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Hobbit Update

By B9

5 years ago

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#74 5 years ago

I like what i see, dont get me wrong. Specially the use of the screen, slowly going how i imagined.

But if this is all they got now..... This pin will never be out this year. Now.... Its highly likely that they are far more progressed then just a whitewood.

But that would make this update very mediocre.

I think and hope they are more towards the end product then they show us. But if they are not, the hobbit is gonne be late.

1 week later
#170 5 years ago

Thaught about the playfield. I think it looks very promising so far. Only critic i read some worry that both upper flippers dont have specific targets.

But maybe they are not always active.

Maybe you have to pass a mode to make them active. Or they only work when troll like toys come up and block targets for the lower flippers.

This would mean the both upper flippers are going from not needed to a very important feature you got to use if you want to progress.

Not sure, but i think that could work. Make the player upperflipper hungry by not making them active all the time.

#173 5 years ago
Quoted from dendoc:

Problem is if lower flipper become inactive, instant drain time! But nice thought

Haha, .

Off course lower flippers should always stay active.

4 weeks later
#242 5 years ago

Good suggestion, 1k on top of the price...


3 weeks later
#316 5 years ago

You have to lock a ball, that ball is the arcenstone. Then tou need to release the ball by using the spear canon to shoot the head and the stomach of the dragon.

If you succeed you have a two ball mutliball to defeat the dragon, orcs will pop up, the dragon will barc fire balls....

It will be amazing!

#358 5 years ago

About the whitewood, and playfield.

When they make it, they have to send it to the hobbit right owners, and they have to aprove everything whats on.

When they dont, or some things needs adjustment, this takes time. And when thats ready, it has to be approved again.

And again, if needed. So, this takes time too.

When will it ship? I think and hope the first batch will be build around de movie premier. But dont think moren then 25 will see their owner this year.

But ok, movie out december 2014, pin in your house in summer 2015 aint bad, is it?

I wish i had the money, my confidence in this pin is huge. (Off course i wish for peace for all first)

1 week later
#430 5 years ago

This hobbit pin is gonne blow everybody away i think.

I hope it does and somehow in the future i can afford one. I simply cant wait to see it in full.

#467 5 years ago

When a store ordered 25 woz pins before you. And he only sold 15 so far, you cant blame jjp.

He ordered his 25 for yours, so off course jjp will ship them all to him and then its your turn.

( not saying this happened, but it is possible. Still annoying for you, but not a mistake by anyone. Perhaps that the store did not measure his own sells well enough. But that is not jjps fault)

1 week later
#729 5 years ago

100k for 10 minuts is just embarrassing.

But, there is still hope Smaug will scream out loud MULTIBALL in the 3rd movie.

You never know, .

#830 5 years ago

Its a alot of money to spend not knowing what the game will have.

#921 5 years ago

Fish tales u ramp. Mm trolls. Lotr rails.

1 month later
#1276 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Jack said that the full playfield art was available on his tablet for those at the show who were interested.
Should not take long till the full playfield art will be made public.


Just a suggestion, lol.

#1289 5 years ago

We dont know that yet. Maybe gandalf shows up, with an army of glibbits.

3 months later
#1761 5 years ago

I hope they wont be up all the time. Would like them to only see for a few seconds, and not to often.

Not like on mm where they come out and you have to shoot them 3 times a piece. I hate that from MM.

Non main toys and mini play fields should be used very rare. And short periods. So it stays exciting instead of annoying.

4 weeks later
#2199 5 years ago

In 20 minuts? (Getting late here, home of tbl, lol)

1 month later
#2909 4 years ago

I think it wil be a fun pin. But smaug is a very big dissapointment. It does nothing but move with his mouth and turns a bit.

And when i ask myself, what is the most fun shot in this game. I cant find any. There is not one killer shot which is really satisfying.

Plus, left and right side have on about the same shots.

Like i said, a fun pin. But 8k euro.....


#2994 4 years ago

If they really listen to the community why not ask for ideas and suggestions for lay out, toys, shots, mechanics, ball interactions, etcetc, when you are working on the white wood?

Dp did it and we may never know if or which community ideas went in the game, but it can only be a positive to get free ideas from fans. And you involve your costumers more and that keeps them committed.

Would also prevent expo rage like we had last time.

#3122 4 years ago

But it looks like the mouth is not be able to move when talking. Looks like one piece.

Or is the buttom jaw not included in these pics?

#3125 4 years ago

Ah, ok.


3 weeks later
#3462 4 years ago

Looks great, but that Smaug area will always keep on itching. Could be so much better.

Ah well, its not, hope it will turn out awesome.

1 month later
#3949 4 years ago

I like millions more because of the sound and call outs are better.

Some circus bloke screaming 100 million!

Or some guy, hey, you just won 10 points.

I like the first one way more.

2 months later
#4702 4 years ago

Not sure about the lay out. There is so few to give the ball crazy behaviour.

