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6 years ago

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#1138 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballHog:

Why do you guys always look for a negative in everything you post. I know everything has not been smooth with JJP, but what in any kind of business is. Jack said Joe's part is done. Some of you guys live to see something fail. Why not enjoy more pinball. If you don't want to buy from JJP that's fine, but stop thinking that every bit of news that comes out of JJP is the end. I want to see everything with pinball succeed. Guys we don't have a lot of options. Let's hope we get some more it will only help the hobby.


Wasn't it just a couple days ago where we saw the photo of a Hobbit playfield with full color art?

Doesn't that mean layout and design are basically established/committed, ie design/Joe Balcer's part is done?

Isn't it already known Lawlor is designing number three and an unnamed designer is doing #4 as I write?

Isn't Joe going to another job within the industry and not dropped to unemployment?

I'm not feeling chicken-little on this at all. Seems pretty explainable.

#1162 5 years ago
Quoted from RobT:

Super poor taste.
Really, this is beyond ridiculous.

Agreed. Cheap, cheap, shot. These mugshot websites are run by scumbags who literally extort money from people to keep their faces out of them. And the victim has no chance to defend himself whatsoever. It's a scam, and unfair totally to Joe who doesn't deserve this.

Mods, please, please, please consider deleting all references to that offensive link, including this one.

Thank you!

3 weeks later
#1274 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

David vrs Goliath, its a no brainer for the marketing machine Simmons has become. It is sad

Not a fan of what Gene Simmons has become.

JPOP, however, is the Real Deal. The artist is more worthy of pinball theme than his subject.

5 months later
#2640 5 years ago

Matt, thanks for the column pics.

Any thoughts on the gold vs red Smaug? From the photos it is hard to tell how much contrast/texture the gold head has. Are their details not showing up, because the colors of red Smaug just look a lot more interesting from the limited pics?

Great work on the new heads and column pieces. Can't wait to see Smaug's teeth/tongue and effects!

#2682 5 years ago

Nicest thing I can say about TH: I don't think it's going to play like anything else before it.

I am really intrigued by its balance of flow and shoot.

#2775 5 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Roger Sharpe playing Smaug Gold.

image.jpg 94 KB

Very cool. Did he offer any thoughts after playing?

#2996 5 years ago

I think this game is going to be truly unique. That means it'll ruffle a few feathers... And I'm perfectly okay with that.

This game is going to be a 21st century EM, and the pinball skills needed to perform on it will be different than the same-old-same-old. That's bound to upset a few traditionalists.

I'm eager to see what Keith can do with those cool popups and target banks coordinated with video screen, and needing to manage a lockdown bar diverter button. Sounds like fun to me.

Have we seen the magnets at work yet?

#3062 5 years ago

Can anyone direct me to the "The Hobbit" thread?

I seem to have stumbled into the "IM vs STLE" thread and can't find my way out.

2 weeks later
#3343 5 years ago

Jack, latest revision looks good. Polished.

Any chance the domes can be different colors corresponding to the plastic upon which they rest? The yellow dome looks fine on the gold pile, but looks a little off against the other scenery in some of the other places it rests. I suppose colored light control that I am not aware of could make this moot.

Really nitpicky with this, I know. But only because nothing stands out as off to me at this point!

I can't wait to HEAR Smaug.

Will you be offering subwoofer upgrades?

#3411 5 years ago

It might sound silly, but I wish the yellow dome plastics were different color depending on location. To me the yellow domes only look good in the gold pile. Otherwise they look a bit off to me.

1 week later
#3540 5 years ago

What kind of Hobbit are YOU getting? LE or SE?

1 month later
#4353 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

More is definitely not always better. It might sound nice in theory, who doesn't want more gameplay? But in practice it's definitely not true.
If I had one complaint about Keefer's games it would be that they can be somewhat overwhelming, in the sense that there's so many things to do, and so much to grind through, that you can decide to walk past the machine because you're just not up for such an epic attempt.
I know a lot of LOTR and TSPP owners who absolutely love their games, don't want to sell them, will tell you how awesome they are, and yet ... they don't actually play them. Because they know that if they step to it they're in for a seriously long and involved game.
Now we don't know how these modes work yet. But Star Trek's 18 are a lesson in how more of the same isn't all that. You need variety, not just numbers.
I'm not down on Hobbit specifically, we don't have even the barest insight into the rules and what that grid means. I'm just saying that in general there gets to be a point where "more modes" doesn't always equal a better game.

