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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#3287 5 years ago

Last week I found a lotr to play. Personally I thought the machine itself was pretty bad. it was beat up and needed a lot of TLC. It was my first time playing and a lot of the shots were all the same over and over. The ball would get stuck in several different places but what made me keep dropping my coins in this thing was the story line and trying to advance. Now when I look at the Hobbit I am thinking it could possibly play out the same way. where you get a lot of the same shots but I am seeing with all the mods and the story line this game is going to be above fantastic. And with all the new updates I think this machine is going to ROCK!

1 week later
#3317 5 years ago

So I went to the event tonight, played TH, and had a great conversation with Jack. Personally I think this game has come along way. It is definitely not finished by any means. I noticed smaug has no teeth and eyes do not light up yet, not a big deal to me since I know its on the way. I wanted to play as much as possible but since I have mine on order I wanted to let some others get a chance. The game is a challenge and not as easy as I expected. The codes are not all finished so it takes away from the game play and I didn't want to feel disappointed by playing an unfinished product. But I can tell you this, even from what I did play, there was no disappointment! The new play field looks fantastic. Kudos' to Jack and his team. I am impressed. I am not a big fan of drop targets but after a few games I got a good thrill out of hitting those drops & pops. Jack is working hard on a few other Ideas and I was pretty pleased to hear what some of them were. I actually got that WOW factor feeling going. All I will say is that If you were in and now your out, well...... You will probably want to be in again. This is going to be a really intense game.

#3368 5 years ago

Just got back from 9 Hours of HOBBIT, The Movie was awesome but wow 9 hours, I just want my game NOW!

1215142152.jpg 1215142152a.jpg
#3371 5 years ago

Dont want to spoil it for ya, You have to go see it. But it is Pretty darn good. BTW anyone who says Smaug has a small part is fooling themselves. He was in every movie and the entire story is about taking the Mountain back from him. I found it entertaining that there were people stating that the SE edition had to much Smaug when he only had a 15 minute part in the movie. Dont remember who that was that said it but I have to assume you didnt see 1 of the last 2 movies. The entire story line is based on Smaug taking the mountain and then the Dwarves stealing it back.

#3372 5 years ago

Standard in 3D

#3375 5 years ago

I tought it was a great movie. I love the 3D Then again I love everything in 3D thats why I got a 3D tv.lol

#3414 5 years ago

Everyone has their oppinion on this game but If you think it's bad just by looking at it then shame on you. I played the game with the lastest upgrades and had a blast. Wanted to hog the machine but the line was to long. It will only get better since it is not yet a finished product. There is more to come as JJP had told me. He did what he could to please everyone but with the licensing, He had his hands tied behind his back. All the things you guys talk about that you dont like and would like to see, he addressed as best he could but his hands were tied behind his back and you could see the frustration when he spoke about the licensing issues. Give Jack a break. I think him and the team are doing a great job considering all the issues they ran into. As I said to him you can't possibly please the entire world there will always be someone trying to knock you down. The game I thought was a great play and it is not even complete. And if you dont like the game no one is forcing you to buy it. You could always go out and start building your own pins as well. We all have different opinions and it's great to hear everyone but considering what Jack has accomplished In the trade compared to other companies that have been around for decades, I think Jack should get a standing ovation for his accomplishments. JMO

#3438 5 years ago

Maybe, Just maybe, that is why they did a photo shoot????

#3495 5 years ago

Bag end is not finished, Smaug is not finished, left side wires not finished, code is definitly not finished. When jack says no more changes I think what he meant is that the machine is not completed as planned but there will be no more changes for what he has planned.. It does not mean the proto type is finished. Do not dissappoint yourself by assuming or speculation. I am sure when this game is complete we will all still be in the WoW factor.

#3502 5 years ago

I never said there were a lot of changes, I just listed the things I know that are not finished / completed. . You can not go by a list when the product label states " Subject to change " I know for a fact The things I stated were not finished or I would not have mentioned them. I have an investement in this game. I do my research. But ththen again it only matters to the one's who have invested. There is a difference between " Change " & " Finished "

#3557 5 years ago

Would like to wish all you Pinsiders a happy and wonderful holiday!

2 weeks later
#3685 5 years ago

From EA in London, Some good pics and a little more info.


#3697 5 years ago

I spoke to Jack at Automated and he had told me that they could not release anything from the 3rd movie until it was out on DVD. He told me that would be 2-3 months after the movie was released. That is most likely why all we are seeing is the Prototype without the updates. For all we know TH could be in production as we speak. The finished version just can't been seen until the Movie is released on DVD.

As far as the Thick Glossy art work, I think im sticking to the Original as I really do not want a mirror on the side of my machine.

