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Hobbit Update

By B9

6 years ago

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#2458 5 years ago

Well done JJP! See feedback helps when it's constructive.

#2773 5 years ago

What's great about pinball is the passion and love people have for it. So much so, we've got 56 pages of people talking about a game ALL OF US will get to play very soon. What we all need to do is wait until the final game is out and play it before making claims about it being THIS or THAT. How can anyone possibly tell from now if it's better or worse than WOZ or any other pin. So much negative energy spent on speculation. Now for those who have one on order, I get it. You sort of want to know what you're buying. But the recent marketplace learnings do indicate that it's SO MUCH wiser to wait and play a pin before ordering / buying one. Especially with new pins as finding one that's HUO with low plays is easier now than ever. I for one think the Hobbit looks like a lot of fun. I can't wait to play it. I also love WOZ (minus the left lane drain which zaps all of the fun out of it). I just love pinball.

#2911 5 years ago

Talking smaug is cool but with that beautiful lcd screen showing movie clips of smaug will it feel redundant? Not sure. Same witht the LCD book. Looking over LOTR pin and you have interactive toy, an amazing ring shot and that awesome shot up aragons sword. Just too early to tell if Hobbit will have shots that are this much fun. Exited to see the final version.

#2913 5 years ago
Quoted from Pimp77:

Ring was cool, but that sword ramp is one of the clunkiest ramps of all time. Looks cool, but it's a slopfest!

Clunky how so? Like hard to hit?

#2997 5 years ago

Why is anyone pre ordering a game they haven't played. Can we all agree not to do that?

#3186 5 years ago

oh smaug how you will never be what the community dreamed

3 months later
#4567 5 years ago

Remember when I said pinball marketing is in need of help? You work for years on a game and you have the launch party at:

Duncannon, PA (outside Harrisburg)...the media capital of the world!

This thing should be launched in NYC and have tons of media there to play. Just saying. Maybe host a screening of all 3 movies during the day at Nighthawk Cinema in Williamsburg and have the game revealed at an evening party.

#4570 5 years ago
Quoted from beelzeboob:

I just have to add one more thing here (and Joe...feel free to correct me!). The "release party" doesn't mean that it's actually being released this weekend. Just that it's imminent. Also, I'm sure Joe would like everybody to see what an awesome machine TH is, and perhaps you'd buy one from him because he's an awesome guy.
And I'm not really sure the major networks would show up at a pinball release party. Pinball is still a niche hobby, no matter what us hobbyists would like to believe otherwise.

So many editors that love pinball. That's all I'm saying. I know many in the media who would be all over a release party if it were closer. Look I'm just saying when you put our a press release that you're having a release party in the middle of nowhere PA, why even put out a press release? AIn't no press near by. It's just PR from 1997.

This is nothing against Joe at all...if I were Jack i'd have an NYC launch party too...OR...Even cooler, just drop it off in a hot spot in NYC and let people stumble upon it. Then go to press that the first Hobbit pinball machine is hidden somewhere in NYC. Pick a remote bar that isn't known for pins. You'll have to Journey like a hobbit to find it.

Look I'm just saying...there wasn't even a creative idea here. It's just, "here it is"...I WISH I had a fun product like pinball to launch...so much potential to drum up excitement.

#4573 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballSTAR:

LOL - This is MY party for MY customers and any anyone who wants to come see the game. It is NOT JJP's 'marketing' event even though Jack is going to be there - so don't equate whatever I do as a distributor to what JJP is doing to market their game - they are much smarter than I (and you) in that regard and know what is best for their product. They had WOZ on the red carpet at Gruman's Chinese Theater for the re-release of WOZ nationwide if you were paying attention so I think they did pretty freaking well with that score... : )
The 'party' YES is in Harrisburg PA - why ? It to enjoy a day with pinball people - I'm not looking to entertain a TV crew - I don't care two hoots about them on this day - it's to say thanks to the pinball community and to give them a chance to see the game. Harrisburg is the center of my state of PA... For my WOZ release party (which I had at my home near Scranton) we drew people from NY, NJ, VA, MD, DE, OH and all parts of PA - including Pittsburgh which was 5 hours away. So the Harrisburg location gets many many folks in nearby major cities within 2 hour drive - Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, etc... AND it's a fun different location with 60 new games they probably have never played before in the Old Sled Works arcade. Plus there's an antique mall there for the ladies to come and spend time there. The location was absolutely picked with thought and purpose - to make it a fun day for everyone. It is NOT for a local TV crew to come and do a 5 second blurb on the news - it's for PINBALL people to come and have a good time, plain and simple. Kaneda, if you are within driving distance - please come... the hobby needs alot of people like you excited and offering up ideas - marketing or otherwise...
Anyone interested in attending I do ask you send a request to get on the guest list to Sales@PinballSTAR.com. TY