I agree. I would just add that too many modes without shot variety is repetitious. Too many different shots without enough modes is pointless. You need a balance between shot variety and number of modes. For me, personally, TSPP, LOTR, and especially WOZ hit the sweet spot. But you are right that there are times when I don't feel like an epic battle. That said, there are LOTS of times when I feel exactly like an epic battle and will pass other simpler (but cleaner) pins.

I'm hoping the large drop target possibilities will translate into a large shot variety. Combined with Keithesque scale modes, will hit the balance between modes and shots nicely.

2 weeks later
#4518 4 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Gold and white with a very slight bluish hue. Anyone who says black is colorblind!

The actual dress IS blue and black, which is why those colors are the correct answer.


#4520 4 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

...except when it comes in white and gold.
Do people waste their time with this stuff so they don't have to think about ISIS?

It doesn't come in white and gold. It does come in bright white (no blue tint) and BLACK, however.

But as the story in the link says, the ACTUAL dress from the original photo was blue and black.

Anyhow, this is about as productive as ISIS hand wringing. And I'm not particularly worried about ISIS as there doesn't seem to be ANY party that is particularly attractive to our interests there anyhow. If it ain't ISIS, it's someone else. Like the war on crime, drugs, illegal immigration, you can't eliminate it, only minimize it. Not a fan of Morsi, Sisi, Abbas, Netanyahu, Assad, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tehran, Jerusalem/Tel Aviv, Baghdad. Besides, it seems to be turning into a Sunni v Shia thing anyway: best we stay out of it when two pit Bulls are going at it... As long as they keep to their own junkyard.

I'd rather talk about pinball and color subjectivity any day.

#4521 4 years ago
Quoted from Rick432:

It doesn't come in white and gold. It does come in bright white (no blue tint) and BLACK, however.
But as the story in the link says, the ACTUAL dress from the original photo was blue and black.
Anyhow, this is about as productive as ISIS hand wringing. And I'm not particularly worried about ISIS as there doesn't seem to be ANY party that is particularly attractive to our interests there anyhow. If it ain't ISIS, it's someone else. Like the war on crime, drugs, illegal immigration, you can't eliminate it, only minimize it. Not a fan of Morsi, Sisi, Abbas, Netanyahu, Assad, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Tehran, Jerusalem/Tel Aviv, Baghdad. Besides, it seems to be turning into a Sunni v Shia thing anyway: best we stay out of it when two pit Bulls are going at it... As long as they keep to their own junkyard.
I'd rather talk about pinball and color subjectivity any day.

Inflammatory? Uh, okaaayyyyyyy. Sorry about that.

#4525 4 years ago
Quoted from John_in_NC:

What kind of accessories would one wear with that dress? LOL. Just about all the threads concerning JJP go way off the tracks. Suppose it's inevitable when we have 2 years plus to discuss before they ever think of shipping.

Just waiting for The Hobbit.
Is that finish Gold or Bronze?

2 weeks later
#4726 4 years ago
Quoted from lodgingdolphin:

Here is a video of a game I played on The Hobbit at the Ohio Pinball Show. The right slingshot wasn't functioning.
» YouTube video

Thanks for the video.

To me, this looks like a lot of fun. Period.

#4740 4 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

It seems there is always a reason "excuse" for every missed date or poor item. There was movie release date blue ray release date it is just a prototype. Why do you do that first crapy playfield art if you are just going to redo it same can be said for Smaug. RadCal seems to have one more reason"excuse"coming down the line


#4813 4 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

No comparison. Jack has a factory, completed and delivered WOZ, and has been in the biz his whole life.

Agree completely. Even BEFORE JJP constructed their first pin, they were waaaay ahead of Skit-B had ever been. At this point, hobbit isn't even Jack's first pin.

Dutch pinball is more comparable, but even DP has, at this point, strongly convinced everyone that they have the license, the facilities, a more realistic pricing scheme, and at least one member of their organization with pinball manufacturing experience. So they're risky still, but NOT Skit-B risky.

JJP is a pretty safe bet at this point.

#4851 4 years ago

16 new posts and NONE of them actually regarding updates on The Hobbit.

