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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#7 6 years ago

Is that the white wood or the real playfield and they just ran out of parts and will the playfield be screen printed or a decal (couldn't resist)??

#37 6 years ago

#67 6 years ago
Quoted from iamabearsfan:

It would be really cool to see just how many orders take place after a given announcement. One would have to guess this title is more popular than WoZ. That coupled with WoZ's success AND the funding. To me that ='s the LE's moving fast.
Good work JJP.

Agree with ya to a point but I also suspect there are those that still have a sour taste due to the delays in shipping WoZ as well as some of the late changes. Also, correct me if I am wrong but, the WoZ LEs sold out relatively quick where as the Hobbit LE is still available??

I hope for Jack as well as the buyers he is able to produce another great game and have as little trouble as possible!!

I haven't been in the hobby that long but it's great to see Jack, Rick and some others enter the pinball market. More options the better, well maybe not for the wallet but.........

#80 6 years ago
Quoted from lordloss:

With all this new cash along with him saying they plan to ship the rest of the LE's out in the next 90

Not trying to be a killjoy here but he said "90-ish days" and this is the same guy that has been telling these folks that their machine will be ready November, December or February/March. Also, I may be wrong, but isn't the issue for the delay the lack of cabinets and not a "cash" issue. Again, not trying to be negative as I hope Jack succeeds as I feel his first machine is excellent! Have a good one!

7 months later
#1489 5 years ago
Quoted from zr11990:

I have been harassing him about an update and he emailed me that TH will be heavier than WoZ because of all the stuff that will be on it.

With most pinball hobbyist being up there in age Jack is going to wind up killing off several of his customers when they try to lift his machines!!!!

#1552 5 years ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

Yikes. The first two figures aren't terrible, but I wouldn't call them good. The last two figures look like something a third grader brings home from pottery class. Please go back to the drawing board with these. They are not up to par for JJP standards. If other companies can make cheap action figure toys look good, you guys can make these look good. See what I mean?

As much as I like what JJP did with WoZ and TH I have to agree these "figures" aren't anything exceptional. While they aren't horrible I would like to think with all the technology that is out there they could be better! As someone that has put in for TH I would like to see these improved upon!

#1581 5 years ago
Quoted from lllvjr:

These are in the game. Deal with it lol
Fucking bash toys hidden most of the time...no one has a issue with his pop
Bumper caps. Everyone loves those.. Get over it already. If u remember the wolf had set of led eyes in a early picture. Shows that it can be moded. Do u really care about how detailed they are once u led them all? I don't, be happy they come with the game and u don't have to pay extra for them as a mod lol
Just my 2 cents as a hobbit buyer

As a Hobbit buyer I disagree! As it has been posted several times, even in this post, JJP reads these threads and takes into consideration as to what people like and dislike. Although some on here obviously have an agenda with JJP I for one think its good to post your opinions as if enough people post agreeing or disagreeing this can result in JJP making an update to the game. So far more people have posted that the figures could/should be better so maybe Jack takes this into consideration and ask the designer to alter them!

On a side note.....will the LED mods to light up the 4 -figures eyes come out before or after TH is released???

1 week later
#1787 5 years ago

Is Jack at the German version of Ponderosa Steak House?

1 month later
#2370 5 years ago
Quoted from jazc4:

I like red Smaug better.

IMG_9213-1.JPG 271 KB

Agree, the gold one is just too much gold IMO! I am correct in stating that one could pick the SE but still get the red Smaug?

1 week later
#3179 5 years ago

Apologies if I missed a post but wasn't one of the things to be done to Smaug is the adding of teeth? The pictures show an updated Smaug, which looks great, but all the pictures I have seen the mouth appears to be closed and it doesn't appear that it opens. Has this changed or am I jumping the gun here and there is more to come?

1 month later
#3891 5 years ago
Quoted from Hitch9:

Yup, my engine in my 2012 car, is still an engine like a model T ford,
But it's just a tad different.

I know the difference.......the model T engine was made in the US and the 2012 engine was made in Canada?!?!?!

3 weeks later
#4302 5 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

When is the next 'scheduled' appearance of the pin - and do you think that will likely be the final production model?

Not sure it's the "next scheduled appearance" but.......
Hobbit / Medieval Madness Remake Release Party on Saturday 2/21 from 11 am - 4 pm at Old Sled Works in Duncannon, PA (outside Harrisburg) with Jersey Jack Guarnieri !

For more info go to: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pinballstar-hobbit-and-mmr-release-party-sat-221#post-2235493

#4374 5 years ago
Quoted from Rockytop:

This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know the range of the 4 digit number you could have for your SE? For instance, is it 1-1000 or 1-2000?

For the SE you could have picked any number. Since JJP had no clue as to how many SEs were going to be ordered you could pick any number. When all is said and done say they make 900 SEs. Even with 900 SEs you could still pick 1235 as your number. It basically comes down to what a lot of people have said in the past "the number means nothing on a machine". It's just something that some people prefer to have!

#4387 5 years ago
Quoted from Craig:

I am concerned about dirt trapped beneath the playfield protector. It's hard to imagine that the game is going to be used so heavily at home that the playfield will be damaged. At least, that's my guess. We'll see.

This is my concern as well. The company that makes these has a website that hasn't been updated since March 2014. There is no history of these so who know what will happen 2-5 years down the road. I just keep thinking back to when manufacturers put the ring protectors around the pop bumpers. Anyone ever see a game with the ring protectors that the paint isn't worn under them?

