threads when it was released side by side when the hobbit is released to see how many people change their opinions. Give it a chance. Play it with a finished code. If u hate it then okay. It will be at the Allentown show so hopefully it's a great game.

I'm sure code will be good. Expected a better presentation to the package though...

#4173 6 years ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Wow, how can all you guys judge this game before we have even had a chance to play it? Ironman and Tron by appearance alone look pretty dull and they are highly sought after, many other games seem baron but man the rules make them great and your ready to bury this pin because it doesn't have all the stuff that WOZ has on the PF, a populated PF with flashy toys does not encapsulate a great pinball machine.

True, but those pins were THOUSANDS of dollars less expensive...and since I'm paying thousands of dollars more, I expect thousands of dollars more bling and detail!

I don't think I said the game would play bad, I'm sure it will play fine. But in the meantime, i'll be playing a game that has unfinished code and has an unfinished looking playfield (IMO)...and when the code eventually gets done, i'll still be playing an unfinished looking playfield... (that I paid thousands of dollars more for)...

#4232 6 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

What you paid for a pin has nothing to do with it.

One simply cannot judge a pin before playing it for yourself. Period. Especially when the design of the machine in question hasn't even been finalized yet, and you haven't even seen how the final code, design, sound & gameplay all come together.

You're not getting it...Wasn't judging pin on gameplay, just noting that the price tag is not really matching up with what we are getting as far as the physical layout is concerned.

So what your saying is you'd be ok driving an expensive car, that didn't have a finished interior, as long as it "handled" well?...

Translating that back to pinball, I'm ok with that at 1500-2000$ but not at 9000$...the game manufacturers must love you "easy to please" guys.

...yeah I'm a little harder to please...

#4233 6 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Bummer. That area just looks unfinished and a downgrade from the original without the barrel caps.

However, a significant improvement overall from what we saw at Expo.

Yes, big bummer on Bag End for sure!

Imagine that, a dragon with teeth!...Must have been against their better judgement, but at least they threw us a bone and gave the dragon some choppers...

#4252 6 years ago

I'd rather have the barrels. I really liked those before they got tinkered with.

If you think you prefer generic, you can replace the barrels with regular jet bumper caps at 3.00 $ each and I'll buy your tossed away barrels to use on my other jet bumper

2 weeks later
#4434 6 years ago

Any updates? New pics? New video? Something positive to report???

Need my Hobbit fix!!!!

#4474 6 years ago
Quoted from CaptainNavidad:

I talked with Jen from JJP and asked her to clarify what purpose the button on the lockdown bar serves. She stated it will operate the Windlance; she also mused that, to her knowledge, Bag End is complete. Bag End looks barren to me which is why I want to speak with Jack at the PinballStar reveal on March 14th. I'm hoping for more there.

Bag End complete the way it was last seen? ... Brutal...

#4481 6 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

I'm in for a SE but to me, I don't even see Bag End. Just looks like an open shot to the pops to me. Calling it "Bag End" seems like a stretch imo.

Exactly my point...that area is unfinished... but apparently that's good enough by JJPs new standards.

That area was named "Bag End" in the original drawings....

#4526 6 years ago

I'm hoping this long gap between updates means that something positive is happening towards game development (and I'm not talking about coding) ...

#4533 6 years ago

Everyday I click on this thread hoping...and everyday...

2 weeks later
#4749 6 years ago

I concur with Darkwizard... I'm still in but I'm disappointed that they dropped the ball in several areas. I'm assuming this is their finished product. They've turned what could have been the best title into a good one. Aside from the restrictions to Smaug, it seems to me like cost cutting has gotten to this machine. How else can you describe the void area that is Bagend? If it's not cost cutting then that says something about the designers or lack there of...

1 week later
#4928 6 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

One reason may be that they don't want the game to be too difficult for inexperienced players. I would set it up fast but put a long ball save on it so that people got at least a little time to play after the long wait in line.

That third flipper is going to rip that upper left ramp apart if it is set too high...still no idea why it's designed that way...

Hopefully the flippers can all be set individually...

#4953 6 years ago
Quoted from Pinister:

Just got a call from JJP. My Hobbit is ready to be shipped or picked up Woooo woooo baby the are on the way!!! Since I'm 3 hrs out and its my first machine I opted for delivery but should get it sometime tomorrow afternoon. Congrats for those that ordered. Its been a long wait but I'm sure it's well worth it.