Well that makes sense. Just thrown off by the press release which made it sound like the release of the game. Thanks for the clarification.

2 weeks later
#4877 5 years ago

Seriously, some of you guys just SUCK. To whine and complain about a new pinball machine? Really? I mean, I get it if people have issues with Predator since it was a basement project and nothing special. I understand if Whoa Nellie isn't your cup of tea...but Hobbit is a pretty sweet looking game. To bitch about it BEFORE even playing it is just lame. The game's gonna have AMAZING CODE, you know why? The code's going to be based on some AMAZING scenes from a Trilogy. LOTR has such good code because of what they were coding against! An epic story. Now don't get me wrong, LOTR is far better a movie than Hobbit, but still, the modes are gonna be sick.

Also to come into a Hobbit thread and just talk shit, really? Again, there are games where I can see this happening, but this is not the game to do that. So sorry Smaug isn't the dragon you dreamed it to be, but take a good fucking look when Jack lifts the Hobbit playfield. That thing has NO MORE ROOM for anything. It's packed with goodies. Just because you can't bash SMAUG in his dragon nuts does not mean this game is a miss, or a double. And for fucks sakes people, PLAY THE FINAL PIN before sharing your views on how much this pin is a miss. This game is gonna be the shit.

#4879 5 years ago

How'd she play? The pin, not the blonde.

#4883 5 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Sadly, slow. Much slower than I expected. Maybe the flipper power was a bit low.
Good first impression overall though. The game will do well on location.

So a little floaty...heard that before. Sounds like the flipper power needs to be turned up like u said. Any others play it?

#4924 5 years ago

Besides kick ass code, the only thing Hobbit needs now is a topper!

#5012 5 years ago

This pin is gonna be great and ship soon. Don't worry guys, it will be worth the wait.

#5038 5 years ago

considering what jpop and skit-b buyers are experiencing, this thread should be a joyous celebration about the amazing hobbit pin that's going to ship soon.

#5065 5 years ago

After what went down with WOZ, anyone who pre ordered the Hobbit really can't complain. This is how it goes.

#5067 5 years ago
Quoted from PinballRulez:

Woz and TH are not comparable. Among others with woz they had to build a new system, software, control boards, factory etc. Also there we vendor problems and they had to adjust the led boards. All these things should not be applicable to TH.
So your statement doesn't make any sense at all.

Apples to apples man. JJP is JJP. Forget about the variables, they have a history of shipping late. Whether it's light boards or Smaug's teeth, when have they delivered pins on time? Just saying no matter how you justify it, why would anyone pre order after the WOZ pain? Just wait and buy from a distributor. Why can't people figure that out by now?

#5096 5 years ago

Just wait. What else would you spend your money on? TBL ain't coming out until the fall and if you want to pull out of Hobbit then, do so. But no need to jump ship now. Literally nothing else to buy that's new.

#5173 5 years ago

Question for people who are considering hobbit and don't have a LOTR. Why not just get LOTR? It's a proven winner, loads of mods, code is one of the best ever in pinball, and its $$$$$ cheaper. Plus LOTR has better shots. The ring shot is amazing.

#5177 5 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

1. Keith did the code for LOTR but is also doing it for The Hobbit.
2. 30 modes compared to maybe 15 total (including MB's and wizard modes) in LOTR
3. The large LCD, HD animations and high quality sounds
4. Action button, talking Smaug, kickback, 4 pop ups, lots of drop targets.
5. Still set in the LOTR universise
6. Compared to an HUO LOTR the Hobbit is $2k-$3k more.