#3909 5 years ago

Ok for all you people arguing over drop targets: #1 A Drop target is still a Drop taget no matter how you look at it. It goes UP, and it goes DOWN. It's been doing that since the creation of pinball. I don't think a lot of people care if it goes up or down on it's own. It does make it a little more of a challenge but it's not a big game changer. It still looks like a drop target. #2 If you dont like the drop targets then stop bashing JJP and just don't buy the game. it's that simple. I'm not a fan of a thousand drop targets but I played the game at Automated and I loved it. I had no problem with the ramps or the flow and had a blast with the bash toys (PoP up's) and this was even without the updated codes. JJP is a great start up company. There were mistakes made with WOZ and he even stated most mistakes were corrected. Every Pinball machine is different so every machine will have it's own Mistakes or ups and downs. no one is perfect but from what I can see Jack tries to appease everyone that has a stake in the company and games that he is building. I am sure over time he will get the buisness end of things perfected. ie. release dates and such. The game is great and if your in it then be patient because I have faith it will only get better. If your not in it then I'ts simple STFU..........Ok carry on.

#3920 5 years ago
Quoted from luckymoey:

I'm in and am willing to take the chance it will be a great game. But I sure don't want everyone else to STFU. Pinside would be pretty boring if you had to own the game to comment. Just think of the ignore button as the STFU botton.

Lucky I do agree. It wasnt really meant to STFU it was meant as a move on to the subject heading. We are looking for updates are we not? My Pin is paid for, I want to play as much as everyone here but im willing to wait so that JJP gets it right. How ever I would also like updates every know and then since the 3rd movie has been released and there should be no secrets anymore.

1 week later
#4037 5 years ago

It's a decal of the image that is over the door way of the mountain when they first walk inside. If you watch the second movie you will see it when they enter the mountain. I believe it is the mountain itself.

#4071 5 years ago

Im curious as to who is up first to thiers shipped on Pinside.

#4090 4 years ago

I agree with the 2cd LCD being out of place. #1 it needs a make over, #2 it just doesnt fit right in that upper corner plus when playing the game at automated I needed my glasses to see anything at all on the screen. I also thought we would see more from Bag end, A hobbit hut with a door to the barrel bumpers would have been nice. Not sure if anything will change at this stage of the game.

#4125 4 years ago

It sounds to me that he is just waiting on an order for final parts so they can start production. If thats the case , I am very happy. At this point I just want to know when I will get my machine, Its been a cold and boring winter.

#4234 4 years ago

I feel the same way about Bag End, Im a little bumed out and expected more from that area. I guess we will see how it plays out with the code.

1 week later
#4427 4 years ago

I was hoping to get my Hobbit in December to keep me occupied during this long deep freeze winter we are having here up in NY. Unfortunitly I find my self sitting here scratching my head infront of a computer looking for more info on when this thing will be getting shipped.

1 week later
#4457 4 years ago

I am sure things are moving along very smoothly for JJP. I believe IMHO he is waiting for either the release party in PA that was delayed because of weather, or he is waiting for the release of the DVD to come out in April. Personally I think he was delayed on releasing any info due to the weather since TH was the main reason fort the release party. Why spoil all the fun. I am sure we will hear something from Jack at the party.

#4514 4 years ago
Quoted from HENSBROOKER:

Unfortunately Jack "promised" a lot more along the way regarding the hobbit besides contractual obligated start delivery dates. These weren't met too...

I would like to know where Jack actually " Promised " anything but a great game. In all his fliers Jack has written " Subject to change " no promises there. He made a lot of statements that I think most of you took to heart. Look, the Machine is coming reguardles. I want my machine as bad as anyone else here. But do you want them to rush it? All you will get is a good looking machine with a screwed up code. where would all the fun be in that? We all knew the possible delays when we ordered so why complain. it is what it is. just be patient.

3 weeks later
#4772 4 years ago

Well I don't have a Pin yet. TH will be my very first and all I have to play is a Ms. Pac-Man machine with a 60 game iCade board. So if anyone would like to donate a pin to me, working or not, I am sure that would keep me real busy until Jack delivers to my door step.

#4893 4 years ago

I think he got a better picture of WOZ then TH.

#4916 4 years ago

I rememmber at Automated the flow was really good. It was pretty fast moving. But then The owner at automated had mentioned that he had set the flippers a little higher than factory settings. Jack stated " you buy it you can set it how ever you want " He also said the higher you set it the more you are going to bash the hell out of the machine. So I took that as a warning. How ever, at the settings that I played at, I thought the machine played very well.

#4949 4 years ago

Just got a call from JJP. My Hobbit is ready to be shipped or picked up Woooo woooo baby the are on the way!!! Since I'm 3 hrs out and its my first machine I opted for delivery but should get it sometime tomorrow afternoon. Congrats for those that ordered. Its been a long wait but I'm sure it's well worth it.

#4964 4 years ago

I would have given you all a thumbs up for that joke but you fell for it and gave me a thumbs down? Come on it was a good one. lol

#4972 4 years ago

Wow you guy's are a tough crowd, 9 thumbs down for a little humor? OUCH! My feelings .