Had me for a sec...April Fools!

#4956 6 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I don't think I ever see an extra flipper as a bad thing, even if it doesn't have any unique shots, it allows you to hit the shots from a different (sometimes safer) angle.

Rules can certainly make it play a bigger role in the game as well. I wonder if they will use the pop-ups to block shots from the lower flippers so that they can only be made by the upper flipper. Clearly the windlance will serve the ball up to the upper flipper for a shot a Smaug.

We really don't know how much value the third flipper will add to the game at this point, or whether or not it will damage the ramp, but since the team at JJP is made up of some of the best pinball designers (who also appear to listen to what people say in these forums), I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and withhold judgement until the game is out.

I don't disagree with you. They can make all the rules they want for that flipper, and they may make it very interesting... But the rules won't change the fact, that the way it is designed right now, that third flipper is going to damage that upper left ramp and most probably that plastic corner of gold near Smaug...If there was more curve to that ramp the shot might make it up smoothly...

It would have been nice to be able to loop that third flipper shot up that left ramp for a nice combo!

#4960 6 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Look at the proto machine next time...it has been played and shipped to death all over the place. Is the ramp showing any damage? I'd like to know.

Fair statement. But then again... is it the same ramp?

#4980 6 years ago

I doubt it

#5104 6 years ago

If nothing else is going to get updated on this machine, then somebody tell Jack to at least change the decals on the ramp behind the pop bumpers to something more relevant to the waterfalls!...

1 week later
#5354 6 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

I totally agree. We've really seen nothing on how the drop targets will be coded & utilized for the different modes, other than this old test mode video.

» YouTube video

I just don't buy the argument that there's just nothing to shoot at on this pin. It's an absurd statement to me.

There are 3 banks of 11 individually controlled drop targets, with standup targets behind them. These can be controlled as an actual target, or can be programmed to popup & block your shot at the targets behind them. They can also block your shot to the VUKs. As seen in the test video, they can move extremely fast. One single drop can dart quickly across the playfield as an incredibly difficult target to hit for a skill shot. The variations are endless, and will provide COUNTLESS unique shots for the modes, depending on how they're programmed.

There are 2 spinner loops, 2 ramps, 2 VUKs and 1 captive ball....all which have both arrow & scroll inserts which can be lit for different mode shots. There potential there for multiple modes running & stacking. Similar to LOTR, you can start a mode, and then be required to hit multiple specific ramps, VUKs, etc to score jackpots & complete the mode, or make a shot to extend the mode timer.

Then there's the 4 popup targets, which can be used for timed hurry up shots, or popup randomly to block your shots to the ramps, drops, etc. There's huge potential there, especially when used in conjunction with the controlled drop targets. There's also the 4 lock rollovers, which can be programmed to light as specific targets, in addition to lighting the ball locks. There's also the mystery standup target, and also the shot into Bag End & the pops. Don't forget about the kickback either, and how it may be integrated with a shot to the upper right flipper for a Smaug killshot.

Plus Smaug should have a part in controlling the loop ramp diverter, the 2 magnets at the top of the loops, and the subway underneath to work against you to interfere with your shots, or randomly effect where the ball will appear.

And we just heard about the Ring Button, which will add even more depth to helping complete your shots and launching the windlance.

Sorry for running on......but to me, this pin has the potential to be the ultimate shooting man's pin, with an incredible depth of shot variations. By my count there are nearly 40 individual targets to shoot in this game. How is that nothing to shoot at? I guess if there was a simple big Smaug bash toy some would be happier. But that's not me. I'm a thinking man who loves a challenge. Give me a variety of targets. I find the thought of being under pressure to make all these different shots exciting! I love machines that put my meager skills to the test, provide incredible depth of play. It can kick my ass & keeps me coming back for more. And if there's a mythical hidden mode on the Hobbit like Valinor Multiball, then I'll never get rid of my machine until I reach it.

To me this much is clear......The Hobbit is going to be an incredibly unique & challenging experience. Keith has to be thrilled to get another chance to dive into Middle Earth, and create an experience that surpasses his outstanding work on LOTR. The first shipment can't come soon enough. Keep up the good work JJP!

From that video of the drop target test you can see the initial design of the vertical up kickers. They were positioned launching the ball forward instead of sideways...that would have made for a very quick ball return...wonder why that was canned...

#5449 6 years ago

Good! So long as they don't ask for funds up front.