Now 17. Sorry.

#4961 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinister:

Just got a call from JJP. My Hobbit is ready to be shipped or picked up Woooo woooo baby the are on the way!!! Since I'm 3 hrs out and its my first machine I opted for delivery but should get it sometime tomorrow afternoon. Congrats for those that ordered. Its been a long wait but I'm sure it's well worth it.

I hate April 1st so much.

1 week later
#5140 4 years ago

Thanks for the vid, Goronic.

I think Hobbit's looking great.

But I would LOVE for:

1) a BOATLOAD of synched speech/dragon head following ball action on this game. Great animatronic action will offset a lot of the critcism over lack of dragon ball shooting/eating/etc. If that dragon is trash talking convincingly, eyes aglow, responding to the action like something off a Disney ride, well that would be impressive.

2) spotlights to be multicolored. Woz had some spectacular light shows, best ever, largely due to colored coordination of all those inserts. Great stuff there. Hobbit not as many inserts, and white only spots wash out color shows. I know this is a response to criticism of underillumination, but colored spots should be able to illuminate and be dramatic at same time. Also, there are some game modes where it SHOULD be kind of dark (I LIKE lights out mode on my woz!).

Just my thoughts.

Looks like a lot of fun.

#5145 4 years ago
Quoted from VolunteerPin:

Well, I've been very excited about the Hobbit for a long, long time. I've kept pretty quiet but I think even this video seems somewhat slow and perhaps even a little boring. I'm keeping my pre-order with the hope that home use set-up and full code completes this and makes it an exciting pin to play. My kids are constantly asking me when the Hobbit pinball is coming and if having the Hobbit gets them to play with me more then I'm all in.

I understand your concern, but I think a lot of the Hobbit's speed will have to do with travel time before the ball encounters an obstacle, which depends A LOT on how frequently those trolls pop up. They increase speed/action significantly when up.

1 week later
#5480 4 years ago
Quoted from sj1000:

Let their be no illusion we are here to help and will relentlessly continue.

Not as ironic as Razorbak's quote and correction, nor as witty, without Google image, but it's "Let THERE be no illusion..." Not "their."

#5538 4 years ago
Quoted from sj1000:

...Even if childish bloggers call me an idiot or a troll.

Do I have to choose just one?

#5634 4 years ago
Quoted from Euchrid:

Everybody keeps saying that. But, I'm NOT fine with it. When I put the money down, it was supposed to be done summer 2014. Here we are almost a year later. Sure, they lost time redoing stuff, but that was as a result of what they showed in October 2014 - 3 months or so after it should have already been done according to original projections. If they had been on track we would have seen the game in March 2014 and made the same recommendations that we did, and then the game should have been delayed to say December 2014.
I've been a supporter and pre-orderer, but this is not acceptable. Blah, blah, blah, take as long as you want if you're improving it, blah, blah, blah. No, bull crap. This is no longer your first game. Hire more people or whatever you need to do to get it done relatively on time, plan ahead better. Small delays are fine, but 12 months, really (and we are probably still 3 or more months out from getting anything)? This may seem cliche, but I'm gonna die some day - how much of that limited time I've got do I want to spend waiting to receive the things I enjoy instead of actually using them? I could have spent my time/money buying and playing other things. But no, I've wasted a year of pinball time/money on broken promises waiting for a game that is a year old and we still haven't been shown any pics of JJPs ability to start production any time soon. We saw line pics and cab pics and part pics for WOZ. Why not TH? The reasonable takeaway from that is that they can't show us those pics because they aren't even there yet.
It's frustrating and I'm sick of hearing folks say, "take your time, JJP." Screw that, I'm getting older by the day. My kids are growing up, I should have been playing this game with my son six months ago! I've lost that time, I can't get it back. JJP, you represented TH would ship in the summer of 2014 - get the damn game to me. Now.

What you say is not without merit.

I'm personally still inclined to give them the time needed to make the game as good as possible, as long as I remain convinced this is a legitimate business (it is), and JJP is making efforts to improve the game (they are). I have seen to many games that are too similar to one another at this point. I want something DIFFERENT, and am very, very, willing to wait (not indefinitely) for that experience.

That said, I am sympathetic and understand your frustration. A few weeks longer for a pin that might be a permanent collection-keeper is worth it.

