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Hobbit Update

By B9

5 years ago

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#199 5 years ago
Quoted from wcbrandes:

Who is Hogbog?? inquiry minds want to know! Agreed very cool post that address' most all my concerns from Woz. Lets hope this machine goes to the see-able dark side!

Eric (HogBog) is JJP's electrical engineer


#223 5 years ago
Quoted from iamabearsfan:

Gauntlet broke my bank big time......literally. I broke a bank I had in my bedroom so I could bring enough quarters to play that game!

i did the same! last month i even bought a busted up one and got the pcb to fire up, i have redone the control panel, rebuilt the power supply and built a new harness am currently in the sand, fill paint the cabinet before new artwork. i am stoked to share this oldie with my kids.
look at the wiring mess! enough OT my bad.

gaunt screen.jpg gaunt panel.jpg gaunt mess.jpg
#229 5 years ago

if anyone is looking there is one on calgary kijiji ( similar to craiglist ) set location to alberta, city to calgary and search arcades.for 850.00 but it's only worth 400 tops. (there is also a beautiful CV, LOTR,WOZCELE,MB,STTNG as a fellow is selling his collection)

2 weeks later
#233 5 years ago

no new hobbit news yet

3 weeks later
#372 5 years ago
Quoted from ek77:

With all the talk of timelines the 75th anniversary edition has not been considered in when it will be made over the next year or more

mine is supposed to come this aug-sept but we'll see.

8 months later
#2605 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

After looking at the pillar pictures again, I really hope they paint them to give that same "marbled-green" color effect like they appear in the movie. That would look really nice. There's even little small piles of gold already sculpted onto them. Nice touch & great attention to detail. Cant wait to see Smaug with a tongue, teeth & lit yellow eyes

smaug pillars.jpg 140 KB

im kinda thinking those pillars are actually the dwarves smelter in the mountain. i think with that and the gold smaug it ties in nice from the movie. it will be interesting to see how the lcd ties in with smaug,and the smelter during gameplay. battle in the refinery mode?

#2614 4 years ago

now that i think about it , it would be neat if smaug was done in a highly reflective silver. with spotlight rbg's on him , programming in the machine could have him illuminated in red until batlle in the smelter mode was going on and the lighting could change to yellow to illuminate him a gold color.

#2627 4 years ago
Quoted from HoakyPoaky:

That's not what I see. I see pillars & columns from the treasure room that aren't completed or painted green yet. And the fact Jack reffered to it as a "column" in his press release. So not a smelter. Or a toilet.

treasure room.jpg 49 KB

fair enough, i cant find a pic anywhere of what it made me think of in the movie when i saw the "toilet" and the other pillar towards the ball diverter at the back. it reminded me of the "roman plumbing" they used to move the molten gold.
i wonder if this is even final revision on the PF also as no one has seen any of the assets of the final movie either.
they are gonna keep us guessing right until the end.
also you mod guys out there , when the time comes i would like a second lcd i can "twin" off the PF lcd to put in that spot in the top middle of the back box. like a 6 or 7 inch.

1 week later
#3150 4 years ago
Quoted from vex:

200$ head is crazy...is that with or without teeth?

i think for $200 your going to get a complete mech not just a couple pieces of plastic.

1 month later
#3995 4 years ago
Quoted from Sammy31:

This whole string is getting stale.
I want more talk on the features and what people think about them.

yup me too.
any idea what the two magnets under the ramps would be used for? up at the top of the pf under the ramps seems an unusual place to put magnets.

3 weeks later
#4377 4 years ago

mine is going in my walk out basement, from the delivery truck to the pallet forks on my bobcat and am driving the sucker right on the patio and through the double doors and setting her down on a moving dolly to it's final spot.
when i lugged my WOZ upstairs with a buddy i think i tore a fricken nut hauling that sucker up! i will break that machine down as far as i can when it comes time to put her downstairs.

4 months later
#6696 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinchroma:

Better off getting a tesla. It's faster . It also won't fall apart after a year or have regular electrical fires after a year Like everything that comes out of Chrysler.

thats it for you pinch! your back on the pitchfork!

im gonna idle out a tank of gas infront of your house with my SRT-10 , while i do burn outs on your garage pad with my challenger SRT-8 and burn donuts on your lawn with my ram 3500 4X4 longhorn

1 month later
#7616 4 years ago


2 weeks later
#8084 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballs:

I won't be pre-ordering from JJP again. So so slow. And no updates re delivery dates.

same thoughts here as well. i have a RR and my SE-TH is paid in full . im sure it will be worth the wait, but this is ridiculous , you dont keep customers in a closet on their purchase.

1 week later
#8417 4 years ago

nice to finally get concrete updates in this thread instead of all the bashing and bibble babble speculation usually found here.

#8453 4 years ago

jack posted a few pics on fb few mins ago of hobbit coils, and magnets being made, not much of an update but still good to see updates coming.

#8523 4 years ago

sure gives a better idea how the left outlane arrow kickback will work with the 3rd flipper.
looks to be a player controlled coil/divertor for the far left habitrail , never seen that in previous pics

#8536 4 years ago
Quoted from Biv:

Whats that black round object below Bilbos feet (center drain)?

looks like a coil controlled post , like how the UK southparks had, instead of a fixed post.

#8617 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

I recall Alex posting a while back that powder coated ramps is not a good idea due to the amount of contact they receive from pinballs. As for actual brass that may look awesome but the entire ramp assembly looks pretty big and I'm sure the whole thing in brass wouldn't be cheap.

heat tint the stainless


4 months later
#9286 3 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

I do wish JJP was more frequent posting updates and pics, even more activity of progression of games. A few posts and pics go a long way on Facebook as people talk and can share.
They are making progress up to #45 currently in pf assembly in the que and plenty of cabs are awaiting assembled pf's. Here's a couple from last weekend.

Stoked!! but shit im 771. pingod is 43 he might be getting good news soon

#9291 3 years ago
Quoted from txstargazer3:

When did you order?

april 18/14

#9292 3 years ago
Quoted from pingod:

I forgot my number already,let's hope mines coming soon.
Still looking forward to it.
Send it now JJP

i went to the order thread to check my number as i forgot also and saw yours on there. i thought i was 71 but not so.

2 months later
#9673 3 years ago

my assumption would be that is was an order a customer backed out of or a dist ordered for inventory as SE orders only had a very short window open to order.

5 months later
#9865 3 years ago
Quoted from Bostonbuzz:

I ordered my LE 8/13...paid in full 9/14...emailed Katie last Friday and she responded they were awaiting a shipment of some 'toys' that were expected in sometime this week so they could continue production. Was told by Jen to expect my pin to be ready sometime towards end of September. So I wait...

same response i received ( about the sept delivery)

1 week later
#9991 3 years ago

i finally got the email today! mine ships next week and finally get a membership to the club!

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