1 week later
#5629 6 years ago
Quoted from Rob_G:

What I find interesting about Hobbit is that what was shown at Expo last year has changed quite a bit to what the game is now.

New playfield art
Vuk wireforms instead of those 'boxes'
Smaug no longer hidden
Book position moved

What else has changed since Expo?


Should have been a few more changes...

#5743 6 years ago

At least it's about the hobbit and not more of that mud slinging...

#5744 6 years ago

Taking 7 hours to drive and see the Hobbit tomorrow in Allentown...I hope it's a good show. Although at first glance, they don't seem to have all of the big vendors or big modders there...

#5924 6 years ago

Managed to Play it a couple of times at Allentown...some impressions...

... on gameplay during the show (from what I noticed):

Obviously the code is alpha as diverters were not active and neither were the magnets at the rear of the playfield. Flippers could have been a bit stronger (as well as the right VUK) but at least they are adjustable. Right upper flipper....yeah, yeah windlance one timer shot should be cool, but is that it....??? Wish it could make that ramp! Didn't notice the kickback (windlance) working nor the diverter that flips the ball to that ramp <edit- after watching one of the posted videos I noticed both these were working> . Didn't notice the right outlane "ballsaver gadget". Considering these items don't appear to be programmed in the code yet, the game play seemed fine (only played twice though). LOVED THE POPUPS! They changed the whole mood and feel of the game depending how/when they were deployed. Now, if only they were able to make Smaug more interactive...now that would have put it over the top.

...on non-gameplay stuff:

The good: Resolution of cabinet graphics are excellent. Colors on playfield are great. LCD so far is beautiful. Pop ups look great. Sound is off the chart good. Nice Smaug mould. Cabinet decals on LE are different on either side. Game has a nice presence.

The bad: Upper right corner (bagend and waterfalls) feels even more incomplete when seeing it live. While the mini LCD has a few nice touches like when "water" jumps on the screen when the ball goes through the bumpers I still feel it would have been better served located on the apron, so that it doesn't block the views. The application of the backbox stickers didn't seem professional (it also looked like they had one placed on top the other...damage during transport?)

The meh: Like someone else has posted, cabinet decals could have used a little more sheen to set it apart from other games. Needs a backboard decal. Gold pile could have used little more variety in it (i don't think it was just gold coins in the movie). In general adding a few more details would make it much more interesting to look at...

Overall...it's still pretty darned good

#5950 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Probably too late for them to adjust, but I agree with you. Right now it is a bit wonky. Hell, if they wanted they could put the gold pile (where the mountain was) so that it looks like an empty gold pile, and then Smaug can come out (by turning around). That is at least true to the movie. And when Bilbo went into the mountain he just saw piles of gold anyway (no dragon initally). Would be a rather easy thing for JJP to do, all the pieces are already there. Also, gets in more in line with the original design concept.

Seems like a good idea...I wonder if they thought about it...

#5952 6 years ago

JJP machines should be the least modded ones out there.

#5955 6 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Always room for mods.....WOZ LE was loaded, and 75th gave even more.

Sure, a few small mods can be nice. But unlike TH, WOZ wasn't screaming for a mod.

I thought JJP was the Cadillac of pinball machines. So unless you are a pimp, you shouldn't feel the need to mod your Cadillac.

#5960 6 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

Pin mods are not just for "fixing" design issues. They also help owners to personalize their machines - something a bit different from what comes off the assembly line.

I understand that, each of my machines has something modded. Some don't really need it (like RS) and some do (like AC/DC).

#5993 6 years ago

Hey KISS gets a backboard Decal! Why not Hobbit??

#5999 6 years ago

I hope the backboard decal is one of the little surprises that he adds in once he gets production rolling (well that and maybe some other mod to that area)... kinda like what he did with the crystal ball in WOZ.

#6006 6 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Hey, if there's no backboard decal it's just a mod opportunity. That's the kind of thing the aftermarket excels at, hardly any kind of deal breaker.

Well that would just be another opportunity for Aurich to showcase his talents

It's not a deal breaker, it's just a thing that a high end pin company should probably do...

#6013 6 years ago

Actually it was 6 inch thick plexiglass...

3 weeks later
#6315 5 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

I am thinking that way too, but my concerns are:

1. Several pop ups and roll over targets - so how would the PF protector effect those components
2. Cloudiness of the PF over sustained use.