1 month later
#4668 5 years ago

Got to see TH at Ohio Show today. The machine looks and sounds great but I have to say I didn't care for the playfield protector or the RadCals. The playifled protector just lies on the playfield, it does not adhere in any way which led it to look cloudy in a lot of places. It reminds me of when you install a screen protector on your cell phone. If you don't squeegee it out completely you get cloudiness to the screen. Same here with the playfield protector.

The RadCals. . . . are super glossy which leaves it vulnerable to showing any imperfections as well as looking wavy. I like the idea for these I just didn't like as to how they look.

Glad I was able to see it in person as I was on the fence about the RadCals. For the money I won't be purchasing them! The protector, I feel, is overkill for a home use game!

Disclaimer: the above post is an opinion only and not a dish on JJP or the manufacture of said mods!

#4671 5 years ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Did you get to play the pin? How was it?

I didn't as every time I went by there was a line. I watched people play it and liked what I was seeing and hearing.

Quoted from Jvspin:

Thanks for the report. I was wondering about both those things.

Welcome. Just to add on about the RadCals. They don't look awful by any means. I just thought they were way too glossy (overkill). For me I couldn't see paying the money for them. Now if they were to offer the direct ink finish like that of what was on the WoZ LE I would consider it as I think that cabinet is excellent!

#4673 5 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

I'm concerned that "high gloss" also means "high glare". Did you notice if it was hard to see the artwork when you looked at the cabinet from different angles due to the glare?

This was not an issue. You do get a glare that is almost like when you take a picture with the flash on, in one spot you have the glare from the flash but you see the rest. Again this is just my input, maybe we'll get input from others on this as well.

#4708 5 years ago
Quoted from TaTa:

RadCals on TH are 1st gen and the new one will be less shinny and more durable [TG! the light reflection off them was unbearable]...

TaTa, agree that they were unbearable but what gets me is that this is something I contemplated on getting and after seeing them in person I wouldn't spend the additional cash to get them. You're saying that these are the "1st gen" ones and that the new ones "will be less shinny". This is good in a way but also bad as I can't see putting down $400 for them after seeing the 1st gen ones! It's not only the shininess but also the fact that they look very wavy and show every imperfection! Would love the see the "new ones" in person prior to the machines being made but this seems as though it's not going to happen!! Thanks for the post!

1 month later
#6104 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

JJP needs to send out one of their official emails with an update regarding Hobbit production. I haven't seen one of those types of emails for months now...

How do you propose he send out an email when there are no updates? I love WoZ and am in on the Hobbit but I also understand Jack is a salesman first. IF he had any updates he would post them on, at a minimum, his Facebook page! Any significant updates would not only satisfy those in on TH but also would generate potential sales from those on the fence!

Pick a status:
1. Problem with vendors
2. Problem with quality of parts from vendor

And anyone in on TH since day one ....... don't be suprised when production does start on TH that pro models are being made and sold before WE get our LE/SE!

1 week later
#6311 4 years ago
Quoted from thewool:

I started off thinking about the pf protector... but I have one on my LOTR - it causes horrible reflections (even with invsiglass), gets crap behind it and worst of all it does affect ball phyics I don't care what anyone says.
My pf is going commando on my Hobbit!

Agree, seeing TH at Ohio the protector looked horrible. There were spots that it was lifted from the pf and there were spots it was right up against it. It looked horrible and caused reflections. My biggest concern is over time dust getting in between the pf and the protector. I think back to the days when manufacturers started to put the protectors around pop bumpers.

These pf protectors are new so there is no way to tell, at this time, if they will do any damage or if they will actually protect!

#6359 4 years ago
Quoted from kapsreiter:

i hope Jack will not do the same like Woz
... i Need new Money
... i take new orders from resellers
and deliver this machines FIRST

Less anyone think that it wont happen you're setting yourself up to be disappointed!

3 months later
#8209 4 years ago
Quoted from ezeltmann:

Now with GOT officially announced. What will be the impact of this on JJP and Hobbit sales. Seems like a race to get the game out at this point. Of course, still no details on display for Stern at this time.

Yeah I would expect people to bail on TH and go buy GOT as this has been a title people have been waiting for.

Quoted from Trekkie1978:

Jack is on record saying that

Jack is on the record of saying a lot of things! I am in for TH and like what Jack has done but I don't believe anything Jack says!

1 week later
#8610 4 years ago

Anyone notice that it appears there are two black brackets that hold the apron in place on the outside of the apron instead of the hardware being under the apron?


5 months later
#9383 4 years ago

The last I read on the ramp issue was someone stated that the Hobbit, they had seen, had additional welds on it. Does anyone know if this is the case and if so is this actually JJP's "fix" for the welds breaking??

Apologies if this is posted elsewhere and I didn't see it. Just thought an issue like this would've had more discussion. Hopefully that's due to it not being an issue!!

4 weeks later
#9605 3 years ago
Quoted from B9:

I have a couple more videos to post
ยป YouTube video

B9 is that spring on the shooter rod that weak??? Few times the ball came out and made it to the center of the pf and that was it!

4 months later
#9852 3 years ago
Quoted from BShing:

I ordered mine 1/21/13 and was told the exact same thing.

Have you received an email yet asking if you wanted the RadCals or pf protector?

1 month later
#9875 3 years ago

Anyone load the latest code yet? I must be missing something as I go to JJP site and don't see it on the Download page!

#9902 3 years ago

Not really, more like typical!

4 weeks later
#10037 3 years ago

Be neat to see them code the insert lights to all go red when Smaug breathes fire.

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