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Hobbit Update

By B9

5 years ago

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#44 5 years ago

It's really hard to tell but so far I don't see anything good to shoot at with the upper flippers that can't be hit by the lowers. Kind of a bummer. They seem like they're there just to be there. I'd like to see a ramp or loop to shoot at. Is anyone else reading this differently?

#54 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

I overlaid the CAD blueprint over the whitewood shot, makes it a little easier to see how some things fit together.

Really cool

2 months later
#338 5 years ago

What's wrong with the term "grunt"?

a low-ranking or unskilled soldier or other worker.
"he went from grunt to senior executive vice-president in less than five years"

Seems inoffensive. It's just a word.

1 week later
#463 5 years ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

The people that ordered late in the process from Pinballsales (JJP sales entity) got jumped by the customers that bought from distributors.
For example, TaylorVA ordered from a distributor in 3/2012 and received his game in the middle of last year. I ordered mine from Pinballsales in 2/2012 and still don't have a clue when it will arrive. There does not seem to be any sense of urgency to get the pre-ordered games finished. I see one or two trickling in, but not at any rate that will get them done in the next few months.
They have been working on the early June 2011 orders going on 4 months now. For example Ken in Texas ordered June 16, 2011 and was shipped on 12/2/13, and Cleland (a June 13 2011 order) was delivered 3/18/14.

Yep and while you continue to wait, games are sitting *in stock* locally at the distributor where I picked up mine a few months back. Lol.

#485 5 years ago
Quoted from Plungemaster:

When a store ordered 25 woz pins before you. And he only sold 15 so far, you cant blame jjp.
He ordered his 25 for yours, so off course jjp will ship them all to him and then its your turn.
( not saying this happened, but it is possible. Still annoying for you, but not a mistake by anyone. Perhaps that the store did not measure his own sells well enough. But that is not jjps fault)

Except this is definitely not what and that i know for sure. He simply called and ordered them and got them right away.

1 year later
#8964 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

The story at the time was that some of the JJP distributors who had bought in day one with multiple LE orders (Standards were not available when WOZ was announced) chose to change some of their LE slots not yet sold to Standards and moved their unsold LEs to the end of the line.

This story was a complete made up lie. I was one that bought 3 of these machines from the lying distributor. Jack personally called the guy and they came up with this story. I know what the distributor paid and when.

5 months later
#9812 3 years ago
Quoted from DaveH:

Feel free to explain why Mark saying
"Edit: turns out the local distributor actually ordered LE models day 1 so was in front of the line and asked to swap some of his LE for regular versions. There was no line jumping here. I got lucky "
in that thread didn't mean that story was true. I'm not calling horsecrap yet, I'd like an explanation of how something was true then and is now a lie. Years later it does sound like horsecrap to me, so explain it here.

Because after getting threatening phone calls from the distributor on the phone (no idea how they even got my phone number) I said I would recant it online to make it go away. He never paid for anything up front then ordered 10 and got them asap to sell.

2 months later
#9844 3 years ago
Quoted from flashinstinct:

I couldn't handle my mood swings waiting almost 2 years for a game. I'd go ape shit before then. Some people have an abundance of patience.

How would those mood swings handle a guy like me with no preorder swooping in and buying and receiving a game or my friend having 3 (also no preorder) with some up for sale?

1 month later
#9893 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

I think it isn't fair to ask Keith to drop code when at the expo. Let the man have a little fun!
Psst: Keith - if you get bored after you get back to the hotel go ahead and upload that shit

I doubt Keith is in charge of the website. And it's unlikely that it was just sprung on him that this was to be dropped at expo. More likely it was planned for weeks and already uploaded to the site so someone just needs to add a link.

#9894 3 years ago
Quoted from Goronic:

By the way, I have a 4GB and a 60GB USB stick. Will TH recognize a 60 GB stick?

The Hobbit runs on a full PC. It will recognized anything even a USB SSD on a USB to SATA connector.

#9907 3 years ago

I didn't think Keith had to put much of his time into dialed in. Lawlor usually has his own software team (which is why Lawlor rules are so similar) .

#9955 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

I love the lightshow on that one, but bashing the left ramp repeatedly is just brain-dead. Why not left-right alternating to finish the mode or something else to add a little spice to the mode?

There are 31 modes. Why do they all have to be brutally and meticulously fleshed out? Why can't one or two be hurry ups or a single repeated shot? There's enough variety here we don't need to brow beat the dev over nuances with one or two of the 31 modes I think.

#9959 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

12 Modes have very simplistic and similar completion parameters, not one or two.

So you're saying this game has 19 non-simplistic modes and that's not good enough for you?

#9978 3 years ago
Quoted from vireland:

No, but why have the filler modes I have to groan about when they come up (flies and spiders and bash spider are groaners for me)? If you can't do 31 fully awesome modes, just have 25 rock solid, fully engaging modes in the game and cut the fat. I'm totally fine with that.
That said, since this is still essentially a framework, using the WoZ software roadmap, I expect that they'll all eventually be fleshed out before it's considered finished. So, I can wait.

A lot of us actually enjoy those what you are calling filler modes. I like the hurry up ones and the shoot the ramp ones and the bash the spider ones.

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