If it is easy to remove I would likely get it, and if I didn't like it I would just remove it. But I think it is probably a major pain to take it off (or put it on)

If you don't intend to use it again, it is especially easy to remove...just use scissors.

2 weeks later
#6425 5 years ago

Just watched the twitch podcast from the NW gaming show.

Is it just me or was Jack acting like a bit of a high school jerk to that south American guy? I don't care if you come from Jersey, you can still be respectful and polite, or is that an oxymoron?

#6507 5 years ago
Quoted from Asael:

Hmm I never noticed the backboard decal. Is that new?
I like it!

Yes. It is new. I saw that but I thought it was some sort of reflection off the glass. Glad they did it.

Not sure why they put a fire decal in the pop bumper area though...

#6549 5 years ago
Quoted from DrDoom:

And the right barrel bumper is rotated.
Perhaps to better fit with the LCD above...?


Good catch! Hopefully it's so he can put a dwarf back inside the barrel (as it should be)

3 months later
#8618 5 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Also, I think Matt said way back that he has some mod ideas (like WOZ 75th) - so more eye candy can be pilled on if you like.

I hope he can mod some proper background scenery for the pops.

I still say keep that dwarf in the second barrel and move that LCD to the apron.... (yeah, yeah... not going to happen...)

#8619 5 years ago
Quoted from meSz:

Anyone notice that it appears there are two black brackets that hold the apron in place on the outside of the apron instead of the hardware being under the apron?


I believe those are just some sort of light shields...extra lights are always good!

1 week later
#8756 5 years ago

........ ZZZZZZZ..... boring!

No updates? ... I'll even take another "Look! We've got new parts in!" picture update ...

3 months later
#9114 5 years ago

Didn't Jack hint/say during one of his speeches that there was still a surprise to come? Any speculation on this???

1 month later
#9367 5 years ago
Quoted from JoeJet:

No manufacturers have ever done that.
Slingshot plastics and key fob is all you get typically and last Stern I got (Star Trek Pro) didn't even come with a key fob.

no key fob?....what a jip

1 month later
#9531 5 years ago

Hoping for a surprise in there... like a topper.
Did they supply a key fob at least?

2 weeks later
#9552 5 years ago
Quoted from metahugh:

The decals that are standard on the Hobbit are pretty nice print quality wise so I can't see paying the extra $400 for the upgraded decals. You don't have to buy them if you don't want them.
The clear doesn't need to be any thicker, the standard clear on the Hobbit playfields is very nice. It is much nicer than what Stern puts on their fields by far.

I may consider the Radcals if I ever damage the originals...

#9600 5 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

Its here
» YouTube video
at 13 mins 50 seconds
Actually watching it again, i am guessing you have to hit the fire button as soon as the ball drops in? seems like a high risk shot!

The play in this video was plenty fast!

#9620 5 years ago

Anybody from Canada hear when Starburst gets their first shipment?

#9626 5 years ago
Quoted from Hitch9:

i just emailed Jenn at JJP. When we last talked (February 19) she said " I would say that they should have all their machines by late May/early June"
They were rationing out games to all dealers to be fair, so some would come much earlier.
I will report back on any update.


2 weeks later
#9728 5 years ago

Hope some modder makes some stuff for that upper right side... like maybe a hobbit house or cliffs for the whitewater scene or a barrel with hobbit legs that protrude out the top (oh wait, that last one was done...)

3 weeks later
#9794 4 years ago

For the most part game played great out of the box for me (4 days now since first opened). Had one reset issue when ball went into pops. One of the pop ups (Gobliln) registers a hit when initially going up (happens intermittently). Had a couple of balls stuck in traps but ball search popped them out quickly enough...
Game is sweet!

1 week later
#9796 4 years ago
Quoted from goldant:

I have the same issue with my Goblin. It is about 50% of the time he just insta dies.
Also, my windlance up post was missing a piece of rubber and had magnetized itself in the down position since the metal was touching metal. To fix it temporarily I stuck a zip tie through the hole so it breaks contact and the post can move up.
The other issue I'm waiting on a with the factory is my Smaug's mouth motor seems dead. If I use a multimeter I can see the voltages toggle on the brown wire, but can it gets no movement . Smaug is a pita to take apart btw.

Bummer about your Smaug...
I had one his eyes brighter than the other but I fixed that by pulling off the face and readjusting the LEDs inside...easier fix than yours

2 months later
#9840 4 years ago

Installed update 1.31. Nice improvements! I like that mode ball lock added feature.

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