So it should be the better pin. We will see.

#5192 5 years ago
Quoted from juanton:

And then there is this......

10702099_909516042444878_7929110262114027095_n.jpg (Click image to enlarge)

That looks precious!

1 week later
#5604 5 years ago
Quoted from PinChili:

I do not trust Jack's words even remotely. He has proven they are meaningless. I prefer to see photographic evidence.
BUT, I don't even have skin in the game. That's the truth, I'll admit it. I just don't like what I'm seeing and history seems to be repeating itself all too quickly as of late. I would hate to see more pinball fans get hurt.
I want to believe everything is just great and going smoothly but common sense tells me otherwise.
If every pre-order person on here thinks it is too much to ask JJP for more information on Hobbit production and they do not want to hear me post about why this is very suspicious then I'll stop. If someone IS interested in more information please say so or PM me.
Enough said. I tried.

Omg man get a life. You have NO reason to be here and you're making demands to see progress? Why do you care? You don't want to see people getting hurt? If people were getting hurt, which they are not, wtf would you even be able to do about it. Hobbit is looking awesome and everyone I spoke to at MGC loved it! Get out of this thread!

#5697 5 years ago

Guys guys guys. What's the point of all this back and forth. It's a thread for hobbit updates not constant bickering. The concensus seems to be that games will ship end of May. Can we at least wait until then to argue / complain? This is also JJP's style and anyone who thought Hobbit would be smoother was just wishful thinking. Great news is the pin is amazing and it's really coming out. That's more than most pre order folks can say. Happy saturday

2 weeks later
#6041 5 years ago

Wish Jack would say something by now. History repeating itself and its all speculation right now. Game looks ready, but as we've seen from everyone, it just takes a part or two to delay things. Must be so frustrating making a pin. Hats off to those who try.

#6056 5 years ago

Hobbit is coming and from what people keep saying, it's amazing. Part delays suck, but really, waiting for this isn't life or death...it's gonna happen and it's gonna be great.

#6068 5 years ago
Quoted from kaneda:

Hobbit is coming and from what people keep saying, it's amazing. Part delays suck, but really, waiting for this isn't life or death...it's gonna happen and it's gonna be great.

Really? Down votes for being positive?

#6078 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

I can't speak for others, but I down voted your post for being phony. It wasn't long ago I read you trashing on the Hobbit. What changed?

I said the hobbit was delayed. Never trashed that game. I think it's gonna be awesome

#6083 5 years ago
Quoted from Roostking:

Hey Kenada, what kind of car do you drive?

Right now nothing. Last car was a 2010 GT500. In NYC we don't even need cars.

#6084 5 years ago
Quoted from vicjw66:

You just put out a phony vibe in your post. Like you're trying too hard. Sorry if I'm wrong.

I'll say this, I think JJP's stuff is amazing. At first I hated WOZ, but that was because Modern Pinball had her set up so hard. Then I played her at another bar and was blown away by her. The quality and craftsmanship are amazing. My gripe with JJP is all about delays and pre order nonsense. I don't think they will survive if this model sticks around. Lawlors pin needs to be a kiss like reveal. Show it a month before it ships. Not 2 years.

1 week later
#6148 5 years ago

Jack has got to stop insulting his buyers and people who want updates. I know he's passionate, but it's so unprofessional. He was ripping people a new one when he got called out for stealing a t-shirt design. Really? Over a t-shirt?

2 weeks later
#6370 4 years ago
Quoted from RogerKlotz27:

For those who have played both, what do you prefer, LOTR or Hobbit? If Stern actually does a re-release of LOTR this will be a difficult decision for me.