1 week later
#5826 4 years ago

Put me down for an Ilvjr topper, too if they ever get made!

#5863 4 years ago

So, I guess I'm in the minority here when I state I think the slingshot axes are neat... as long as they are reliable and don't break. But anything that adds to the mechanical show that makes pinball special is welcomed.

I don't think they would save a bad game, but I think they're fun and certainly consistent with theme without requiring any significant reengineering, just due to how slings work.

And, yeah, it's looking good overall!

But no surprises here.

1 month later
#6535 4 years ago

SE for me.
I also plan on getting a dedicated subwoofer for this pin (I don't have one for any other pin, but upgraded the ACDC in-cabinet sub), tuned to maximize the rumble of Smaug's voice.

Basically, like cowbell, the more Smaug, the better!

1 week later
#6739 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Better off getting a tesla. It's faster . It also won't fall apart after a year or have regular electrical fires after a year Like everything that comes out of Chrysler.

Upvoted because my brother just got a Tesla and I had a chance to drive it.

Whoa. Like nothing else. Test drive one if you get the chance!

1 week later
#6882 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

That made absolutely no sense. You also obviously have no sense of humor.
And btw Star Trek sucks
» YouTube video

Star Trek is awesome. I hope JJP lands the next ST license, in fact.


Oh, and, in order to stay on topic and not invite the wrath of certain unnamed entities, uh... so, any news about the Hobbit sticker on the top edge of the backbox?

There. That should do it.

#7089 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

It certainty could be. As much as I love GOT I just don't feel right now that it will have the same level of detail as The Hobbit does in terms of audio / video assets and rules. I hope I'm wrong. Some other points.
1. The team working on TH. Keith Johnson, Ted Estes, David Thiel and JP. These guys are going to bring everything alive on the Hobbit playfield in a big way.
2. 34 custom tracks recorded by Two Steps From Hell.
3. 2 voice actors doing custom call outs and maybe a third
4. Theme integration in TH is amazing. Game uses video and audio assets from all 3 films.
5. Mission based ruleset with 34 modes. Is that a record? lol
6. Keith Johnson and Ted Estes are on the code.
7. 27" LCD plus smaller LCD on the playfield.
8. Code support will be great. Just look at WOZ's code support
9. User interaction. The "ring" button controls multiple items on the game including the user controlled kickback, ramp divertor and the subway
How GOT could be a big risk to The Hobbit in my opinion
1. Mission based ruleset that pulls from events across all seasons.
2. Stern's first game with an LCD display in the backbox
3. Uses voice audio from the show. Stern cannot afford to pull a Walking Dead with GOT (if they do make it) and not include the original voice actors in the game.
4. Stern hires one of the GOT cast members to do custom call-outs (Peter Dinklage did do voice work for the video game Destiny so he might me up for a GOT pinball machine)
5. Some cool interactive toys. Example: a motorized magnet that picks up the ball and brings it to a mini playfield representing "The Wall". Steve Ritchie makes some crazy fast and awesome games. However, I think a GOT pin would benefit from less flow (still plays at a good pace) and some cool interactive toys.

Will GOT have a backbox LCD? Or is that conjecture?

#7112 4 years ago
Quoted from hillbilly:

They currently are not set up to do both in my opinion. I believe that JJP will need to increase production. Being in manufacturing for over 25 years, I would say this means adding shifts of production to meet demand. I don't believe they can support production of 800 WOZ games, 1600 TH pre-orders, and JJP 3rd game without doing so. Additionally, it is evident that JJP is out of the pre-order business with the launch of their 3rd pin. To me this means they either have enough capital or equity to manufacture games without using the pre-order cashflow. A good sign for JJP and all who believe the competition will be great for all us pinheads.

I agree with this. I also think that with each new pin produced, JJP will get better at manufacturing a more sophisticated product. They are ascending the learning curve, and will be formidable by JJP #4. The graduation from the early preorder model suggests they will survive long enough to reach efficient manufacturing experience.

I also think that JJP was/is wise to prioritize innovation burdened by challenging builds, over formulaic design supported by more simple manufacturing. Jack said as much during today's presentation when he said with every pin he wanted to do something that hadn't been done before. In other words, he is NOT going to try to out-Stern Stern. JJP needs to play its own game, so to speak. Unfortunately, that means long manufacturing times, especially when they're still low on the learning curve. Nice to hear that they sound VERY solvent, and should only get better from here on out, as long as they stick to that same innovative, challenging, design principle.