#4977 4 years ago

I'm building a light house so that maybe the shipping will come in. Ba dum bum!

#5116 4 years ago


#5227 4 years ago

So Tomorrow Im picking up a Tee'd Off. It will be my second machine, but wait, hobbit is my first but I do not have it yet, so does that make Tee'd off my first machine or is it still my second? I know, it makes me Tee'd off at the Hobbit for being so late. Ba dum bum! ok another lame joke. Seriously, As I said befor I had played TH at automated. the flow was great and the ball was fast moving. I loved it. I really think it is how you set up the machine but that is for you to decide when you get it home. As for up dates, Jack had stated that this prototype had been on the road a long time so it was never really updated until MGC. I think if you waited this long you might as well stay the storm and see what happens when the clouds break away. I got in at 8k, and I think to bail out know and find out that it turns out to be the greatest machine out there would be a real kick in the buttox. Jump ship now and you may just drown yourself in the ocean later.

3 weeks later
#6026 4 years ago

I'd like to know myself. I even sent an email to Jack about it and never got a response.

Quoted from RoyF:You are better at searching to find the group than I am. Can someone post the actual name of the JJP owners group to make it easier for the rest of us to find it?

I'd like to know myself. I even sent an email to Jack about it and never got a response.

#6054 4 years ago
Quoted from 2RustyBalls:

I called Jen after Allentown and asked about a Hobbit position and was told Aug production. Maybe..... I take that as cash flow could change everything.

You need to be more specific. Is it August, 2015 or August 2016?

2 weeks later
#6293 4 years ago

You can not get the Smaug Edition anymore unless you can find a distributor that has them on Pre-order or buy someone else out. The only edition that you can buy is the Standard edition which is listed at $8,500 or the LE which is now at $9,000 according to JJP's website. I have a Smaug on order, Sorry but im not selling.

Edit: Sorry I was wrong Standard is $8,000 and the LE is $8,500

1 month later
#6847 4 years ago

We will probably not hear another update until the end of the month when JJP has his open house. I plan on attending, hoping to see Hobbits on the assembly line.

2 months later
#8413 4 years ago

Iv'e been in on an SE from day one. Even with all the delays I still have faith in JJP and his team. If Jack was going under I really doubt that Pat Lawlor would have signed on, nor would have any of the investors risk their money in Jacks Company. I may even purchase a WOZ at a later date but I want to wait to see what Pat brings to the table first.

#8440 4 years ago

I'm #19 but I guarantee you I wont have mine until Next year sometime. I ordered in April of 2014. I was also told it would ship in nov-Dec. 2014. I know it's going to be a great game and have a lot of confidence in JJP. However Shipping dates mean absolutely nothing to me as you can see why.

1 week later
#8750 4 years ago
Quoted from wtatumjr:

This got me thinking about all the stuff thawing out in the Russian permafrost due to climate change. Wouldn't it be neat if scientists stumbled across a very early pinball machine recently de-frozen that a Neanderthal used? Not really a modern pin but really, really old one - one without flippers?

They already have that, It's called " The Flintstones "

1 week later
#8769 4 years ago

I'm holding off on them since they are new who knows how well the glue will hold. Afraid the glare may be to much as well, and Jack did say they could be applied on after market. Since mine is HUO I will give it a year to see if they are still holding up with out defects.

#8772 4 years ago

You might need sunglasses while playing.

#8818 4 years ago

IMO, Stern does not care about what the customer wants. Stern is out to cut costs and make money. They are in it for personal gain. Don't get me wrong, JJP is also in it for the money as well. We all have to make a living, but it appears to me the JJP cares more about their customers and their opinions and they have shown that with all the changes the have made to TH. The difference between JJP and Stern is that this is Jack's Passion. He loves what he does where as Stern is more like, send me a check and ill show you a machine.

Jack is the Willy Wonka of Pinball.

Just MHO.

3 months later
#9321 3 years ago

My head is up in the clouds wondering what number my machine is on the line........

1 month later
#9412 3 years ago

What was your Order date?

#9426 3 years ago

Definitely was a glitch on pinside. I'm posting from my PC and it was not showing it. Hence the double post.

3 weeks later
#9627 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

My other question is what is the function of the red target in the right out lane?

I was wondering the same thing but I like surprises so I just thought I would wait until I get my game.

1 month later
#9789 3 years ago

JJP said he wanted to make a game for the entire family. That includes children too, if you have them. As I was told by the man himself he wanted it to play for everyone and not just for guys that play in tournaments. Everyone seems to want to compare this to Sterns GB. They are both great games but If you want a real opinion and a great judge of the game, then just ask your kids. They are not looking to be pro's, they are just looking for a really fun game.

3 weeks later
#9813 3 years ago

Anyone have any Video's with the most recent update 1.21???

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