LOTR has the advantage because those films are so much better

2 weeks later
#6617 4 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

I sure would like to see Jersey Jack Pinball provide some updates at reasonable intervals by someone who has a general idea how customer relations works. This weeks on end with no news is a bunch of nonsense. WOZ is a beautiful machine, a true masterpiece. I played The Hobbit prototype a few different times now as well and have no doubt it will be awesome. But Jack is really dropping the ball on PR and it's nauseating. He knows he needs help in that department, so why not get someone friendly and punctual on board. Can't we at least see a WOZ getting assembled, some parts arriving at the warehouse, a picture of some Hobbit parts or things getting assembled? It's getting to the point where I'm about to go from a believer to a hater. Do I really need to drive down to the factory and shake things up? Sit out there every day and report on whether or not Jack or anyone arrives there, or if any deliveries occurred, and who the vendors were? Some news is better than absolutely nothing! C'mon Jack, I love your games and your vision and you've been great to talk with but can't we make some kind of progress here?

Understand your frustration. I work in PR and honestly, there's nothing Jack can do that would really "ease" the pain. Here's why. From what I've seen following pinball over the past year and a half is this: Delays happen. It's not wise to put any date in people's head unless the games is ready for the line. That's how Stern does it. People were expecting this game in December and clearly that didn't happen. Jack and others have said it will ship soon and the latest projection is sometime in August/September. It's just a case where you have to be patient. It's not like you won't get a pin. If I were in on a Hobbit I would just be patient and wait for an update. I'd also tell myself that it may take months to get that update. I'd also sleep at night knowing JJP will deliver the game. Sometimes hoping JJP acting differently just makes people angry. Have to shift expectations since JJP will always be JJP.

#6636 4 years ago
Quoted from sevenrites:

Sure there is - a real update, rather than coming in here to defend the brand against trolls, would be more than sufficient. I don't care if the Hobbit isn't being built in entirety yet, but I would like to know what parts / supplies / mechs / etc. is in progress or has been delivered and what is currently in motion. Even the daily total on how many WOZ were produced would be nice. Something would be better than nothing, which leads to rampant speculation and trolling.

See normally I'd agree and say, yes, be transparent and let people know what the delays are. Problem is this: there are literally thousands of parts on a pinball machine. And if Jack identifies the issues then you have an angry mob speculating about what's taking so long with that part. You also run the risk of having that mob go after the vendor. Jack owes those who paid a pinball machine, not detailed explanations on delays. Look I'd love it if there were some sort of "delivered by date" clause in pre-order contracts and if those dates were missed you got a discount.

Here is my question for people waiting. Do you have other pinball machines in your house? If so, just play and enjoy them and don't stare at these update threads (that never have any updates). Sometimes it seems like we get so caught up on wanting news when we know there is none. That makes the wait 10x harder. But we do it to ourselves.

Jack wakes up everyday and wants to get you the Hobbit more than you even want it. I'm sure of that.

#6645 4 years ago

WOW....Can't wait to play this thing!

#6719 4 years ago

The Tesla doesn't come CLOSE to 125mph in the 1/4. Try like 115mph. Which means the Hellcat is pulling about 2-3 car lengths on the Tesla every second. Take away the ridic electric launch and the hellcat blows the doors off the tesla in 99% of real world situations aka a highway race. Plus the hellcat sounds like pure sex!

Hellcat is the AC/DC of cars
Tesla is like the Josh Groban of cars

What do you want to be seen in?

#6794 4 years ago
Quoted from BoozeMarlin:

Misty Mountain?

Wtf is wrong with you?

1 week later
#7023 4 years ago

Update and 10k by Xmas

#7209 4 years ago

So what exactly is the delay at this point?

#7248 4 years ago

Didn't someone start a new Hobbit update thread and everyone just ignored it and kept trolling here?

#7263 4 years ago

Love this irony.

Stern releases pin with no code.

JJP releases code with no pin.

#7265 4 years ago

Tough crowd today

#7268 4 years ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

That's a big reason why I got back in on The Hobbit. There's some great pinball programmers out there today but I find that Keith Johnson creates the most interesting rulesets in pinball. The man can tell a themes story through his ruleset, make a player feel like they are on a quest, and require a player to work the entire playfield all at the same time. Combine that with more great code work by Ted Estes, sound work by David Thiel + custom Two Steps From Hell music, and animations by JP and its easy to tell that The Hobbit is going to be a great game.

Will be best game of 2015. The wait will be worth it.

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