#7134 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Did Jack say anything about production starting? Or when it will start?

Late August/early September 2015.

#7167 4 years ago
Quoted from MrDo:

Well "I KNOW" your Paydex rating DROPPED again on the 5th. A terrible sign for a company as healthy as you claim.
Props for ditching the Pre-pay model though!

Could you update that paydex screen shot in exactly ten weeks? Put it in your cell phone calendar so you don't forget!

I think that will tell us just about everything, more so than this snapshot.

#7187 4 years ago
Quoted from MrDo:

Oh, it's much simpler than all that, silly goose. Just ask for updates on companies that you're interested in. Email updates just arrive when there is a change in status.

I could only see where dun & bradstreet would release the info if I subscribe at $100+. If you have a free source that I could access, I'd appreciate the info.

So what is JJP's actual paydex SCORE? Because, silly rabbit, that is much more relevant than a Paydex score drop of unknown amount like that you cite, which is apparently TRIVIAL enough that it resulted in NO CHANGE to their:
-"Delinquency Predictor Class;"
-"Financial Stress Class;"
-"Supplier Evaluation Rating;"
-"D&B Rating."
based on your screenshot jpg.

So this could entirely be consistent with a score drop from, say 84 to 83, which is a very good score consistent with a stable company. Whatever the value of the drop you cite, it made NO DIFFERENCE on their "delinquency predictor" or anything else. Like when stock drops from $100/share to $99.99/share: virtually meaningless.

Easy way to solve this: just tell us what the Paydex score is. According to Dun & Bradstreet, anything greater than 80 means a company that pays its debts "promptly."

So don't keep us in suspense: what's the ACTUAL Paydex score?

While you're at it, how about getting us D&B's Viability Rating, Commercial Credit Score, and Financial Stress Score?

And remember, silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.

#7219 4 years ago
Quoted from Razorbak86:

According to previous posts on another thread, this is the D&B report from June 9th, when the PAYDEX was rated "Poor"...
The PAYDEX subsequently declined on June 14th...
And then again on June 27th...
Source: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/jack-guarnieri-nw-pinball-talking-points

Thank you for the information. I had not had access to it, and there are too many threads for me to read them all!

1 week later
#7412 4 years ago

Wow! For a pinball that is never going to be made (/s), them's sure is a lot o' parts!

#7415 4 years ago
Quoted from DougPiranha:

It's all photoshop tricks.
Never going to happen.

That is some GOOOOD C.G.I.!
JJP=Jersey Jack Pixar!


#7425 4 years ago

Oh, there are many, many, MANY, more than mere BOXES of trolls around here...

#7439 4 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Are PF's routed out before or after the ink/clear?
I never thought of that before but here I see some with holes & some without.

yeah, I was surprised to see that too. Even inserts are in, including L O C K rollovers, before routing complete. Surprising.

#7472 4 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Ouch. End of Sept, not for the open day this month then? I'm getting impatient......

Yeah, that's a punch to the gut.

1 week later
#7582 4 years ago
Quoted from jadziedzic:

Today's Mister Pinball Classifieds contained an ad from an "authorized distributor" stating Hobbit production would start on 10/31.

Sigh. And the hits just keep on coming.

But for the record, this is hardly an official announcement. Open house is coming up soon, so looking forward to updates at that point.

1 week later
#7900 4 years ago

One year and 7900 posts.

And all I've learned regarding The Hobbit is that translights are now available.

Except they're not, actually. JJP has them listed as sold out currently.

#7912 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

You guys were so busy arguing about dicks, you missed the most important thing in this thread.

You got a Veyron!?!?!?!

Read my mind exactly, WM.

I guess we all can't afford Koenigsegg Trevitas.

#7931 4 years ago
Quoted from Wolfmarsh:

You got a Trevita!?!?!?!
Like George Costanza, I think it moved....

I don't have one.

But my alter ego, Art Vandelay, the famous architect, has one.

#8067 4 years ago

I love JJPs platform and design philosophy. I think the Hobbit looks very promising.