And cant get passed by that not doing anything Smaug. Still cant wait to see the final result.

1 week later
#4981 4 years ago

But i have a feeling production start aint far away anymore.

1 week later
#5139 4 years ago

Looks great, lacks interesting and challenging shots.

#5147 4 years ago

True. But that one is fast and the main toy interacts with the ball. That is just more fun i am afraid.

But if smaug was some sort of epic next gen bash toy hidden behind some drops, and his tail sometimes blocked the ramps, or something like that.

I think i would rank it number one all time. Even with the dissapointing bags end area.

But now... Still have to wait off course, but i lost excitement for it.

#5150 4 years ago

Fast and good flow does not mean you have short ball times.

It does mean the ball is wild and the gameplay will grap you and make you feel challenged.

#5230 4 years ago

When you look at the lcd in some of the videos. Its hard to still deny pinball from now on needs a well used lcd screen.

It is just awesome!

#5241 4 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

I agree it does look awesome! Although, there is just so much going on (on the screen) that I rarely ever looked up at the lcd while actually playing. You can't just quickly glance up there and pick out what you need (or want) to find out. But it's fun to look at while you're waiting for your turn!
The video graphics and sound are much better than WOZ in my opinion. The lights and toys on the playfield are less, however. Trade-offs.

I think when you play this game alot, you will learn to look with a half eye and know exactly whats going on.

Just see it like a HUB in a game, a shooter for example.

When you start with a a game, you are not used to all that info on screen. No idea what it all means. And all seems a bit to much.

Until you start to learn the game and appreciate all the info you will notice and use even in chaotic combat events.

Dont worry, i think after a while you dont want anything else.

#5335 4 years ago

It would have been nice when the upper flipper had his own shots. But maybe when 'trolls' are up, some targets cant be reached with the normal flippers.

Then you will need that upper flipper.


Dont think i agree with the enourmous amount of shots. I agree the drops will give challenging shots, time and time again.

But then.... Thats it. 2 identical ramps, next to each other. Then a newton ball in the middle. Those 3 shots are on about the same shot. From either flipper.

Left part is only drops. 1 vuk shot and thats it. With a standard loopshot on the side.

Right part. No drops, instead we get a hole into the pops. Again the same vuk shot. And the same standard loopshot on the side.

Every shot is easely made, with almost no risc when missing.

Middle part, both sides the same again. We have trolls, which are standing in front of other shots, like the ramps. So again, all 4 troll shots we already have.

Only the drops, if coded well which i think they will, will be challenging and satisfying shots.

I still think this will be of of the best pins ever, due to the whole package. But lay out wise it could have been so much better. This lay out lacks fantasy for a theme like The Hobbit.

1 week later
#5701 4 years ago

Not really understand that anti china sentiment.

They stepped up massively. They have good and bad supliers, just like in the rest of the world.

#5832 4 years ago

Game looks stunning.

#5864 4 years ago

I like everything i see, really do. I love it.

But.... I cant get passed by the shot lay out. Still a bit of a gamebreaker for me. A bit gutted about it too. This should have been my holy grail pin. It is close.... But not THE one i will sell all i have cause i must have it.

But JJP will make me one sooner or later. Cause the quality, looks, sounds and just the whole package is next gen pin, and i am just stunned how it looks. Its a beauty.

1 month later
#6818 4 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

What's the Hobbit update?


Funny, edited by moderator.

#6824 4 years ago

Lol, i got downvoted cause i gave a troll an auto-eject link.

How sad.

1 week later
#7024 4 years ago

I think the flow of this game will be awesome.

Cant wait.

1 week later
#7347 4 years ago

If you like the theme and lay out on the hobbit you will love this pin, i am pretty sure about that.

I like everything but the layout. Way to simplistic for me. Both sides same shots, and Smaug doing nothing, cant get passed that to be a buyer in the future. A bit gutted about it, cause this should have been my dreampin.

#7355 4 years ago
Quoted from dgpinball:

I wouldn't give up on it yet, sometimes repeated play on a machine that initially didn't like will change your mind, pinball to me is one of those rare exceptions to the "you can't undo a first impression" rule. I didn't care at all for CFTBL or The Shadow when they came out, now a couple of my favorite games.

That is true, but..... I am viewing from a different position as you.

You have 97 pins.

I have trouble to feed myself atm. A NIB is a dream to me, but one day i will buy 1. And if i do, every aspect of the game has to be perfect to my liking.

Everything is perfect but one shot is a bit lame? Wont buy it... Cant take the risc. And honoustly, for 6k euro or more, i think that aint unfair. I never had a car costing that much money, lol.

But if you can buy multiple pins, i understand you will buy a pin faster even it has little stuff you dont like. Just like videogames.

I am not in that position. First i wanted to say, i am sadly not in that position. But i live in peace in have a house and enough food to survive.

I think i am doing not all to bad . But even i have dreams....

3 months later
#8954 4 years ago

Preordered 8 pins...

Haha .

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