But pinball is such an expensive toy, that if GoT gets announced before TH arrives, it would be stupid for me not to consider cancelling my Hobbit order and shifting the funds towards GoT, which has a similar theme.

Now, it is unlikely I'll do that, if anyone cares, if there is still no Stern color display. And I think the individually controlled drops sound like a lot of fun. But I won't rule out the possibility that GoT won't have some innovation that trumps all that. And I can't be the only one in that boat.

That said, I think it would be a fatal error for jjp to rush hobbit out at this point half baked. Jjp only has the sales maintained at this point because of the perception that they're simply better in software, features, display, and quality. Anything that alters that would be more damaging than the delays. But having Sterns release overlap with their release with such similar themes isn't great news for jjp, obviously.

1 week later
#8282 4 years ago

Joe, any idea what's the final count on SEs to be produced?

#8323 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

GOT pics released! Rest easy JJP, The Hobbit looks far better and easily offers the better value.

Maybe. In as much as there is still no Stern LCD, then yes. Also not widebody, but then again, miniplayfields increase playable real estate vs typical standard bodies.

One has to see gameplay first before judging too much.

But "rest easy"? No, never. Pretty cutthroat out there.

#8325 4 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

Interesting to see the influence (hesitate to use the word plagiarism) of TH on the pro with regards to the ramps. Knowing this has been blatantly copied cheapens it slightly, was hoping to see something more unique. Not blown away with either to be honest.

"Plagiarism" unfortunately is to what one becomes vulnerable when their product becomes delayed after being displayed. One of Stern's strengths is rapid development and production times, which allows it to respond to other designs before production. That limits their innovation however. LCD alone involves many resources integrating video assets into insert illuminations and gameplay. Stern is not burdened by this.

So they engage in giving greater quantity of traditional tech rather than greater quality in newer tech, basically. With much faster production. Pick your poison...

1 week later
#8463 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

They never seriously intended to. I mean, not even throwing shade at Jack here, but let's be real, it was never, ever, going to happen. The playfield art changes were a nice excuse and all, but come one. Last we heard they hadn't even found the voice actors yet.
This game has a crapload of work put into it, and it's taken a long time to make. I think they should just be honest with people and say that. My feeling is that the hardcore JJP supporters (i.e. those who pre-ordered even after WOZ was a little rocky to get out the door, to be kind) would be totally cool with that.

As a TH preorder, I was expecting a long wait. Admittedly, not quite THIS long, but pretty long. I console myself with the fact that I think a lot of the delay is genuinely going to making a good game. And separately, that most of the rest of the delay is genuinely going to make JJP a viable company (and hence enabling JJP#3, the Lawlor!).

I also console myself when I see other pins that have come out while awaiting TH which, while fun and good at what they do, seem largely to be more of the same. So even if Jack comes right out and says, "look, for what we had in mind, perhaps the initial timetable just wasn't realistic," well, I guess my response (as you correctly predicted), would be, "Duh. Already knew this was a possibility." Really, at this point, what's a little more delay, as long as JJP is solvent and it appears the pin will definitely be made (and that's obviously the case)? Just as long as the final product is something truly different and fun.

#8589 4 years ago
Quoted from beardorew:

Got to play at Pintastic – there is a diverter on the habitrail right next to the Fili target that kicks the ball over to the left wireform and down into the outlane and the post blocks it from draining so it can kickback. Cool way to make the kickback have multiple uses.

Picking nits here, because I love how this pin is turning out, but JJP missed an opportunity to turn that left wireform diverter into another axe shape (but this one actually functional!).

Just a funny thought for a future mod...

#8591 4 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Speaking as someone who ripped on the first playfield design I think the new one is beautiful, and an example of how "photoshop art" can still look great when you put effort into it.
JP took the drab design and punched it way up, the colors pop, there's a ton of detail, and he fixed all sorts of minor issues. Amongst them being a repeat of elements that were cloned instead of being different (like the frames around the trap doors). That's one thing that bugs me about GOT, the bad cloned coin pile clip art.
The jury is still out for gameplay. I've only seen the Expo version in person, and it was less than impressive. They've had a ton more time to work on it, so looking forward to what they've improved since then.

I really like how the new playfield has three distinct color "zones:" the undercity green near the main flippers, the enraged Smaug fire-red at the midfield, then the cold & eerie high-altitude spectral-fog blues.

I guess there's a little more color zoning with the green of Bag End then the rapid river blue above it, but it's not on the main stage.

Anyway, the variety is tremendous.

#8747 4 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

This got me thinking about all the stuff thawing out in the Russian permafrost due to climate change. Wouldn't it be neat if scientists stumbled across a very early pinball machine recently de-frozen that a Neanderthal used? Not really a modern pin but really, really old one - one without flippers?

I'll have what he's drinking.

1 week later
#8773 4 years ago

It's a laminated sticker.

I don't think the glare will be blinding.

3 months later
#9077 4 years ago


That's all.
Just "Sigh."

1 week later
#9137 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

If this is true, this preorder is getting even more tedious. I'm tired of having my £6000 tied up for the last 3 years!
Not going to give it up so close to the finish but DAMN JJP! please get this game out the door!

Not me either, mate! My preorder ain't going ANYWHERE! I'll outlast you, Jack! You hear?!?!
(/fist waving angrily at the sky)

I'm not cancelling! I'm not budging! I WANT MY HOBBIT!
I can wait this out, EASILY.

I'm a fricking pinball camel, Jack! My order stays on the books!

#9172 4 years ago

Ambitious pin.
New company.
Tight economy.

I'm impatient, but not surprised.

At this point, however, nothing will quiet down the din until actual pins are shipping.

But JJP can't afford another LED lighting debacle, and I don't want to deal with one as a purchaser, so testing, testing, and more testing, is also not surprising.

The only thing I would find more frustrating than more delays would be a poor quality build/design.

So it is what it is. It'll be here soon enough.

#9207 4 years ago

Not a powdercoater by any means, so no expert opinion here, but wouldn't powdercoating the ramps accelerate the degradation and smoothness of the balls? And wouldn't those damaged balls then possibly be more damaging to the rest of the playfield?

1 month later
#9387 3 years ago
Quoted from FalconPunch:

So has anyone got their hobbit shipped yet for home use? Or is it just dealers and people that own barcades?

I haven't. I think I'm a pretty early orderer (SE #31), but haven't gotten a call/email.

And I'm all right with that. I kind of consider on-location purchasers as private field testers. I'm okay with waiting a bit longer for any trouble spots to be buffed and for manufacturing technique to become more experienced assembling this specific title at the factory.

It'll be here soon enough. Not sweating it. The anticipation alone is fun in a way (though that has limits ).

#9477 3 years ago

I think the concerns for the "slow" progress of the code can be addressed by taking into account the fact that the basic operating system is still being tweaked as this is only the second machine. Furthermore, JJP machines are very, very, multimedia intensive, so I suspect that it involves more to tweak/adjust the rules and coordinate the light/sound/video/smaughead show with those "tweaks."

Look at WOZ code. The latest version wasn't just tweaking points. There were real changes to the light show/sound cues/video cues that coordinated with teaching/leading the player towards proper game strategy.

Given Keith's history of working and reworking the code, and the word that, what, only 10% of Smaug speech is done (can I get a confirm... I can't remember the exact number floated around), I have NO doubt it gets much better and better. Then better still.

3 weeks later
#9583 3 years ago

Mine is shipping via R&L. Thursday NJ -> Philly. Friday Philly -> Ohio -> South Bend, IN. Awaiting the call hopefully Monday for delivery.

These last few days of waiting are the hardest part!!!!!!!!

SE#31 almost here...

#9666 3 years ago
Quoted from lowepg:

Who said there was anything "wrong"?
I simply said "new money > old money" , and I stand by it. It was true for WoZ, it'll be true now.


#9675 3 years ago

Okay finally got my Smaug31 in yesterday. Unpacked, dialed in today.

Beautiful, beautiful machine. Stunning.

It is fun and overwhelming. Lots of info, in a very good way. Experiences with this platform just do NOT compare to other platforms.

I can't think of ANY pinball EVER that integrates the cinematic resources so well as this one.

Look forward to exploring it further.

2 months later
#9816 3 years ago
Quoted from hillbilly:

Just got mine as well. I can't stop playing it! I've had zero issues with this machine through gameplay. No balls getting stuck in vuk or pop ups, no ball jumping over ring lance, no weak flippers, no floaty play. This game kicks ass.

What's your playfield angle set at?

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